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[captioning made possible by wisn-tv] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] announcer: right now on wisn 12 news. >> these people want their neighborhood back. we want that video released. kathy: a demand from the family of a man shot and killed by police as neighbors get fed up with the crowds. the family of sylville smith wants police t patrick: while residents want their neighborhood back. people who live near a makeshift memorial to smith at 44th and auer are growing frustrated with the number of people who've been gathering there nearly three weeks since the shooting. between last night and today, police arrested 14 people. wisn 12 news' sheldon dutes leads our big story coverage. he's live near 44th and auer with a look at tonight's gathering. sheldon: tonight's gathering was much more calm than the chaos neighbors described last night when police made those arrests. instead of congregating near this growing memorial like they
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block and gathered across the street. >> y'all want to know why we're gathered right here everyday ? because we want justice. we want that camera footage. sheldon: balloons, stuffed animals, and other items line the sidewalk where milwaukee police shot and killed sylville smith. nearly three weeks later, his brother sedan smith still wants to know what happened that day. >> if we don't get that video there's going to be a lot more , of this to come. and i'm not saying it in a violent way. i'm saying i will schedule more peaceful protests. i will. i will be everywhere with a peaceful protests. sheldon: but long time residents like johnny dallas say they're having a difficult time navigating around their neighborhood. >> kind of hard to get around there sometimes because the young people but we want , our neighborhood back. around sedan smith and about a
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memorial site and congregated in a grassy area off sherman boulevard and auer. police kept a watchful eye from a distance. eric folds is a longtime sherman park resident who shared his neighbors' concerns with the group. >> they're sensitive to what happened but they also live here , so i'm going to try and convey that message in a loving and , kind way. sheldon: the area is much more quiet than last night. from what we can tell, there were no confrontations neighbors. i'm still waiting back to hear from the milwaukee police department. sedan smith told me he plans to meet with community members tomorrow to talk about some of their concerns. patrick: we're hearing from a state representative tonight who was detained last night at 44th and auer. this is cell phone video as representative jonathan brostoff was handcuffed and placed into the back of a police van. he says he was also thrown to the ground by police. he was not arrested.
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>> i have that privilege because of my vocation, but a lot of people don't. i think those aggressive police tactics for doing nothing wrong, nothing illegal, just had a conversation and was trying to get some policy ideas on a public street is absolutely , inappropriate and we need to look toward more preventive as opposed to punitive measures moving forward if we really want to heal our community. patrick: mayes was among 11 people arrested last night. he showed wisn 12 news a copy of a federal search warrant agents served at his home monday morning, seizing his computers as part of the investigation into the unrest earlier this month. kathy: and now a fight over when to take the fence down at sherman park. the park has been closing four hours early every night since the unrest just over two weeks ago. now there is a push by milwaukee county executive chris abele to restore normal hours. as christina palladino reports from sherman park, the sheriff
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>> our cameras were rolling as county workers attempted to remove the orange fencing around sherman park earlier today, but they quickly backed off as sheriff deputies were dispatched and told to arrest anyone trying to remove the fences. >> it definitely needs to be open back up. we're not really sure why the park is still closed. >> tucker is one of many community activists who doesn't think shutting the park down early is fair to families and children in the area. milwaukee county executive chris abele is exploring legal options to keep sherman park open until 10:00 p.m. in a statement from a spokeswoman, it reads in part, "he is working to remove the unnecessary fencing at sherman park and return to normal operations." but for many the image of the , park has been tainted. >> even to see the park open.
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national guard came and this was supposed to be their location. >> sheriff david clarke's office told us this evening he wasn't available for comment but a spokeswoman says "it is within the sheriff's authority to choose his own way and means of carrying out his duties." and we noticed tonight that sheriff deputies are not kicking people out of sherman park right at 6:00. instead they are being , reasonable as to when people leave here. at sherman park, christina palladino, wisn 12 news. kathy: the department of justice is still investigating smith's death. the attorney general says body-camera video will not be released until the investigation is complete. that'll happen after milwaukee county district attorney john chisolm decides whether criminal charges are appropriate for the officer who shot smith. patrick: harley-davidson is cutting its workforce. the company plans to layoff 200 workers beginning in mid-october. our news partner, biz times, is reporting none of the cuts will come from the company's pilgrim road powertrain facility in
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tomahawk, wisconsin, york, pennsylvania, and kansas city missouri. , wisconsin is on the list of states impacted by a hepatitis-a outbreak linked to frozen strawberries. the berries were imported from egypt. 55 people in six states have been sickened. most of the cases, 44 of them, are in virginia. there is one case reported in wisconsin. the frozen strawberries are served in smoothies. several agencies are investigating the outbreak. >> we did discuss the wall. we didn't discuss payment of the wall. that'll be for a later date. kathy: about his meeting with mexico's president ahead of a big speech on immigration. the presidential candidate flew to mexico today to have that meeting. while he said the two did not discuss who'd pay for a wall on the border, mexico's president later tweeted he made it clear mexico would not pay for it. trump was in arizona tonight, where he outlined his plan for millions of undocumented immigrants. in the past he's called for a , deportation force. tonight he offered specifics.
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i am going to create a new, special deportation task force focused on identifying and quickly removing the most dangerous criminal illegal immigrants in america who have evaded justice, just like hillary clinton has evaded justice. kathy: democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton was quick to respond to trump's speech tonight, tweeting not going to criminalize, profile, round up and deport 16 million people." earlier, clinton spoke to veterans at the american legion national convention in ohio. she told the crowd that trump's visit with mexico's president was not enough to improve the relationship between the countries. >> it certainly takes more than trying to make up for a year of insults and insinuation by dropping in on our neighbors for a few hours and then flying home
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kathy: neither candidate is very popular in a new washington post-abc news poll. 59% of those surveyed have an unfavorable opinion of clinton . 60% are unhappy with trump. patrick: the presidential race is getting tighter in wisconsin. donald trump has moved into a statistical tie with hillary clinton in the latest marquette law school poll. it came out today. clinton leads from 45% to 40 % that's within the polls margin of error. clinton was up by 15 points in the same poll three weeks ago. libertarian party candidate gary johnson is at 10% in the marquette poll among likely voters. he'll visit milwaukee tomorrow his first to wisconsin. johnson will hold a campaign event tomorrow night at 7:00 at serb hall. the state director for the campaign tweeted tonight that the event is sold out. drug overdose deaths skyrocketing in our area. kathy: coming up, the impact it's having on the community.
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we have their stories, plus the latest local numbers. kathy: plus, a new clue in the mystery of the exploding fitchburg home. what investigators say happened
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russ feingold: so, what do you girls want to be when you grow up? girl 1: i want to be an astronomer. girl 2: i want be a doctor! russ feingold: you think girl 1: i want to be an astronomer. you should be paid the same boys? yogirl 1:d definitely.d girl 2: yep! russ feingold: well, i raised my two girls right here, and they agreed: wewith you -ed and so do i. unfortunately, in wisconsin, a lot of women make less than men doing the same job. i'll work for equal pay for women, and for paid leave so parents can care for a sick family member. discrimination against any women is flat out wrong. what you think of that? girls: good call!
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i approve this message. patrick: heartbroken families
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kathy: as wisn 12 news' adrienne pedersen shows us, they're using international awareness day to call attention to this local problem. >> he would call me and tell me he's sleeping on a park bench. i would be frantic and call my daughter to take him up. he does not deserve sleeping on a park bench. adrienne: vicki mccaig's son eventually overdosed and d more than 60 people gathered across from the courthouse tonight to share their struggles. >> he is in a better place now where the demons can no longer reach him. adrienne: >> lauri mchugh-badura's son, archie, was in and out of rehab. archie overdosed on heroin. >> if you have a child that has an addiction problem, you have to hide it and they are shameful and you thing for some reason that you have been a very bad parent. adrienne: archie overdosed on
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the family is trying to get the word out, passing out these bracelets that say, saving others for archie. with candles lit, families vowed to help others fighting drug addiction. >> ? now i have to say goodbye ? adrienne: and honoring those who didn't win the battle. in waukesha i'm adrienne pedersen, wisn 12 news. kathy: wasukesha county doesn't have updated numbers for drug overdose deaths in 2016. milwaukee county. according to the medical examiner, so far this year 161 people died from drug overdoses. that's up 10% from this time last year. those numbers do not include august. three suspected bank robbers are in custody tonight. they are charged with holding up the elm grove tcf bank in february. elijah mcgee and robert crumble were arrested shortly after the heist.
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getaway driver, london johnson, was taken into custody earlier this month. also new at 10:00, mount pleasant police need your help identifying this man. investigators say he's wanted in connection with a bank robbery at community state bank yesterday. if you have any information, police want to hear from you. patrick: a waupaca county supervisor is taking heat for a comment at last night's committee meeting about nfl quarterback colin kaepernick, who's from that area. >> i said there was a possibility becauhe it was me or anybody else. patrick: it comes after the 49ers quarterback refused to stand during the national anthem at last week's game against the packers. the county board's chair says supervisor penney's comment was inappropriate. >> he has a right sense of humor , and that was not the thing to say in these days and times, and for that, i apologize.
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plans to handle the matter privately. new at 10:00, new clues into what might have caused an explosion that leveled a home in fitchburg last week. the fire department says a tree removal company was on the property in the hours before the explosion collecting limbs and other sections of property. the homeowner was injured in the blast. he's still in the hospital in fair condition. the cause of the explosion is under investigation. new at 10:00, a high school in osh kosh is vandalized. police say at least two people were captured on security camera school. police say a cash reward is being offered for information that leads to an arrest. kathy: services begin tomorrow for one of two nuns murdered in their home in mississippi. sister margaret held grew up in slinger and later joined the school sisters of saint francis in milwaukee. a wake will be held tomorrow afternoon at resurrection church in allenton. on friday, a prayer vigil is scheduled at saint joseph chapel in milwaukee. the funeral led by archbishop jerome listecki will follow.
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mother teresa with a mass on campus today. mother teresa will be canonized into sainthood this weekend at the vatican. mother teresa visited the school 35 years ago and received the pere marquette discovery award, the university's highest honor. lambeau field has a new exhibit dedicated to hall of famer brett favre. it opened today. the exhibit includes a display dedicated to his nfl record 297 consecutive starts, plus a rundown of every single packers player who caught a touchdown from favre. there's also the locker favre used until the 2003 stadium renovation. the temporary exhibit will be on display for one year. the badgers play louisiana state university this weekend at lambeau field. fans of the purple and gold are already invading the land of the green and gold. lsu football fans are arriving in droves in green bay ahead of saturday's big match up. you can see the wisconsin-lsu
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then, stay tuned for the season premiere of big 12 sports saturday at 6:30. dan needles and drew olson will be live at lambeau with the badgers post game. hopefully a victory for the badgers. the weather should be nearly perfect for saturday's game. patrick: the entire holiday weekend is looking good. mark: a great stretch of weather started today and will continue all the way in through monday. into the weekend forecast. 82 saturday. the entire state will be just about perfect. temperatures warming on sunday, may be a touch more humidity, but still drive your chances of a thunderstorm on monday in the western part of the state, where i think they will stay, but we stay dry here as temperatures will be in the low 80's.
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unofficial end of summer. speaking of summer, june 1 two today, what we call summer. no days in the 50's, five days in the 60's, 29 days in the 70's, but 47 days in the 80's, 25 of those were actually this month alone, so it was a very warm august. 11 days we were in the 90's, so if you thought it was a warm summer, you are right. of the top 10 warmest summers we have had, and top-five in terms of august heat. let's look ahead. we go to september. i think september is the nicest month of the year in southeastern wisconsin, but it does get cooler. an average high of 76 tomorrow. by the end of the month, 65. lows from 61-49, so you can see the trend, but let's enjoy what we get.
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lots of kids. first day of school for many of you. 58 degrees, so cool to start, not much humidity, a beautiful day tomorrow. high temperature today 74. cooler tomorrow than today. watch what happens, partly sunny skies all day long, a few clouds along the lakeshore, northeasterly wind, but a comfortable day out there. the reason why we have cooled down as there is a dip in the cooler air to move in. the biggest change is in the drop in the dew point, so instead of being so sticky, it is really comfortable, one of those moments. a live look outside, this is the new northwestern mutual building. 66 degrees, dew point 58, northerly wind at five, a little breezy tomorrow, so be ready for that. a few temperatures in the 50's
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the next few days, still low on the dew point numbers, then it starts heading back out as we get into the mid to upper 60's. 70 on thursday. 74 friday. this is that great stretch of weather, and i think it lasts through labor day. high temperatures will be back in the 80's, so summer is not done yet, and it will be warm again next week and sticky as well, storms on tuesday and in the meantime, enjoy the brakes and humidity for the next three days. kathy: breaking news, no bus service for the first day of school. families did receive automated phone calls tonight. they will not have buses until next week apparently. if you cannot find alternate transportation, your child can get an excused absence.
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received a phone call. that is tough news. here you go. school starts for most kids tomorrow. patrick: right. coming up, the launch of a new education system in milwaukee to give kids faith-based schooling. kathy: then, two milwaukee police officers will be honored tomorrow. how they came to the rescue on their day off. >> good evening. i'm ben wagner. tomorrow is the first day of school for milwaukee public school students. tomorrow on wisn 12 news this morning, we are getting you ready with how teachers will be welcoming students back. and meteorologist sally severson , will have her bus stop forecast
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announcer: big 12 sports presented by menards. dan: for the sixth time in the last seven years, the packers will close out the preseason with a game against the chiefs. it's tomorrow night in kansas city, and if the packers win, they will finish with an unbeaten preseason for the first time since 1999. to show what that means, they missed the playoffs in 1999. before flying off to kansas city this afternoon, the packers held their annual welcome back luncheon at lambeau field, and aaron rodgers' outfit caused a buzz, dressed up in a cowboy hat, belt buckle, and bolo tie. why?
10:25 pm
february. they did this with the dallas a few years ago. check out the mustache. last friday, rodgers had a full beard, and yesterday sported a foo manchu. >> very proud of it. the packers posted something on twitter about the history of my mustache over the years. i am proud of the fact that it is filling in now at 32. dan: some good news for the packers today. clay matthews and julius peppers of any wrongdoing in the p.e.d. investigation that started with an al jazeera report last year. former packer mike neal has not yet been cleared. the brewers have not exactly been spoilers in the nl wild card race, three straight home losses to the pirates were followed by three more home -- by two more home losses to the cardinals. a loss tonight would give the brewers a season-worst seven-game losing streak. kirk nieuwenhuis wishes the brewers could play every game at miller park. in the first, he makes the diving catch.
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no-doubt-about-it, three-run homer to the bullpen for a 3-0 lead. nieuwenhuis now has 13 home runs this season, and 11 of them have been hit at miller park. matt garza had his best start of the season, allowing just one run and 3three hits in seven-plus innings. one of those three hits was this solo homer by jadier molina in the fourth. the cardinals had a chance to tie it in the eighth. but carlos torres got out of a bases loaded jam, and the brewers win 3-1, ending the six-game losing streak. the brewers have the tomorrow, then open a three-game series in pittsburgh on friday. they only have nine home games left this season. coming up in our next half hour, the new look the badgers will sport for saturday's season opener against lsu at lambeau field. patrick: thank you. the elephant population is dropping by the thousands. kathy: specifically in africa. coming up, what or who is causing the decline. patrick: then, a bear comes face-to-face with a woman. how she got help while barely
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kathy: a peaceful night in the sherman park neighborhood just 24 hours after multiple people
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memorial for sylville smith on 44th and auer are growing frustrated with the number of people who've been gathering there night after night. smith was shot by an officer nearly three weeks ago. wisn 12 news' sheldon dutes was with both sides tonight. sheldon: tonight was a quiet night compared to the night before, when police made those arrests next to the memorial. this is where relatives had been gathering daily, demanding in by milwaukee police. tonight, they left around 6:30 p.m. and congregated across the street. police kept a watchful eye, but that did not appear to be disruption. patrick: meanwhile sherman park , is turning into a legal battle. the park has been closing four hours early every night since the unrest more than two weeks ago. there is also orange fencing


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