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tv   Today in Iowa at 5  NBC  March 1, 2016 5:00am-5:30am CST

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today."the first day of march is giving some parts of the state flashbacks of winter this morning. we'll tell you where it could cause problems for the morning commute. search continues.. the hunt for two men who escaped from the newton correctional facility continues this morning. and this isn't the first escape in recent weeks. senior night.. iowa state's last home game at hilton ends with a win.. and a few tears too. it's tuesday
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first on 13. two newton inmates are still at large this morning after making a run for it this weekend. but for correctional officers... the escape feels like deja vu. michael amodeo and jessy foley were nowhere to be found saturday night during a routine check. the two are now the second and third inmates to escape the confines of newton's facility in just one month. 28-year-old edward shorter attempted the same thing when he walked away from the facility. he was captured a day later in des moines. now the department of corrections says it can't say for sure whether
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'most people, if they make this choice, they dont want to get caught, so a lot of times they try to stay hidden as much as they can so its a real difficult question to answer as far as if theres any public safety or not.' both men were serving sentences on drug charges. anyone with information is asked to call 911 immediately. we're learning more about a sunday night shooting on des moines' east side... police have named the victim...he is 22- year-old dustin curtis. he was shot in the torso while leaving this house on east 17th court. some friends took him to the hospital. police are still searching for a suspect, but say curtis is expected to survive. presidential candidates from both sides are facing a make-or- break-it day today... super tuesday will have voters the polls to make their pick for the democratic
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hillary clinton is currently leading in eight of those states... you see them here in yellow. senator bernie sanders is ahead in just two. for the republicans... 14- states are up for grabs... and donald trump looks to win most of them... polls have him ahead in eight of the states.. marked here in red. senator ted cruz is ahead in arkansas and in his home state of texas. senator marco rubio is leading in just one state... minnesota. meanwhile, the current president is focused on a different political replacement. president obama is calling senator chuck grassley to the white house today to discuss the supreme court justice vacancy. grassley -- who heads the judiciary committee -- has said he will not consider a nominee until after the presidential election. president obama would like to make the replacement before then. senate majority leader mitch mcconnel will also be there for the
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partially and mostly snow covered roads in northern and northeastern iowa this morning. snow will continue to lift north and east out of the state through 8 am. the northwestern us has another storms system coming on shore today with strong storms moving across arkansas this morning. temperatures will be very chilly in the upper midwest today as another cold blast sinks south for the start of march. people in the grimes area will
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forward to. this land along highway 141 is where a new y-m-c-a facility was supposed to go up. knapp properties donated the land a decade ago, but the "y" still rents out space at the grimes community center. now the "y" says it's selling the land, and ditching the project completely. in a statement released yesterday, the company said it will put the money toward other projects already underway -- which could include the still unfinished pool in downtown des moines. high schoolers from across the state are preparing to go head-to-head today at the iowa events center. today a "top chef" style event will have them doing more than just cooking dinner... channel 13's josh nguyen is live from the convention center to tell us more. good morning josh. the culinary competition will be held in ballroom a of the community choice credit union convention center at the iowa events center
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also, they are having an industry career fair from 10am-2pm on the same day in the same location. last year the iowa restaurant hospitality industry was projected to add 1,200 jobs and they actually added more than 5,000 jobs! accelerated growth is expecting for 2016, so theyre looking to connect job seekers with people in our industry. students from across iowa will go head-to-head at the iowa events center on tuesday, march 1 to compete in a 'top chef' style competition as part of the iowa prostart invitational hosted by the iowa restaurant association education foundation. teams of culinary students will be given 60 minutes to prepare and present a three-course meal using only two butane burners. their creations will be tasted and evaluated by a panel of industry professionals, and the winning team will advance to represent iowa in the national prostart invitational in texas. 'this is as real as it gets without working in the harried environment of a packed, five-star restaurant on a friday night,' said jessica dunker, president
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of the iowa restaurant association. 'students who can perform under this pressure are well prepared to graduate and pursue a career in the hospitality industry, or have a leg up on their post-secondary culinary or management education.' girls state basketball players are prepping for a day on the big stage... in class 2a... manson-northwest webster takes on iowa city regina. tip off set
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in 3a, it's nevada versus sioux center. 5 p-m start time. and 4a: ballard versus keokuk at 8-30 tonight. class 1a quarterfinals at wells fargo arena yesterday. the mount ayr raiderettes come into town to take down turkey valley. tess shields to kelcie shields. the shields girls can play. in the second, mt ayr closes to within one point, but can't quite get over the hump. turkey valley edges the 51. from yesterday... class 1-a newell-fonda 53 elkhorn-kimballton 42 a big night last night in ames...time to say good-bye to a cyclone great. one final home for the seniors... and visiting oklahoma state wants to spoil the party. in the 1st half.
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layup is good. cyclones lead it 11- 10. later its nader. weaving for the dunk... lead up to 3. 2nd half, niang scores 3 of his 17 points... stretching the cyclone's lead. they go on to win it, 58-50 over oklahoma state. 409979 :00 - :04 senior night had emotions running even higher last night. before the game, a sold out hilton coliseum crowd showered the cyclone seniors with love. jameel mckay, abdel nader and georges niang all saying their goodbyes to cyclone nation. of course, taking center stage, was cyclone-favorite, niang. no player in iowa state history has won more games than him. cuz i don't know if i'll ever experience something as great as i experienced here. the support and the love, the real love that i felt here. i was afraid for that to happen one last time.
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addressed cyclone nation from the court.. you can watch the full video at our website -- whotvdotcom. hawkeye fans will say good-bye to four important seniors, tonight. last time at carver-hawkeye arena for jarrod uthoff, adam woodbury, anthony clemmons and mike gesell. more importantly, iowa needs to snap out of this three-game losing streak and they can do it in a big way against
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iowa women have a new option in their military careers... combat warfare.
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taking advantage of it tell us what they're up against... and why to them, it's
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tuesday, we return back to winter! light snow is falling early this morning across northern iowa. a few snowflakes may brush the metro, but no real measurable snow is expected in the des moines area. 1 to 3" is possible in parts of northern iowa through early tuesday. the remainder of the day will be cloudy and blustery. winds will be from the
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up near 25 mph. temperatures will hold in the upper 20s and low 30s. skies will become partly cloudy late in the day. wednesday will be a quiet day with highs in the low 40s. there is the possibility of a light rain snow mix again late wednesday into early thursday morning. temperatures will continue to climb into the
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for some iowans, risking their life on the battlefield to protect ours at home is simply a part of their job. but now that sacrifice is open to more iowans then ever before. coming up, we introduce you to the first two iowa women enlisting for
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guard... yet just a fraction are enlisted to serve in combat... channel 13's mike dasilva spoke with the first two about what it means to them. the decision had been made that they would remove all barriers, starting january 1st 2016 for women to serve in whatever role they wanted to in the military." with the door finally open for the first time in the guards 176-year history... private megan reaska and private dakota doocy are preparing for combat... "i dont want to be like pampered because im a female. i mean i joined the military like thats not something thats very girly, you
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reaska, a 20 year old sophomore at the university of iowa, started out considering a medical position... but was drawn to the duties of a combat engineer. youre talking about jobs in which you may have to go find improvised explosive devices. you may have to use you know high explosives to remove obstacles. you may engage in direct combat, just like the infantry would against an enemy. combat engineer definitely intrigued me. sounds awesome. 'you learn how to build things and like that and then you learn to be able to blow it up. you learn all the chemicals and the context of that kind of stuff to be able to blow it up. i think thats awesome. combat engineers construct fighting positions, bridges, obstacles and defensive positions...placing and detonating explosives ...clearing routes. for reaska it isn't just a job... military service its part of a family legacy. it was something that i looked up to them for. my grandpas told me stories. my uncle has told me stories. its really cool, but i didnt actually
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megan 'im very proud of myself and i know that the people around me are proud and id like to be motivation for other people and inspiration for other people.' 18 year old dakota doocy is motivating them by breaking new ground. she's enlisted to become a field artillery firefinder radar operator.... 'they have a critical job so they can understand where incoming rounds might be coming. how we can defend against that and where our outgoing rounds are going as well . the decision to enlist in a combat role didn't come easy... 'thats how i got more knowledge about it and i thought about it and thought about it and i wasnt really sure about it. i didnt want to, and i really thought and i joined dakota doocy knows she made the right choice... both for her and the women who will follow. i want someone to look up to me and be like oh shes doing a good thing. maybe i should do that too. so, yeah i like to be in this position because there are
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they cant do something, especially girls. doocy and reaska are proof that women can do it... taking part in training.. drills... and meeting the qualifications for positions once restricted only to men. im doing something that once upon a time, females couldnt do. you just have to believe in yourself and not be put down about it. if you want to do something do it, and dont hold back. ' im willing to fight for you, for your freedom, and youre going to say no you cant do it, dont do that. you know ill prove you wrong, if i do go to war heaven forbid, if i go to war, ill prove you wrong. i can do it. and every female can do it. that was mike dasilva reporting. about 45-percent of combat enlistees.. both male and female fail to qualify because they fail the physical entrance exam or the
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winter returns for central iowa today. there's a new layer of
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iowa. winds will be strong from the north with temperatures only in the upper 20s and low 30s
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