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tv   Today in Iowa at 5  NBC  March 2, 2016 5:00am-5:30am CST

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donald trump and hillary clinton walk win a majority of the super tuesday states up for grabs. we have a breakdown of the results.. saving for school.. how a new program lets high school students earn scholarships. and why it will make college more affordable. state hoops.. action on the court heats up... as girls basketball gets underway. a look at the local teams moving on... and the big games set for today. it's wednesday march 2nd.. today in
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first on 13.. final results are still coming in this morning from super tuesday. overnight, all eyes are were focused on alaska. but we know donald trump and hillary clinton are the big winners. results from alaska were still too close to tell until just hours ago... ted cruz is now projected to win it by just a sliver. he trumps donald trump by just two percentage points. that's one of five states trump didn't win. trump picks up half of the 14 states up for grabs. you see those states in red here. senator ted cruz gets four -- texas, oklahoma, colorado and alaska.. marco rubio took minnesota.
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single state. another sweep in the democratic race. 11 states. bernie sanders gets four. north dakota and wyoming are because their voting process continues into next month. meanwhile, the winning the stage. both clinton and trump are hurdle. py-19tu :08 - :12 presidential candidate: "i am a unifier. once we get all this finished, i am going after one person - that's hillary clinton.":22 - :26 presidential candidate: "instead of building walls, we are going to break down barriers." the next big day for the candidates is this weekend. voters in five state will cast a ballot on saturday. voting may soon start earlier for iowa teenagers... lawmakers are currently considering a bill that could allow 17-year olds to head to the ballots. right now you must be at least 18 in order to vote. but the senate wants that changed in time for the primary elections
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would work... any teen who turns 18 by november 8th... would be allowed to vote in both the general and primary election. that means they would technically voting as 17-year-olds in june. the senate has already approved the bill, it now goes to the house. meanwhile the battle over who gets to pick a supreme court replacement isn't moving so fast... yesterday as the nation went out to vote, president obama held a meeting with iowa senator chuck grassley and other lawmakers at the white house. grassley has been vocal about who he thinks should pick a nominee -- the next president. pushing for the process to happen now, under the current president. grassley says the talk lasted only about 20 minutes and was more cordial than he expected. we spoke with him yesterday following the meeting, here is what he had to say. this is not about a person. it doesn't matter who it is. it's also a matter of the very important role that the supreme court takes in our
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process. both sides say they have the constitution on their side. the debate will continue as president obama gets closer to selecting a nominee. today the statehouse turns its attention to a plan to help ease the transition to privatized medicaid. yesterday state lawmakers got a sneak peak at a bill that would provide more oversight to the changes. democratic supporters say it's designed to safeguard the more than half-a-million iowans who use medicaid, plus encourage others to use it. but republicans are pushing for changes to bill. today the full senate is expected to debate ideas. the medicaid switchover is currently set for april first. we're expecting to learn whether people in prairie city are in the clear this morning after days of
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the problem has been going on since this weekend, when water pressure went down suddenly. the dnr is doing a second round of tests that are due back today. luckily, the town's elementary school has been able to stay open, thanks to an area grocery store. newton's hy-vee donated 28-hundred bottles of water to the school. pella's fareway is sending more today. a sign that spring is just around the corner this morning... adventureland park released these pictures of its new roller coaster, "the monster" yesterday. they show the different lights that will illuminate the new 133 foot tall roller coaster...
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saving for college is going to get a little easier for some select des moines students today... later this morning, the university of iowa is rolling out a new scholarship program that will reward students for completing specific classes and activities. channel 13's josh nguyen joins us live this morning from east high school, where they will hold a press conference to announce the program. josh, what can you tell us about the program? college readiness incentive program coming to east high called
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introduced to iowa hs students wednesday. it will allow them to raise money for college. it will reward them with micro- scholarship incentives for completing tasks students can monitor and track progress by visiting students can use those scholarships at over a 100 schools across the nation. univ. of iowa, drake and dmacc are local one where its available. the limit for scholarship money earned is $1200 per students in iowa. students can retroactively go back and earn for classes they have taken. this program is being offered to students in 99 school districts throughout iowa. they picked the 99 districts based on the highest 'free/reduced lunch' ratio. dmps has 23,733 students on that program.all students in those districts qualify for those this program the deadline for current seniors is
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earning a minimum grade of b in algebra i, algebra ii, trigonometry, or geometry take four years of a foreign language and earn $100 earn $75 for each year of perfect attendance attend an iowa advising
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the city of ames is asking for input on a major route through town. meetings today will tackle changes to the lincoln way corridor. city council members are currently considering possible improvements along the major east-west route. tonight the community gets chance to have its voice heard. the meeting is set for 5:30 tonight at zeke's. senior night is supposed to be more than a final farewell to the players in their last home's supposed to be a win...often a big win for the home team. iowa fans had four fine seniors to send off... adam woodbury, jarrod uthoff, mike gesell and anthony
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wanted to go home without both solving this losing streak and preventing indiana from wrapping up the big ten title. these guys... focused on trying to avoid the slow starts that have been plaguing them. 1st half. clemmons buries the 3. hawks lead by 1 early. but the hoosiers shoot well again... 8 threes... 47-41 indiana going into break. second half, hoosier lead widens to 14 before the loud crowd helps iowa stage a come-back. nicholas baer, the walk-on, hits a three, and iowa ties the game. but great players, make great plays at crunch time. yogi ferrell hits the three... iowa doesn't go away. down 3,
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no. indiana wins the outright big ten title, 81-78. iowa has lost four straight..five of its last six. no team in the nation has fallen farther, faster than the hawkeyes. today the spotlight turns to girls hoops...there are teams we care about in basically every single game, today. 10 am - pella vs. lewis central 11:45 am - harlan vs. marion 1:30 pm - indianola vs. linn mar 3:15 pm - johnston vs. sep 5:00 pm - centennial vs. davenport north 6:45 pm - cedar
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yesterday ballard taking on keokuk. ballard falls to the chiefs, 42-31.. nevada versus sioux center... nevada fans show up in force. and they're rewarded. cubs win 59-44, undefeated pocahontas area taking on over-matched mount vernon. the indians roll over this team... 83-43 the final. manson nw-webster against iowa city regina.
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boys state basketball starts next week. and with a win last night, you're in. fans showed up strong for ankeny and dowling. the hawks, also strong. second half, steal by drew maschoff. it's a back and forth, tense game. but ultimately, the maroons punch
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iowa lawmakers may debate a bill that could change the look of your vehicle. why some car collectors say we need to get rid of the front license plate. and why others say it would be a
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in some parts of iowa, march
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weak system approaches. we'll become mostly cloudy with temperatures that will be a bit up a southeast wind. highs will be in chance of a rain/snow mix is possible by the late evening hours tonight wrapping up through the overnight hours. central iowa will see up to a dusting of snow, but a mix of precipitation could create some slick spots throughout the area. the largest amounts of snow will be to the east and northeast, but still only about an inch of
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there's a group pushing the
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license plates. why they think we should only have to put one on the back of our vehicle. and why some critics say it's a
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lawmakers are taking up a proposal to satisfy car collectors this morning. but the simple change... would also save the state half a million dollars every year. channel 13's jodi whitworth has the story. - were kind of entering a new age of car ownership where there is a pride of ownership is unprecedented since the 60s not many customers are willing spend a hundred grand on a new car... - this is the 2016 corvette, this is the z06 model but those who do -- buy for looks... - millions and millions of dollars are spent developing these beautiful cars...and then you basically ruin it by sticking a front plate on it - the front plate is a turn off for car collectors and enthusiasts... most sports cars don't come with a front license plate
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101007 - the license plate would be located at the nose of car, somewhere between the logo to half way through the grill car experts at shottenkirk chevrolet say not only is the attachment aesthetically unpleasing .. it could also ruin the performance of the car members of the house transportation committee proposed a bill to get rid of front plates all together 030727 - i think the physical characteristics trump the license plate tag itself - josh byrnes but those against the bill say it could make their jobs more difficult... 090824 - if you take on plate away its 50 percent less opportunity to identify that car - sgt. jason bryan police say having both sets of plates is not meant to be a cosmetic enhancement but a tool to aid in criminal investigations 091807 - if you got both plates there's a better chance your gonna be able to at least get some of the plate, all of the plate - sgt. jason bryan an issue opposing sides will have to bridge -- if they want to settle the front plate debate 034008 - maybe not every vehicle in the state of iowa needs to have their front plate removed but maybe the folks who are the car
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reach a compromise that way -- rep. josh byrnes
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your dreams evolve, and with committed support, they thrive. american family insurance. win a majority of the super tuesday states up for grabs. we have a breakdown of the results.. flying danger. troopers are asking drivers to plan for the unexpected along iowa's roadways. the odd danger that kills millions every year, and how to


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