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tv   Channel 13 News at 6  NBC  February 29, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm CST

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some local families need to sort out the issue of birthday parties for their kids. meet one of the "leap day babies," and hear why his parents say he came early... you'll see a little less of this tonight, as temperatures take a dive and snowflakes start to fall... good evening and thanks for joining us. i'm erin kiernan... and i'm dan winters. you know what they say - in like a lion. it's no surprise we're kicking off march with some snow. chief meteorologist ed wilson joins us to time it all out. skies are cloudy and temperatures have dropped back to the 40s. a winter weather advisory begins at 6 pm. a light rain snow mix will develop through 9 pm. it will transition to all snow by 11 pm. it will continue through early tuesday morning. 1 to 2" of snow looks to fall in the metro, but should be done by the morning drive in. it will be colder and cloudy through the day on tuesday. temperatures
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a des moines man is on trial for
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troy mure junior is accused of driving more than three times the speed limit when he crashed and his passenger was killed. more on the first day of testimony from the polk county courthouse.. jannay: witnesses described a in a deadly crash on a november accident investigators determined that troy mure junior, aged 24, was traveling at least 86 miles an hour when he wrapped his car around a utility pole. nats of 911 call one of the responding officers called the crash one of the worst, most traumatic scenes, he's seen in his nearly 18 years on the job. and he can't believe anyone walked away. fisher 11:36:15 very surprised because of the way the vehicle looked. it was just, don't understand how he survived. mure's passenger, 22 year old scalicity perez boyd, did not. her mother took the stand to talk about her "baby"... a mother herself. barber 10:27:30 she was a friend to anyone rather if you liked her or not, you're going to like her at the end of the day the morning of november 23rd 20- 15... ricky 10:47:24 they were weaving in and around traffic. i thought that maybe at first,
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was not the case. they were pursuing. one was pursing the other. mure told police someone inside that pursuing car was armed.. west 12:04:53 he said no shots had been fired, but he held up a black handgun. and during the chase, he says, that other car rammed him... causing him to loseorol and crash.jannay: seven witnesses took the and today. a judge,ot a ry is hearing the case. it's pected to last another two ys. at the polk cotyurthouse, jt channel 13 news. testimony will resume tomorrowmorning. family members of a boone man are taking the stand in his murder trial... 41 year old alex fazzino is accused of killing his wife in
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the defense is trying to prove she accidentally drowned in a bathtub due to a prescription drug addiction... fazzino's mother testified she saw her daughter-in-law stumble and slur words several times because of it. i was very concerned, it was very upsetting. i was upset for her, i was upset for the kids, i was upset for my son. now at that time and all times, you loved emily as a daughter. i loved her, i loved her, and i thought we had a very close relationship fazzino's aunt, sister, and brother also took the stand this afternoon. fazzino's aunt, sister, and brother also took the stand this afternoon. the state rested its case this morning. police are investigating the death of a toddler over the weekend... it happened in davenport. officials say braddock shovlain was struck by a vehicle in a school parking lot sunday afternoon. the three year old died on the way to the hospital. so far, the driver has not been charged. des moines police are searching for a suspect in a sunday night shooting... dustin curtis told them he was
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the 22 year old's friends then took him to the hospital. is expected to survive. des moines police are piecing together what happened during a robbery at a gas station. the suspect showed a gun at the "git n go" in the waveland park neighborhood. he took some cash from the haven't identified any suspects. johnston's police chief is stepping down after decades of central iowa... bill vaughn will retire from the department on friday. vaughn began working for the polk county sheriff's office in 19-76. he retired from there in 2006, but city of johnston needed an interim chief. during his tenure, the force grew, got a new public safety building, and started wearing body cameras. the future of des moines public transportation system is in the hands of the public. dart is revising its master plan to meet the needs of a growing population. officials say its ridership has the past two years. now dart's looking for input on
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it's holding several public meetings this week, including four tomorrow. you can also fill out a survey on dart's website. if you work out at the grimes y-m-c-a you'll have to find a new place to go.... 'it was heartbreaking because we have a really tight community, weve had babies together and gone through all kinds of family things together and its more than just a place to work out its really building community here. the grimes y-m-c-a opened in 2008 and is currently renting space out of the grimes community complex. however, 10 years leaders said the 'y' made a commitment to build a brand new facility on the land just south of the wal-mart in town. that land that was donated to the 'y' from knapp properties as part of the dedicated park space required by the city for any builder. however, the 'y' announced its selling the land and ditching the project all together. '10 years ago the ymca made a commitment to grimes to build a
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part of town and just to see that being abandoned it frustrating.' in a statement released by the y- m-c-a it said the company is prioritizing its efforts and currently underway. leap day has a special meaning for some central iowa families... several babies were born on this "once every four years" day. that includes "zane," who came into the world around four-30 a-m, weighing eight pounds and six ounces. his parents say they knew it was a possibility they might have him on leap day... but didn't think it would actually happen. 'it is fun and so many people ask about it and talk about it, hes become a popular guy.' zane's parents joked he came early to watch tonight's big iowa state game. they've already dressed him in cardinal and gold. you'll find plenty of those colors inside hilton coliseum tonight. that's where the cyclones want
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coming up, hear how the players are gearing up for their last home game of the season. friends do not let friends vote for con jobs. but first, republicans are scrambling for support before an important day in politics. hear how they're attacking the important day in politics. hear how they're attacking the frontrunner, and how governor branstad is joining in. in 24's the presidential candidate's
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super tuesday means voting in a dozen the u-s
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american samoa on the republican side...there's worry the candidates' campaigning's going too far over past week the campaigns have focused less on issues.. and more on personal attacks... political director dave price joins us... 37-49 he's a nervous basket case, here's guy, wait, you had to see him backstage, he was putting on makeup with a trowel 37-49 he's a nervous basket case, here's guy, wait, you had to see him backstage, he was putting on makeup with a trowel 02:24-02:44 he went back stage, he was having a meltdown, first he had this
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like makeup around his mustache, caus he had one of those sweat mustaches, then he asked for a full length mirror, i don't know why cause the podium goes up to here but he wanted a full length mirror, maybe to make sure his pants weren't wet, i don't know 03:43-03:54 he's a choker, he choked with chris, and i watched it both times, but the one time i'm right next to him, and i looked at the puddle on the ground and i said what is that, what is it branstad 4505 hillary clinton is focusing across the isle, instead of on
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hillary clinton is focusing
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hillary clinton is focusing across the isle, instead of on her democratic opponent... i don't think in a campaign you make wild promises, you insult everybody and then people wonder "well what does that person really stand for. clinton has momentum after a win over bernie sanders in the south carolina primary. she's leading nearly two to one in key states. but, clinton is also finding herself on the defensive, since the rest of tonight... federal authorities are private server during her time as secretary of state. temperatures will continue to fall tonight from the 50s to the 30s. clouds will continue to stay overhead with a mix of rain and snow developing across northern iowa and parts of central iowa through 10 pm. the rain-snow mix will transition to all snow by 11 pm. a winter weather advisory will be in affect across northern iowa of the snowfall will melt, limiting totals. the snowfall will stay the heaviest and most consistent across far northern iowa and into eastern iowa. totals will range from 1 to 2" for the metro with 3 to 4" in parts of north central to northeastern iowa. the snow will end before 5 am in the metro, but the morning commute will likely be slick. the remainder of the day, cloudy skies will give way to more sun by afternoon. temperatures will be
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the low 30s. winds will be breezy from the nor 15 to mph. we'll return to the low s on wednesdawhnother ance of a light rain-snow mix te wednesday through thud
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derate to mild conditions again during the weekend. skies ll be sunny and highs will be ck in tand if you want to see what it means to reach state, check the looks of joy on the faces of this mt ayr raiderettes when they qualified last week. that's an excited bunch. to the big stage at wells fargo arena. class 1a quarterfinals. and a good excuse to get amped up, and miss school. turkey valley, in white, ranked #1. shelby reicks to taylor kuennen for three. got it. the trojans are good. so are the raiderettes. tess shields to kelcie shields. the shields girls can play. both teams hustling. the unsuspecting water cooler takes a broadside hit from sadie nymeyer. and then this happens at the half. i don't what it is. but i like it. second half, mt ayr mounts a comeback. shields off the glass. mt ayr down
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fashioned three pointer to keep turkey valley in the lead. but again shields scores as mt ayr closes to within one point, but can't quite get over the hump. good game as turkey valley survives a scare, 55-51. it's senior night at hilton coliseum. final home game for georges niang. live at 5, john sears interviewed niang's mom, alison. and not long after that interview, the hilton coliseum crowd gave a rousing ovation to georges
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the rare 4-year starter. he'll exit iowa state as, at worst, the third leading scorer in isu history, and he has the most wins. niang the rare 4-year star. he'll be honored tonight along with transfer abdul nader, and jameel mckay. mckay says he's emotional just thinking about his final game. cyclones slippd to 21 in the new a-p rankings. game under way at hilton coliseum oklahoma state iowa state drew ott's hopes of playing a fifth year of football at iowa look more likely tonight. though it's still hard to be sure. the big ten grants iowa's request for a medical hardship, and forwards the petition to the ncaa. ncaa has final say on whether ott plays another season. he played in six games, which is too many, but due to injuries, only two full games. a healthy ott is a difference-maker on defense for the hawks.
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om sony pictures studios, it's america's game! wheel... of... fortune! ladies and gentlemen, here are the stars of our show -- pat sajak and vanna white! oh, hi. how are you? good to see you all. [ cheers and applause ] hi, gang. thank you. i feel the same way about you. would you go? hi, how you doing? get ready, everybody. [ cheering continues ] that's enough! it's "toss up" time -- $1,000. "what are you doing?" is the category.


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