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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  September 23, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm CDT

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tonight here, breaking news. the chilling video now revealed, the deadly police shooting in charlotte. you can hear the wife's plea right on it. >> don't shoot him! he didn't do anything. >> it is the family's video. tonight, why authorities are also tonight, the narrow escape in new york city. the pedestrians, kicking one of those bombs, placed right on the sidewalk. they had no idea. and tonight, how authorities now believe the suspect got those bombs into the city. the school bus crash late today, flipping over. pictures coming in now. three days to the debate. who was seen walking into trump tower? and, hillary clinton. the reality star and billionaire who now says he will be in the front row for her. and, the first lady's passport hacked, and 500 million
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tonight here, the new warning. what authorities want you to do, and it's more than your password. good evening. we begin tonight with the chilling video from charlotte. not seen until today. the wife recording as her husband was shot and killed by police. >> keith! don't you do it. [ bleep ]. did you shoot >> there have been two very different accounts. the city bracing for protests. and now this new video sparking outrage tonight. eva pilgrim is in charlotte. >> he has no weapon. don't shoot him. >> reporter: tonight, keith scott's wife begging charlotte police not to shoot
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>> he has a tbi. he just took his medicine. >> drop the gun! >> reporter: she's pleading with her husband to get out of his truck. >> keith, don't let them break the windows. come on out the car. >> drop the gun! >> keith! don't do it. >> drop the gun! >> keith, get out the car. keith! keith! don't you do it! don't you do it! keith! >> drop the gun! >> keith! keith! don't you do it! [ bleep ] >> did you shoot him? did you shoot him? >> reporter: scott's wife in disbelief. >> he better not be [ bleep ] dead. i'm not going to come near you. i'm going to record, though. >> back up! >> i'm not coming near you. i'm going to record, though. he better be alive because i -- you better be alive. how about that? >> reporter: rakeyia scott
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>> these are the police officers that shot my husband, and he better live. he better live because he didn't do nothing to them. that's okay. did you all call the police? i mean, did you all call an ambulance? >> reporter: just minutes earlier, keith scott was sitting in a parking lot waiting for his son's school bus when officers in the neighborhood to serve a search warrant on someone else. for days, protesters and scott's family have called on the police to release officer bodycam and dash cam of the shooting. the video doesn't answer all the questions and shouldn't be released during the investigation. >> if i were to put it out indiscriminately and it doesn't give you good context, it can inflame the situation and make it even worse. it will exacerbate the backlash. it will increase the distrust. >> reporter: the family who has seen the police video says it's not clear what was in keith scott's hand. but the police department says
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image taken after the shooting shows the gun they recovered. from the other angle, this video shows what may be that same object, far from the body, raising more questions than it answers. late today, president obama on the growing tensions. >> if we join hands and do things right, maintain our dignity, and continue to appeal to the better angels of this nation, prog >> and eva joins us now from the scene of the shooting. i want to get back to something in the video. we heard keith scott's wife mention tbi, traumatic brain injury. >> yes, and something about medication. the family tells us keith suffered brain injury last year,
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forgot what he said. tonight, the investigation has been turned over to the state. and the city has a midnight curfew. and officer betty shelby is free on bail, after this video, a father with his hands in the air. clayton sandell with the story. >> reporter: the shocking moment that ended terence crutcher's life -- >> shots fired! >> reporter: -- has tonight, turned betty shelby from police officer to defendant, surrendering on manslaughter charges overnight before being released on a $50,000 bond. >> officer shelby, although now charged, is presumed to be innocent, until a judge or a jury determines otherwise.
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involved to the point that the overreacted." >> this guy is still walking. >> reporter: she says she fired when crutcher reached inside his car window. but, attorneys for crutcher's family not only believe that window was up, they point out shelby had already checked for a weapon, a point conceded by the officer's own attorney. >> she cautiously checked the driver's side, the back seat and then the front seat. >> reporter: the family says that means even if the car window was down, the officer should have known there was no tulsa police still aren't saying whether they believe that window was down. if officer shelby is convicted, she could face anywhere from four years to life in prison. david. and pedestrians seen kicking one of the bombs in new jersey without knowing it. here's the video.
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pressure cooker before the other bomb exploded in chelsea. and now, how investigators believe the suspect got his bomb into new york city. on the train. here's linzie janis. >> reporter: tonight, that new surveillance video showing the unexploded pressure cooker, that one man even kicking it. authorities have scoured the footage, including that moment the suspected bomber plants the device. tonight, abc news receivie ing information that police now believe ahmad rahami brought the bomb in on a train. and now more questions about whether authorities missed a crucial warning two years ago. the alleged bomber's father claiming he told the fbi about his son's apparent radicalization after a trip to pakistan and afghanistan. mohammad rahami telling the
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a change in his personality. his mind was not the same. he had become bad." the fbi saying it did follow up in 2014, but mr. rahami recanted the allegations. tonight, the fbi still unable to question rahami himself. he remains in the hospital, in critical condition. david? >> thank you. we are tracking a severe storm threat from texas all the way north. two confirmed tornadoes i the system is moving east at this hour. let's get right to rob marciano. rob? >> that storm spawning the tornadoes in utah is on the move. severe thunderstorm watches in eastern wyoming, minnesota. and for california, our first santa ana wind event. going to peak on sunday, winds
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in the east, summerlike heat is over, a fall cool coming this weekend. >> rob, thank you. three days until the big first debate on abc. it's expected 100 million people could be watching hillary clinton and donald trump. tonight, who was seen coming to trump tower to help? and mark cuban revealing he will be sitting in the front row to root for clinton. the battleground tight in ohio and florida. cecilia vega with new reporting, the strategies on both sides to get at their opponent. >> reporter: when donald trump takes that debate stage, hillary clinton won't be the only rival staring him down. her campaign offering a coveted ticket to another reality show billionaire. >> you got a deal done. i'm out. >> reporter: "shark tank"'s mark cuba, right there in the front row, taunting trump. >> i'll sit where they sit me and enjoy the moment.
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came on "shark tank," i wouldn't make the investment. >> reporter: team trump, unimpressed. >> what is he going to do? make funny faces at donald trump? she's trying to populate the audience, i suppose, with people who may rattle donald trump. good luck with that. >> reporter: with just three days to go, clinton's campaign is trying to get under trump's skin, today releasing this new ad using trump's own words on women. >> i'd look her right in that fat ugly face of hers. she's a slob. she ate like a pig. >> reporter: it's the same subject that threw debate. >> you've called women you don't like fat pigs, slobs. >> reporter: today trump's campaign laying the groundwork for a more serious image, revealing his potential supreme court picks, unlike the first list of all white candidates. this one includes a latino and an african-american judge. trump also receiving an endorsement from his old rival, ted cruz.
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12th, and he says he doesn't want to overprepare. >> i have seen people prepare so much that they get up there, and they get locked, they can't speak. >> reporter: still, he canceled a campaign stop today to hunker down in trump tower, former new york mayor rudy giuliani leading the strategy session. >> let's have the american people for once actually see a person actually be themselves rather than coached and manipulated. >> reporter: no mock debates, just rapid-fire questions, and reviewing video of clinton's past performances. clinton, a veteran debater with more than 40 under her belt, is holding mock debates, immersing herself in briefing books, and studying her opponent. >> and cecilia vega with us live tonight. both hillary clinton and donald trump prepping for the debates. but the clinton campaign announcing she will travel to charlotte the day before the
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debate strategy. you can bet the issue of police shootings will come up on monday night, david? >> cecilia, thank you. overseas to syria, a little girl rescued from a collapsed building, destroyed in an air strike. recovering in the hospital tonight. her family, including three sisters and a brother, among fire crumbling. and as we're on the air, we've learned that authorities now suspect russian hackers behind the hacking attack. and we've learned that first lady michelle obama's passport online. here's pierre thomas. >> reporter: tonight, a half billion yahoo customers, many in the u.s., coping with the
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even security questions and answers all now exposed to potential i.d. thieves and worse. yahoo says that the attack was state-sponsored. the critical question now, how do average people protect themselves? >> it'sot individual level. >> reporter: change your p pas password, and don't use the same one for other accounts. and employ security protection software, make sure it's up to date and always running. >> attackers count on the fact that people don't patch and update their systems. >> pierre is with us live.
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behind this? >> reporter: yes, this comes on the heels of russian hackers being accused of hacking the dnc. and story is only getting bigger. and president obama rejecting the 9/11 bill that would allow the family and survivors of 9/11 victims to sue the gome congress is expected to override the video. there's still much more ahead on "world news tonight." the school bus crash late today. the bus flipping over, students inside. the pictures coming in now. and we sure needed this tonight. the pint-sized lions fan who get
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next tonight, a school bus crash outside houston. the bus flipping with students inside. here's david kerley. >> reporter: a terrifying ride for 50 middle and high school students. the bus veering off the road, flipping to its side. >> a kid sai w bus driver. then it just started gliding through the road. >> reporter: this bus was not equipped with seat belts, and we've seen what could happen in a rollover accident. the federal government now calling for school bus seat belts. we've been hearing the opposite for decades. >> three-point belts should be on every school bus.
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jurisdictions to mandate seat belts and so far, only a half dozen have done so. >> thank you. and when we come back, what the pilot does next. we'll be right back. plaque psoriasis. be the you who shows up in that dress. who hugs a friend. who is done with treatments that don't give you clearer skin. be the you who controls your psoriasis with stelara? your ability to fight infections and may increase your risk of infections and cancer. some serious infections require hospitalization. before treatment, get tested for tuberculosis. before starting stelara? tell your doctor if you think you have an infection or have symptoms such as: fever, sweats, chills, muscle aches or cough. always tell your doctor if you ve any signs of infection, have had cancer, if you develop any new skin growths or if anyone in your house needs or has recently received a vaccine. alert your doctor of new or worsening problems, including headaches, seizures, confusion and vision problems
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to the "index" of other news. the world's largest passenger plane landing in a dangerous crosswind. the frightening moment caught on camera. the emirates airbus a380 making its approach to winds caused the plane to violently sway. the pilot then executing what is called a crab landing, coming in from the side there to then hit the landing strip. the national museum of african-american history and culture officially opening to the public tomorrow in the nation's capitolfter a four-year construction seen in this earthcam timelapse. among the items visitors can now see -- a dress stitched by rosa parks. an iconic michael jackson fedora. and headgear worn by boxing
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and the little football fan getting a big bear hug. a pint-sized detroit lions fan named eli greeting tennessee titans players as they make their way to the field. high-fiving several players. that's when titans linebacker wesley woodyard scooped up the boy. carried him a few steps and wishes him well despite his team allegiance. it turns out eli's mom telling us he's a little lions fan, but will also be rooting for the titans. when we come back, missing in schools across the country, until one phone call made by a determined principal. that's next the. the microsoft cloud helps us stay conne. . . . . the microsoft cloud helps our customers get up and running, anywhere in the planet. wherever there's a phone, you've got a bank, and we could never do that before. the cloud gave us a single platform to reach across our entire organization.
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finally tonight here, our person of the week. the new school year is now well but in many classrooms around the country, if you look closely, you will discover some empty chairs. tonight, one principal with a mission to change that. and it turns out she has. our person of the week. it's morning in st. louis, missouri. just over the bridge, past the arch. the principal, dr. gunn, with her students. many of those smiles were missing when she took over as principal of gibson elementary just two years ago. absenteeism, an epidemic. so she went door to door in her
5:57 pm
>> we heard, we didn't have clean clothes. >> reporter: no clean clothes. she started hearing it over and over. >> we have a washer and dryer at home. it's just that our electricity was shut off. >> we had no clean clothes because we only had a little bit of money and we used that money for food. >> reporter: so dr. gunn had an idea. she got in touch with whirlpool, asking for help. they immediately said yes, donating washers and dryers to gibson elementary. >> they want you to put as much clothes as you can fit in a bag and then they have you bring them to the school. then they wash them. >> reporter: volunteers, parents, cleaning clothes at school for free. in just one year, after 2,300 loads of laundry, attendance shot 90%. >> they went from kind of being
5:58 pm
level of, look at me read. >> i feel like nothing can stop me. >> reporter: after dr. gunn's phone call, whirlpool is now starting what they call the "care counts program," now in more than 30 schools. hundreds more interested. >> principals will say, "well how did you get this?" "just ask." you have to look at one thing that we can do to make a difference and immediately show change because that is when people know that you are listening to them. >> our person of the week. thank you for watching on a friday. i'm david muir. i hope to see you right back here monday night. good night. [captioning made possible by wisn-tv] [captioning performed by the
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caption content and accuracy. visit] announcer: now on wisn 12 news. >> i'm incredibly disturbing arrest. >> an illinois man busted for trying to meet and nine-year-old for sex. >> a day care worker accused of embezzling six figures comes to court. >> i'm so grateful that all these brothers and sisters came out. >> something special to begin a new era. patrick: our big story tonight, a disturbing case from racine county, a man arrested accused , of trying to meet a nine-year-old girl for sex. joyce: 31-year-old david baker from illinois is now facing serious charges. 12 news nick bohr is live in sturtevant, where detectives set up a sting to arrest him. >> according to the charges, detectives organized a meet here in this park and ride lot at highway 11. when he pulled in here, he met
6:00 pm
child pornography. he was arrested. you're inside the racine county sheriff's department's specialized internet unit, where detectives are on the lookout, scanning the net for people like 31-year-old david baker of wilmette, illinois, who the racine county sheriff says used craigslist to offer-up his child porn collection for trade. >> it is a bizarre case. it is disgusting on a lot of levels. >> complaint, an undercover detective convinced baker he had like interests, even suggesting he could have access to a nine-year-old girl for sex if baker was interested. according to prosecutors, he was arranging to meet the girl at the sturtevant park and ride telling the undercover detective online, "i free tomorrow would am love to meet your little friend."


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