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tv   Today in Iowa at 530  NBC  February 18, 2016 5:30am-6:00am CST

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wrestling week.. the state tournament is underway in downtown des moines. we're live to show you how crews are getting ready for all the action on the mats. it's thursday february 18th.. today in iowa starts now.. speaking up. sexual violence advocates are taking their message to the statehouse. hear their emotional pleas to help start a conversation of change. police on ice. des moines officers took a break from fighting crime to lacing up their skates. their evening hockey game raising money for charity. it's thursday february
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first on 13... it's that time of year again... the mats are down at wells fargo arena and they'll stay put until saturday. after a good night of rest, wrestlers and fans are ready to flood into downtown for day two. channel 13's josh nguyen joins us live now from where all action is taking place this week. and josh...there's going to be a lot
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chaos not just inside, but outside wells fargo. ishaa is expecting 80,000 fans to attend this year's tournament. the event center will have more staff than normal to accommodate the larger crowd. the are not doing much for parking. buses can park at principle park and cab will bring fans over but those fans will be responsible for paying.
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"i'm not sure in a lot of cases you see the amount of love for the sport that you see here. these fans are very knowledgeable. a lot of them actually wrestled. so they know if the kid is good or if the kid's
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one day down, 3 more to go for state wrestling's biggest venue of the year. today wrestlers fend for themselves but let's take a look at the match-up many wanted to see last night during the duels.. valley and south east polk 1 vs. 2. rocky lombardi, ethan andersen also 1 vs. 2. but that will have to wait until the individual round. valley moves
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weight.. and then andersen racks up a pin. lombardi vs. 2nd ranked dan ramirez.... huge two point take down for lombardi... he gets the decision. it comes down to the final match at 145... valley's joel shapiro wins it in style. valley wins the title trophy. that was kind of our plan all year, is to bump me up at the state tournament. so i had a good idea going in that i had to wrestle ramirez so i was real excited when i got the chance. you know i'm just so proud of our kids and the effort they gave up and down the line. we won the key matches and we fought some spots. i couldn't be more proud of the effort. and for class 2-a....the four-seed clarion-goldfield-dows in the title dual against assumption. the cowboys get two pins in two
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rosenbaum. then tanner abbas. it's not enough. 36-27 assumption. we now know the name of the suspect university of iowa police say recorded hall charged with burglary, assault, trespassing, harassment, peeping, and invasion of privacy. hightower is accused of committing the crime in burge hall monday night -- but some students say they also saw him in the building the night before. police arrested him tuesday. they say hightower is not a student of staff member at iowa. advocates against sexual violence are pushing for stronger laws, and a few bills in particular. yesterday, about 80 of them went to the state capital to try to meet one-on-one wtih lawmakers. the group is pushing for three bills this session... one is increased penalties for sexual misconduct in corrective systems, another would include the term
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touching of breasts is only considered assault. the third bill has to do with civil protective survivors. 'this is such a great environment to foster that voice and to link them up with individuals that can make those changes in our communities so they can be heard and have that sense of justice in their homes and feel safe.' all three of these bills have been introduced this session, however they have failed to make it out of committee at this point. des moines police and firefighters spent their night on thin ice... and said they were happy to do it. last night, they joined des moines buccaneer hockey players at brenton skating plaza... the charity event raises money for blank children's hospital's child life program which helps children facing a life-threatening illness. last night's event was friendly... next month bragging
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line. des moines fire fighters will face off against police officers during the annual guns-and-hoses hockey game. the game is march 26th at bucs arena. tickets are 15-dollars... and the money will also benefit the
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it is going to be windy and warmer today with highs in the 50s. winds will be strong from the southeast, gusting up near 30 mph. the winds will increase on friday with gusts going to 40 mph and we'll make it to the low to mid 60s. temperatures will stay spring like in the 50s through the weekend with mostly sunny skies. it will be slightly cooler next week with highs in the low 40s. i-80/35 @ west mix i-35 @ corporate woods i-235 @ 63rd coming up next, david geiger joins us with this morning's
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report. then there's a major shakeup in the republican race... plus we'll show you the candidate who just got a new ace in the hole in south
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iowa may have a local version of a beef checkoff this year. in the early 70s iowa initiated a checkoff through an iowa code, before the national checkoff was in place. in the late 80s that was halted. now, the iowa cattlemen's association has put forward a producer referendum that would reinstate a state checkoff.a main reason behind it, national checkoff dollars are limited into what they can support. matt deppe, ceo of ica says, "iowa beef checkoff proceeds and investments can be utilized more flexibly. so, whereas, the national checkoff cannot be used for production research, producer education, those types of things on the production side. state dollars could be used that way and we can enhance some of those efforts from a promotion and marketing standpoint as well." the national checkoff is a
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board and the other 50 stays in the state often times being used to promote beef where population centers are around the country. the iowa checkoff would be another 50 cents a head and starts here for investment decisions. deppe says they're maintaining a refund provision in the checkoff, so if a producer doesn't want to pay in, they can get it back, "if someone would be one that maybe didn't support it with a vote, perspectively, but the referendum passed and we moved forward on it, that refund provision is there. and we would hope producers, if they did get refunds, they would still connect to that return on investment, because that's what this is all about." deppe hopes the referendum will happen in late summer of this year.
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your dreams evolve, and with committed support, they thrive.
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our top story... more than 80 thousand people are expected to rush into wells fargo arena this week for the iowa state high school wrestling championship. with all the extra traffic, getting there could be a headache due to construction there is no direct access from the skywalk. but good news there is a skywalk app you can download and principal park is offering free parking. a young man is back in custody this morning after officials say he tried to escape during a transfer and hitch a ride from drivers along the road. it happened near i-35 north of ames while on their way to a correctional facility in clarinda. that's when the juvenile escaped, hitched a ride, and ended up several miles down the road. authorities
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young man. the story county sheriff's office is now investigating the incident. the numbers have changed. for the first time in months there's a new frontrunner in the republican race. "the sound you're hearing is the sound of screams coming from washington, d.c." "i think somebody at the wall street journal doesn't like me." that's ted cruz, announcing his two-point lead over donald trump in the ted cruz, announcing his two-point lead over donald trump in the latest nbc wall street journal poll. statistically it's a tie, but trump is down 7 and cruz is up 8 points just two days before south carolina's primary. and senator marco rubio picked up the most coveted endorsement in south carolina ahead of the primary. he got the backing of the state's popular governor, nikki haley. she told a crowd at an outdoor rally that the republicans had many good people running for president.. but she wanted somebody
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americans. we can now put another name and face to a record breaking lottery jackpot. a florida couple came forward yesterday to claim their share of last month's 1 point 5 billion dollar lottery. david and maureen called-shmidt managed to keep their winning ticket a secret for several weeks. the couple chose to take the lump sum option and collected nearly 328-million dollars after taxes. most bills aim to cut down alcohol consumption... but a new proposal could allow iowans to get a sip of even more. coming much more distilleries could give away to customers and the surprising group they say will benefit most.
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showdown begins. in just hours... this space will be so bustling, you won't know where to look. we're live from wells fargo area, with a look at what to expect as thousands pour in to support state wrestling. more alcohol. a new law would put more liquor in iowans' hands. hear how it works, and why some think it could help more than just


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