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tv   WISN 12 News at 6PM  ABC  September 1, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm CDT

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for justice. that's because the suspect is free. wisn 12 news nick bohr is live at 6th and mckinley, the site of the crash. >> the families asked relatives and friends to join them here for a march, where the crash happened nearly a month ago, to call attention to the fact that the suspected drunk driver hasn't been charged yet. they may go to city hall. two wrecked motorcycles at 6th and mckinley early august 6 after a suspected drunk driver in that pick-up pulled in front of them. >> he loved to ride his motorcycle. he loved being a father. >> doris ingram's 25-year-old son deangelo maxwell was with his friend 36-year-old jimmy morris, both were killed. the truck driver was arrested after police found two open
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>> i would like to see him get some time. i would like to see him go through what we're going through. we are hurting. we are hurting dearly. >> but the driver was released from jail just two days later something the moms are having a , hard time with. >> i am hurt. i am crushed. i don't know where to go or who to talk to. >> to keep attention on the case even amidst the deadliest month , for homicides in milwaukee in 25 years. she wants to make it clear she won't let her son's death be lost in the shuffle. >> we just don't have no answers. nobody is letting us know anything. the man that killed my son and his friend is out two days later , and i just don't want this to be swept under the rug. >> the district attorney's office tells us this is still an
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they told the family members that they are still waiting for test results on the blood of the driver as well as on that vehicle itself. he could only be held for two days without formal charges, but right now that is an ongoing investigation, so family members and friends say they want to make sure their case is not lost in the shuffle. kathy: thanks. on that march from newschopper 12. >> you can see on the far right side of this green, the construction site for the new milwaukee bucks home. it looks like a couple of dozen marchers and motorcycles. milwaukee police not far away across the street. i will continue to keep an i on
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start to march. back to you. patrick: thank you. we're following breaking news. milwaukee's police chief talks about violent crime in the city. as nick mentioned, milwaukee just saw its deadliest month in 25 years. police say the city had 24 homicides in august. that's the highest total since july 1991. milwaukee's murder rate was higher than chicago's, which saw 90 homicides last month. late this afternoon, the chief made a plea to those who have been protesting in sherman park to turn their attention instead to stopping the violence. >> who are most vocal in their criticisms of the police department to lend some of their energy and some of their concern to the extraordinary rates of violent crime afflicting us. patrick: the chief also says officers seized 1500 guns from the streets during the first seven months of 2016. >> no justice, no peace. no justice, no peace. you have been warned.
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panthers lash out at city leaders during a milwaukee common council meeting. wisn 12 news' kent wainscott is live at city hall. kent, two groups delivered some specific demands. >> actually both are calling on the city to move faster in addressing the concerns of people in sherman park and other parts of milwaukee's inner-city. and for a brief time, the protests brought the common council meeting to a halt. >> there is no more time for talk. either you get it done or we will make you get it done. >> members of the black panthers shouted their concerns, putting council members on notice. but only after the council agreed to allow the spokesperson for another citizens group to sound off with concerns about the council's safety plan, which they say is being developed without enough input from the community.
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policies being made without the right people and faces in the room. you all need to make sure that we are at the table and that we know what is going on so, yes, we can be part of the plan. >> there was always inclusive. -- it was always inclusive. it was always transparent. hopefully when we go out into the community to get feedback from the community, it's not one of protest, but of participation. >> the council has planned two public listening sessions on its safety plan one on the northside , and one on the southside. the community group says its not waiting for the city and two listening are not enough. they say they will hold sessions of their own. live at city hall, i'm kent wainscott, wisn 12 news. kathy: the common council started meeting with city and county leaders about the city's crime problem back in june. interviews included chief flynn and sheriff david clarke. then on august 23, the report was released. among the recommendations adding 280 officers and expanding the
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, nothing wrong when officers arrested a woman outside east towne mall earlier this summer. that's according to an outside review by the dane county sheriff's office. the arrest of genele laird was caught on cellphone video. you can see her fighting as police try to get her under control punching and tasing her. , police were called to the mall after someone called 911 saying laird pulled a knife on someone she thought had stolen her cellphone. patrick: new at 6:00, it appears that the public will have wait high-profile murder case against brendan dassey. a federal judge three weeks ago threw out the murder conviction against the manitowoc county man and ordered him released from prison. dassey was serving a life sentence for the murder of teresa halbach. the state was given 90 days to decide whether to appeal the judge's decision, file new charges against dassey, or do nothing and let dassey walk out of prison. wisn 12 news asked the attorney general today when a decision could come.
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any announcements on that. we have made some decisions, but i am not prepared to make an announcement on that now. patrick: dassey's uncle, steven avery, is also appealing his murder conviction. avery's lawyer last week filed a motion asking for the testing and retesting of hundreds of pieces of evidence. kathy: the states growing opioid problem took center stage in milwaukee. attorney general brad schimel took part in a roundtable discussion at matc with wisconsin senator ron johnson, colorado senator cory garder, and local doctors. the problem has gotten so bad that more people die from accidential drug overdoses than car crashes not only here in , wisconsin, but also across the country. >> we certainly need to keep working our law enforcement efforts to arrest those who traffic roads that are killing and destroying families. we have to get more treatment available, and many other things we have done in wisconsin and at the federal level are addressing matt. kathy: -- addressing that.
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milwaukee county medical examiner, 161 people died from drug overdoses so far this year. that is up 10% from this time last year. patrick: commitment 2016 coverage. he's the libertarian candidate for president. and tonight, gary johnson is making his first campaign stop in milwaukee. this is a live picture from the event at serb hall. johnson is expected to talk to reporters before the rally, which is scheduled for 7:00. johnson is running on the platform as an alternative to hillary clinton and donald trump. a new marquette law school poll released just yesterday found johnson with 10% support among likely wisconsin voters in november. kathy: the area went back to school today. at nicolet high school in glendale, they rolled out the red carpet for students on this first day. as wisn 12 news mike anderson reports new at 6:00, the kids say they could get used to this kind of treatment. >> if you're a student off to the first day of a new school year, there is nothing quite
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principal praising instead of punishing. >> i try to get us all to a special start. it is a good day. >> the school rolled out the red carpet a couple of hours before the stars arrived. and by the time they set foot on it, the royal treatment was psyched and in full pageantry. freshmen ben breland and liam thompson rode their bikes in. they never once thought high school would like this. >> it feels pretty great to be in high school no school anymore. >> i did not know it would be like this, so it is pretty exciting. >> parents angela barnes and steven mays have a freshman son. they were a little nervous sending him off but the open , arms welcome calmed those nerves. >> it is very nice, exciting. >> it will get them started on the right foot. >> it is a tradition that goes back to 2008, and this year is just as good as the first one.
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a way to calm students first day jitters. patrick: coming up new tonight at 10:00 an attempt to help , right the wrongs of history. what one university is doing for hundreds people descended from slaves. plus, they survived the aurora theater shooting but now they're , being told to pay up. why four survivors owe the theater chain nearly $700,000. that's coming up new tonight at 10:00. kathy: still aad it's nice to get a break from the heat and humidity. mark, we should enjoy this while we have it. mark: hot, hazy, and humid is not done just because it's september. when to expect the next warm up. kathy: and the vietnam moving wall arrives in our area. the local community hosting the traveling tribute to those who died in the war. plus a local movie theater , honoring the late gene wilder. where you can see some of his classic movies on the big
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announcer: leading the way with important local coverage, you're watching wisn 12 news at 6:00 with kathy mykleby, joyce garbaciak, patrick paolantonio, weather watch 12 chief meteorologist mark baden and big 12 sports director dan needles.
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place to shop to help decorate your home. the new at home store opened today in greenfield. it's in the former k-mart building at 27th and layton. the 120,000 square foot store features everything to redo a home inside or outside. >> most of the product we sell is exclusive to us, so we have 12 broad categories that have anything your decor style might lend to. patrick: second location in wisconsin. the texas-based chain opened a store in wauwatosa last summer. kathy: new at 6:00, remembering those who served our country this weekend. patrick: the vietnam moving wall is in germantown. it is a replica of the wall that is in washington, d.c. etched onto the wall are the names of 58,307 people. 14 of those names are from washington county. >> as far as out here, it is
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war is a costly, miserable thing. patrick: the wall will be set up at the american legion post in germantown through monday. it is open to visitors 24 hours a day. kathy: expect to hear the roar of harleys around town this weekend. the milwaukee rally kicked off today. it features live music, rides and activities at all five local , harley dealers and the harley-davidson museum. this is video from the museum today. i talked with bill davidson late this afternoon and asked him about the rally. rallies in milwaukee is the citizens of milwaukee really love harley-davidson and really support our great rant, and -- great brand, and when these writers come in from all over north america, they feel welcome, they feel like it is home, and that is a cool feeling. kathy: the milwaukee rally runs through monday.
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there is nothing to it ? kathy: catch willie wonka on the big screen this weekend. as a tribute to the late gene wilder, amc theaters will show "willie wonka and the chocolate factory" and "blazing saddles." you can see both movies saturday and sunday nights at mayfair mall. wilder, a milwaukee native, died monday of complications from alzheimer's disease. he was 83 years old. patrick: a very cool sight on lake michigan today. mark, a waterspout formed just east of kenosha. mark: they are beautiful and it is great when they are out on the lake. occasionally, they will come on land. this one state five miles out, and it is neat to watch this. this is when we start to get some of these bouts of colder air moving in. we had that happen and a nice northeasterly wind kicking in.
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that we created a lot of instability. the water temperature is pretty warm. here is that cold air coming in here. there is a big difference between the temperature a law than what is happening at the surface. you get this rising motion. with that, if you get a little span, you can get these to form. there are hundreds of these likely on lake michigan every single year. a lot of times you don't see them unless you are in the middle of the lake because they are happening away from land. a nasty looking hurricane strengthening as we speak. you can watch the eye coming together, and watch that cluster of thunderstorms wrap itself around here. it is fascinating to watch. absolutely beautiful. this is a picture from space. this is st. george island. i am hopeful that it will make
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nonetheless, this will cause flooding issues and be a big-time problem. we will see storm surge flooding and rainfall flooding, and then the question is, we're does this guy go as we head into the weekend? we have watches the georgia, carolinas, through to new jersey, so this could have issues for some time to come. around here, it is beautiful, wind at 21 miles per hour. we are on the u.s. bank building looking down at the new northwestern mutual building. not that much class left to go here. i'm sure they will get that done before it gets cold. it is gorgeous to see that in the background. 60 milwaukee. 67 water temperature lake michigan, so still warm. the dewpoint temperatures are very comfortable. that trend continues for a couple of days, but then we bring the stickiness back. the weekend forecast is looking
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humidity, back in the 80's next week. if you like it hot, enjoy it now, because as we move through september, the average high start in the mid-70's and mid 60's by the end of the month and legal things off quickly. 73 tomorrow. it it will be a nearly perfect day, especially if you do not like humidity. 80 degrees on saturday, but sticking on sunday. high temperatures in the low 80's on sunday, great on labor day as well. it looks off until tuesday, wednesday, thursday, with chances of showers and thunderstorms. it will be warm and sticky tuesday and wednesday, highs near 85 degrees and more chances for storms on thursday. it is nice to see all those thunderstorm chances come after the holiday weekend. kathy: we will have a nice holiday weekend. excellent. new at 6:00, green bay rolls out the welcome wagon for lsu fans. the city's mayor was among those handing out purple and gold beads to tigers fans at the airport. about 1800 people were expected
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the amount for an average thursday. lsu faces wisconsin saturday at lambeau field. city officials say they hope the warm welcome will help the city in the long run. >> lsu travels very well. a pretty good educated group of people. for then to look at coming back your to visit or sending a resume up here and applying to work or live here, that would be awesome. kathy: they just have to change green for purple, right? the pulaski high school band welcomed visitors with the familiar lsu fight song. patrick: don't forget you can see the wisconsin-lsu game only right here on wisn 12. kickoff is at 2:30 p.m. then, stay tuned for the season premiere of big 12 sports saturday at 6:30. dan needles and drew olson will be live at lambeau with the badgers post game. dan is in the studio tonight. no surprise that attendance is down at miller park this season. dan: no but the surprise is how
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that should make brewer fans proud. plus, the packers close out the preseason tonight. the advice some veterans have for the young players auditioning for jobs. it's all next in big 12 sports. >> good evening. i'm melinda davenport. >> and i'm ben wagner. tomorrow on wisn 12 news this morning, we're getting you ready for the holiday weekend. wes and elizabeth from 99.1 the mix have their weekend picks. >> and, meteorologist sally severson will have your
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russ feingold: i'm russ feingold and i approve this message. narrator: listen to senator johnson on student loans: ron johnson: it's just kinda free money, young people don't really, necessarily understand finance. narrator: what senator johnson doesn't understand is, more than 800,000 wisconsinites have student loans. but he wants to eliminate federal student loans and keep interest rates high. kinda free money... narrator: with senator johnson, opportunity for middle class kids would disappear. ron johnson's not for students.
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we asked u.s. cellular customers to show us all the beautiful places they get coverage with our strong signal. you posted from the seashore. you shared from your hike. you showed us this sunset. you posted from the farm.
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?? u.s. cellular put towers where the other guys don't. so join our network, and start sharing your moments from the middle of anywhere. announcer: sports director dan needles, honored with best sports broadcast by the dan: at least 22 of the 75 men who are with the packers in kansas city tonight for the final preseason game will no longer be on the roster by saturday afternoon, although 10 of them could earn a spot on the practice squad. in other words, this is the last audition for about one-third of the roster. some of the players who are cut will be picked up by another team. a pair of veterans had some advice for the youngsters tonight. >> put it all on the field. if you do that, you can go home and relax and have a drink or
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this time of the season does to everybody. i know these young guys, even older guys, they are going to give the guys upstairs a hard time when it is decision-making time. >> we are one of the better teams in the league, so a lot of the guys that don't make this team will make other teams throughout the league. we have seen that when we see other teams and play them. you see a lot of guys who have been through this locker room. it is not the end of the road if you don't make it here, but they just have to go out there and play football as much as they can. dan: while the packers are away, the college kids from wisconsin lambeau field for saturday's game, which you can see here on wisn-12. these two teams played a tight game two years ago. this time lsu is ranked fifth in the preseason polls, while the badgers are unranked. that explains why wisconsin is a double-digit underdog. >> we are both 0-0. no one has won a game yet. as far as i see, my plan and our teams plan is to go out and execute the game plan.
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misleading. i think the key piece to my team is seeing how the last time we played this team how it played out and how competitive the game was. dan: the brewers have the day off before starting a series in pittsburgh tomorrow. just nine home games left for the brewers, who are 19 games under .500, but attendance is down only about 3,000 fans per game. this is the 14th time in 16 seasons at miller park that the brewers have topped the two million mark in attendance, seasons they played at county stadium. check out the average attendance per year at each ballpark, an average of 1.1 million more fans each season at miller park than they drew at county stadium. the brewers already have more fans this year than they did in 1982, when they went to the world series. kathy: that is amazing. it's a first day of school tradition, the first day picture.
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kate heading to middle school, brother will starting third grade. holly is not old enough for school yet. take a look at this one, the bohr twins. on the left, ryan and sophie in the first grade. on the right, the picture their dad, nick, took of them this morning starting their senior year of high school. kathy: how does that happen.
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. sharon stone targeted by an obsessed fan. his demands for diamonds and money. we have the bizarre letters from the psych ward. then our "dancing with the stars" predictions after we go inside the rehearsals. >> we are having way too much n! and the real reason pro mark ballas is not returning. the kiss seen round the world what you don't know about drake and rihanna's new romance. ?? ? ? and the new terminator with arnold's son? a dead ringer for his dad. we have your first look at the incredible remake. >> i'll be back! now for september the 1st,


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