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tv   Channel 13 News at 6  NBC  February 27, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm CST

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amber alexander who gives us a spring like forecast. des moines police are investigating an overnight
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side tonight. officers were called to the 27 hundred block of boston avenue just after four this morning. when they arrived, they found a man in his 20's had been stabbed.. following what's believed to be some kind of fight at a party. police say he was in stable condition when he went to the hospital. no word on any arrests in the case. polk county says it has a problem on its hands. it needs an extra $7 million more dollars next year to keep
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its current mental health and disability services. and it's looking to state lawmakers to help them get this money. channel 13's reid chandler is following this story and joins us in the studio with more. organizers are asking lawmakers to take action this year to allow counties to levy up to $47 dollars per person in property taxes for local mental health and disability services. right now, counties can only levy up to about $30 dollars...and that's been the case since the funding formula was passed in 19-96. that's why organizers with mental health and disability services are asking for an update to the law... they say, if this isn't changed by march - when counties certify their budgets - more than 13-hundred people will lose the services they receive. those services include support for community living, help in keeping a job, and rent services that allow people with disabilities to live independently. the "rapid re-housing program" is one of those services that could be was started in 20-14 and has helped over 350 homeless individuals find permanent living. one local parent says her child has
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entire life, and without them, he'd have no hope. 15:35:46 "we need to have the services. bottom line, we need the services. if they're gone, especially, i'm thinking in terms of the mobile crisis unit - i know in our family, we've used it a couple of times with our son when he was younger, and once when he was an adult. if that goes, then there goes your liaison for help." :01-:18 those against the proposal argue they don't want their property taxes raised... organizers with these programs say raising the cap by about $17 dollars for the first time in 20 years is the right thing to do to help those in need. drake university held a groundbreaking ceremony today for the first new academic building in 20 years. collier-scripps hall is a 15-million dollar 50-thousand square foot facility that will house drake's school of education, the department of mathematics and computer science program.
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project is 56 million . drake's dean for the school of education says this represents a seven year project of fundraising, program building, collecting, connecting, and counting on people all over the country. janet mcmanhill, dean, drake university school of education 3:57:07:26-3:57:18:07 "it affords an opportunity for us to showcase best practice, to show and teach how to administrate, research and learn in a state of art facility." the building is one of two currently under construction as part of the $52 million "stem@drake" initiative voters are headed to the polls in south carolina today where hillary clinton and bernie sanders are squaring off in that state's democratic primary. meanwhile republican candidates are on the campaign trial with only three days left until super tuesday. steve handlesman has the story. 13;38;14;29"hi, there!" confident about south carolina, hillary clinton went to alabama. presidential candidate :xx - :xxd"we have a lot of work to do in america. what are we waiting
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democrats... most of them african american .. voted for their longtime favorite "hillary clinton!" "she is a very smart and capable woman." at celebrities hair salon, most trust clinton "definitely! "and bernie sanders is what? unproven?" "he is definitely unproven." canvassers for clinton are hearing she's a d-c insider "who is actually outside the system who is going to make change? "bernie sanders. i feel like he's honest." sanders went to texas ... working to win more than his home state of vermont in 3 days on super tuesday presidential candidate :xx - :xx"we are not going to allow the trumps of the world to divide us up/" with chris christie, donald trump focused on the biggest super tuesday state presidential candidate :xx - xx"we're tied in texas and i think we have a real chance in texas." ted cruz's home state, where cruz leads in the polls presidential candidate :x - :xx"pick a side!!! and when it comes to picking a side i've picked a
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washington with the american people." like cruz, marco rubio, on paper, can still beat trump and their fight is ugly presidential candidate :x - :xx"a con artist will never get control of this party." presidential candidate :x - :xx"little mouth on him bing bing bing " presidential candidate :x - :xx"a guy with the worst spray tan in america." presidential candidate :x - :xx"i thought ted cruz was a liar, but rubio's worse!" 3 days til a showdown. steve handelsman. nbc news. columbia, south carolina. nbc news predicts that hillary clinton will win tonight. coming up on the channel 13 news at six... iowa state men's basketball team are currently playing at home against kansas state. highlights, and more coming up later in sports. but first.... 21:14:51:21-21:14:55:07 "a lot of sore arms are going to be the result of tomorrow." a basketball tournament today is giving people the opportunity to really understand what it's like to have a disability.
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helps those on and off the court. there's lots of basketball going on in iowa... as we get ready
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and boys state tournaments. but one event is bringing something people to chance to experience what it's like to be in a wheel chair, and get everyone involved in condition. today is the second annual spin and shoot basketball tournament. 26 different teams were involved. the tournament allows people in wheel chairs or with special needs in the des moines area the chance to compete. it was inspired by a woman whose son was only 8 years old when he had multiple strokes that left him unable to walk or talk. molly wuebker, program director, spin and shoot wheelchair basketball tournament 21:14:23:03-21:14:42:20 "one is to get our participants who are in wheel chairs on a day to day basis a chance to play other teams, but also the other point was to get those who aren't in wheelchairs on a day to day basis in those chairs and experience it and play from a whole another perspective to
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all of the proceeds will go toward the courage league programming to support the participants with special needs. zombies invaded jordan creek mall today. it's the seventh year the west des moines campus of des moines area community college held it's zombie walk at the mall. seven zombies shuffled through the mall on the lower level today to promote dmacc's celebration innovation or ci-week. the provost at the west des moines campus says it's event that used to be focused on technology and science, now it's also focused on arts and music as well. anthony paustian, provost at west des moines dmacc 21:00:52:13-21:01:01:16 "we want to show that creativity imagination innovation can come from any direction, anywhere in life not just technology or science, it comes from everywhere." 13 speakers will be part of ci-week including howard berger who won an oscar in 2006 for his work on the chronicles or narnia: the lion witch and the wardrobe. it's
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campus at 11-30 a-m. it's free to the public. after breaking a record high temperature saturday afternoon, temperatures will already start to fall come sunday. overnight winds will remain strong which will prevent temperatures from falling very much, meaning we'll start the day with very above normal temperatures in the middle 40s. a cold front will swoop through during the morning, which will bring in a layer of clouds and
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it's free to the public. after breaking a record high temperature saturday afternoon, temperatures will already start to fall come sunday. overnight winds will remain strong which will prevent temperatures from
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meaning we'll start the day with very above normal temperatures in the middle 40s. a cold front will swoop through during the morning, which will bring in a layer of clouds and shift winds toward the northwest. these winds will be very breezy and will keep temperatures from rising as high as they did on saturday, although they will still be in the middle 50s. with an 8 and 7 record in the big 12 iowa state is not
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with an 8 and 7 record in the big 12 iowa state is not guaranteed a first round bye in the conference tournament. 3 games left in the regular season, cyclones are in 6th, just a half game up on texas tech. big home game tonight against kansas state. georges niang, college career winding down...scores the first 5 points. cyclones lead 5-4. lets stay outside. matt thomas three ball corner pocket... but isu trails by 2. later. hallice cooke great pass
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19-14. final seconds of the half...monte morris beats the buzzer. iowa state up 1 at the half... right now....... cyclone women on the road at #23 oklahoma. not a good start. mckenna treece, mid range j to put the sooners up 18-5. cyclones answer from deep. emily durr. ring it up. 24 for durr, but its not nearly enough. oklahoma rolls over isu 85-54 hawkeye women in action against illinois...right now bluders bunch leads its been a season to forget for the drake men. 6 wins overall, 1 and 16 in the conference entering today. regular season finale at home
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2nd half. down 2, not anymore. graham woodward bottoms up from 3. 12 for woodward, bulldogs up 1. later its ore arogundade. same spot, same result. another 3 and we're tied at 42. 12 seconds left, down 3. reed timmer, ice in his veins. for the tie. good! game tied at 48...but a foul was also called on the ramblers...that sends dominick oleniczak to the line, chance to win...short. loyola now with a chance for the win, 2 shots for milton doyle wont fall and we head to overtime. in ot. timmer, crossover. to the rim. 17 points for timmer. then a little icing on the cake.
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drake gets their 2nd mvc win of
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bulldogs play thursday in the mvc tournament against either missouri state or indiana state its been a weird season for uni. wins over iowa state, north carolina, wichita state...but also 12 losses. reglar season finale...on the road against evansville. 1st half. jeremy morgan, pull up 3. all net. panthers up 6, 18-12. next possession. clint karlson, who wants it, who wants it...ok ill shoot it. lead up to 9. just before half. wes washpun, driving, floater good. 14 for washpun, uni up 9 at the break. 2nd half 10 seconds left, chance to win. dj ballentine, league's leading scorer...blocked by washpun. another northern iowa wins 54-52. panthers play southern illinois
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