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tv   WISN 12 News at 10PM  ABC  September 8, 2016 10:00pm-10:30pm CDT

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announcer: now on wisn 12 news. joyce: ambulances at a local high school. >> how they are doing tonight. patrick: passengers being told not to use to prevent a fire in the sky. >> having a twin tower sale is the most tasteless thing i have heard. joyce: but that's just the beginning. the commercial that's sparking outrage and death threats. patrick: news. we're just learning longtime milwaukee radio host and veteran journalist eric von has died. the host of precious lives on wuwm radio and wnov the voice, von also appeared regularly on television over the years, as co-host of black nouveau and interchange on wisconsin public television. joyce: he was also the co-host of a weekly show that aired here on wisn 12 several years ago called it's your vote. von founded, brain, brawn, a website that encourages men to get healthy
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there is no word yet on just how he died. patrick: and tonight more than a , dozen students are recovering tonight after needing medical attention at a cross country meet. joyce: you can see the ambulances in this news chopper 12 video. runners suffered from heat related issues like dehydration and exhaustion. wisn 12 news' adrienne pedersen is live at arrowhead high school in hartland. a scary time for many people. adrienne: that is for sure. good evening, joyce and ic was 84 degrees at race time. 19 students needed hospital attention, four of them went to the hospital. >> they were so exhausted mentally and physically. adrienne: when we got to the school we saw one of the runners on a stretcher getting wheeled to an ambulance. the hartland fire chief tells us 19 students, mostly freshmen and sophomores, needed medical
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adrienne: most of the students treated just got extra water and time to catch their breath at the end of the 5-k. four though needed iv's and a trip to the hospital. mason durst: the humidity was pretty bad today. it was pretty tough. breathing was hard. adrienne: one of the arrowhead coaches tells us he's not shocked some kids struggled but is just happy it wasn't worse. >> it is good not w and get enough fluids back in them. adrienne: to put it in perspective, there were about 1000 runners out here today. i just got off the phone with the fire chief. he believes all of the students are out of the hospital and back home resting tonight. for now, live in hartland, i'm adrienne pedersen, wisn 12 news. joyce: that is welcome news.
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especially when the weather is humid. mark: there was still a fair much of humidity around. the higher the humidity, the harder that becomes. temperatures are not that crazy when this was kicking off, 82 degrees with the jv races. dew point was fairly high, but not as bad as earlier this week. and we have had dew point around 70, but it was still sticky. another big issue is out of the sun, your body can overheat. that is what happened. we cooled off nicely for now. that will not last. we get back to the 80's and have to watch out for more thunderstorms coming up. patrick: thank you. we are following breaking news from north korea. a 5.0 magnitude earthquake, near a nuclear test site. there's no confirmation of a nuclear test. the seismic activity was picked up tonight. a report from south korea says that seoul believes north korea
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the u.s. geological service reported an explosion in the area. milwaukee mayor tom barrett is trying to ease concerns about lead in city water. the mayor and city health commissioner reiterated today, there is no lead in the water system. the mayor says the safety risk from underground lead pipes is greatest for young children. 70,000 homes in milwaukee have lead pipes connecting homes to the main water line. mayor barrett says it will take years, and half a billion dollars, to replace all of those pipes. he's suggesting peoe in homes built before 1951 install filters on their faucets. >> to expect us to be able to do that in one fell swoop is both i think economically and physically impossible to do. patrick: wisn 12 news bought one of those filters today for $29. they're available at hardware stores. you do need to check the package to make sure it is designed to remove lead. joyce: three frightening
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the surveillance pictures show just how bold an armed woman is. wisn 12 news' christina palladino reports to denny's and a george webb were hurt. christina: workers are trying to stay calm after a man and woman held up the restaurant at gunpoint. milwaukee police released these surveillance pictures of the two. they robbed a denny's on the south side and this denny's on brown deer road before hitting up the george webb. police say all three restaurants were robbed by 6:00 wednesday morning. >> with 14 surveillance video s rolling in this restaurant and the suspect right in front of the cash register they were , bound to get their faces on camera. in the pictures, you can see the woman is pointing the gun as both wear bandanas across their mouths. employees at george webb tell wisn 12 news the man appeared nervous and uncomfortable during the armed robbery. and police are investigating if one of the suspects involved may be a former or current employee
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no arrests have get been made. joyce: the former choir director at brookfield central high school is accused of stealing from the choir fund. 12 news broke the story online this afternoon. prosecutors say 53-year-old phillip olson spent close to $50,000 of school money on gambling and personal purchases, including a cemetery plot. olson was fired from his job at brookfield central in march of 2015, and after a lengthy investigation, was charged today. he had been working as the choral director at the milwaukee school of languages, but mps after 12 news asked if the district knew about these allegations. patrick: a popular burger joint near the marquette university campus is back open, with some conditions. >> and there we go, bam bam bam. patrick: that's owner dave sobelman ripping up the temporary closed sign on the door of the restaurant. sobelmans was forced to close earlier in the week, after the owners failed to show for a license renewal hearing. today, the city granted soblemans a temporary food
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burgers, sandwiches, and fries until the next council meeting september 20, when the owners are expected to get their full license back. a dodge county school closed by high water will re-open tomorrow. st. john's lutheran in mayville sent kids home early yesterday after floodwater threatened the school. crews needed today to clean up the water in the basement. nearby parkview elementary also sent kids home early yesterday because of flooding. it re-opened today. joyce: schools in a texas community will be closed tomorrow after a fatal school shoo. police say a 14-year-old girl shot and killed herself after shooting another girl at school this morning. that other girl is recovering. other students were kept in lockdown in their classrooms until the afternoon. the girl who died just moved into the district some six months ago. investigators are working to learn the motive. support for colin kaepernick's national anthem protest is growing tonight. the entire seattle seahawks team will reportedly kneel before its game this weekend. kaepernick has taken a knee
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games, saying he was protesting racial oppression and police brutality. broncos' linebacker brandon marshall did the same, during the anthem, before tonight's nfl season opener. now another display of 9/11. patrick: this one is leading to threats. >> it was a stupid idea, and we apologize for stupidity. patrick: the sale, and the commercial for it, that has people asking, what were they thinking? joyce: new developments over the exploding batteries in some new the new travel warning from the government. mark: not much of a break from the rain. when you need raingear again next in weather watch 12. patrick: and drone delivery takes a step closer to reality. how chipotle plans to make a
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patrick: happening now, 45 people are spending a cold night inside a cable car, high in the french alps. with more than 100 people on board. crews used helicopters to rescue a few dozen people, before having to stop for the night. the rescues will resume at dawn. this sunday marks 15 years since the 9/11 terror attacks. joyce: a solemn time indeed. tonight, two companies are facing backlash for advertising sales using 9/11 themes. miracle mattress in san antonio posted a commercial on facebook advertising what they called a twin towers sale. at the end of the commercial,
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down, while a third employee says, we'll never forget. people were quick to respond on facebook, calling it tasteless. the manager said it was stupid and apologized, saying she's received threats over it. cherise bonanno: we are not hate. we are love. we are we are somebody that , stands out. we are miracle mattress. we make miracles happen. and for our lives to be in danger, , ever wanted. joyce: the company says it will donate 30% of its sales this weekend to the 9/11 foundation. an apology tonight over a display of cans at a florida wal-mart that ignited a firestorm online. someone tweeted a picture of the display showing the world trade center towers built with cases of coke zero, along with a flag and a banner. below the banner is a sale sign. wal-mart says the display wasn't meant to be disrespectful. the coca-cola bottler for the
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it has apologized and says the display has since been replaced. patrick: an american flag that flew over ground zero on 9/11 is back at the site after disappearing for more than a decade. it was the centerpiece of this photo showing three firefighters raising the flag over the rubble. it was turned in two years ago by an unidentified man at a fire station in washington state. tests determined it was the same flag. it's now on display at the 9/11 museum in new york. an evacuation at the cincinnati 50 visitors and 75 staff members cleared out of the park this afternoon. the zoo has been the target of critics over its decision over the summer to kill a gorilla, after a three-year-old fell into the enclosure. bomb-sniffing dogs did not find anything. the zoo will open tomorrow. joyce: a florida family says a cell phone explosion destroyed their jeep. the samsung galaxy note 7 was charging in the parked vehicle while the owner went inside the house. when he came back out a short
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the st. petersburg fire department says the jeep is a total loss. samsung is recalling new galaxy note 7's after several other reports of fires while charging. tonight, the faa warned airline passengers not to turn on nor charge the phones in flight. a plane makes an emergency landing at mitchell international airport. officials say the skywest flight experienced a mechanical issue after taking off from milwaukee. it turned around and landed safely around 7:00 this morning. minnesota. no one was hurt. patrick: commitment 2016election coverage and the race for president. donald trump and hillary clinton are locked in close races in key battleground states. and a third party candidate is rising in the polls. according to a new qunnipiac university poll, in florida, clinton and trump are tied among likely voters. in ohio, trump leads clinton 41% to 37%. with libertarian gary johnson at 14%. and in north carolina, clinton
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for johnson. green party candidate jill stein is not on the ballot there. a candidate needs an average of 15% in several polls to participate in the debates. the first is 18 days away. gary johnson is responding to a much-talked about moment on live tv today. on msnbc's morning joe, johnson was asked what he would do about aleppo. aleppo is the syrian city engulfed by the country's ongoing civil war and at the center of the refugee crisis. johnson responded with a question of his own. >> what would you do if you were elected about aleppo? gary johnson: about? >> aleppo. gary johnson: and what is aleppo? >> you're kidding. gary johnson: no. patrick: johnson issued a statement saying he blanked adding, it happens and it will , happen again during the course of this campaign. joyce: a rescue mission is approved to free two men, one american, kidnapped by insurgents in afghanistan. u.s. special forces from seal team six performed a halo jump, which is a high altitude jump
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ground. seven enemy fighters were killed. the hostages, though, were not there. no u.s. personnel were injured. search teams still combing through the rubble of last month's earthquake in italy, find a cat still alive. the cat was stuck under rocks from a collapsed house. it was taken to a vet with a broken jaw. the 6.1 magnitude quake killed 300 people and injured hundreds more. >> 3, 2, 1, and liftoff of osiris rex. joyce: it's like a plot from a movie. tonight, nasa launched a space probe to chase down a potentially dangerous asteroid that could one day collide with earth. the unmanned probe will take a sample of the asteroid, and, in a u.s. space first, bring it back to earth. by the way, the probe won't reach the asteroid until about two years from now. the entire mission is expected
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joyce: if you've ever wondered what lambeau field looks like from space, here ya go. patrick: a satellite company took pictures of the 14 largest nfl stadiums. this is the one of lambeau. you can tell it wasn't during game day. the stadium looks pretty empty. the packers and head coach mike mccarthy make sizeable donations to the green bay police foundation, each giving $100,000. coach mccarthy says the donation has a personal touch, due to his father's involvement in public safety. joyce: some badgers fans say the weekend was the result of divine intervention. >> the lord speaks to us and tells us the badgers will be number one this season. joyce: the so-called badger nuns were back on the u.w. campus today. after predicting saturday's outcome over lsu, the trio greeted new students and shared their love of the team. >> people generally are really happy to see us. they seem surprised and then happy and laugh and then want their photo. [laughter]
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the three are not real nuns. they say they spend a lot of time praying that the badgers wll have a great season. those prayers were certainly good this past season. nice change now nice to have no , rain on the radar right now. patrick: mark, it makes a comeback tomorrow. mark: it will be late in the day, may have an impact on high school for all games. one more day in the 80's. we have had one amazing stretch of warm weather out all of september so far has been well above average again. one more in the 80's. it is windy on saturday. that is the beginning of cooler air that sleeps in, and sunday is the pick day of the weekend. here is a we had most of the summer. we have been in the warm air. we flatten out and get back to
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is it cold? no, but it is not hot. you will not need your air-conditioning on. 63 for dew point. still a little sticky. the dew point is going up tomorrow. 72 milwaukee, 74 port washington . everybody else in the comfortable 60's, dew points in the 50's for now. that we are heading back into more uncomfortable readings. we are probably 56, 57 for the dew point. it will be warm on friday. we start to cool down and try out. dew points in the 50's sunday and monday. that will be nice if you are not one of the lovers of high humidity. a roller coaster ride saturday and sunday.
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will down. 60's on monday. that hasn't happened since july 1. we have had a long stretch of 70's, 80's, and 90's. we are watching this to the west, initial rain. better chance of rain holding off until tomorrow evening. most of friday is ok. a fairly pleasant day tomorrow. maybe a thunderstorm. we will watch that. stay with weatherwatch 12 for the latest on the timing and impact on the football games. and watching saturday morning, scattered showers most of the rest of the day looking good. it will be windy and cooler. temperatures in the 70's tomorrow night, a chance of storms. not a great chance, but keep
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60's early on, comfortable. you might need a jacket. it will warm up nicely, high temperatures of 82 degrees. there is a look at the week ahead. 82, showers hang on saturday morning. the rest of the day is all right. the pick day of the weekend is sunday with high temperatures of 75. another glorious day on monday. 78 degrees. we cool back down to a hig 69 on thursday. we are actually cooling things down, talking about highs in the 60's, lows in the 50's. we will eventually cool things out. patrick: good sleeping weather. erin hills is preparing for next year's u.s. open. joyce: coming up a tour of the scenic course and the challenges the best golfer's in the world will face. patrick: then, changes to a popular street festival. the new location, security and cost for tosafest. >> hey everyone, i'm tim
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it's a rare chance to take your bike inside the milwaukee county zoo. tomorrow on wisn 12 news this morning, the deadline your family needs to know about if you want to ride on the wild side. plus, we'll be on weather watch, as you make your weekend plans. see you tomorrow morning from
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announcer: big 12 sports presented by minard. joyce: in one month, erin hills will shut down. -- shut down to the public and won't reopen until the worlds best golfers are in town for the 2017 u.s. open. as 12 sports stephen watson reports, it will be a historic moment for golf in wisconsin. >> everybody that loves golf, it becomes like this ultimate field of dreams. stephen: over 600 acres of natural terrain gave the architects of erin hills a canvas with unlimited paint back in the early 2000. >> at that point, we were just trying to build an affordable public golf course for under $50, and that's truly how it all started. stephen: over 15 years later, the painting is complete, as erin hills is set to host wisconsin's first u.s. open next june, often regarded as the toughest of the four majors each
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thorough and examination in golf skill as we can. stephen: jeff hall is the managing director of rules and open championships for the usga. we toured the course before it's set to close next month ahead of next summer's championship, showing off its natural beauty, but even more so, its greatest challenges. >> they are hazards. it's about being challenging. stephen: from the fescue as high as 15 inches. irrigation. yeah that's not a good place to be. stephen: to the par three ninth hole, nicknamed the shortest par five in the world. >> you look at the scorecard and it says two, and then you're walking to five, writing down five and asking how did this just happen. stephen: this course behind me may play close to 8000 yards during the u.s. open, but the biggest challenge for these players may not be what they see in front of them, but rather what they see and feel coming from above them thanks to mother nature. >> the skill of the players, the technology of the golf ball, the
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undefeated. it has not lost yet. stephen: soon enough, the course will meet its toughest test yet, as the best players in the world will make their way here to wisconsin's field of dreams. >> it is what eight or nine , months away. it is just hard to believe it's going to happen. stephen: erin hills, stephen watson, wisn 12 sports. patrick: thank you -- joyce: thank you. another big reason this course will play so long is because it will be the first u.s. open since 1992 to play as a par 72 course. coming up in our second half hour, the youth movement that's happening for the packers at the linebacker position as they get ready for sunday's season opener in jacksonville. and the brewers busting out against the cardinals in the surprise upset tonight at the u.s. open. joyce: thank you. we learned a new word. i am not a golfer. wells fargo trusted to hold your money is fined millions of dollars.
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accused of doing with customer information to help their bottom line. joyce: also ahead, bringing toll roads to wisconsin. lawmakers will soon discuss a plan, but hear why the governor
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