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tv   WISN 12 News at 1030PM  ABC  November 10, 2016 10:30pm-11:00pm CST

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>> whose streets? our streets. kathy: traffic in downtown is stopped as protestors claiming to be against donald trump's presidential win marched in milwaukee. there was at least one fight that broke out. 12 news ben hutchison will have that part of the story. joyce: but we start with christina palladino, who talked with protestors. >> the processor let downtown just aut the american civil liberties union tells us at one point more than 3000 people showed up to demonstrate. many had signs, stickers, and shirts showing their extreme frustration with the election of donald trump. mothers, fathers, young, old and people of all different backgrounds marched across downtown milwaukee several times letting their voices be heard. , one man i talked with while we were both on facebook live discussing the event.
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, the way that our future president has spoken about others that do not look like me his interests are not humane. his interests are not humane. >> as you can imagine, so many people sharing their experience, protesting on social media. the organization behind the demonstration tonight say they will be organizing more marches to come over the next several days. kathy: thanks. things briefly turned violent when a president elect donald arrow park. joyce: ben hutchison joins us live with that part of the story. >> there were a couple of trump supporters that showed up on the sidewalk here. one of them even brought kids with. he was involved in the fight after waving a flag and chanting . a couple of protesters grab the flag away. pushing and shoving began, then punches were thrown.
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encouraging others to be non-violent. at one point, a trump supporter was hit with pepper spray, and that set off another round of fighting. a lot of emotion out here. the two sides making their feelings for the election results very clear. the trump supporters left and it didn't appear there were any serious injuries. at red arrow park, ben hutchison, wisn 12 news. kathy: today, president elect donald trump met with president obama inside the oval office. joyce: while they both said very unflattering things about each other during the campaign, today was about moving forward. abc's lana zak has more on the historic meeting. >> power. >> we now are going to want to do everything we can to help you succeed because if you succeed, then the country succeeds. >> this is what makes american democracy extraordinary. >> i very much look forward to dealing with the president in the future, including counsel. >> after an extremely contentious election campaign, president obama and president-elect donald trump met together in the oval office for an hour and a half. their bitter wounds apparently
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great honor being with you. >> signaling to the nation the idea of country over party. >> very good man, very good man. >> but it is an ideal that is often difficult to achieve. president elect donald trump pledged to his supporters to roll-back much of the work of the obama administration, just like obama did to his predecessor. mr. trump also travel to the capital to meet with senate majority leader mitch mcconnell and an adversary from within the republican party, speaker of the house paul ryan, who showed him where he will be inaugurated and the two men plan to do when that happens. >> whether it is health care or immigration, so many different things. we will be working on them fairy rapidly. >> -- very rapidly. >> and with a republican majority in both houses of congress the president-elect has greater power to make those changes when he takes the oath of office right here in january. lana zak, abc news, the capitol.
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continued a white house tradition by hosting incoming first lady melania trump for tea today. today. it's the first time the two have met. they discussed raising kids in the white house and toured the executive residence, including the truman balcony. joyce: a shorewood man's luck quickly changes after a night at potawatomi casino. patrick, police say the man might have been followed home then robbed of his winnings. , >> shorewood police are issuing a warning in this case. they say it started last night when the man was gambling at potawatomi. he left in the overnight hours. then, as the man was getting out of his van outside his apartment building, a gunman ran up and demanded money. >> followed since he was coming from pottawatomie bingo. patrick: a spokesman for potawatomi told 12 news the police did request surveillance video from their security team and it was provided. they're looking to see if he was followed. the casino also sent us a statement saying, "the safety of our guests and employees is of the highest priority. and all guests can request a security escort to their parked vehicle. also, guests can request a check cut for their winnings if they
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cash." shorewood police are reminding people that we're getting close to the holidays and thieves do , come out. kathy: after another warm november day a cold front is , moving in. joyce: no record high tomorrow. mark: no record high tomorrow. the weather today is what you would typically see towards the middle of may or the latter part of september. it is november 10, and temperatures in the 60's and 70's. it is just incredible that we keep this going day after day after day. tomorrow, no, we will not be in the 60's. we will barely get to the 50's. we will keep our streak of 50's alive. 51 for the high tomorrow. more clouds than we have seen in a while, but in time for the weekend, the clouds to part and temperatures warm right back up.
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thank you, mark. changing medians to protect you from flash floods. kathy: wisn 12 news lindsey slater shows us how the new look can make a difference. >> normally when you look at a stretch of road, it crowns at the top, allowing for excess water to runoff into the ditches and side streets. when there's too much water, that can build up fast. toya: here at 44th and bradley in brown deer is where five lanes of concrete used to be. now multiple bioswales are in it's place doing what natur community development director nate piotrowski realized that changes had to be made in several areas across the city. >> we change the pitch of the road and the water runs into these areas. >> this allows a place for the water to go that's not pooling on the roads. not only does it help with storm water management, but it's also aesthetically pleasing. >> i think it benefits everyone in the milwaukee river basin.
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then ultimately lake michigan. >> so by having more of these, which also act as a big water filter removing pollutants, it indirectly helps to clean the water you may eventually drink. reporting in brown deer, i'm meteorologist lindsey slater, wisn 12 news. kathy: officials say you'll see more of these projects in brown deer thanks to grants from the wisconsin dnr and mmsd. joyce: we're learning more tonight about a woman killed on the freeway this morning. sheriff's officials say witnesses report seeing the woman run out in front of oncoming traffic on i- a semi hit the woman, and she died at the scene. the northbound lanes were closed for about an hour while crews investigated. milwaukee police need your help tracking down two men involved in an armed robbery. here are pictures of the suspects. police say the men robbed a man near fond du lac and bourbon after forcing their way into his apartment last saturday. both suspects are in their 20's. kathy: a move to knock tobacco out of miller park is moving one step forward. this morning, milwaukee's public
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measure to ban smokeless tobacco in the ballpark. the ban would impact everyone inside miller park during games, including fans and players. the goal to send a message to , young people that baseball and tobacco don't mix. >> so many kids do look up to ball players and emulate them as role models and we all see it , whether it's at baseball games whether it's at baseball games in the past few months where you , see ballplayers chewing, so kathy: several other major league ballparks already have bans on smokeless tobacco. if passed here in milwaukee, the ban would be self policing. violators would first get a warning, then a citation which could cost up to $250. the measure will be taken up by the full common council later this month. joyce: at the eleventh hour on the eleventh day of the eleventh month an armistice was signed, ending world war one. kathy: it's a day remembered now as veterans day and will be
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early today at the troop cafe in milwaukee. the restaurant opened in 2013, to give vets on the job training in the food service industry, and help ease the transition to civilian life. three year later, the cafe is getting an official commendation from the state for all they do to help veterans. >> we owe a great debt of gratitude to the veterans. you think about the freedom to travel, the freedom of speech, the election we just had, we take these things for granted. kathy: you can visit the troop caf? weekdays near 35th and wisconsin avenue. harley davidson is honoring veterans. joyce: patrick is looking ahead. patrick: harley davidson is offering free entry to the museum for all active military, veterans, and their families. the veterans appreciation event starts tomorrow at 10:00 in the morning. the deal lasts through sunday. you will have to show a valid military or veteran's id. the motor bar and restaurant also offers a military discount.
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head start on your christmas shopping. the packers' pro shop is offering a black friday sale tomorrow and saturday. there will be discounts on clothes, tailgating gear along with ornaments and decorations. and potawatomi is already thinking about new years eve. general admission tickets go on sale at noon. a ticket includes parking, coat check, party favors and a complimentary champagne toast. the party is new years eve starting at 8:00 p.m. kathy: it is already a happy and emotional time of year. joyce: meet one family that just got a little bigger. kathy:he congratulates the cleveland cavs , how he brought politics into
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>> all right, you know how to do it? just like that. good job. now leur good job. kathy: a special day for local families becoming a family legally. it's adoption day in milwaukee county. joyce: hillary mintz was in children's court for all of the celebrations. >> even on the happiest of days, one year olds will be one year olds. everyone knows in court, all smiles because little grayson and his older brother omari are about to get their forever
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the boys have been with foster parents meg and matt since may, . 12 news spent time with them at their home in richfield last week but today is the day meg , and matt officially become mom and dad, and their two girls big , sisters to these two little guys. >> the petitions for adoption are hereby granted. >> of course no adoption is complete without a gavel or two. for mom meg, who was adopted herself, it's all come full circle. >> it was meant to be. this is our family. >> a family of six now just the way they always knew it should be. >> a total of 19 kids now have for have her families -- forever families. joyce: november also happens to
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taking a different approach to dealing with disciplinary problems from students. detention has been replaced with meditation. along with writing, reading and math students are studying , breathing and mindfulness. and if a student acts up they're not sent to the principal's office. they are sent to the meditation corner. the goal is that they'll not only be at peace for the rest of the day, but hopefully for the rest of their life. >> a lot of overwhelming external stimuli and trauma that these kids have two phase so for , them to have tools to better self-regulate to manage themselves and their emotions and to make them healthier mentally, physically, and emotionally i think it just , makes the climate of the school better for academics. kathy: the holistic life foundation says they want to expand the success they've had here in baltimore to schools across the country. joyce: interesting idea. president obama had a busy day today. in addition to meeting with president-elect donald trump. he also met with the cleveland cavaliers at the white house
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will be talking about. patrick: the cavs got the invitation after beating the golden state warriors for the nba championship earlier this year. the cavaliers met with president obama after his meeting with president-elect donald trump. >> welcome to the white house and give it up for the world champion cleveland cavaliers. that's right, i said world champion and cleveland in the same sentence. that's what we're talking about when we talk about hope and patrick: the cavaliers delivered cleveland's first professional sports championship since 1964. starbucks debuted its holiday cups today. this year, starbucks is putting christmas images back on its cups. they feature designs created by customers that include snow flakes, reindeer, christmas lights and ornaments. , there are 12 festive designs created by 13 women from six countries. last year, starbucks came under fire.
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have enough christmas. the app snapchat is branching out into eye wear. the social media company is now selling smart sunglasses in a big yellow vending machine. the first one was installed in venice beach, california near toya: -- california near snapchat headquarters. glasses run about and feature $130 built-in wireless video some of the glasses are already popping up on the secondary market. apparently, some that were bought today are selling online for more than $900. joyce: why are they so special? patrick: you can take a short video and put it on snapchat. joyce: coming up and sports how , former marquette star dwyane wade did in his return to miami. kathy: plus why the badgers , starting five may not see a lot of playing time in their season opener.
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overlook the fighting illini. stephanie sutton is next in sports. here are tonight's winning
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announcer: big 12 sports presented by menards. stephanie: the badger football team enters saturday's game as a solid 26-point favorite against a three-win illinois team. statistically speaking, the fighting illini really aren't good at anything. they've especiay illinois ranks 121st in the nation in total offense, and they're down to their third-string quarterback, jeff george junior, the son of the former nfl quarterback. george did lead a late rally last week in a win against michigan state, so the illini should have some confidence. >> they are a good football
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back. we have to go out there and play fundamentally good wisconsin defense like we have put on tape. stephanie: as we showed you in our first half hour, jabari parker had a season-high of 33 points, but the milwaukee bucks still fell to the pelicans, handing them the first win of the season. former marquette star dwyane south beach to face his former team, the miami heat, since singing with the chicago bulls. wade spent 13 seasons in miamia and helped win three nba championship. he finishes with 13 points, and the bowls beat the heat, 98-95. a day before the badgers tip off their season against central arkansas, three wisconsin players were named to the naismith award watch list, which honors the best player in the country. nigel hayes, bronson koenig, and ethan happ all made the top 50. the badgers have a lot of
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their starting five. yet, those guys may not play many minutes in some of the early games because head coach greg gard still wants to evaluate some of the younger players. >> yeah, it's quite annoying actually. he has to get some other guys in so they can get some plays, playing with one another, playing with her for lineups. it is a good thing and a bad in the same way in practice, just wanting to get more reps, but i understand what he's doing, trying to figure out who's going to play and how much time and all that kind of stuff, but once the season starts rolling around, i'm pretty sure everything will fall into place. stephanie: as for marquette their season opener is tomorrow , night against vanderbilt in the veterans classic in maryland. nfl news, the ravens beat the browns. joyce: a lot on your plate tonight. thank you. kathy: a final look at your
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mark: not nearly as nice on
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>> dicky: from hollywood it's ?jimmy kimmel live?! tonight matthew broderick, from the los angeles rams, william hayes and tip. and now, here's jimmy kimmel! ? ? >> jimmy: hi, everybody. thanks for coming. that's very nice. i appreciate it. i'm happy to see you too.


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