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tv   WISN 12 News at 10PM  ABC  September 22, 2016 10:00pm-10:30pm CDT

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visit] announcer: now on wisn 12 news. joyce: waukesha parents on alert after a possible case of child enticement. what they're looking out for tonight. patrick: breaking news, a curfew is about to into effect as charlotte faces a third night of protests. the latest on tonight's marches with the city under a state of emergency. joyce: a tulsa police officer charged in the shooting of an unarmed man just days after it happened. >> i think they are prolonging things so they can lose things. patrick: of a local man shot by police months ago questions why that investigation is taking much longer. first tonight police are on the , lookout for a man who they say tried to entice a teenager into his car last night outside a waukesha school. joyce: it happened at south high school at roberta and tenny avenue. terry sater's there live. >> the 16-year-old had just finished practice and was waiting for his mother to pick him up out here. that's when police say the
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down his window and said, 'hey what's your name?'. >> waukesha police sergeant says a car seen in this surveillance , photo, pulled up right outside waukesha south high school wednesday night a man in his 50's at the wheel. that man tried to lure a 16-year-old boy who'd just finished swim practice to get in the car. >> the sixteen-year-old told him his name. he said well i know your m he said i don't think that's a good idea. he said your mom said i should , give you a ride home. >> police say the teenager did the right thing, turned away and walked back into the school. the suspect drove off. >> well we talked to him about , it and we just warned him. ,>> grandparent dan wick says he told his grandson about the warning from the school district. but hadn't talked to his grandson before today about the potential danger. >> maybe if it was a girl, yeah,
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and we never think it could be a boy that could possibly get picked up. >> police think the suspect's car could be a late model, white toyota camry. there haven't been any other reported attempts. if you think you know anything about the case, give police a call. joyce: thank you. one person is dead in a double shooting on milwaukee's north side. police were called to palmer and locust just before 6:00 tonight. investigators say a 53-year-old man was shot. he was taken to the hospital where he died. , a 23-year-old man was also he is expected to survive. right now police are searching for suspects and a motive. meantime, a nine-year-old milwaukee boy shot apparently by his younger brother is improving while their mother is in jail for leaving the gun within reach. police say she moved the gun to the kitchen counter as she was cleaning yesterday afternoon. that is when her six-year-old got hold of it and fired. the boy who was hit is doing much better at children's hospital today, moving his arms and legs. the d.a. will review the case soon. patrick: and breaking news a
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underway in charlotte, north carolina following a fatal police shooting. this is a live look as hundreds of people march through the city's business district, which has been on edge after two nights of violence. protesters have also blocked a freeway. the mayor has implemented a curfew, which begins in less than one hour. meantime, the family of 43-year-old keith scott was shown police body camera footage today of the shooting. police say they will not make video public until the investigation is over. police shootings are a big story in tulsa, oklahoma, a police officer has been charged with manslaughter in the shooting death of an unarmed man. it took prosecutors less than a week to decide whether to file charges against officer betty shelby. she shot and killed 40-year-old terence crutcher who was seen on dash cam video walking away with his arms in the air. prosecutors say officer shelby "acted unreasonably by escalating the situation." in milwaukee county, there are pending investigations into fatal officer-involved
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since 25-year-old jay anderson junior was killed in a parking lot in wauwatosa by a police officer. christina palladino sat down with his mother tonight who's , extremely frustrated that she's still waiting for an answer. >> linda anderson wipes away tears as she struggles with all the unknowns in her son's death. >> there's only one side to this story and that's the police , officer side, so we have to do what we have to do to speak for jay. >> office has still not made a decision in jay anderson junior's case. the 25-year-old was shot and killed by a wauwatosa police officer in june in the middle of the night. the family has viewed a 20 -second clip of squad car video several times that shows what led up to the shooting, but they say it doesn't show much. his parents say anderson was sleeping in his car at madison park. they acknowledge he had a gun on the seat but was never holding , it. tosa police will only say the car was suspicious and the officer fired his weapon because
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>> he did not follow proper protocol and he needs to be in , jail for killing my son. >> linda says she feels discouraged after learning how quickly the video was released in the fatal officer involved shooting in tulsa, oklahoma. and as that officer was charged today, she wonders if she'll ever have closure anytime soon. >> i feel robbed. i feel like they are giving us the run around with my son's case. >> i did reach out to the da's office tonight. they said they met with the anderson family earlier this week. they said they are trying to enhance the squad video to improve the quality so a final decision can be made. patrick: thank you. only on wisn 12 news president , obama talks about the unrest following the latest police shootings. in an exclusive interview with robin roberts, he discussed ways
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>> the way we change the system requires us to be able to reach out and engage the broader american community, and that requires being peaceful, that requires being thoughtful about what are the specific reforms you are looking for. patrick: you can see more of the interview tomorrow on good morning this morning. joyce: torrential rains cause widespread flooding and mudslides in western wisconsin. the governor has declared a state of emergency in these 13 counties. a man was killed when his house collapsed onto him after mud pushed it out onto highway 35 in vernon county this morning. search and rescue crews found his body this afternoon. his name has not been released. numerous roads have been closed, including this one that gave way from heavy rain, swallowing a minivan. and in jackson county, the
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the boat and part of a dock broke away and ended up falling over a dam northeast of la crosse. the debris then floated away. and in crawford county, washed-out railroad tracks derailed a train. the crew wasn't injured, but one of the fuel tanks ruptured, spilling about 1,000 gallons of diesel fuel, some into the mississippi river. about 15 people who lived nearby were evacuated as a precaution. chief meteorologist mark baden is in the weather center. mark, we really lucked out. mark: we did. we saw about 1-2 inches across southeastern wisconsin, even less. this is two days worth of rain. watch most of the focused and west central in southwestern wisconsin. that is where the majority of the thunderstorm stayed. that is the area they got pounded with huge amounts of rain. where talking about at least four inches of rain in some spots. some places getting more than eight inches of rain, and that's
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for some time to come. in the meantime, we have quieted down for now. i couple of showers rolling through war with county. coming up, where is the sun? we will get to that. how about the streak of 70's? how long with that continue, that's all coming up in weatherwatch 12. thank you, mark. new tonight at 10:00, we're learning more about the two-month old girl shot on i-43 in glendale in an apparent road rage incident. patrick: the girl's mom tells news tonight her daughter ava is recovering much better than expected. she says the bullet entered her side and exited just before hitting her spine. the parents are hesitant to do an interview because no suspects have been arrested. new developments tonight about former congressman anthony weiner and a new sexting scandal. joyce: the new investigation underway, and what the disgraced congressman is saying about allegations that could land him behind bars. patrick: a ticket scam ahead of this weekend's packers game.
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>> this multimillion dollar home could be yours.
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joyce: take a look at this video of a florida woman desperately trying to stop a thief. she jumped on the front of his car after he stole her purse at a gas station. the thief drove off, throwing the woman from the car and running over her leg. she has sprains and bruises, but will be ok. police are still looking for the
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a wisconsin teenager with an incurable disease who decided to stop using a ventilator to help her breathe has died. patrick: 14-year-old jerika bolen of appleton passed away today in hospice care in sheboygan falls. bolen suffered from spinal muscular atrophy type two, or sma. she had never walked and could only move her hands and parts of her face. she drew national attention for deciding to end her life. wisn 12 news was there in july for what she called her last dance, a special prom thrown in her honor. that night, she told our mike anderson how she felt. >> i am really pumped. i am so excited. >> did you expect all of this? >> no, not really. it's really awesome. patrick: jerika's mother tells the associated press "i love her with every cell of me, and i am happy she is no longer suffering and thankful for all she has given me."
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gun to school in sun prairie just outside madison. police were alerted that a student posted a picture of a gun on social media with a statement that he was going to make history. police say they found an unloaded gun and ammunition in his backpack and took him into custody. joyce: only on 12 news, milwaukee's mayor reveals his budget plan to guard against lead exposure in local homes. the mayor says the city will have a next year to help fund $11 million in paint and in lead laterals delivering water to 70,000 milwaukee homes. >> when there is a replacement of a lead lateral, that both the public and private side have to be done. and so we will of course pay for the public side. then we will be looking for some type of cost match with the homeowner for the private side. joyce: today, milwaukee county passed a plan to provide grants and loans to homeowners with lead-pipe laterals and lead-based paint. a new program to combat the drug overdose epidemic in wisconsin. the state is partnering with
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medication disposal kiosks at 18 stores across the state. we have a list of locations on walgreen's also announced today that it is making the life-saving opioid antidote naloxone, or narcan, available without a prescription at all of its wisconsin pharmacies. police call it a heartbreaking example of how drug addiction affects families. police in lawrence, massachusetts released this video showinto to wake up her mother after the mother collapsed in the toy aisle from an apparent heroin overdose. the little girl is now in protective custody. her mother is expected to be charged with child endangerment. it comes just weeks after an ohio police department released a picture of a couple found passed out inside their car with a young child awake in the backseat. patrick: the department of children and families in los angeles county is reportedly investigating child abuse claims
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this comes days after actress angelina jolie filed for divorce from pitt, a decision her attorney said was made for the health of the family. pitt has not yet commented on the allegations. the fbi is investigating former congressman anthony weiner in a new sexting scandal. a british newspaper story says weiner traded explicit messages with a 15-year-old girl. a subpoena is out for his cell phone and other records. two earlier sexting scandals cost weiner his political career and his marriage. joyce: hackers may have stolen a scan of first lady michelle obama's passport. the image was posted online. right now, it's not clear if the scan is authentic or who might have posted it. the white house is investigating. if you use a yahoo account for email or other things, you may want to change your passwords. yahoo says hackers, working for a government stole personal information from half a billion customers. the hackers got user names, email addresses, passwords and even the security questions and answers to verify an account holder's identity. yahoo recommends that users change their passwords if they
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wells fargo's embattled ceo is giving up his position on the federal reserve's advisory council. john stumpf's bank is in the middle of a scandal over millions of accounts that were allegedly opened without customers' permission. wells fargo says stumpf decided to give up his federal reserve post to focus on leading the bank. patrick: only on wisn 12, mansion shopping on a budget, sort of. in a week, a multi-million dollar lakefront mansion in auction. that means it will probably sell for a fraction of the list price. adrienne pedersen takes us on the grand tour. adrienne: this certainly isn't the only mansion on pine lake, but the others probably don't have this, a greek painting of the owners. across from that, a breathtaking view of the lake. >> the unique for to the property is that it is a balance of nature and water, then we have added elements of the artistry of the home.
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holds two master suites, and almost every room has a view of -- an incredible view. plus, we have to show you this, a gold toilet fit for a king or queen. downstairs -- >> look at these eyes. >> so you know you're being watched when you're in here. adrienne: an egyptian themed office. after being on the market for two years, it's going to auction. >> the seller said we want this it moves on september 29 regardless of price, so it will sell to the highest bidder. adrienne: you don't just get the house, the boathouse too. and it's quite the house. floor to ceiling windows right on the lake. just name your price. in the village of chenequa, i'm adrienne pedersen, wisn 12 news. patrick: so if by chance you're in the market for a mansion, we put the information for the auction on our website, along
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joyce: you may have to do a little redecorating, maybe. patrick: may be a new wardrobe change with the change of seasons. it's the first day of fall and already we're seeing signs of winter. joyce: take a look at this. our colleen henry snapped this photo of a snowplow out today near 20th and wells, just west of downtown milwaukee. a little training for the drivers ahead of the season. thankfully, that plow will not be needed any time soon. patrick: autumn started today but it still felt like summer. ,mark: it was also stinky. kind of not feeling the whole fall mood, but we will get some fall temperatures coming up. high temperature way above average, 69, and we made it to 80. 83 days in a row and 70 back could be in jeopardy tomorrow we will because we may not get to 70 degrees i'm calling for a high of 70 and hopefully we will get enough sun or just a geek or
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we get this close, you might as well get the record, right? lingering showers off and on during the day. most of the day in the 60's. let's move past friday into saturday and sunday. saturday the best day, sunday, first off all right, rain on sunday in the afternoon with thunderstorms. are you traveling around the state trying to check out the fall color, which is just st 67 green bay and wausau. some sunshine breaking through on saturday. sunday, we start with sunshine, warming up nicely, thunderstorms rumbling in as the day goes on. speaking of fall color, 25% air is up to the north, quarter of the trees are seeing some color. we are at least a couple of weeks away from northern wisconsin seeing the peak. we still have a good for weeks around here. need to mow the grass?
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saturday your best chance. we stay dry on saturday. sunday, morning all right come afternoon watch out for thunderstorms. we have fog in milwaukee, and we will watch that throughout the night. you see some of that fog in sheboygan, a spooky looking scene, so especially inland, we are seeing the fog become an issue. visibility was down to a quarter of a mile and madison for a while. but do watch out tonight and tomorrow. it is nice to see not a huge area of rain. we still have stronger thunderstorms to the south west of us. i think those stay just to the south of us, may squeeze into our southern counties throughout the night. you can see it hugging right along the border. 7:00 in the morning, a shower two around. it should not be a big deal. most of the day is dry, kind of
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then we get into saturday, and finally we will see some of this cloud cover breakup. then, saturday is your best day, more thunderstorms rolling in. 70 on friday, showers. 70 degrees on saturday, then an afternoon thunderstorm possible on sunday. most of the week and will be pretty good. temperatures next week. 68 the high on monday. here's the caveat for next week. it center will sit overhead and ruin our forecast. at this point, we are staying positive, temperatures around 70 degrees all next week. joyce: thank you. there is a guy who is running, biking, and swimming nonstop for three straight days. patrick: i am tired just thinking about it. that's what one local man is about to do. why it's more than just a physical goal. joyce: also ahead, the extreme
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announcer: big 12 sports presented by menards. stephen: khris middleton led the bucks in the following statistical categories last
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started, steals, field goal attempts, three-point attempts, and free-throw percentage. his production in the next six months will be tough to replace, but today, john hammond wasted no time adding another scorer to the mix. the bucks have traded guard tyler ennis to the houston rockets. in return, milwaukee acquired small forward michael beasley. the former second overall pick back in 2008 averaged 12.8 points in 20 games last season with the rockets. prior to his time in houston, beasley averaged over 31 points per game in china and was named clay matthews was one of five defensive starters to miss practice today. he has now missed two straight days with an ankle and hamstring injury. he may be in jeopardy of missing sunday's home opener. remember, the packers have a bye next week, with or without matthews, the packers won't have to contend -- game plan for calvin johnson sunday. the lions star receiver retired in the offseason, but it hasn't hurt matthew stafford's numbers. through two games, he has a career best passer rating of 101 and six different receivers have caught at least five passes so far.
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year. he's getting the ball out fast, a little faster than normal. he's running the offense well , and he is doing a good job, so it's going to be a little different look for us this week as far as how he's played in the past. stephen: stafford may need to be great sunday. his top running back is hurt, and the packers run defense is tops in the league by a wide margin. through two games, the packers have allowed just 78 rushing yards, and a ridiculous 1.63 yards per carry on 48 carries. that's better than second place seattle by over a full yard. >> us older guys up front are really starting to gel. we have tough young guys. when we come out of the game, come in and get physical with the opponents. our safeties have always done a great job in the run game, and our young linebackers are on the spot. wherever the ball is, that is where they are so they are , really hunting back there.
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everything will fall into place. stephen: kick is noon on coming sunday. up in our next half hour, paul chryst offers his thoughts on starting a redshirt freshman against the eighth-ranked team in the country. plus the brewers look to avoid , their seventh straight loss to the pirates at miller park. i will have the highlights ahead. joyce: earlier this month we warned you about skimmers at local gas stations. it's a device that grabs your credit card information without you knowing. coming up, the new place they've popped up and a look at the suspec
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joyce: milwaukee. two people are dead after their car slams into a milwaukee utility truck. patrick: no workers were hurt. it happened this morning at 76th and sheridan. witnesses say the car was going well above the 35 mile per hour speed limit. the car t-boned the public works vehicle. a man nearby ran outside of his business to help and saw the injuries were severe, so he went back inside to call 911.


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