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tv   12 News This Morning 430  ABC  September 9, 2016 4:30am-5:00am CDT

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news in america this morning. >> our luggage. >> today, remembering the september 11th attacks nearly 15 years later. how people here are honoring the people who lost their lives and helped in the aftermath of the attacks. >> and progress on milwaukee's streetcar. when we'll learn more about the plan to help people travel around milwaukee. but first, we're on weather watch this morning. some showers are ahead but after that, we're looking at a beautiful forecast for the weekend. >> good morning and welcome to "wisn 12 news this morning." i'm ben wagner. melinda and sally are off today. it's 4:30 on this friday, september 9th. i'm in the weather center with engineerny and a couple of dry hours this morning? >> yes, it is looking great.
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63 degrees in milwaukee. feeling great. the dew points 57. just a light southwest breeze and swinging to the southeast moving into the afternoon. we start with the sunshine and clouds mixing in midday. the rain is moving no the north and west. it is dry here this morning and probably dry right into the afternoon. later today, this evening, a couple of pop-up showers moving through southeast wisconsin. the h we have the weekend forecast, because of it includes some showers. >> when you're on the go, take the weather watch 12 forecast with you. just download the wisn 12 news app. it's free for your smartphone or tablet. >> saying goodbye to a well-known milwaukee man. radio host and journalist eric von has died. he's known for hosting precious lives on wuwm radio and wnov the
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several years ago, von co-hosted a show here on wisn 12 called "it's your vote." we've gotten several reports that von may have died of a heart attack but his family has not yet released the official cause of death. >> developing now, more than a dozen students collapse in the middle of a cross country meet. tim, how are they doing this morning? >> all of the teens involved are back home right now. paramedics had to treat 19 runners with heat-related illnesses like dehydration and exhaustion. four had to go to the hospital. others were treated at the scene and released. this happened during a 5k run at arrowhead high school. >> they got aid to the kids immediately and you know, that is a good thing that nothing was more serious than a time to recovery and get the fluids back in them. tim: officials say there were more
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told ahead of time to drink plenty of water because it was so hot and humid. again, the good news all of the students are out of the hospital this morning. ben? >> thank you, tim. 4:33. >> the 15th anniversary of 9/11 is on sunday. today, the victims will be remembered during a ceremony in waukesha. a beam from one of the twin towers will be on display during waukesha's friday night live. that piece of steel will eventually be the centerpiece of washington county. waukesha police and firefighters will be there to sing the national anthem and remember everyone who died that day. construction on the kewaskum memorial starts later this year. there are more events today to commemorate the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. the milwaukee fire department is partnering with a non-profit for books for bravery. it's a program that prints and hands out free copies of the book the little white truck with the big mission.
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firefighters who drove to new york and brought back a piece of steel from the world trade center wreckage. >> later today, tosa fest kicks off in wauwatosa. at that event, there will be a tribute to firefighters, police officers and military personnel as well as those who died on 9/11. and this year, the festival is making some changes when it comes to security. crews set up for the festival yesterday. when it opens later today, there will be fences to keep people away from train tracks, security color-coded wristbands. kids who are there without parents will have a special wristband to let security know that their parents are not on the grounds. organizers say this is just a precaution. >> in the 41 years, we have not had arrests or incidents. it is a safe festival. ben: for the first time, tosa fest will not be free. you'll have to pay $2 to get in or donate two canned goods. >> later today, we're expected to get an update on milwaukee's
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about everything from construction plans to the budget. the streetcar has been in the works for years. the first phase is set to be finished in 2018. >> right now, a local community college is offering help to itt tech students. earlier this week the school closed down unexpectedly. now, waukesha county technical college is opening its doors to itt students. there's a meeting tonight for students who are interested in continuing their education at wctc. it starts at 5:30 at the school's education center. students need to bring their itt tech transcript. wisn 12 news time now is 4:35. >> still ahead, a nasty spill on a highway in new england. the cargo that ended up spread across the road and how workers cleaned up millions of pennies. >> plus, one of the tallest buildings in the u.s. is almost done and construction workers
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adventurous photo shoot. >> but first, let's take a live look outside as we head to break. it is a friday morning. it is not as humid as yesterday. it is feeling nice out there this morning. thanks for waking up with us on
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>> you are watching "12 news this morning." 4:39. we scan the horizon and all is quiet here across southeast wisconsin. no reason to rush out the door. comfortable temperat. rest this morning. nice and comfortable. mid 50s west bend and waukesha and sheboygan. 60s from port washington to the south. here is wells street. not much is going on. the pavement is dry.
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showers. the highs around 80. humidity increases for the afternoon and dropping over the weekend. we have the 7-day forecast coming up. >> on the traffic watch 12, this is a live look. the drive times are up on the screen... >> chaos on a delaware highway all thanks to some pennies. a truck carrying millions of sending 40,000 pounds of copper pouring onto the highway. this stresses me out looking at it. it took 13 hours to clean up the pennies, wrecked truck and oil along the road. crews used vacuums to clear the pennies away. >> new on wisn 12, the tallest building west of the mississippi is officially finished and construction workers are sharing
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they posted this photo standing on top of the wilshire grand tower in los angeles. i hope you are not afraid of heights. they're about 1100 feet up in the air. you can only get to this spot using a maintenance ladder. of course, the workers were harnessed the whole time. wisn 12 news time now is 4:41. >> let's get right to tim in the newsroom. he's following some of today's top stories. tim. >> the coast guard is called in when a woman falls off of a cruise ship. thor looking for her. what witnesses saw just before she disappeared from the cruise ship. >> and the controversy over colin kaepernick still growing. what police officers in the bay area have to say about his protest and how it's affecting security at 49ers games. security at 49ers games. those stories and more whe
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dan krebbiel: i'm dan krehbiel -- a vietnam combat veteran. we don't need politicians playing games with attack ads. there's a better way. i've read russ feingold's plan. he goes after the terrorists' oil money and arms supplies. he combines targeted military force with better human intelligence. and, he'll work to get middle eastern states to take on the terrorists in their own backyard. russ feingold offers a tough,
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approve this message. >> welcome back to "wisn 12 news
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friday, september 9th. we are looking live downtown. certainly not as humid add yesterday morning. it is feeling very nice outside. >> it is only lasting a few hours. if you want to feel the lower humidity get out there, the humidity is increasing in the afternoon an evening. 63 degrees right now in the up to sheboygan and more comfortable 57 degrees there. we see highs around 80 in the afternoon. a little more humid past lunchtime and shower later in the day. we have the weekend forecast and changes ahead in the 7-day coming up. >> thank you, jeremy. >> developing this morning, a new yorker is missing after falling off of a cruise ship. tim, you have new information from overnight. >> the coast guard is now calling off the search.
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miami herald that it was a difficult decision. the woman fell off the carnival cruise ship on wednesday in the bahamas. according to the cruise line, she jumped overboard. the coast guard had an aircraft and two ships searching the area. the ship was traveling from the bahamas to charleston, south carolina at the time. passengers arrived in charleston yesterday. ben, back to you. >> thank you, tim. >> in commitment 2016, a third-party candidate running jill stein was charged with a misdemeanor after joining a protest against a pipeline in north dakota. stein says she is not the real criminal. she blames the company responsible for the pipeline. local tribes say the pipeline will destroy ancient burial sites and could contaminate drinking water. >> after a forum between the two frontrunners in the election, nbc anchor matt lauer is facing
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hillary clinton and went easy on donald trump. >> let me finish. look, this is an important issue, i know we're on tv and don't have a lot of time. >> i have a lot to get in. >> i will talk quickly. >> that was the tone wednesday night at nbc's commander-in-chief forum. lauer interrupted clinton much more than he did trump and trump was asked more open-ended questions. critics also say the "today show" host didn't fact-check trump when he claimed that he was against the iraq war at the very beginning, a radio interview with howard stern disproves that. even an nbc executive said the forum was a disaster. >> new on wisn 12, this weekend madison is welcoming triathletes from across the country. one of them is taking on his first ironman at 72 years old. lon getlin went to school at uw-madison nearly 50 years ago. he was on the wrestling team.
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it's his first triathlon. getlin says he wanted to take on that challenge in madison. >> why would i chose this as my first ironman? that's because it's madison, i figured if i looked around and saw things it would motivate me. >> it is a two mile swi and bike ride. >> lon says he's not trying to win the ironman, he just wants to finish it. good luck to him. >> it's that time of the year. the milwaukee county zoo is inviting you to take a ride on the wild side. the zoological society fundraiser gives people the rare chance to ride their bikes through the zoo. this sunday, bikers can gear up and pedal alongside the animal exhibits. there's a 2.5 mile critter caravan course for the kids. and for the more seasoned riders, there are longer routes around the area.
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education, and, of course, the milwaukee county zoo. last year's event raised $26,000! >> we have breakfast lunch every you can register online through today. walk-up registration will be accepted on sunday. we have a link to more information posted on the wisn 12 news app. >> it is feeling nice out there. >> it has felt like july for the past two, three days. enjoy this before the humidity increasing this afternoon. now for today, looking dry for almost of the entire day. a couple of spotty showers this evening. damp on the morning in saturday
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day. it is suntastic. the sunshine this morning. low 60s early on and going up to 80 degrees. how about this map, this is looking good 50s to lower 60s across southern wisconsin. lower 60s close to the lake shore. upper 40s in superior. here is the the radar network, we start and mixed with the clouds. the clouds are thickening up in the afternoon and the rain chance to well to northwest. mainly dry for today. a breeze is picking up. the lake shore areas a touch cooler. 78 in sheboygan. a couple of degrees warmer inland. the threat of showers holding off until later in the afternoon
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5:00. a few showers popping up throughout the evening. overnight a few more showers are swinging in and keep the umbrella on stand by saturday morning. we have a few showers and working in the dryer weather in the afternoon. the later in the day, the better chance of the sunshine and the winds are picking up and tugging in the cooler dryer air and lead to just an absolutely beautiful sunday forecast. at weekend. 74 degrees. warmer on monday. the humidity should be low though. a couple of showers on tuesday. the highs maybe in the 60s on wednesday. >> thank you, jer jeremy. a lot of controversy lately over nfl player colin kaepernick -- and his decision *not* to stand
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police officers in santa clara where the 49ers play say they will continue to work at games. thousand they are inviting the quarterback to ride along with the police to get to know the offers there. now he has been refuing to stand for the national anthem. ben, back to saying why he's retiring, making the decision just months after the five dallas police officers were killed on the job. after the shooting s he was uncomfortable with the notarity he received and decided it was time to move on. >> why are you retiring is the first big question. it has been 33 years and it is
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people to consider why athletes and entertainers are paid so much and teachers and firefighters and police officers are paid so little. >> rescue workers were able to pull the people from the tree below are luckily to be alive. >> and new here, an entire school experimenting with something new, no students will get any homework. the school's principal came up with the idea. she wants the kids to spend time with the families. the principle is not worried about the kids' performance. >> research does stand behind that it is not making a
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i think it is up to the individual school and the different parent population. it is certainly the direction we are excited to take. >> now what do you think about this interesting idea? let us know. the school will have extra work sheets on hand if the parents want the kids to get extra practice. >> a big surprise on african airplane. a woman goes into labor and delivers. the airline had quite a birthday present and gave him free flights for life. >> wisn 12 news time now is 4:54. still ahead shths size mick activity in north korea and why
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>> plus a company selling green milk. i don't know about this one. it is not passed the best buy
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>> this morning, more controversy surrounding the fight against zika, the planes are flying and spraying for the mosquitos over the miami beach. the chemicals could be a health hazard. the c.d.c. is saying that the chemicals are not dangerous. more cases are expected if the federal funding is not approved soon. the c.d.c. is linking outbreak of hepatitis a to frozen strawberries. 89 people sick in 7 states, including in wisconsin. most of the patients drank smoothies from the tropical smoothy cafe. there are two wisconsin
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between c-sections and obesity of the children as adults. the study find thes that kids born via c-section have a greater risk of being obese. >> elementary school aged kids getting a cold or flu 8-12 times per school year grounds for the germs, water fountains and cafeterias and the bathrooms. >> wisn 12 news time now is
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>> welcome to "12 news this morning." right now, on "12 news this morning" developments in the slenderman case. what is expected no court today and how it could affect a future trial. >> mruz, remembering a milwaukee radio legend. >> first, we are looking at the morning commute and the fo first we are going to jeremy nelson. >> good friday morning. grab the sunglasses and open the windows. it is nice and refreshing. dry conditions here across southeast wisconsin. how about these numbers. it is currently in the low 60s in the city. dew point is around 70 for the past several days and now dropped down to the 50s.


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