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tv   WISN 12 News at 10PM  ABC  November 7, 2016 1:00am-2:00am CST

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sheldon: just two days before voters go to the polls an announcement that could impact the race for president. >> this is a tragic accident and we just ask you to have a heart . this mother is hurting. adrienne: and a plea for a driver responsible for hitting
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a family and community are grieving tonight after the hit and run death of a little milwaukee girl. sheldon: 5-year-old rickyia langham died while walking to church with her mother this morning. wisn 12 news terry sater is live on the street near hampton and fond du lac. terry: sheldon, loved ones have created a memorial to the little girl in front of the family's home. this is where 5-year-old rickyia was run over by a driver who didn't stop. family members say 5-year-old rickyia langham, seen here on her way to school was run over , and killed by a hit and run driver on leon terrace sunday morning. >> the person who was driving this vehicle did not stop. they just kept going. terry: pastor radontae ashford is a relative of the little girl. he says rickyia and her mother were crossing the street on their way to church when a driver turning from hampton was going too fast. >> she was on her way to worship the lord. and this little darling was excited this morning about going to church. >> i heard the mother screaming out in the middle of the street
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-- the little girl that was in the street. terry: police chaplains tried to comfort rickyia's family and all those who couldn't imagine how someone could run over a little girl and just drive on. >> they're suffering. but everybody on this block is something as well. because hey, we didn't know the , little girl. but we love each other on this block over here. everyone needs to drive responsibly. >> we just want to make a plea to anyone that may know any information in regards to this that you would please just, you know, just ma terry: we are back live. and we're waiting for milwaukee police to tell us if they have any suspects in the little girl's death. live in milwaukee, terry sater, wisn 12 news. sheldon: now to the election that will affect all of us for years to come -- the race for president. adrienne: that's right. after months of campaigning, polls open in just most 33 hours.
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clinton. and tonight, another bombshell announcement that could impact the campaign. the investigation into a new batch of hillary clinton e-mails is over. fbi director james comey announcing this just hours ago. in july, he said that clinton handled classified emails carelessly during her time as secretary of state, but that she didn't do anything criminal. and he's maintaining that even with the new emails. clinton did not mention the fbi announcement, as she campaigned in the battleground state of ohio today. election is generating a lot of frustration and anger. ms. clinton i see it, i hear it, : sometimes on the subject of it. i get it. but anger is not a plan, anger is not going to get us new jobs with rising incomes that will pate a strong, thriving middle class. sheldon: the trump campaign is criticizing the fbi announcement. tonight, vice presidential nominee mike pence told a crowd in north carolina that mishandling classified
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trump revisited a common theme, as he campaigned in four different states. mr. trump: hillary clinton will be under investigation for a long, long time, for many crimes against our nation, our people, our democracy, likely concluding in a criminal trial. sheldon: trump's scheduled campaign stop in west allis got cancelled but his runningmate mike pence visted mukwonago yesterday. adrienne: and democratic vice was in milwaukee today. kaine spoke to voters and volunteers at the democratic party office headquarters near mlk and center. he told our thema ponton that wisconsin is a battleground state, and every vote counts. senator kaine: the number of undecideds is small but you just want to make sure that you're not leaving anything undone. adrienne: kaine also stopped in green bay and la crosse. sheldon: hundreds of thousands of wisconites have already cast early ballots. but if you're voting on election day, here's what you need to
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a.m. on tuesday, and close at 8 p.m. you will need to show a government-issued photo i.d. to vote -- that is something like a passport, drivers license, or other photo i.d. from the dmv. voter turnout is expected to be high on tuesday, and you've probably heard the claims about the election being rigged. so we sent colleen henry out to investigate, how vulnerable is the system? colleen: here in milwaukee, there have been well-documented cases of voting mischief people , voting more than once, even the infamous smokes for votes case in which homeless people were given cigarettes in exchange for going to the polls. so we wanted to know, how safe is your vote? could fraud really impact this election? we'll tell you what's going on behind the scenes, and what you need to know before you cast your ballot. sheldon: watch colleen henry's
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tomorrow, on 12 news at 10:00. the reminder -- join us on tuesday. wisn 12 is teaming up with abc news to bring you big story coverage on election night. watch our live coverage, on air and online, starting at 4:00 p.m. on tuesday. adrienne: in breaking news, we're learning more about a magnitude five earthquake in central oklahoma. it happened just before eight -- 8:00 tonight in cushing. that's northeast of oklahoma city. you're looking at some of the first pictures of damage, an part of oklahoma last week. scientists are linking the uptick in earthquakes to the disposing wastewater from oil and gas production underground. we will keep an eye on that. in the meantime, packers fans are having a bad night after another home loss, falling to the colts at lambeau field. 12 sports director dan needles joins us now. dan, the problems started early. dan: they certainly did. the colts are not one of the
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today, earning their first win at lambeau field since 1988. the game could not have started any worse for green bay mason -- for green bay. mason crosby's opening kickoff -- there you go. jordan todman 99 yards for a touchdown, the first of several special teams mistakes that cost the packers dearly today. through 3 quarters, the packers offense produced only one touchdown. aaron rodgers, taking advantage of a free play because the colts jumped offside, and somehow, jordy nelson caught that pass for a touchdown. but the colts marched 96 yards to score right before halftime, and that pve -- andrew luck to dr. mink river -- to donte moncrief. rodgers passed for 2 late touchdowns but the packers lose to the colts, 31-to-26. 12 sports stephanie sutton has more from lambeau field. stephanie: from the start the packers came out flat against the colts. even after the opening kickoff, aaron rodgers says the team
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this is what we need to do. i hope the guys would say they would bring it every week. i love this game and i am bringing the energy. i am focused, enthusiastic. i just don't know what the lack of juice was pretty we felt it over the entire sideline. we need to look deep in the mirror because this is not acceptable. they had a great week of preparation. it just did not carry over. >> two home losses. the fact of the matter is we are 4-4. we need to get the ball more. stephanie: one of the things that brought in reggie to the fans in the stands was the squirrel, but that was about it. now the packers are on the road for the next three weeks. from lambeau field, stephanie
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that three game road trip could define the packers' season. there are games at 10:00 in tennessee, washington, and philadelphia. sheldon: lindsey is here to see how long these temperatures are sticking around. lindsay: we will look at how warm tomorrow will be and when serial killer. a realtor connected to at least seven murders and the gruesome discovery just hours ago. and a frozen food recall we're just learning about. sheldon: we'll tell you which product you need to check your refrigerator for right now. >> before you hit the road,
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in washington? money. and ron johnson fits right in. six years ago, johnson took a shady $10 million corporate payout, went to washington, then voted to protect $21 billion in tax breaks for the world's biggest oil companies. $21 billion. a wisconsin senator, protecting tax breaks for oil companies. that's ron johnson. that's washington. and he fits right in. end citizens united is responsible
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>> leading the way with important local coverage, you are watching device and 12 news at 10:00 sheldon dutes has, adrienne pettersen, stephanie sutton with big 12 sports -- wisn 12 news at 10:00 continues. [captioning made possible by wisn-tv] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] sheldon: you might want to check your fridge. 21,000 pounds of chicken patties are being pulled, because they may contain bits of plastic. the recall covers on-cor brand microwavable chicken patties, with a best by date of august 5, 2017. wisconsin is among the states where they were sold. if you have these chicken patties, throw them out, or take
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on the website,, and our mobile app. adrienne: early voting is over in wisconsin and the counting is about to begin. in middleton, teams are working on breaking down the absentee ballots. the city clerk says they have a 45% voter turnout, either by mail or in person. >> i figured we had almost half here, we should have another at least 30%, i'm guessing. 30%. adrienne: and hopefully the work they're doing now should help speed up the lines tuesday. an estimated three million wisconsinites are expected to vote this coming tuesday. that's according to the state election commission. sheldon: between the presidential election, and the tight u.s. senate race wisconsin , voters will weigh in on some important contests. in the final sprint to election day both incumbent senator ron , johnson and his challenger , democrat russ feingold, spent part of their weekend trying to
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point feingold from johnson in the latest marquette law school pool. but the timing of this election could have an effect on their race. >> in wisconsin politics, off presidential elections have lower turnout and skew republican. and presidential elections have higher turnout and skew democratic. so then it becomes really a question of the margins. sheldon: professor mordecai lee teaches government at uwm. professor lee: how much does it skew democratic? he's losing with trump being so unpopular with some segments of the population? sheldon: when it comes to the match up between donald trump and hilary clinton, lee says wisconsin could still play a critical role. professor lee wisconsin is : really crucial. if he doesn't win wisconsin then it's hard to see how he gets to be president. sheldon: trump was supposed to campaign at state fair park this weekend, but that event was cancelled. and hillary clinton hasn't been in wisconsin since the primary,
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have spent time campaigning in the state. professor lee: you can easily interpret that to say they both really care about wisconsin because if wisconsin wasn't a battleground state then the vp , candidates would be elsewhere. sheldon: tonight on upfront, mike gousha focuses on tuesday's general election. upfront's political panel will discuss whether trump really has a shot at winning wisconsin. that's at 11:00, right after this newscast. adrienne: new developments tonight in the case of the south carolina kidnapper. police believe 45-year-old todd kohlepp could be a serial killer with ties to as many as seven murders and police just found a new body tonight. kohlepp appeared in court after investigators found a woman alive and chained up in a storage container. police found remains in a place the supposed killer called his gravesite. he's also confessed to killing four people, in an unsolved case from 2003. family members of the killer's alleged victims say they're
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in the world, and i hope to god that he does get what's coming to him. adrienne: police are still working to identify the new remains and cause of death. a gas pipeline that exploded in alabama last week is back in service. the pipeline transports gasoline from the gulf coast to new york city. you can see the explosion here. it happened after a repair crew accidentally hit the pipeline with a piece of excavation equipment. the blast happened near birmingham, killing someone. four others are l hospital. the average price for unleaded gas nationwide has increased by a penny over the past two weeks , now sitting at $2.26 a gallon. but local prices are going the opposite direction. the local averages three cents cheaper than a week ago. sheldon: looking ahead to a major milestone in the bucks arena project. tomorrow, crews will install the first steel beams of the future wisconsin entertainment and
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it should be ready to go by the fall of 2018. and a heads-up for drivers traveling between the third war -- the third ward -- the water street bridge that crosses over the milwaukee river will close tomorrow. it won't re-open until mid-december. crews will install an upgrade to the bridge's center lock system. if you drive in that area, the construction could add time to your commute. alright, this is not a site you see every day, but runners wearing red tutus filled the streets of madison today, u.w. students chose the theme for a cardiac awareness 5k race. their red tutu trot raised money for cpr and aed education throughout the madison area. organizers also had cpr instruction booths set up at the finish line. and closer to home, thousands of people participated in the milwaukee running festival. there were 4 races throughout the city. one race even passed through our neighborhood here at the wisn 12 studios near 20th and wisconsin. the full marathon is a qualifier
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time for that one. and check this out. guess who that is. lindsey slater and her husband. lindsay ran the half marathon this morning. she did great job. she rocked out. you guys are great weather today. lindsay: -- lindsey: that is the thing. typically we see temperatures in the low 50's and people have scarves and but it was shorts weather. i will think the 70's will be making a comeback -- let's keep our fingers crossed -- for a wild. i do not think we will get this way again. we had 70. yeah, broke the record from 1975, 69 degrees. but remember, the average is 59 degrees. look at that. even the overnight low is way above where we should be and we
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reality. we are going to gradually go down, but at least it's not a 12 punch. the 40's are in my 7-day forecast for highs and i will talk about that in a moment. sunday, you are good to go. no problems. you can mow the lawn, break some leaves. tuesday for election day, it will be cooler, but we will have a cold front and we are also tracking a few early-morning sprinkles. too wet. you might want to try it and do it tomorrow. wednesday, temperatures will be close to average. that right there is the cold front we are tracking. and this is not a meaty cold front. it doesn't have much energy. it does not have a lot of oomph. we are not talking downpours or
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the only thing i am thinking, potentially some patchy fog may develop. we had that last few nights and we might have that again. then as we get to about 930 monday evening -- 9:30 p.m. monday evening, it is bringing showers to the northwest. it is this then line of showers, and a lot of it probably breaks up by the time he gets here. here it is at 3:30 a.m. hopefully you're sleeping. not much to worry about. if you work very early in the morning, you might run into a few of these, but it kind of breaks up. and that's kind of it. by eight 30 a.m., it breaks up, cooler temperatures be on that. it will be a gloomy, cloudy day. for your election day forecast,
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the morning and the middle of the afternoon, mostly cloudy skies. by the end of the day, temperatures will be going back to those 50's. this evening, again, patchy fog developing as temperatures scaled back down into the mid 40's. there is sheboygan right there. there's a little bit of visibility issues. they are down to a third of a mile. don't tailgate. keep your distance. the say. and you can see in your forecast -- when the temps really drop -- veterans day. the overnight temps, 32 -- a.k.a. freezing. sheldon: got to turn the heat on. lindsey: it's always on. has years not been on? sheldon: no. adrienne: geez, lindsay.
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a local girl in need of a life-saving transplant. it's a story you'll see only on 12. adrienne: tonight, the sudden illness that put her life at risk. and the surprising hope they found very close to home. sheldon: plus helping people get ready for winter. the story behind this unique gift of warmth. >> good evening, everybody. a local animal shelter, featured on gma. tomorrow on wisn 12 news this morning, the al embark on to help cats and dogs here in southeast wisconsin. sally is also going to let you know whether the kids will need a jacket as they head off to school. we will see you tomorrow morning
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really? say yes to more. call now. >> big 12 sports, presented by menards. dan: it wasn't that long ago that the packers owned one of the greatest home field advantages in the nfl. but in their last 9 games at
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record is just 4-and-5, with losses to the bears, lions, vikings, cowboys and colts. , this afternoon, it was an uphill battle all the way against indianapolis. jordan todman returned the opening kickoff 99 yards for a touchdown, and i don't think he was touched. todman later had a 61 yard return. ha ha clinton-dix intercepted a pair of andrew luck passes in the first quarter, but green bay converted those 2 picks into down 14-to-3 the packers finally got into the end zone at the end of the first quarter, rodgers, taking advantage of a free play, threw one up for grabs into the end zone and jordy nelson , snatched the ball from a defender for his seventh touchdown of the season. but they couldn't stop the colts when they needed to end of the first half, a 96 yard colts drive ended with this td pass from luck to donte moncrief. it was 31-to-13 in the 4th quarter when the offense finally
1:27 am
then, rodgers to randall cobb for another short touchdown, all they would need was one last stop, get the ball back, and drive for the winning score. it never happened. luck converted a pair of huge third downs to run out the clock and the colts beat the packers 31-to-26. >> you know, we've got to be a little tougher. that is the mark of a team. you know, we talk about that all the time. how you deal with adversity seven a lot about the kind of er >> we are in desperation mode. don't get me wrong, but we have to hunker down and play hard from the beginning of the game. you can do stuff like that. it comes great to come back at the end, but the clock is going to run out eventually. dan: no one was fired tonight. coming up in our next half hour, stephen watson digs deeper into the failures on both sides of the ball by the packers today. plus, talk about a lousy sports sunday in wisconsin. how the bucks managed to lose to
1:28 am
adrienne: all right, thanks, dan. the search tonight for a hit and run driver. sheldon: the victim a five-year-old girl, killed on her way to church. up next the plea from the child's family. adrienne: plus, donald trump rushed off stage this weekend. now, the man who triggered this security scare tells us what really happened. russ feingold: in the senate there's a choice- you can go along with the rigged system, or you can stand for something that matters. i stand with wisconsin working families. going to all 72 counties, senator johnson stands with ceo's -tax loopholes for billionaires, tax breaks for companies that ship jobs overseas. i'll take on the rigged system. and work to build an economy that works for everyone. i'm russ feingold and i approve this message
1:30 am
what greases the gears in washington? money. and ron johnson fits right in. six years ago, johnson took a shady $10 million corporate payout, went to washington, then voted to protect $21 billion in tax breaks for the world's biggest oil companies. $21 billion. a wisconsin senator, protecting tax breaks for oil companies. that's ron johnson. that's washington. end citizens united is responsible
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>> now on wisn 12 continues tonight for the driver who ran over a five-year-old girl and kept on going. rickyia langham died near hampton and fond du lac, witnesses tell 12 news she was heading to church with her mother. family members are pleaing for -- pleading for the driver to turn him or herself in. >> and we're just asking, have a heart. this mother is hurting.
1:32 am
we are just asking you to pray for this family as we go through this trying hour. sheldon: right now milwaukee police have not said whether they have identified a suspect. voters go to the polls in less than 12 days. adrienne: mary bruce shows is that the dramatic race for president took another turn. 2 from -- mary: from oct exonerated are clinton again for her e-mails. she said, we have not changed our conclusion we expressed in july, when the director called clinton's handling of sensitive e-mails extremely careless, but said -- director comey: no charges are appropriate in this case. mr. trump: now it is up for the american people to deliver
1:33 am
with no public remarks, at a star-studded campaign stop, this time with lebron james. >> it really matters. it really, really does. mary: campaigning at a black church in philadelphia, clinton sounded a note of finality. ms. clinton: everything you care about and everything i care about and i've worked for is at stake. mary: more g campaign. a new tracking poll has her with a five-point lead over donald trump. both candidates are unborn storm in binges with one full day left before facing voters. mr. trump: the first thing you do is get rid of clinton. ms. clinton: this is an election that really is a crossroads election in our country. mary: the long and winding road coming to an end on tuesday. mary bruce, abc news, washington.
1:34 am
tonight about the guy who started this chaos. secret service rushing donald trump off the stage. it turns out a republican was holding up a sign that read "republicans against trump." >> all of a sudden, because they could not grab the sign or what ever, i was tackled by all of these people who were just kicking me. adrienne: according to the man holding the sign, started yelling about a gun, and that is when things escalated. security did not find any weapon. tuesday's general election is the focus off today's "upfront." mike gousha and panelists will discuss whether trump has a chance at winning wisconsin. mike: it is a close race for wisconsin, not as tight for president, it appears.
1:35 am
voters who will decide the election. then our pundit panel will be here to weigh-in on the senate race and races for the state legislature. i will ask them are there any upset to look for? it's all coming up at 11:00 right here on "upfront." sheldon: we have record-breaking high temperatures today, but they are not going to last. meteorologist lindsey slater's and the weather center, and i'm sorry you have to be the bearer of bad news. lindsey: it was so nice, wasn't it? sheldon: lasted. lindsey: let's focus on that. we are still near 50 degrees. that is what it feels like. we should be thanking our lucky stars. apparently we are going to ease into winter and that is kind of nice. better than going from 82, you know, 40. looking beautiful right now, the wind is calm. notice the hour-by-hour forecast this evening.
1:36 am
. that is fog. that is fark. i do anticipate patchy fog overnight tonight into tomorrow morning. having that first cup of coffee, that is something you might want to consider, leaving a touch early. by the 7:00 hour, the fallible to rep. 9 a.m., another warm day, but, guys, i'm telling you, high temperatures in the 40's this week and i will talk about that coming up. el thanks so much. well, the warmer wisconsin weather has been attributed to a near-perfect growing season for corn and soybeans. farmers are expected to produce 7% more bushels than the record and for soybeans, the average state yield is expected to break last year's record, 92.6
1:37 am
in new hampshire they hope will not disappear. they crocheted colorful scarves to tie up the trees and fences. they want to keep the community warm this winter season. anyone passing is allowed to take anything they need. >> we just told people, use whatever yarn you have. if you have yarn you want to get rid of, donated to us. -- we give them the yarn. sheldon: organizers place to be scarves in the park instead of a thrift store to make sure they reach everyone. adrienne: serving up some spaghetti. hundreds lined up for the spaghetti fundraiser at the sister of saint joan. b evan began back in 1985 to
1:38 am
-- the event began back in i k five to support the school and students. it looks good. love it. well, marvel's newest superhero movie is already flying high. >> be careful which path you travel down, strange. stronger men than you have lost their way. adrienne: doctor strange starring benedict cumberbatch conjured up $85 million this weekend in the u.s., and a huge reader $25 million worldwi it was followed by two other new releases, the animated film trolls took in more than 45 million dollars. and the mel gibson-directed war film hacksaw ridge made just under 15 million. sheldon: a seemingly healthy little girl suddenly in the fight for her life. >> i took her to the urgent care and within 15 minutes we were in an ambulance on the way to the children's hospital. adrienne: only on 12 news, the rare disease, the search for a donor, and the new hope her
1:40 am
1:41 am
1:42 am
>> it was the first time that i -- that i had hoped she was going to make it. sheldon: tma talking about the day her daughter finally woke up, after weeks in a coma. but the joy that dena carreyn felt was soon replaced by fear that her little girl wouldn't get the organ donation she needed to live. adrienne: joyce garbaciak shares this emotional story, you'll see only on wisn 12. >> mama, i made it. >> you made it. joyce to see lyla carreyn run : around the playground -- you'd think she's a typical
1:43 am
, most days. >> 97% of the time she feels pretty awful and doesn't really have much energy. joyce: we caught her on one of those rare days. quite a contrast to what began one year ago, after lyla's preschool called home to say lyla had a high fever. >> i went and got her from school and took her to the urgent care and within 15 minutes we were in an ambulance , on our way to children's hospital. : failed, and her lungs filled with blood. >> doctors told us at that point they didn't know if she'd make it through the weekend. joyce after a three-week coma, : lyla woke up, diagnosed with a rare, autoimmune disease, and in desperate need of a new kidney. >> we had friends and family from all over the country getting tested and looked everywhere for a match. joyce: including lyla's birth mother, who wasn't a match either. six months passed with no luck until beth battista saw a post
1:44 am
>> something inside me, i just felt like i had to go in and get tested. choice she turned out to be a : match. she also turned out to be lyla's 4k teacher. >> i didn't know at the time she was gonna be in my class this -- in my class. i never really believed in fate. but i'm a believer now. joyce a camera rolled when beth : told dena of the match at school, giving her a simple gift. >> just a little black box with a note, a simple note inside that said -- i may just be her teacher now. but soon a piece of me will be with lyla forever. i'm her kidney donor. >> you are? >> utter shock and disbelief. it took a minute to sink in and when it did, we were just shaking and crying. my immediate thought was that death was going to be part of
1:45 am
her a future, it's just amazing. joyce the new kidney will mean : no more of this for lyla. >> on an average day, she receives 19 different medications. i know. all in addition to the twelve hours of dialysis. joyce twelve hours of dialysis, : every night. >> i have to scrub my hands before i start touching anything. joyce the bedtime routine at the : carreyn house takes an hour and a half. test the fluid before goes into her body. joyce: dena, her husband and son have a down -- taking lyla's blood pressure finding the right ,, nation of medicine -- >> i clamp off the line. joyce: and locking it all because there is no room for , error. >> this is the dream bag of fluid that came out of her body.
1:46 am
but first, the site has to be sterilized. each swab, painstaking for dena, sometimes painful for lyla. >> i know. it's not heart -- it's not fair. joyce but lyla endures. : dena may wear the birthday crown, but lyla will get the ultimate gift. thanks to her teacher who's family, who refused to give up hope. >> night night, lyla. adrienne: we're all pulling for that little girl. that's joyce garbaciak reporting. the transplant is scheduled for february once lyla's underlying condition has been under control for a full year. in the meantime, lyla's mom arranged a big surprise for best to say thank you.
1:47 am
i was so moved when i heard your story and the incredible act of selflessness you are doing for lyla. adrienne: you recognize him. quarterback aaron rodgers invited beth and her family to lambeau field, to watch the packers play next month. the surprise was unveilled while beth was a guest on "ellen." such a sweet family. they are going through a lot. sheldon: they sure are. nice to see alan and aaron rodgers getting involved. coming up in sports, the badgers move up in the college football polls, but there's a double dose of bad news for wisconsin sports fans. the bucks lost to a previously winless team. while the packers home field advantage continues to be a thing of the past. how today's failure truly was a team effort. dan needles and stephen watson
1:48 am
i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of r wherever... ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember." he's going like "i don't remember!? sure, you could buy this. but why miss out on this? it's baking season. warm up with pillsbury.
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>> big 12 sports, presented by menards. dan: halfway through the season, the packers are merely a 500
1:51 am
difficult path just to reach the playoffs. as 12 sports stephen watson reports, they played badly in all phases nduring today's -- all phases during today's 31-to-26 loss to the colts. stephen: from this throw, to this drop, the packers offense was the root of the struggles sending a. >> we got to be more efficient. we've got to throw better, catch better, offense was held without a touchdown until late in the fourth quarter. >> my guys made some plays early. that was the difference. they have a lot of energy early. we didn't. that is what it came down to. >> we got to finish. we've got to put points on the board.
1:52 am
-- defensively they managed just one tack against an offensive lineman who has given up the most in football. >> it's not like we are out there -- the coach put us in the best position to execute leis. we've got to come off the field and do a better job. stephen: and this first half with the culmination of defensive struggles. >> that hurt, man. we've got to find a way. we had great calls third down. we just have to execute them. stephen: the energy, with the exception of the story friend, has the packers looking much like the 500 team they are. dan: thanks, stephen. the nfc north race is up for grabs halfway through the season. today in minneapolis, blair walsh missed an extra point and had a field goal blocked, but the vikings took a 3 point lead with 23 seconds to play on this short td run by rhett ellison.
1:53 am
lions had enough time to move into the field goal as matt , prater hit from 58 yards out as time ran out. and in ot, matthew stafford to golden tate for a 28 yard touchdown. the lions win 22-to-16, all 5 of their wins have been 4th quarter are winning in overtime. minnesota has now lost 3 straight, but they have a half game lead over detroit, and a 1 game lead over green bay. chicago has the weekend off, they are 3 games back. after crushing the kings at home last night, the bucks had a quick turnnd winless mavericks, who were missing 2 of their top players, dirk nowitzki and deron williams. jabari parker looked fresh, and played a strong first quarter . parker scored 14 of his 16 points in the first half, and the bucks led by 13 at one point. but giannis got into early foul trouble, and didn't score while playing just 5 minutes in the first half, and harrison barnes and the mavericks took an 8 point halftime lead.
1:54 am
pointer early in the third quarter. but he finished with just 11 points. the bucks regained the lead in the fourth quarter. we got to start from the bench. jason terry with the steal, then feeds mirza teletovic for 3 and a 5 point lead. then the mavericks came back to tie it and this was the play the bucks chose at the end of regulation. giannis travels, no call, and misses a 3-pointer. that is their choice of plays? overtime belonged to the mavericks, who outscored the -- bucks 12 to one. and former marquette star wesley matthews made just 3 of 14 3-point attempts, but that was the dagger the mavericks get their first win, 86-to-75 over the bucks. >> the turnovers late, yeah, it was huge, just to talk about overtime. we turned it over to the straight times. so, you figure out you win the
1:55 am
we did not get shots. we should have made shots. dan: just 3 regular season games left for the badgers, who will earn a spot in the big ten championship game if they beat illinois, purdue and minnesota. the badgers defense held northwestern to a season-low 39 yards rushing yesterday and for the most part, wisconsin's defense dominated in the 21-to-7 victory. but late in the first half, the wildcats drove the length of the field only score leaving a bad , taste with some of the badgers. >> we were in that spot. we just did make the plays. you know, tomorrow, we will win for sure. >> getting the ball out quick was hard to defend. just getting the ball on the edges. just missing tackles a little bit. >> i think people hold wisconsin defense to a high standard and it's one that we're proud of that we try to hold ourselves to everyday. that's why practices are so tough. because we know how good of a defense we need to be. dan: the new college football polls came out today, and
1:56 am
both, to 7th. in the ap poll, they trail alabama, michigan, clemson, washington, louisville and ohio state. wisconsin is the highest ranked team with two losses. there's a chance they will get into the playoffs, but they need a lot of help.
1:57 am
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