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tv   WISN 12 News at 5PM  ABC  November 9, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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obama: the peaceful transition of power is one of the hallmarks of our tomography. lauren emphasizing the bigger : picture. president obama: everybody is sad when their side loses an election. we actually have to remember we are on one team. the presidency and the vice presidency is us. lauren: trump overnight capturing the presidency in an historic and stunning victory, grabbing key battleground states and even taking traditional democratic strongholds from clinton, who polls had leading going into election day. campaign but rather an incredible and great movement. lauren: the triumphant trump, delivering an acceptance speech overnight before ecstatic supporters of that movement, speaking to the whole country. mr. trump: i promise you, i will not let you down. we will do a great job. lauren: trump will lead with a house and senate controlled by republicans. tomorrow, he meets with president obama here in washington at the white house.
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lister, abc news. toya: we're also hearing from house speaker paul ryan for the first time about trump's victory. during a speech in janesville this morning, the wisconsin congressman called the win an incredible political feat. speaker ryan: but donald trump heard a voice out in this country that no one else heard. he connected in ways with people no one else did. he turned politics on its head. toya: ryan says he expects trump to work hand-in-hand with the republican-led congress. ryan says he wants to continue to be speaker and is not worried about his job despite his disagreements with the president-elect. patrick: never-trump, a movement by some in the gop, was embraced by conservative talk-show radio host charlie sykes. 12 news nick bohr is live in the newsroom. and nick, sykes says he has no , regrets. nick: charlie sykes admits he was very wrong about what was going to happen with the election results and now says he can only hope he's wrong about what kind of president donald trump will be.
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talker charlie sykes simply couldn't get behind trump and repeatedly told listeners he didn't think trump was fit to be president. >> and i also take seriously the role of the president as being a role model, and i had a hard time. now can donald trump surprise , me? yes, i hope he does, beause a lot rides on it right now. nick: including, he says, how trump will re-define the republican party itself. >> donald trump is now the face of the republican party. he's the face of conservatism. and what does that mean? i think conservatives have to figure out are they simply going going to be independent, are they going to support him when he's right and oppose him when he is wrong? nick: just some of the questions even those who voted for trump are having today many of whom , sykes says still have mixed feelings even in victory. >> you want to win an election, but what have we just done? what have we just done to ourselves and to the country? and the answer is no one knows. nobody has any idea what he's going to do in office. in fact, probably including
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nick: sykes says trump's first move in office should be to appoint a strong conservative to the supreme court. sykes is retiring from his talk show at the end of the year. toya? toya: thank you, nick. well, some went to bed not knowing who won the election. wisn 12 news hillary mintz reports voters reactions were mixed, after 'waking up' hearing president-elect donald trump. hillary: disbelief. >> it was unbelievable. i thought clinton was going to win. hillary the late-night election : results keeping these clinton supporters in and out of sleep, glued to the tv and their phones. >> in the middle of the night, i woke up and saw it on my phone. >> oh, no. >> shock, really. hillary: the breakfast crowd on the eastside still coming to grips with trump's victory. >> this is unprecedented in a presidential election, so now, what we all voted for yesterday. haley: in milwaukee, a 20-year
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trump supporters say it is time for a change. >> carrying over obama's policies and the establishment. so i think that is the reason. hillary: some were thrilled. >> i am very excited. hillary: others dissappointed. , hillary: many now hoping everyone can find a way to come in milwaukee, hillary mintz, wisn 12 news. toya: here's a breakdown of the wisconsin vote. according to exit polls from the associated press, here's what we found when it came to race and gender. six out of every 10 votes trump received were from white men. trump and clinton battled to a draw among white women. women overall favored clinton, but more than four in 10 women went with trump. six out of every 10 hispanics supported clinton. patrick: stocks are closing higher on wall street, following trump's win. let's take a look they stand, right now. the dow jumped 256 points. the nasdaq rose 57 points.
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toya: wisconsin's senior senator will serve a second term. republican ron johnson pulled off the upset, beating democratic challenger russ feingold 50%-47% to keep his seat. 12 hours after pulling that upset, johnson stopped by the 12 news studios. he was here for a taping of "upfront with mike gousha." the oshkosh republican told mike he said fight is now over. >> the attacks against me, the rejection, i have got a very thick skin. my kids do not like listening to me being lied about. while i am satisfied, truth will rise out of the distortion. toya: you can see mike's full interview with senator johnson on " upfront." it airs sunday mornings at 9:00 a.m. only on wisn 12. johnson's victory helped republicans hold on to their
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taking a look at the balance of power, right now the gop leads 51-46 with two independents. democrats picked up a seat late this afternoon after new hampshire republican senate kelly ayotte conceded to her opponent. that means president trump will have a republican controlled congress. and on our website and , our free app are your sources for complete election coverage. on both you can find a full list , of national and local election results. you'll find a link right on the home page. abc news coverage of the election continues next on "abc muir." why the power of the presidency might not protect trump from his legal problems. plus, what's on the top of the agenda for the new, soon-to-be first lady melania trump. that's coming up next at 5:30 p.m. patrick: milwaukee police are looking for a man attacking women on the city's far northwest side. they released this sketch of the man, wanted for sexually assaulting two people. wisn 12 news mike anderson is live at 76th and good hope where it happened.
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mike: well, patrick, this is where one of those assaults happened, in this grassy area, and people in the neighborhood, they want these suspect caught quickly. there are schools and people who walk around here, some walking to work. 12 news witnessed numerous police officers and squad cars focused on a busy area near 76th and good hope tuesday night. they say around 7:20 p.m., a man sexually assaulted a victim who was walking in the area. they released this sketch black man, approximately 25 years old 5'5 to 6 foot tall, , husky build, short hair, medium complexion, with a diamond studded earring in his left ear. >> it makes us feel a little unsafe. mike tina turner and tiffany cox : work at one of the five schools in the area. they were stunned when they learned the man is also suspected of sexually assaulting a woman just a few hours earlier in the 7900 block of west
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>> it is in the area where there are children, workers, people who walk to work every day, kids coming home from school. mike: now here's another look at , the sketch of the suspect, last seen wearing a light blue and gray hooded sweatshirt, blue jeans and dark shoes. if you recognize that individual, you are asked to call the milwaukee police. reporting and good hope mike anderson, , wisn 12 news. toya: thank you, mike. new on wisn 12, another huge turnout at milwaukee municipal court, people lined up out the door and down the street for the second warrant withdrawal wednesday. now that's the chance for people , to get their warrants and driver's license suspensions lifted simply by just showing up at court. 850 people showed up last week. the court will hold one more session next wednesday. patrick how well do you know : your teenager? would you know if they were using drugs? their bedroom could hold the clues to what's really going on.
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>> people and kids are getting smart enough to hide things in plain sight. so you won't even look for them, even though they're right there. patrick: a recovering drug addict shares the secrets on how to get to know what's really going on with your child and point to the danger signs that might be right under your roof. it's a report every parent, caregiver and teacher should hear. a 12 news investigation, hiding in plain sight, tonight on wisn 12 news at 10:00. toya: just when you thought it could not get any warmer in tomorrow might prove us wrong. november,patrick mark, we're : going to warm up. mark: how warm we will get, next on weather watch 12. plus -- toya: a program that is being used to change how students learn.
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website. from clothes to new technology a sneak peak at some of the biggest bargains. anchor: good morning, everybody. anchor: we will have the details of the 2016 election. anchor: and find out about free
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announcer: leading the way with important local coverage, you're watching wisn 12 news at 5:00 p.m., with toya washington, patrick paolantonio, and weather watch 12 chief meteorologist mark baden. wisn 12 news at 5:00 p.m. continues. toya: the number of women dying from cancer is expected to jump considerably worldwide. patrick: the american cancer more than double in the next 14 years. that's a 60% jump in cases in less than 20 years. researchers say breast cancer is the deadliest form of cancer among women. survival rates are hugely dependent on early detection and treatment. researchers say there has been a 20% drop in cancer cases and mortality rates since 1991 because of better tobacco control and medical treatment. the study found the increase in deaths mostly comes from low- and middle-income countries,
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well we have a recall to tell , you about tonight. klement's is recalling more than 1600 pounds of snack sticks. the beef and pork products might be contaiminated with extraneous materials. the recall affects the one-ounce plastic packages of klement's original snack sticks. they contain two pieces. they were produced on may 13. we have this story posted on, if you want to take a closer look at the product numbers. toya: right now, we want to take a look at what's coming up all new tonight on 12 news at 6:00 p.m. kathy mykleby is in the newsroom with a look ahead. kathy: what went wrong question mark the polls of said one thing, and the results came out entirely different. and the markets. what happened? and in washington, three takes state names being mentioned for the donald trump cabinet. join us for all of those stories
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cut at rufus king international middle school. it is a new mps school at 1st and hadley in the harambee neighborhood. it is modeled after rufus king high school, a nationally recognized college prepatory program. patrick: wisn 12 news thema ponton takes us inside the school that mps says is changing the way they educate the future of this city. thema: eighth grader romale reed is learning how to be a leader. and she says that's a lot easier to do at the newly renovated >> last year, we were, like, elementary school, maturing, and this is great. thema: principal tamera ellis says along with the rigorous curriculum, students have the resources they need for a successful transition to high school. some of the renovations include a full auditorium, multiple gyms and new labs. >> we have the equipment now. we have the room.
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really believe in good learning, and i believe it can change students' lives. thema: teacher michelle young says students are learning real world skills. >> they are learning to problem solve. they are learning. this will be beneficial when they get to high school. thema: skills romale hopes will also help her pursue her dream of playing in the wnba. >> my coaches, they do not even care if we win. it is all about character. it is not even about how we play. it is how we present ourselves. thema: the people we spoke with says the idea behind this middle school is to make a difference in their lives, not just in education, but so when they leave these hallways, they are ready to go out and make it different in the world. wisn 12 news. patrick: students who go the middle school are not guaranteed a spot at rufus king high
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toya: nine days in a row with temperatures above normal. patrick: we are almost in the middle of november. can you believe it? mark: i cannot believe it. it is not only unusual to have the warm temperatures but also the sunshine. november is usually really cloudy, and people are really crappy. staying crappy, that is not because of the weather. take it, it will continue on for a while longer. make sure you get out there and enjoy it. 52 degrees, temperatures cooling quickly this evening. temperatures will actually go up overnight tonight. 48 tonight. a beautiful sunset tonight in milwaukee, and the sunset, by the way, was at 4:30 five the
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degrees in watertown. this is running almost four degrees above average, so things are going to take a while before we cool down around here. and the temperatures in the 70's, and as the sun goes down, of course, they are cooling off, but it is amazing how warm it is. in this forecast, i will show you on the news at is the cold air? it is hard to find any of it. this comes in here, and it will be windy. the wind is up to 30 miles per hour. 66 degrees. temperatures in the mid-60's. record-breaking territory. in the middle of november. strong wind. friday night, after the cold front moves in, in milwaukee, at
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just above that at 34 degrees. that would be on saturday morning. but even this cold air is not going to last. it is a warmer start, the first days, the record high, so long. we will add to that tomorrow. the average temperature is 12 degrees above average, so the hash tag continues. the last two only getting to 59. and the temperatures are so much higher than anythinge the first nine days of the month, 1975, fairly close. i think we get one for tomorrow. i am forecasting the high around 66 degrees, a record high setback just four years ago at 65. then back down to 51. it will feel cold, but it is still above average, and then we warm back up to 55 on saturday. and then it will be spectacular
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it is the amount of sunshine that is really remarkable. 55 on monday. there could be a shallow or two on tuesday. city five degrees on wednesday. and when i talk about showers, in november, we start talking about snow showers. but we are not close. we are just enjoying it, as we should. toya: all right. well, he is an up and coming patrick now he's making his : national debut on the steve harvey show. the advice this milwaukee 9-year-old is giving to donald trump. toya: and the featured deals being offered for black friday right now on amazon.
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toya: you'll want to stay up late or set your dvr's. a very special episode of "the steve harvey show" is airing in a few hours with a very special guest from milwaukee. patrick: it was pre-empted yesterday, so we could bring you coverage of the historic
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>> hello, mr. steve. my name is xavier, and i'm nine years old, in the fifth grade, and when i grow, up i want to be boxer, you heard. patrick: that's nine-year-old xavier smith, from milwaukee. he might look familiar to you. he was one of the winners last year of the we energies speech contest, marking dr. martin luther king, junior day. his speech focused on what needs to change in our country. he was one of several kids featured in steve harvey's election day segment kids on politics. >> donald trump, he got to stop being so rude and all that stuff and actually be nice to people and pass it on, you heard. patrick: you can see the full episode early tomorrow at 1:00 in the morning right here on wisn 12. well the holiday shopping season , is already underway at amazon. toya: that is right. the online shopping service launched its black friday deals website. and tonight, we have a sneak peak at some of the big deals. there are sales on clothing, electronics, toys, and more. a few featured deals include $20 off an amazon kindle. roku streaming sticks are also
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jackets. and 50% off select jeans. the site will launch new deals every day until december 22. amazon will unveil new sales as often as every five minutes. so you have to be on top of it. well a new, unique sandwich on , the menu at arby's is turning out to be a big hit. patrick: we're talking about the venison sandwich. the fast food chain put it on the menu this month in six states, including wisconsin, where deer hunting is popular. arby's says its locations here and in minnesota had sold out in 15 minutes. its atlanta locations, which was given a bigger inventory, sold out in 90 minutes. the sandwich includes a thick-cut venison steak, crispy onions, and berry sauce on a toasted roll. it costs about five dollars. gone in 15 minutes. toya: i do not know how you do that. what time does arby's open?
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sandwich? we are going to take another look at the forecast, also popular, up next. announcer: after a rough day, imris yourself in the wisn 12
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patrick: coming up tonight on wisn 12 news at 10:00, a child hit on the way to church. and the change that neighbors want to prevent another tragedy. and a big automotive layoff. the things saving you money, coming up tonight at 10:00. toya: all right, november bills. mark: probably have the heat turned on, to kick in once in a while. beautiful out here in glendale. this is just a little bit over half for the moon right now. and this evening, this temperatures cool off. we get back down into the 40's.
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up. and record high temperatures. patrick: how m tonight, a new era set to begin. president-elect donald trump. the billionaire outsider behind one of the biggest upsets in political history. and the swell of support that carried him through the battlegrounds. >> the forgotten men and women or of our country will be forgotten no longer. >> tonight, his phone call with president obama. his first trip to the white house coming next. and hillary clinton. ahead in the popular vote, but still unable to break that glass ceiling. among her first words today to her supporters, "i'm sorry we did not win." >> this is painful. and it will be for a long time. >> tonight, clinton's message to the country about president-elect donald trump. and we ask, who could be in


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