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tv   Channel 13 News at 10  NBC  February 27, 2016 10:00pm-10:29pm CST

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and number 73, one behind idle tampa bay and boston for the tie of second place in the atlantic division. 50,095 were here to watch it. thanks for watching the 2016 coors light nhl stadium series. final score in the game once again the detroit red wings 5, the colorado avalanche 3. coming up next on nbc except on the west coast it is your local news and later tonight it is saturday night live with host ronda rousey and musical guest selena gomez. i should hurry up and say for
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field so long from denver.straight ahead tonight... hillary clinton claims victory tonight.....after winning the south carolina democratic primary. which republican candidates released their taxes today and who doesn't plan to. cyclone victory... the iowa state men's basketball team can also say they are winners tonight. the final score, highlights and more coming up later in sports. housing program... a new service in the metro is helping people get off the streets. how
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helped.. and how much money it needs to stay alive. helping the's something polk county says it's helping the's something polk county says it's doing very well... but it needs a funding fix from lawmakers to keep going... good evening, thanks for joining us. i'm brooke bouma. polk county's budget for mental health and disability services is running at a deficit...and service providers say it will take action from lawmakers to get it out of the red. channel 13's reid chandler follows this story. for over a year now, frank anna- zeski, has remained off the streets. 15:12:05 "most of my life, i've been stable, then homeless, then stable, then was kind of rough." - frank anuszewski - client, rapid re- housing program but he broke the cycle when he heard about polk county's "rapid re-housing" program...
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old, but it's helped over 300 homeless persons like anna-zeski find affordable housing, and keep them in it. 15:13:39 "i've actually been able to get my business started. something i've been struggling with - when i do get stabilized, i try to do it. and then something happens, and i end up homeless again." - frank anuszewski - client, rapid re-housing program the program helps pay for anna-zeski's housing and partners him with a case worker who ensures his mental health issues are treated, and his dream to run his own computer repair business takes off. 15:21:25 "because they look around at all the aspects of what a person needs to stay stable. a lot of places just say, 'okay, we'll get them a place,' and throw them in there, and let them loose." - frank anuszewski - client, rapid re- housing program but anna-zeski represents just one of over 13-hundred people in polk county who rely on these types of mental health and disability services... services that the county will be forced to cut unless lawmakers update an old county funding formula passed in 19-96. 15:35:12 "services! the bottom line is services. if you have a mentally ill individual who has a crisis, and if that crisis isn't taken care of in the time it's happening, that person is going to escalate, without having someone to de-escalate them. and that has to do with their case manager, that has to do with having access to the
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lot of the services out there that can help them." - pat schafer - parent of client here's how it works: polk county faces a $7 million dollar gap in its budget to continue offering services like the rapid re-housing program. it gets its money from property taxes...and those taxes have been capped by lawmakers at around $30 dollars since 1996. supporters of the county's mental health and disability services are asking lawmakers to raise that cap to about $47 dollars...the extra $17 dollars per person would give the county the funding it needs to keep going. 15:35:46 "we need to have the services. bottom line, we need the services. if they're gone, especially, i'm thinking in terms of the mobile crisis unit - i know in our family, we've used it a couple of times with our son when he was younger, and once when he was anult. if that goes, then there es your liaison for help." - t schafer - rent of client and losing the help, anna-zeski says, means losing all of the progress made for those with mental health and disabilities in polk county. 15:17:44 "homelessness - it's not a disease. it's not something that you should shun off. it's a real, serious problem." - frank anuszewski - client, rapid re-housing program in des moines, reid chandler, channel 13 news. there's already a bill in the senate looking to make the changes requested by polk county service providers.
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represents polk county, told channel 13 he fully supports increasing the levy, but he doesn't quote "feel optimistic about our chances of increasing the levy this session." he says even if something passes out of the senate, it likely will hit a snag in the republican-controlled house. a well known des moines city engineer passed away. 53-year-old jeb brewer died yesterday after a long battle with cancer. he was the city's engineer from 2002 until 2015. his funeral services will be held at the martensdale community church tomorrow from 2 to 4 p-m. people in boone are trying to show support for a woman who died several years ago and whose husband is accused of killing her. these signs were lining the streets of boone today. they say "justice for emily." 41 year old alexander fazzino is accused of killing his wife, emily fazzino in january 20-12. during a recorded interview, he told investigators that she was addicted to prescription medication and believes she accidentally
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symptoms. testimony resumes next week in decorah. turning to weather spring fever is the word today as we reached temperatures in the upper 60's. lets now go to meteorologist amber alexander who can tell us how
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hillary clinton is the winner of the south carolina primary. 1:00-1:12 " i want to congratulate senator sanders on running a great race and--cheers -- and tomorrow this campaign goes national." clinton got 74 percent of the votes... bernie sanders got 26 percent with 99 percent of the
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and exit polls showed clinton winning 87 percent of the african- american vote.. outperforming even president obama's totals in 2008 in the south carolina democratic primary. several republican presidential candidates are turning up pressure on donald trump to release his tax returns. texas senator ted cruz released four years' worth of his latest tax returns today. that's on top of his returns for the preceding five years that he made public earlier. as for marco rubio he also released part of his tax returns for the past five years today. according to his campaign, rubio and his wife jeanette made 2 point 2 million from 2010 to 2014 and paid over 526-thousand dollars in taxes. donald trump said he'll keep his returns under wraps until his i-r-s audits are done. the i-r-s says trump is free to release the information if he wants to. as for iowans, the iowa department of revenue is extending it's tax filing deadline to april 30th. the extension gives people more
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file without a penalty. taxpayers who earn at least two-thirds of their income from farming or commercial fishing will have until that date to file and pay their 2015 returns. still ahead on the channel 13 news at ten... why apple is still refusing to comply with the goverment's request for information and how soon lawmakers plan to discuss the case again. apple has filed it's formal
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what's all this nonsense about balls? pink balls, blue, yellow, red. it's hard to keep the whole thing straight. and all these so-called deals? well, they come with a lot of deal breakers. like when you leave the city the signal goes weak. u.s. cellular built a network to give you a stronger signal where the other guys don't.
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f-b-i over iphone encryption. the debate is heating up... and the final decision may end up in the hands of lawmakers. mark barger has more. encryption might sound like a complicated process, but many of us use the technology every day. security features on mobile devices protect our messages, photos and personal information from getting into the wrong hands. "presently there's a court order directing apple to create a
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that disables certain security features in the phone" the software would allow the f-b-i to attempt to retrieve data from a phone used by one of the san bernardino shooters. apple has refused to comply, saying that the order goes far beyond a single investigation. "this could affect the security and the encryption technology on phones that most of us carry today" apple c-e-o tim cook said in a letter that developing a "back door" could put all i-phone users at risk... and set a precedent threatening civil liberties. several recent polls indicate the public siding with the government.... but one by reuters indicated support for apple... and denying government access to phone and internet communications... even in the name of stopping terrorist attacks. "i think it represents an overall concern that people don't want the government intruding into their private lives" some argue the issue should be decided by non-elected authorities and private companies... but,
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"and the way you do that is by having congress the representatives enact a law to deal with this directly" two lawmakers announced they plan to introduce a bill to form a commission next week to help address digital security issues. mark barger, nbc news. the case should be concluded by march 15th according to the briefing schedule.
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after breaking a record high temperature saturday afternoon, temperatures will already start to fall come sunday. overnight winds will remain strong which will prevent temperatures from falling very much, meaning we'll start the day with very above normal temperatures in the middle 40s. a cold front will swoop through during the morning, which will bring in a layer of clouds and shift winds toward the northwest. these winds will be very breezy and will keep temperatures from rising as high as they did on saturday, although
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with a big 12 titneeds some momentum, something to feel good about as they get ready for the postseason. 3 games left, up first kansas state. georges niang's collegiate career winding down... and big georges gets iowa state off to a solid start...first 5 points to niang, isu up 1. time winding down in the 1st. monte morris beats the buzzer 31-30 cyclones at the break. 2nd half they start to heat up from deep. matt thomas corner three, good. isu up 6, 45-39. hallice cooke, 10 big points off the bench...another from the hot corner. cyclones lead, 48-39 but thomas isn't done. back to the magic corner. 20 points for the iceman. lead up to 12. 53-41 quiet game for deonte burton, but nothing quiet about a burton
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then save the best for last... jameel mckay a double-double 14 points and a career high 17 rebounds. iowa state rolls 80-61 over k-state. micahel admire has more from ames. cyclone women on the road at #23
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not a good start. mckenna treece, mid range j to put the sooners up 18-5. emily durr scores 24 for iowa state, but its not nearly enough. oklahoma rolls 85-54 hawkeye women hosting illinois. under a minute to play iowa up 1. megan gustafson, lefty hook. splash...16 points for gustafson. big win for bluders bunch, 61-56 over illinois its been a rough season for the drake men. a season they'd
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forget. just 6 wins overall, 1 and 16 in the conference entering today. regular season finale at home taking on loyola. 2nd half. ore arogundade. big time 3 from the corner. we're tied at 42. 12 seconds left, dogs down 3. reed timmer, ice in his veins. launches from the scorers table.. good! game tied at 48...but a foul was also called on the ramblers...that sends dominick oleniczak to the line, chance to win...short. loyola now with a chance for the win, 2 shots for milton doyle wont fall and we head to overtime. in ot. timmer, crossover. to the rim. 17 points for timmer. then a little icing on the cake. oleniczak
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scores 19. drake gets their 2nd mvc win of the season 69-59 over loyola. bulldogs play thursday in the mvc tournament against either
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state or indiana state uni on the road against evansville. 1st half. clint karlson, who wants it, who wants it...ok ill shoot it. lead up to 9. just before half. washpn, driving, floater good. 14 for washpun, uni up 9 at the break. 2nd half 10 seconds left, panthers up 2...evansville a chance to win. dj ballentine, league's leading scorer...blocked by washpun. another northern iowa wins 54-52. panthers play southern illinois
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so, let me get this straight -- u.s. cellular has the phone you're looking for, a network that's built to give you coverage way out here where the other guys don't, and 6 gigs for only $40 a month. that's a lot less than verizon and at&t. so, why on earth would you ever go


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