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path to success. >> as a parent, you learn your kid and what your kid can manage very early on, and if you try to keep up with what other kids are able to do, that's where it starts. you kind of get caught in this wave. >> we're all about kids being successful, achieving their full potential. but we don't want them doing it by compromising their health. >> bill henkle is a founding member of redgen. he wanted to help change the culture after what he saw when he was principal of whitefish bay high school. >> you've got kids trying to take on more than they probably should or feeling like i can't keep up and no matter how hard i try, i'm falling short. and then how do i cope with that? i check out. >> we're not trying to lower the bar at all. we think the bar still needs to be high, but kids need to recognize their own ability to manage stress. >> amy lovell wanted to be part of redgen to spread a message to
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the ap's that are offered. not every kid can be involved in multiple activities. >> but so many of them are. >> you can ask any number of kids and they will say because i have to. i won't get into college. can do better. when we have kids dying and when we have kids dropping out of college freshman year, 64% that drop out, it's because of a mental health issue. we can do better. >> better by acknowledging what of social media. >> they have not learned how to be alone, like how to be reflective how to take a look at , mind-body connections. >> and if there's a suspicion that something is wrong, the courage for parents to reach out for help. >> it's hard to pick up that phone and call a therapist or call a doctor and say i think my child has an eating disorder or
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i think my child is depressed because it's fear, right? it's so out of our control. if they had another illness, you wouldn't wait to get that treated. you would get them treated. so i would say have the courage , to make that first call because the first call is the , hardest. joyce: suicide is the second leading cause of death among people ages 15-24. the teen suicide rate in wisconsin surpses the national average. to what it offers, go to for a link. kathy: a bombshell on the hillary clinton campaign. today the fbi announced they , will once again investigate her e-mails. abc's marci gonzalez has clinton's reaction. >> just 11 days before the election, the announcement creating shockwaves the fbi , reopening the investigation into hillary clinton's e-mail use director comey explaining in , a letter to congress, "in connection with an unrelated case, the fbi has learned of the
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to be pertinent to the investigation." this just months after the initial investigation into the former secretary of state's use of a private e-mail account and server was closed. >> i see evidence of great carelessness but i do not see , evidence that is sufficient to establish that secretary clinton, or those with whom she was corresponding, both talked about classified information on email and knew when they did, they were doing something that was against the law. >> to comey's statement that it's unclear whether the e-mails being looked into are significant. >> i'm confident whatever they are will not change the conclusion reached in july. therefore it is imperative that the bureau explain this issue in question, whatever it is without , any delay. >> while donald trump on stage in new hampshire wasted no time applauding the announcement.
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department of justice are now willing to have the courage to right the horrible mistake that they made. >> sources tell abc news that is was all prompted by an unrelated investigation into clinton aide huma abadin's estranged husband, former congressman anthony weiner. clinton calling that a rumor saying she doesn't know what to , believe. marci gonzalez, abc news, new york. kathy: many polls show the issue for voters. joyce: our nikole killion breaks down the difference between the two candidates on jobs, taxes and much more. and much more. , >> in 2016, it's still the economy. >> i will bring back jobs. excuse me, i will bring back jobs. you can't bring back jobs. >> well, i call it trumped-up trickle-down. >> from debates to policy speeches hillary clinton and , donald trump have made it one of the centerpieces of the
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>> i want to jump-start america. >> how do their plans stack up? clinton says she will create the boldest job investments since world war two with new commitments to infrastructure. she also wants to make college debt free and reform the tax code by closing loopholes benefiting the wealthy. trump proposes cutting the number of tax brackets and slashing the rate for businesses to spur growth. he also wants a temporary hold on new regulations and to renegotiate u.s. trade deals. >> hillary clinton wants to , taxes on the rich, take the money and spend it on infrastructure. donald trump wants to cut taxes dramatically, and he wants to in fact use that money also for infrastructure. the problem with both plans is they do nothing about the growing federal debt. >> one area of agreement -- >> >> we need working mothers to be fairly compensated. >> a lot of families are just so stressed out.
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child care. >> there's a recognition from both sides that this not just a women's issue right now, that this is an economic issue for all american workers. >> both candidates are calling for paid family leave. clinton also wants to cap child care expenses to 10% of a family's income while trump , would allow families to deduct the cost from their taxes. joyce: the election is now just 11 days away. polls will open in wisconsin at 7:00.m have you covered on election day. watch our live coverage from across wisconsin and the country, starting at 4:00 p.m. on november 8. kathy: the election is just 11 days away, but halloween is just three days away. joyce: mark, trick or treat weather is looking pretty good. mark: it is. temperatures are amazingly mild for 10:30 p.m. at night on october 28. tomorrow, they go out then they
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look how warm it is tomorrow morning, 64 degrees at 5:00 in the morning temperatures stay in the mid-60's. it is a partly sunny day by 9:00. things looking good this weekend. 66 from the high on saturday under mostly cloudy skies, some sunshine from time to time, and cooler later in the day. clearing skies on sunday. 56 degrees. year, i think we can take it. kathy: we will take it. a mitchell park dome is about to reopen. and you can chime in about public safety in milwaukee. patrick is here looking ahead at tomorrow. patrick: aldermen are gathering for tomorrow's public hearing, the final one of the series. it starts at 9:30 a.m. in the
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the desert dome is reopening tomorrow about a week ahead of , schedule. this will be the first time since that all three domes have january been open. they closed earlier this year because of concerns over crumbling concrete. the desert dome is the final one to reopen following repairs. and if you're looking for a scare for a good cause there is , a haunted house in south milwaukee. this is video of their event a few years ago. a local family changes their home to raise money for human concerns. that is a non-profit organization other essentials. you can donate or two non two dollars-kirschenbaum food items. the home is on marion avenue between eighth and ninth avenues. kathy: just in time for halloween, a story about spiders and a lot of them. and a lot of them. , joyce: the largest spider collection in wisconsin is now inside u.w. green bay's richter museum. in there will be more than november, 10,000 specimens. a big part of the spider
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time professor at u.w. oshkosh. before he died in december he agreed to donate his collection to the museum. >> he had started collecting in the 1950's, late 1940's, mainly in wisconsin, so we have the whole long run of collecting in wisconsin. we know where spiders started, when they first appeared here. we can look and see well here's , a spider that isn't here anymore. joyce: there will also be spiders from around the world on display. they are stored in ethanol to the spiders will be used for research and teaching. coming up in sports operation , football playoff style. kathy: highlights from around the state including oak creek
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>> operation football starts right now. stephanie: looking good out there tonight young ladies. welcome to our postseason edition of operation football. it's halloween weekend, and the competition is only getting scarier as we enter level two of the state playoffs let's kick things off in division one. top seed franklin hosting fourth seeded oak creek. the franklin band doing their
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no score in this one until the second quarter until junior quarterback max alba tosses it downfield to senior ethan wittenburg. a 30 plus yard touchdown pass. that makes it 7-0 sabers. but the knights have an answer. with less than two minutes left in the half, quarterback jakup finani hooks up james carter junior in the endzone for a 10 yard touchdown. game tied at seven a piece. a high scoring affair tonight, but in the end, franklin wins 31-28 and advances to the next level. elsehwhere in level two division i top seed marquette , hosting racine horlick at hart park. fourth quarter, marquette with a big league. -- big league. he is off to the races, a 55 yard touchdown run. down by 16. marquette defense to tough in the end. check it out. patrick english with the interception near the end of the
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victory and will face franklin next week in level three. we're just getting started with our playoff edition of operation football. joining me now is 12 sports stephen watson, who was in waukesha tonight covering the top seed in division three , catholic memorial. stephen. stephen: that was one of the best finishes to a high school football game i have seen. catholic memorial finished the regular season ranked number one in polls at the division three the final play tonight. wisconsin lutheran entered the night riding a five-game winning streak. they tie the game at 13-13. rumbling and stumbling for six, but back come the vikings. he calls his own number and dive stores the pylons. lutheran ahead by seven. that lead would grow quickly. he has they like, 62 yards to the house. a two touchdown lead.
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easy. connecting twice in the final six minutes of the game, this one for 42 yards. 27-27. crusaders make the stop. from 51 yards out, game over. party on dan needles and company. they remain unbeaten. >> i knew there was a lot of wind behind it. our offense put us i cake of my dreams, and i just took advantage of it. stephen: just down the road a , division two matchup featuring watertown and waukesha west. these two teams met week one in the wolverines winning 28-7. august.
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gone. waukesha west with continue to open the game up from there. this time it comes on the defensive side of the ball. he has his pass picked off of the line of scrimmage. 49-14 victory. stephanie: thank you, sir watson. still plenty more to come on operation football including a , of between the blue dukes and hustlin hawks
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announcer: stay tuned for operation football.
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this fall night in wisconsin. we continue our playoff edition of operation football with a level two division two matchup between greenfield and whitefish bay. the blue dukes with a high powered offense scoring 27 points in every game they've played this season, but one. let's head to whitefish bay. first year head coach jake wolter's offense has been explosive all year long long but it would be greenfield , who gets on the board first as ezekiel banks takes it to the bank scampers into the endzone and it's 7-zip hustlin' hawks early. in the second quarter now, 3rd and 12 for the blue dukes and cade garcia ve strike to maurice david lee the third.
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re-joins us now with a few level two playoff games played up including a division one north tonight including a division one, showdown in fond du lac. stephen: only for teams were undefeated at the division one level entering tonight milwaukee king was one of them, but the city champs traveled to fond du lac tonight, a team that just took down milwaukee washington king had given up just 22 points 64-0. all season, yup, 10 games, just 22 points before taking on the the cardinals. a bobbles the football. party of two on the board, 6-0. later in the first, in for the touchdown. 7-6. fast forward to the second quarter. again for the touchdown, 14-6. the final, 30th-six. in division lake country six, lutheran also in fond du
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later in the third, for the score. they improve their lead 24-6. ethan wilkins, he runs it in for the score. not enough tonight. 31-12. stephanie: thank you, stephen. , level two division five showdown between kenosha saint joe's and columbus. the cardinals undefeated on the season. he hands it off, cutting through the defense for 25 yards. the very next play, he takes the
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the season is over. 44-16 victory for columbus. that's it for operation football playoff style. speaking of style here's dan and , drew. dan: tomorrow at 6:30 p.m. on big 12 sports saturday, i don't know what is going on with the badgers, the were focusing on the packers. drew: they won't have to chase down julio jones. how would they do that? we will break that down three. -- that down for you. dan: plus, the world series between the codes and the indians, it is all coming up tomorrow at 6:30 p.m. on big 12 sports saturday. stephanie: game three ended moments ago, cleveland steals game three on the road in chicago at wrigley field to take
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tomorrow is game four set for 7:00 at wrigley field. kathy, you will be going there this weekend. kathy: i will be sitting in the centerfield bleachers. stephanie: pretty cool. joyce: i know who you are cheering for. kathy: a final look at your forecast next. joyce: and as we go to break tonight's winning lottery
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johnson: social security is a legal ponzi scheme. senior 1: ron johnson is attacking social security. senior 2: he wants to let wall street risk it in the stock market. johnson: free money... young people don't really necessarily understand finance. college student 1: ron johnson voted to raise the cost of student loans - college student 2: he just doesn't get it. worker: he says he's for jobs, but ron johnson supports trade deals that hurt wisconsin. v.o.: attacking social security. raising the cost of college. jobs lost overseas. onsin families. russ feingold: i'm russ feingold and i approve this message. joyce: we get to see the costumes tomorrow night. mark: look at the temperatures. this is so weird.
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it cools off a little bit
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live." tonight, tom cruise. from "dr. strange," tilda swinton. music from x ambassadors and tom morello. and now, as a matter of fact, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: well, that's very nice. thank you. i'm jimmy, i'm the host. thank you for watching, thank you for coming.


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