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tv   Channel 13 News at 10  NBC  February 28, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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good evening thanks for joining us. i'm dave price. it was not what a norwalk family expected when they sat down to watch t.v. this evening. a loud crash...and then this: police say a 20 year old driver and her passenger where traveling too fast when she tried to turn off east 27th street on to shady lane drive. the p-t cruiser ran over the slammed into the garage. police say the driver and her passenger only had minor injuries. the husband and wife inside the house...along with their son were not harmed. charges against the driver are pending a knoxville man had to be got severely burned following a bizarre accident in his driveway channel 13's ben oldach
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thanks dave....what was a relatively quick incident from start to finish you said...with serious injuries: the fire happened at 1605 oregon drive around 1-15 p-m. fire crews say the man is in his mid 50's and was working on a truck in the drive way when it suddenly caught fire. the fire spread to the man's coveralls which then lit the tops of his boots. his two adult sons came out to help put out the fire, but the man had suffered sever injuries to his legs. despite the pain, firefighters say the man was able to walk to an ambulance. jim mitchell knoxville city fire chief sot: 14;49;28;16----14;49;39;02 "we noticed the injuries were significant enough that he needed to go to a burn centers so we notified mercy 1 that was located at our local airport they were available." he was life flighted to a burn center in iowa city. firefighters believe that some sort of gas line provided the fuel for the fire...but the cause of what actually sparked it is still under investigation. thanks ben... a des moines man will try to convince a judge tomorrow that it was the
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him...who are responsible for a woman's death. 24 year old troy mure junior is charged with vehicular homicide by reckless driving his case involves an incident last november. police say he was speeding when he crashed into a tree... the crash killed his passenger, scalicity perez. mure claims he was trying to get away from people in another vehicle who were chasing and shooting at him. his bench trial is set for tomorrow morning in polk county court ames leaders are sharing what crime is falling faster in their town than almnost anywhere else in the stats come from the fbi in a report that shows violent crime is decling across the country. ames and dubuque topped the national list for cities where violent crime is plummeting the most... city officials credit the ames police department for a multitude of programs that build strong relationships with all of the
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11:47:42 "i credit this very much to the leadership in the police department, that has - on the area of violent crime, on the area of mental health, on the area of alcohol abuse, on the areas of racial relations - been working very hard on being a proactive rather than a reactive situation." :-01-:20 data show the city of ames had 20-14, and only one in 20-15 that was defense. there was violence in california at a ku klux klan rally fighting broke out between k-k-k demonstrators and counterprotesters in anaheim steve kuzj reports. racist ideals...and opposition came to a head in anaheim, saturday afternoon.
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a group of kkk members announced they would be holding rally at anaheim's pearson park. a larger group of anti-klan counter protesters showed up first. when the kkk arrived tempers flared. after a little time, angry words shouted between the hate group and its protesters weren't enough. a bloody fight broke out. "when the kkk members arrived in a vehicle, maybe five in one vehicle. a group of the counterprotesters immediately attacked them as they exited the vehicle. that resulted in a stabbing right off to the left here by the fire hydrant." the stabbing victim, a protester, was stuck by the pointed end of the flag pole of either a confederate or american flag. you can see here a kkk member trying to defend himself with the american flag while a confederate one lays on the ground below. it's not clear who attacked who first, but several videos showed protesters punching and rushing
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"that ultimately led to a melee in the street that stretched almost a whole city block...where a number of other fights broke out." "we came here for a peaceful protest for white lives matter and we get jumped." "i think you had to expect something." "it's crazy to them to come over here where there's a majority of minorities here." "it's important to remember that the klans message as reprehensible as many people feel it is is protected under the first amendment and we can get in the middle and stop them from doing that." "to me it's just old. we are at a different time in the world...we got to be moving forward and this is not helping, you know?" in a rare moment of solidarity -- democrat hillary clinton's campaign retweeted a comment by her rival senator bernie sanders it's all because of former kkk
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donald trump. trump this morning refused to condemn duke's racist past....and claimed he didn't know about it. that led to this... clinton retweeted sanders original message... sanders message on twitter read... "america's first black president cannot and will not be succeeded by a hatemonger who refuses to condemn the kkk." end quote. republican marco rubio piled on trump as well. "we cannot be a party that nominates someone who refuses to condemn white supremacists and the ku klux klan. we cannot be a party that does that".---applause tonight senator tim scott, a south carolina republican who is backing up rubio said quote "any candidate who cannot immediately condemn a hate group like the kkk does not represent the republican party, and will not reunite it." end quote. meanwhile...trump has clinched
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senator. " alabama republican jeff sessions supports him. sessions said at a rally in madison that american people want change.. and trump's movement could help their voices be heard. the senator is known for his opposition to illegal immigration. today republican candidate john kasich said during a campaign event in massachusetts, if he doesn't win ohio.. he will drop out of the race. kasich's is ohio's governor. "i intend to raise the bar in this business. and you know what? if... i believe i'm going to be the nominee, i will win ohio, we will begin to get traction, uh you know but i also think it's important that the kids who come to these rallies understand that you can hold your head high and you can speak clearly and softly and still..
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you are perceived. i think it matters. kasich went on to say the frontrunners are leading because the media are only paying attention to yelling and screaming and name calling. kasich says it's a "crazy time right now".. but he believes the race is far from over. people are still frustrated with the water crisis in flint michigan tonight.... coming up on the channel 13 news at ten... the latest emails that show city officials knew about the water crisis early on... and how iowans are trying to help those suffering from the government's failures. amber ad lib weather tease at the matte plus.. coming up later in sports... we share iowa state basketball star george niang's
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newly released emails show michigan's governor was aware of
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drinking water was highly corrosive long before he publicly acknowledge it the emails were released after public pressure for transparency they provide insight on what happened behind the scenes as the crisis unfolded. in one email dated back in october of 20-14..the governor's deputy legal counsel and senior policy adviser reached out to top aides saying quote. "as you know there have been problems with the flint water quality since they left the , which was a decision by the emergency manager there." end quote the email exchange is dated six months after the water supply switch, a decision made by emergency
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the governor. kurtz blamed for making the decision to switch the water supply from lake huron to the flint river as a cost- lead exposed and sickened families. an eastern iowa community is sending safe water to residents in flint this week. and nearly 20 people from the area will travel to flint this coming the story. row after row of bottled water. all of this for the people of flint, michigan. "we're actually gonna be going door-to-door to residents houses to distribute all of the water." it's part of the 'just add water' drive by the non-profit organization, resources unite based in dubuque. flint's water supply was switched and now lead seeps into its water supply, which isn't safe to drink or bathe in. so dubuquer's and others nearby
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water and hygeine products during the month of february. "and the drive has exceeded it's goal ten-fold with area businesses donating storage space. in here alone, there are 13 pallets. that's about 10,000 bottles of water." "right now we've got approximately 9 semis worth of water that's gonna be loaded this coming thursday, which is approximately 300 to 350-thousand bottles of water's been, it's been amazing." and because of all this water collected...the effort actually still needs about four more semis to drop them all off. despite the good news -- those in flint, still have worries. "and their biggest fear is that people will forget them, as we get up there and deliver the water." they'll be going door-to-door -- dropping off water -- and installing they'll be going door-to-door -- dropping off water -- and installing water filters in homes on
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so, let me get this straight --
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water filters in homes on friday. winds will begin to weaken this evening and clouds will continue to clear toward the east. this will allow our temperatures to drop back
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lower 30s for early monday morning. you may need your sunglasses on the drive to work, but you won't need them on the drive home. highs will be in the middle 50s early monday afternoon, but another cold front is expected to pass through which will once
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layer of clouds. the difference in this cold front is that we will see a little more moisture and a chance for a morning followed by light snow. snow totals are not expected to exceed 2" in the metro, but could create slick conditions for the morning commute on tuesday.
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the oscars... amid the protests and criticism for the 88th academy awards tonight in hollywood. the stars were out for one of
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what actors had hollywood's honoring its best tonight at the 88th academy awards..... but not without controversy. the lack of diversity among the acting nominees for the second year in a row prompted protests. jihah kim has the story. nats mere blocks from the oscars' red carpet, demonstrators protested the motion picture academy's lack of diversity...... nats of red carpet and the issue was also on the minds of many as they walked the red carpet
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"it's about time we talk about it. i like that we're pushing the agenda." "we'll see what happens tomorrow. i want to see if we have the debate and conversation next thursday." but red carpet chatter was also about excitement.... nine year old jacob tremblay pulling for brie larson, who played his mother in "room" to win best actress. "i'm so proud for her. i say i'm going to cheer she wins because she's like my best friend". :05 once the show got picture nominee "mad max fury road" dominated the technical categories...winning six makeup and hair styling, production design, costume design, film editing, sound mixing and sound editing. two other best picture nominees scored...."spotlight" won best original screenplay....while "the big short" took best adapted screenplay. and a first time nominee became a first time winner...alicia vikander, best supporting actress for "the danish girl". oscar's diversity controversy was top of mind from the show's
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monologue, labeled the evening "the white people's choice awards". jinah kim, nbc news, hollywood. concerns about iowa's losing streak grow after another late game collapse, and a look back at the four years of georges niang in ames.
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first, free-falling hawkeyes. no doubt iowa is trending down. on the road today at ohio state. 1st half. defense leading to offense. anthony clemmons the steal, then coast to coast for the layup. hawks
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takes the contact, bucket and the foul. iowa still up 1 16-15. more in the 1st. mike gesell. hammer time! kam williams welcome to the mike gesell poster. but the buckeyes end the half on a 9-2 run, and lead 35-30 at the break. fran, not happy. 2nd half they pick it up. jarrod uthoff, nba range. hawks lead 44-42. more from deep. dom uhl, out of hibernation, big time 3. lead is 6. 58-52. but ohio state rallies. redemption for williams hits the long 2 to give the buckeyes the lead 63-62. 1 last chance for iowa, but gesell is stuffed at the rim. hawks lose
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dropped four of five. drake's home finale taking on bradley. and the world's most charismatic mascot, griff, always brings it. all bulldogs. 1st q. nicole miller, slicing to the hoop. 2 of her 11 points. bulldogs up 2. then on the break. maddy dean to caitlin ingle, out to lizzy wendell. count three. 24 for wendell. drake rolls on senior day, 78-45. tomorrow night, georges niang plays his final home game as a cyclone. soundoff voters say niang is the most beloved cyclone since fred hoiberg. michael admire has more. a guy like georges niang doesnt come around often. its g-time
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niangs style is his own, coaches praise it... players envy it. niang is the winningest player in cyclone history... scoring more points than all but two other players to wear cardinal and gold... niang will also be the first cyclone to play in 4 n-c-aa tournaments. niang arrived in ames with a chip on his shoulder. something iowa also be the first cyclone to play in 4 n-c-aa tournaments.
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chip on his shoulder. something iowa niang arrived in ames with a chip on his shoulder. something iowa state fans immediately connected with. niang has never been scared to speak his mind or show his love... and at times hes been a trend setter. there isnt a more decorated cyclone. a resume that includes two big 12 titles, but still some unfinished business... a big run in the big dance would only solidify niangs career. one thats earned a permanent spot in hilton colesium. michael
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and the soundoff buzz: murphy's law on the unforgettable week in perry. john gives his thoughts on the hawkeye fade, and what's bugging andy? it's bathrooms
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hot topic, 515-282-9010. hawkeye
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straight losses. four out of five. can iowa steer out of this skid? 282-9010. and the cyclones put it all together in the second half against k-state. that's a reminder how good isu can be. especially at home. 515-282-9010. monday night, a small group of


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