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tv   WISN 12 News at 1030PM  ABC  November 9, 2016 10:30pm-11:00pm CST

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>> whose straight? >> our streets. -- who's it streets -- who's it streets joyce: protests in several cities tonight over the election of donald trump. people marched and closed streets down in chicago, new york, nashville, boston and more. hillary clinton conceded this morning and encouraged supports to give donald trump a chance. abc's lauren lyster has more on today's reaction and what's next. >> as politicians urge the country to unify behind president-elect donald trump thousands of protesters hitting , the streets from new york to chicago to seattle. just hours earlier, hillary clinton facing her tearful supporters fresh from a divisive campaign and a stunning defeat, saying it's time to unite behind trump. >> we owe him an open mind and
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>> clinton getting emotional, too. >> this is painful, and it will be for a long time. >> shortly after, president obama, saying its time to come together prioritizing a smooth handover to the next president. >> we are now all rooting for his success. the peaceful transition of power is one of the hallmarks of our democracy. >> trump overnight capturing the presidency in an historic upset winning key battlegrounds and even some traditional democratic strongholds watching in trump , tower as the election returns rolled in. st in on victory. and just before 3:00 a.m., president-elect donald trump helping his son barron before leading his family into the hotel ballroom for a victory -- acceptance speech before throngs of elated supporters and the country. >> our's was not a campaign, but rather an incredible movement. i will be a president of all americans. >> and tomorrow morning, trump
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, will welcome him at the white house for a meeting in the oval office. lauren lyster, abc news, capitol hill. kathy: one thing that was very obvious coming out of the election is the incorrect poll numbers leading up to yesterday. joyce: patrick is taking a closer look. patrick: polls across the country were wrong. here in wisconsin, the final marquette law poll showed hillary clinton with a six point lead in wisconsin. but the actual results turned wisconsin, 48% to 47%. a seven point swing for trump. 12 news talked with the poll director charles franklin about what happened. >> republican women were voting 10 percentage points less for trump in our final poll. but in the exit poll voted two or three points more for trump than republican men did. that's a real surprise and a real sharp shift in just over eight days. the other thing is whether people vote the way they tell you at the time you interview them. patrick: franklin says pollsters will be studying the stories
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wrong for months to come, trying to avoid an election miss in the future. kathy: conservative talk radio host charlie sykes admits he was very wrong about election predictions. he was part of the never trump movement. as 12 news nick bohr reports, he does not have any regrets. >> that would be the number one thing -- >> popular conservative radio talker charlie sykes simply couldn't get behind trump and repeatedly told listeners he didn't think trump was fit to be president. >> i also take seriously the role model, and i had a hard time. ken donald trump surprise me? yes, i hope he does, because a lot rides on it right now. >> including, he says, how trump will re-define the republican party itself. >> donald trump is the face of the conservative party and the republican party. are they going to be
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oppose him when he's wrong? >> just some of the questions even those who voted for trump are having today many of whom , sykes says still have mixed feelings even in victory. >> you want to win an election, but what have we just done to ourselves and to the country? the answer is nobody has any idea what he will do in office. in fact, probably including donald trump himself. kathy: that was nick bohr. sykes is retiring from his talk show at the end of the year. joyce: watched the election results. russia's president was the first of many world leaders to offer congratulations. >> i also want to congratulate mr. donald trump with his victory in these elections. joyce: france's president said trump's win opens a period of uncertainty. other world leaders who sent their congratulations to president elect trump were prime ministers in the u.k., japan, israel and india. , mexico released these photos of president enrique pe?a nieto on the phone with mr. trump today.
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lady will be welcomed to the white house by the current first lady. kathy: abc's deborah roberts has more on the meeting of michelle obama and melania trump. >> melania trump has been a picture of elegance, a former fashion model now about to step into the white house. >> good evening. isn't he is best? >> born in slovenia, melania will be the first foreign born first lady since louisa adams. many americans hearing from her for the first time during that infamous speech. borrowing lines from t >> you work hard for what you want in life. that your word is your bond. >> you work hard for what you want in life. that your word is your bond. >> but recently championing her causes, vowing to tackle cyber bullying, which some might see as ironic. >> it is never ok when a 12-year-old girl or boy is mocked, bullied, or attacked.
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become her new his role. melania trump has never been to the white house. but that will all change tomorrow when she meets with mrs. obama. kathy: if you're curious about any other election results or numbers turn to and the , free wisn 12 news app. a very special episode of the steve harvey show is airing in a few hours with a guest from milwaukee. it was pre-empted yesterday so we could bring you coverage of the historic election. here's a sneak peak. >> hello, mr. steve. my are old in the fifth grade and , when i grow up i want to be boxer, ya heard? joyce: that is nine-year-old xavier smith from milwaukee. he might look familiar to you. he was one of the winners last year of the we energies speech contest marking dr. martin luther king-junior day. his speech focused on what needs to change in our country. he was one of several kids featured in steve harvey's election day segment kids on politics. >> donald trump he gotta stop , being so rude and all that
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day, ya heard? joyce: you can see the full episode in a few hours starting at 1:00 a.m right here on wisn 12. yeah, we heard. shorts weather in november. kathy: mark, we are back in the 60's again tomorrow. mark: blooming in november. that is not supposed to be the case around here. i some of you getting lilacs looming, so i guess you can enjoy it. i'm nervous you won't see those coming up this spring. temperatures around 45 at 5:00. we will warm up as the night goes on into the early morning hours. sunshine at 5:00 a.m., sunshine throughout the day, temperatures warming to record levels. a lot of sunshine in the forecast again. there is one issue tomorrow, it
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miles per hour, especially afternoon. kathy: thanks, mark. this month we have had three , days in the 70's and several more in the 60's. as meteorologist lindsey slater reports, it is not just people that are puzzled by the warm temperatures, but also our plans. >> your garden may still have plenty of color despite the change in season. at minors garden center, nursery manager shawn dybul says our warm weather is definitely throwing plants for a loop. >> yes plants do get confused. ,>> typically see this time of year, roses blooming and plan still growing because of this mild dybul says cut your roses down november. in spring, and wait to plant your bulbs and nursery trees until after the first hard freeze. if you don't you could have a , problem. >> they will start thinking it is spring with the warm temperature. they'll start sprouting, that's something you don't want to do. >> if you've already planted
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cut them down. i just had one more question -- one more question. because of this extended growing season, is that going to impact spring flowers for next year? >> no, it should have no effect on it. >> so enjoy the unseasonably warm weather. we all know winter is coming. in milwaukee i'm meteorologist , lindsey slater, wisn 12 news. kathy: a home will be intentionally set on fire tomorrow in milwaukee. joyce: and a holiday tradition will bring hundreds to waukesha. patrick is looking ahead to tomorrow. patrick: we energies is hand out their ever popular cookie book tomorrow. hundreds lined up saturday for this year's book. tomorrow's distribution will be outside the waukesha county expo center. there are nearly 40 recipes from well-known wisconsinites like archbishop jerome listecki, bonnie blair, and john mcgivern. the free give away starts at 10:00 in the morning. also tomorrow, 24 milwaukee fire department recruits will put their 15 weeks of training to the test. starting at 9:00 in the morning a vacant home will be set on , fire on 36th and clarke .
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they have learned over the past several months before moving on. and finally, manpower is hosting the 10th annual job seminar for local women. the one day event helps women looking to succeed find a job or explore a new career. it's a free event starting at 8:30 in the morning. women will have the chance to work one on one with professional mentors to polish their resumes and practice interviewing skills. kathy: thanks, patrick. a chocolate bar has experienced some significant changes, and customers are not happy. joyce: still ahead, how toblerone was downsized, and why
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? ? ? when you find something worth waiting for,
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financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase, so you can. kathy: the ribbon is officially cut at rufus king international middle school. it's a new mps school at 1st and hadley in the harambee neighborhood. it's modeled after rufus king high school, a nationally recognized college preparatory program. joyce: wisn 12 news thema ponton takes us inside the school that teachers educate the future of this city. >> eighth grader romale reed is learning how to be a leader. she says that's a lot easier to do at the newly renovated home of rufus king international middle school. >> last year, we were in elementary school, but now we are maturing and it is great. >> principal tamera ellis says along with the rigorous curriculum, students have the resources they need for a successful transition to high
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a full auditorium, multiple gyms and new labs. ,>> we have the equipment now. we have the room. we have the teachers to really believe in student learning and who really believe they can make a difference in the student's lives. >> teacher michelle young says students are learning real world skills. >> they're learning to problem solve, communicate, which will be especially when they get to high school. >> skills romale hopes will also help her pursue her dream of playing in the wnba. >> my coaches like they don't even care a few win. it is all about our character. if we don't have integrity, it is not even about how we play. it is about how we present ourselves for rufus king. >> the idea behind the middle school is to make a difference in these kansas lives, and not just in their education.
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these hallways, they're ready to go out and make a difference in the world. joyce: just to be clear, students who go to the middle school are not guaranteed a spot at rufus king high school. kathy: general motors is laying off workers for the first time in six years. the automaker plans to cut factory jobs in january. 2000 g.m. said the job losses will hit 1200 workers in lordstown, ohio and 800 in lansing, michigan. some may be offered other positions. the affected plants make small cars which have been slumping in , sales due to low gas prices. joyce: tonight, outrage over a candy bar. and a school janitor is praised for his unique vacuuming skills. patrick is tracking what will have you talking. patrick: no surprise. there's lots of election chatter online. today we learned more about how , social media played a role in the election. facebook reports 115 million people around the world generated more than 716 million likes,
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twitter says more than 75 million election-related tweets were sent by 3:00 this morning. that's more than double the 31 million sent on election day four years ago. as for google, trump also won that contest. google says more searches were performed for him than hillary clinton from sunday to tuesday. uproar over a chocolate bar. outraged over changes to the toblerone bar. the makers of the candy bar have widened the gaps between their famous chocolate triangles. the company blames the change on higher ingredient costs. but customers say it would have been better to shorten the bar, instead of making the gaps bigger. a night-time school custodian is being recognized for going the extra mile and bringing smiles to students. he works in new hampshire. every night ron munsey vacuums a , different design in the carpet. he can do shapes, and even charlie brown.
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do it at home to their living room. he also tries his skills at sports logos. the first grade teacher says the kids look forward to finding the new design every morning. joyce: who would in. that's cool. what a neat hobby. surely that again. kathy: in sports, the good excuse that 7500 students had joyce: plus, how the badger football team embraces the identity that has landed them in the top ten. kathy: and, the lesson marquette's basketball players will learn when they open their season at the naval academy on friday. dan needles is in next with big 12 sports. here are tonight's winning
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announcer: big 12 sports presented by menards. dan: the badgers now ranked seventh in both the polls and the college football playoff rankings and are now in the driver's seat for the big ten west title. they'll be favorites in their final three games, including this weekend at home against this group has embraced what they are, a great defensive team with bad offense. u.w. ranks third in the nation in scoring defense and 98th in scoring offense. still, they've made it up to seventh in the rankings by not pointing fingers. >> right now, we've not putting the kind of points on the board, and that means defense has to play, put more pressure on the
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>> if we're having a good day, the offense sees that. they are going to push even harder and try to have a good day as well. all we can really do as a defense is give them as many chances as we can to score. that's all we can really do. dan: the eighth-ranked badger basketball team opens their season friday night at home against central arkansas. today was national letter of intent signing day, and greg gard landed three top 100 recruits, including la crosse central guar made his original commitment to bo ryan, but stuck with the badgers when gard took over. >> coach us always been my recruiter and the guy had i have talked to the most. i know the university is the place i wanted to be, and now he is head coach and it is the icing on the cake for me. dan: marquette also landed three recruits today, adding some height to a team that will be guard-oriented this season. the golden eagles open their season friday in annapolis,
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will get to the nine states naval academy, and the midshipmen who are kids the same age as the guys in our program who have already dedicated their life to service of our country, and are willing to put their life on the line to protect our freedoms, and it puts into perspective what we are doing. dan: panther arena, the admirals hosted more than 7500 kids on school day as they took on arch-rival chicago. trailing by one with less than three minutes left, the admirals got the equalizer from matt white. and in overtime, the game-winning goal on a wrister to give milwaukee a five-fourth -- 5-4 win, their fourth in a row.
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tomorrow, record high? it is temperatures all above
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? >> jimmy: get me the hat. and the bush. all right, and the stakes. >> no, no, not the stakes. >> give me the stakes. >> okay. and the wig. the sensible pantsuit and the statement pearls. the e-mails.


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