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tv   Newsline  WHUT  October 16, 2013 7:30am-8:00am EDT

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test. ed leader of a south korean group trying to reunite. foreign affairs committee in the south korean parliament in august, families asked the red cross to facilitate a reunion with three relatives believed to be in the north. one of the three had died. they couldn't confirm whether the other two were dead or alive. south korean intelligence agents have information they are living and working in north korea's capital. officials from north and south korea recently agreed to receive reunions from familieies separad
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bit countries. but the north cancel would it days before it was to take place. video game creators from all over the world are setting up shop in canada. developers are making the move to the land of hockey and maple syrup. >> on the horizon awaits a new season. >> reporter: video game fans all over the world liked these soccer game so much they spent a total of $6 billion on them. the game developers recorded the movements of the world's leading soccer players and replicated them in digital form for the game. >> it's kind of a dream come true. >> reporter: the developerer, an american company, did the work at its studio in the province of british columbia.
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canada is home to people of many different cultures. and the ethnic mix is one of the keys to the success of the firm's development team. for instance, the japanese member excels at creating minutely detailed images. >> how do we expand the contact base? >> reporter: members from england and spain where it's popular discussed the mannerisms, and created the playing styles of the more than 600 teams around the world. >> translator: i find this multi-cultural environment stimulate us to come up with great ideas. >> reporter: more game development companies are setting up in canada.
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there are tax ensentives on labor costs and other support from the federal government and provincial governments. the government of british columbia granted about $40 million to four universitys to set up a graduate school of digital media studies. gaming companies directly collaborate with students on developing games. staff at this major japanese video game company linked up with the school. they just set up in canada in august. >> right. >> happy. >> reporter: they asked that team of students to suggest a smartphone game for north america customers. >> they are cute. >> they really want a, like a general accessible -- >> yeah. >> western character that will have traction with audiences sort of younger and older.
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nice to meet you. >> reporter: the students researched the topic for three months. finally, they unveiled the game. when users move the correct musical notes to the circular home base, the device plays a tune. the students wanted the main character to be likable. and expressive. [ applause ] members of the japanese company found the research useful. they hope to benefit from talented staff and ideas from canada. and aim to sell their products to north american customers. >> translator: now there is one base where the business sector can train these talented people. i think this will help us be very productive.
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>> reporter: other japanese companies have also decided to set up in canada. usually known for its hockey, the country is now gaining a reputation as a major hub of world video game. john, nhk world, vancouver. all right, turn to the weather desk now to find out the latest of that typhoon. >> the typhoon is fast and moving towards northern japan, dumping heavy rainfall across the area. it's created havoc and it's during our commuting time, and it's brought more than 800 millimeters just south of tokyo which is to blame for more than ten casualties there. and it is bringing a huge amount of rainfall across northern regions of japan with gusts of 180 miles an hour. the gusts will be winding down,
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that's good news. however, the torrents of rain will be 200 millimeters. that includes the fukushima area as well. and more in haikodo. and further flooding and mud slides throughout the day. and we urge you to strongly not to leave your houses if you can. the gusts will still be strong across the pacific side, and the waves also very high from six to ten meters. down below across the water nooer the islands, we have a tropical depression that's likely to become a tropical storm status in the next 24 hours. keep an eye on this as well. a low pressure system over here, this was an ex-phenomenon that made land fall on monday. it is saturated from the previous typhoon that his these
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areas. any additional amounts of rainfall will cause further flooding and mud slides. towards the north, high pressure is on the korean peninsula and moving into japan. but this high pressure system is bringing the cold air. the temperatures will be dipping down to minus one, minus two, and in the cities across the northeastern areas. snow will be blanketing, and that's going to be moving into japan, creating some snow across the mountainous regions. now towards north america, we have been finding thunderstorms and hail across much of the areas griing flooding rain. it's a low pressure pressure system that's a remnant, and feeding the cold front and igniting thunderstorms as well. the great lakes region will have thunderstorms, and towards the
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west, the jet stream is meandering down towards the south with the cold air. mountous, about 20 seent meters in colorado and the northern rockies as well. but really hot toward the extreme west. 32 degrees, about 72 mile per hour gusts bringing them down. the lows down to freezing for the next couple of weeks. now a quick look at europe. wet and windy conditions towards the western half of the continent. another area with the unstable weather will be pulling into turkey. and you're likely to see heavy showers on the thursday. there's a pump from northwestern africa to the peninsula, so you're looking at summer-like temperatures in seville, and others above the average rain. i'll leave you now for the extended forecast.
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one more storygo. japanese astronaut is going through final tests for the latest mission. it's a milestone for japan. the first japanese commander of the international space station. he is training with two fellow crew members at a facility outside of moscow. he'll spend six months in space. for two months, he'll take command of the mission. >> translator: i will communicate closely with crew members and ground staff to maintain good teamwork and get the most out of the missions of the iss. >> the crew has spent two and a half years training for the mission. they're running through their final tests on how to respond to
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fires, sudden drops in air pressure and other emergencies. they'll depart next month. >> that is all for this edition of "newsline." thank you very much for joining us.
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tavis: good evening. from los angeles, i am tavis smiley. tonight, a conversation with the rector steve mcqueen. his latest film is based on the real-life experience of a free man that spent more than a decade as a slave after being kidnapped from his home in new york state. the movie is touted as a front- runner for major awards this year and is being referenced with other films like the butler , about the complexity of the african-american experience. we are glad you have joined us with director steve mcqueen. coming up right now.
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>> and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. directoritish-born steve mcqueen decided to tackle the story of a freeman forced
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into slavery after being kidnapped from his home in new york state because he felt that the horror of slavery would told from anen african-american point of view. it is generating outstanding reviews and is touted as a front-runner. >> we get traveling. or we are going to die trying. survival is not about certain death, it is about keeping your head down. we are lost.
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i want to survive. i want to live. tavis: there were so many questions that came to mind. in no particular order, how does a story like this get lost? i suspect there are tons of stories that we could see. such a powerful story to never have been told. i was actually upset with myself. states,wn in the united , i realized no one i knew read the book. had to make this book into a film. what made you believe
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that you could put on film such an uncompromising depiction of slavery i? >> it was just a case of doing it. i don't know. for me, it was a no-brainer that had to be done. behind the back to do it. storys is not the kind of that gets told by hollywood. i can list any number of other things for this kind of uncompromising depiction. slavery is just not on top of that list of film. >> i just did it. enough to seeky brad pitt.