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tv   12 News This Morning at 5  ABC  November 9, 2016 5:00am-5:30am CST

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victory early. >> i congratulated her and her family on a very, very hard faukt campaign. >> several states are too close to call, so we are not going to have anything more to say tonight. >> after a bruising several hours for the democratic nominee that shocked much of the nation, tuesday evening started well enough as the vote totals w key states began to shrink. then battleground states were tipping in favor of the recommend nominee. trump winning ohio, florida and north carolina. nail biter races continued into the morning hours with pennsylvania and new hampshire. trump pulling ahead of clinton
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state of wisconsin and winning it along with arizona and pennsylvania. trump pulling up a long shot victory to become the 45th president. >> now with ten votes at stake, the eyes last night and into the morning were on wisconsin. >> thema is live in milwaukee with more. good morning, thema. >> a municipal building and this is where the people came to fill out the ballots. some of the many almost 3 million people in wisconsin who cast their ballots. donald trump is the first republican candidate to win wisconsin since 1984 with ronald reagan. 48% of the wisconsin voters
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as for here in milwaukee county, hillary clinton got a majority of the votes, more than 66%. that was not enough to get her the votes needed for the presidency. back here live outside downtown, the building booths are closed now, the signs are in the corner and they are cleaning up things here. wisconsin is one of the last stat president-electric donald trump. >> thema, thank you. "good morning america" has more reaction and results of the election, "g.m.a." starts at 7:00 a.m. >> other critical races across wisconsin, senator ron johnson re-elected to a second alternative defeating russ feingold. he's the projected win in the wisconsin senate race. tim? tim: good morning, ben.
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attention. the most recent polls had them separated by one percentage point and in the end johnson fought to keep his seat against russ feingold. this one of the con ten shs senate races. other note shl races were rand paul p and john mccain that w here in wisconsin all eyes were on ron johnson. >> the crowd of johnson supporters caution shsly optimistic and surprised by the margin in the race. the room erupted when the first
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>> i surprised by the results. we thought it would be a late night. >> senator johnson felt the momentum beginning to shift after labor day andar especially when he spoke to the crowds of tailgaters at the packers games. >> ken, thank you. johnson's challenger russ feingold addressed the reporters last night and here is his message to the crowd. >> this could be one of the most challenging times in the history of our country and it is up to you, particularly this wonderful
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campaign. we have to heal to wounds and bring us together and we'll get through this and i look forward to helping you in any way i can. it is now up to you. thanks so much. >> eyes on speaker paul ryan. this morning he's re-elected to the 9th term no congress and projected winner in the congressional district kenosha, walworth and waukesha counties. rye i don't know got 65% of the vote. the win was one of many republican congressional wins around the country, this is what the balance of power looks like in the house of representatives. the g.o.p. clinched control of the house, republicans have extended their six year lock on
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the election on the wisn news mobile app and race results and more on and on the bottom of the screen right now. 5:06. now to weatherwatch 12. now to sally severson. sally: we have beautiful november weather. right now, we are look out over the city, fair skies, 42. dew .34. the air mass is we look at light northwest winds for much of the day. today the high is slipping to the north and to the east. tomorrow the winds up from the southwest and warm up. today we are talking sunshine. normal daytime highs around 50. today sunny and dry. tonight a quick drop to 39.
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plenty of star shine. thanks to the southwest winds tomorrow, the temperatures easy run to the mid to upper 60s. now let's get to traffic. >> traffic is looking good on the roads. if you are leaving soon, nothing to worry about out there. easy in and out of downtown. no trouble along 794 either. things are quiet system wide. green is full freeway speeds and that i travel times are looking great. that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> matt, thank you. >> donald trump elected president. >> we are looking at picture, this is tweeted by abc news reporteder, this is times square.
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of the address to the country he'll soon lead. >> as i have said from the beginning, ours was not a campaign, but rather an incredible and great movement made up of million of hardworking men and women that love their country and want a better and brighter future for themselves and their family. it is a movement comprised of americans from all races, religions and backgrounds and beliefs that want and expect our government to serve the people
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>> temperatures are ranging 34
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st. frances this morning. we look at the temperatures 30s and 40s and climbing up to the mid 50s. lots of star shine. the stars were incredible. take a look, cooler though. lake geneva this morning at 38 degrees. the first cut forecast, this morning we hold in the low 40s and hitting the mid 50s this afternoon with the sun. matt? >> it is nice and quiet on the roads. this is cold spring and 894. things are looking good in both directions. no problems on the freeways. travel times... that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> thank you, matt. we continue to follow breaking news, donald trump has been e
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the united states. >> an all eyes on wisconsin down to wire. >> first the associated press called the race in wisconsin for donald trump after declaring him the winner. it is coming down to the electoral college. here is a look at the national numbers. trump with 276 electoral votes, a few states have not been called yet. in the end, it came down to votes wisconsin pushed donald trump over the 270 needed to win. donald trump declaring victory in his speech just a few hours ago. hillary clinton called him as well. we are waiting to hear from clinton herself and that is expected to happen later on this morning and we continue to follow the reactions to trump's victory throughout the morning.
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melinda: as we've mentioned, donald trump won wisconsin and took nearly 62 percent of the vote in waukesha county. ben: last night some of his local supporters gathered in delafield to watch the election results come in. sheldon dutes has more on their party. >> throughout the night there were loud cheers and applause as donald trump racked up each electoral vote. supporters gathered at delefield breuhaus to watch the results come in. the watch party was hosted by the waukesha county republican party. supporters were glued to their phones and the projector screens. voters told me they were cautiously optimistic and some reflected on trump's momentum before he was officially confirmed the new president of the united states. >> the people are speaking. i guess they have been so tired of the past eight years the people just want their control back. >> i have been saying all week that i'm very hopeful that we're going to win, that donald trump will be our next president. >> in delafield, sheldon dutes
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ben: the financial industry is bracing for a big blow today following the outcome of this election. melinda: wisn 12 news hillary mintz is live from the newsroom with the latest. hillary. reporter: the financial experts are saying that the industry was banking on a hillary victory. after the news broke, the dow dropped 700 points. it is now down to 305 points. but this worst point loss since 2008 for the stocks. the global stock markets around the world are tanking because the overseas investors are feeling uncertainty with trump and could see the s&p tumbling. what does this mean, well with so much volatility in the coming days, your pension fund will
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>> the dow jones will fall, s&p will fall, the value of the dollar will decline, the peso will take a hit because of this election results. >> a positive though, gold prices should be going up. the election results will shake things up for a while, don't change your behavior, stay calm and let the market settle down. >> world leaders are sending congratulationses to trump. putin is saying he hopes to restore relations between the countries and address international issues. >> uk prime minister tweeted out that britain and the united states have an enduring and special relationship.
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security and defense. "good morning america" has more reaction from around the world and the reactions. stay tuned at 7:00 after "wisn 12 news this morning." >> voters who turned out in waukesha encountered a few issues. >> we explain why the clerk's office is looking into a ballot shortage. >> it wasn't completely smooth sailing in waukesha about 150 people affected with voting issues in this town of lisbin. now the voter tournout is huge across waukesha county. they were notified that some of the precincts had run out of ballots concerning the arrowhead school referendum. it took a number of hours to get
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they used alternative ways to vote and some voiced frustration to the county clerk over the phone. ie talked to a couple of people that indicated they didn't vote then but also seemed they were going back later. >> it is the understand that no one was turned away during that time, they were given alternative ways to vote. there was a minor issue in the city of delefield w shortage for a time. >> thank you. this is turnout across wisconsin 3 million people voted. more than 52,000 people cast their ballot during the six week early voting period. we'll get a break down of those results later in the day. we have more on the election
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mobile app. >> no one is talking about it because of the politics, but it is going to be a banner day here in southeast wisconsin. >> it is a first rate weekend forecast as well. overall, we are looking at several dry days and tracking the temperatures warming up, cool down and warming back up again. if anything, you may need to water as we look at several dry da this morning high pressure influencing our weather. there it is. it is a big ridge of high pressure stretching from the western great lakes to much of the western u.s. now winds retate clockwise around the high. for today a little lighter northwest wind. the winds are staying light today. this high is going to slip into the ohio valley and the winds
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mid to upper 60s tomorrow. for today, talking about the sunshine. the early temperatures cool. it is a touch warmer along the lake. racine and kenosha dropped a degree down to 39. 35 beaver dam. 37 sheboygan. regionally and looking at the upper midwest, all of these readings are at or above the seasonal normals. the cold air is well to the north. it is looking that mid to late month getting in on the colder air and november is behaving like november. for today sunshine. temperatures reach up to mid 50s. all is quiet tonight and low 39. it is windy tomorrow. it helps to get us up to 67 degrees. but gusty southwest winds for tomorrow. still on the breezy side as we look at the disturbance rolling through and boundary thursday night, and turning cooler on friday.
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breezy cool down and warming up for saturday and sunday. early next week the temperatures between 55 and 60. >> sal, thank you. 5:21 #. we are following breaking news. >> donald trump is elected the 45th president of the united states. >> as we go to break, we are seeing a few photo released by the trump campaign, this is taken overnight. donald, mike pence and his family and friends. we have more on reaction and coverage of the important races
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>> hi, i'm mrs. brennan with the third grade class at robinwood elementary and we want to say good morning franklin! ben: good morning franklin! thanks for this wednesday morning shout out! wisn 12 news is visiting different classes all across southeast wisconsin. melinda: if you're interested in getting a visit, just head to and click on the school shout out logo. we'll try to schedule a time to have meteorologist jeremy nelson stop by to say hello!
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now to more election results that have been coming in overnight. ben: there were a number of school referenda on the ballot across the area. voters in cudahy were asked to approve 7.9 million dollars for renovations and improvements in the district. they voted yes. melinda: in franklin, more than 43 million dollars on the ballot for building a new middle school. voters said yes. ben: in oconomowoc, voters were asked whether to approve nearly 55 million dollars for a new elementary school and district improvements. again voters sye melinda: the arrowhead school district wanted $64 million for campus-wide renovations, including a new pool and fine-arts center. voters said no. ben: and in germantown, they wanted $84 million to build a new field house, pool and performing arts center. that got a yes. melinda: our big story this morning, breaking news about the presidential race. ben: donald trump elected the 45th president of the united states. while a lot of people are celebrating this morning, there
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this is video from overnight showing a group of demonstrators in the streets of san francisco upset by trump's victory. at one point, fires were set. more coverage of this breaking news, up next. >> donald trump changed the header on his twitter account,
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ben: breaking nows, states. >> to all republicans and democrats and independents across this nation i say it is time for us to come together as one united people. >> trump's supporters are celebrating this morning. others are taking to the streets in protest even setting fires. we have special coverage this morning of the 2016 election. ben: president-elect donald trump. voters chose him over hillary
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melinda: some are calling it a surprising victory. hillary clinton had a small lead in most polls ahead of election day. here's a look at the numbers coming in overnight. donald trump earned the votes to claim victory. wisn 12 news' nikole killion is in washington. >> this morning, president-elect donald trump said his work is just beginning and pledged to unite the country. >> i love this country. thank you very much. >> donald trump defying expectations going from political newcomer to president-elect. >> it's been what they call an historic event, but to be really historic, we have to do a great job and i promise you i will not let you down. >> trump addressed supporters overnight at his manhattan election headquarters after he was propelled to victory in critical battleground states and the industrial midwest striking a theme of unity.


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