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tv   BBC World News  WHUT  October 5, 2009 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> "bbc world news" is presented by kcet, los angeles. funding for this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe,
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vermont, and honolulu, newman's own foundation, john d. & catherine t. macarthur foundation and union nk. >> union bank has put its financial strength to work for a wide range of companies, from small businesses to major corporations. >> now "bbc world news" news. >> five union aides workers die in a compound where the bomber tricked his way in. there is a new hispanic supreme
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court justiceee0rr]e joins a p nine with the last say on the american law. welcome to "bbc world news" on pbs in america and around the globe. we have a speciareport from the chinese city that three months ago saw violent clashes between ethnic groups. and our best-selling novelist is making opera history from what was a car warehouse. >> hello, he looked like a member of the security forces and spoke like one, and made an innocent request and a few minutes later five united
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nations workers were dead in islambad about how installations can be protected. >> with smoke still rising from the united nations compound, one key question was being asked, how did the bomber manage to strike such an obvious target? the answer is that he talked his way in. he dressed as a member of the security forces and asked to use the bathroom. they are investigating if he had inside help, this footage appears to show the bomber calmly entering the reception area. within seconds there is a huge blast. have -- the victims from the
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world food program to help the poor. this attack is cause -- causing a great deal of concern, and now pakistanis have been reminded that their capital is still vulnerable inspite of security precautions. when the attack defense secret were holding meetings in islamabad, fresh from their trip from afghanistan. there is no blame of responsibility, but the suspicion of the new leader and that he's still alive. and promising fresh attacks.
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pakistan won't let this resolve, and that an assault will begin soon. >> afghanistan is edging closer to a long awaited resolution, august presidential vote, as they recount suspect ballots. and there could be a ruling next week if there is a secon round run-off. there was allegations of widespread vote rigging. there is many partof asia realing, let's take you first to the flooding that's forced millions from their homes in india. at least 230 are killed and army and navy are getting food into the villagers. we have this report. >> across much of southern india the rain has taken its
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toll. entire villages are washed away or cut off by the water. for those left behind it's a struggle for safety. many have left their homes with only their clothes and what they can salvage. and now they are desperate. >> water has come into our village and we have lost our homes. are left with no food or safe drinking water. i brought this food from the chief's home and if it's the same every year, how can we live our life. the government needs to take immediate action to find a permanent solution. >> the authority is trying to reach those affected and the military is called in. but until they get there, many of the villagers have to fend for themselves. more th a million people have lost their homes and awaiting to be transported. only a week ago, much of the
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area was bone dry, and now after several days of torrential rain, the tide has turned completely. >> grief has brought hundreds of samoans together, from the tsunami, and they have gather to rebuild. from there, the bbc report. >> it took just a few seconds for a savage act of nature to reduce a stretch of coast line to rubble. it's hard to think that villageser and holiday makers can survive this. but they did. >> the tourist kids are all had to run from ater was so the resort. >> rachel and her boyfriend were trying to outrun the
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monsterous waves, and with unbelievable speed and wer, the water ruined everything in its path, including her car. and trapping her inside with terrifying moments that she thought would be her last. >> it was filled with water and i don't know how long, and no air, just black water. and i said a prayer, and the next thing i know, there is a daylight and the car is back up. and i scattered out the broken glass windows and how i got my cuts and infection. >> these are retched times for the people, this will leave deep scars on the battered villages. and supporting other foreigns who came here to help.
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>> we gave aid to villages that needed help. >> this day is an important part of the healing process, when the community came together to reflect on a week that this corner of the south pacific will never forget. >> and it doesn't end there, five days after two earthquakes and officials have called all the search for survivors in the remote west. they say there is little chance to find more alive, thousands have died and thousand more are missing. south africa former police chief, selebi has pled not guilty to any crime. he says he's a victim of a conspiracy. the interim government in honduras has lifted the state
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of emergency that has banned protests and lifted security rights. they have closed media outlets and since the return of the ousted president. microsoft is investigating claims that thousands of pass words for hot mail have been hacked and posted online. microsoft says they will take appropriate steps. the first time that the british security access is allowed access to the secret files, and the head saying that at the time too many were being spied on. >> the activation code, how did you locate it? >> i didn't it, it did it for me. >> our understanding of what britain security service, mi 5
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is has from friction and now for the first time they have opened up their archive to tell the story. >> this is the first history of mi-5 that an outside historian has been given access to almost all the files to present day. >> among the allegations that mi-fort myers kept files on henderson because of suspicious contacts, the file was kept hidden but no smear to oust him. and there was places like the union and peace movement, and one member of mi-5 said that
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the service may have gone too far. >> we took the service seriously and we reviewed many files and destroyed them and not thought about the submersion. >> today on mi-5, he hopes that reviewing the history will help build public confidence in a service that is often controversial. >> stay with us if you can, "bbc world news," still to come, they are taking the law into their own hands, behind italy's citizen police. first the research into the ezence of who we are, and what makers healthy or not. >> nobel season is upon us, and up first was the announcement
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in stockholm winners of prize the medicine. >> today the nobel price was awarded in 2009. >> the winners, elizabeth blackburn and carol grader, work in the united states, and they cracked the biggest mystery in science. and they worked to find how the genetic material or chromosomes contained in ourselves provided the attack, and this is the answer, to find tele-ends and likens them to the end of shoe laces and keeps them from unraveling. the research could have massive
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implications for all of us, these shoe lace ends may manage the process, and when they don't function properly, they may be responsible for the creation of cancer. the research is underway, the award was an early wake-up call for the winners. >> i was likely to reach all of them, they were sleepy but happy. >> and awaiting them will be a check for 1.4 million dollars and the right to call themselves nobel laureates. >> see the news unfold, go to, it's easy, click here to watch the one-minute world news video summary. you can read the latest
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headlines, and get the top stories from around the gle, and click to play video reports. discover more about the subjects that affect you and what the issues that the world is talking about now. for news, go to >> this is "bbc world news," the latest headlines for you, at least five employees of the united nations world food program has been lled in islamabad, with the bomber tricking his way in. in india floods has left many homeless. today is the new year of the supreme court, with sonia sot -- sotomayor, and she's joined a huge amount of attention as
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the world's first hispanic supreme court judge. and the nation's top legal body does now better reflect its people. >> incredibly important symbolically and the witness of the choice of president barack obama of sotomayor being named to e court. she doesn't shift the court, and is the first latino and only the third woman to sit on this bench. and that's remarked by a female predecessor. >> and not a quiet start. >> so many and it's the first day of term, and the justices have until april to hear the arguments and then to june to make the decisions. but there are so many, and one a hot one is a constitutional
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right to bear arms, the second amendment. and last year when the supreme court looked at this and struck down washington, d.c.'s total ban on handguns and looking at chicago, and many are watching to see what happens on that. and the separation of church and state and a key part of what america is about, and there is a case on the public display of symbols, and this is about 5-foot crosses on property in california. and there are many political issues, one more that may make headlines globally, what happens of photographs of the alleged abuse of detainees in pakistan, and president obama has called for these to be blocked and the supreme themsel
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littles, patrols to help protect neighborhoods. others suggest they are vigilantes, and such is the debate in italy, where one group has spread widespread controversy, we have our correspondent in italy. >> messina, the landing point of the island of sicily, and a starting point of a new breed of neighborhood patrols. they called themselves italy's national guard, and here on the streets, they don't have powers of arrest, but look at the uniform. cocky shirts with insignia on the sleeves. they have been likened to
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muslinni and for the dictator of power. the new uniforms are under investigation, and even those this is legal. >> the majority of immigrants are drug dealers or prostitutes, it would be helpful for them to be in their own country, it's useless to come here where there is no work. >> this woman says she feels more security with them. and this woman says she prefers the police. >> and with many members to set across italy, of the government's green light citizen patrol. they say they are here to fight crime, t others say it's
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intimidation against immigrants. the national guard is headed by this man. in his own video he rages about how italy is for italians. in another video we have obtained there is applause of onof his members makes a nazi type salute. opponents say that entrusting security to citizen's patrols is a blow to the rule of law. >> if the law of italy is broken and given to private groups, that means the hand of the citizens to be secured and guaranteed by the state. >> italy's new citizen patrols don't all look like the national guard. this is another version, in addition to the forces of law
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and order, or a magnet for intolerance and intimidation. >> it is uncomfortableably clear that tensions are running high in the chinese providence, a few three months after the violence that left hundreds dead, bbc world affairs has this report from the regional capitol. >> the skyline could be anywhere in modern china, but on the ground this city is very different, three months after the riots and police are still everywhere. people are overwhelming muslim and ethic chinese have settle
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here in huge numbers, in july the grievances boiled over. i spoke to an eyewitness that saw some young weigers beat to death, people were going crazy, and 198 chinese died and then chinese carried out killings of weigers with maybe 10 killed. >> this is where they gathered in the first place, and why riots are here in force to make sure it doesn't happen again, they were attacking chinese shops. secular and ethnic violence shook the chinese governnt to the core. >> we headed out to the weiger slum area, the police were following us everywhere we went, tailed us in three cars.
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people here are rht at the bottom of the heap, china was slow in dealing with the problem, now it's making up for lot -- lost time. >> the press card, please. >> infact they were members of a brand-new communist party task force, part social security workers and part eyes and ears of the authority. a lot of them are weigers and work closely with the undercover police and most of the group were following us. and found that the rioters came from the city of kashar, a thousand miles away, we decided to fly there. and things there were more
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tense, upon arrival the police detained us and told us we couldn't do any filming. everywhere we went, a squad of police came with us. everywhere there was heavy security. three months after the rioting, it's too clear that the chinese authorities haven't got this situation under full control. >> now he created a best-seller with the number one ladies detective agency, and alexander smith is new territory with opera. >> on the edge of the calahery desert, a little of opera history is being made. final rehearsals for the world
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premier of opera mcbeth. >> it's small and intimate, it's working. >> the man behind it all, novelist alexander nicole smith, his first opera. >> it's the mcbeth story, ambition, greed and disaster. and playing the roles. >> it's a far cry from the number one ladies detective agency, the tv series made his name. >> we were driving around the city this morning, and looking at various places mentioned in the books. >> those books helping to show there is more to africa than wildlife and wars. >> it's brought this area to the attention of the world, and
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i am happy about that, this is a country i admire greatly. >> back at the opera house, they warm up for the big opening night. >> of the long lasting impression on those who will have access to the city, and those who have a chance to play in this particular village. >> do you think that the opera will be a hit? >> i think it will definitely be a hit. >> so whaused to be the front door of a repair shop is now backstage at this extraordinary operatic experience, and just about to go on stage lady mcbeth. ♪?éynk >> it is a big moment for the arts here, true to form the prolific mr. smith is dreaming
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up plans for a sequel. >> and finally just a bit of this, could this be a record breaking, surfers in cape town, south africa are awaiting see if they broke the record, and had to ride a wave for five seconds, and brazil held the record, and it looks like the surfers in cape town topped that, it looked to be 125. and thanks for with -- for being with us, on "bbc world news." >> funding was made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont and
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