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tv   WISN 12 News at 5PM  ABC  November 11, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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mitchell she knew something was wrong, so she wasted no time calling police. she does not consider herself a hero. >> i would call it a motherly instinct. and i think as a adult we should watch out for everybody's children. if you think a child is in distress. joyce: mitchell says she knows how scary this situation can be. she says her son walked away from a babysitter about 15 years ago when he was five years old and got lost himself. a stranger helped bring him home. march is approaching her 24th year with milwaukee county transit. patrick: wisn a woman is now charged in 12, connection with the hit and run crash that killed a five-year-old milwaukee girl. police say lasheba crowder lied to police, telling them her porsche suv had been stolen just hours before the crash that killed rickyia langham sunday. investigators believe crowder's boyfriend was behind the wheel at the time and she was covering for him. she's charged with obstruction. investigators tell 12 news they arrested the suspected 30-year-old driver yesterday. we are not naming him because he has not been formally charged.
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bars for one of the waukesha girls accused of stabbing their friend in the slenderman case. anissa weier is now 15. we just learned today the girl's trial might be next spring, two and half years after the crime. 12 news nick bohr is live. nick, the girl's lawyers want jurors from outside the area. >> right. that and a host of other issues that will be heard in court in the coming weeks, including separating their trials and throwing out their confessions. possibly june or july. the stabbing of their 12-year-old classmate in 2014 still hasn't made its way to trial for morgan geyser and anissa weier, charged as adults who told police they were moved , by the fictional character slender man. >> it is hard to grasp that is two and a half years down the road and you are getting taller, growing up, talking about schoolwork, and things like that, and thinking about what the court process is.
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requesting a jury from outside the area who haven't been influenced by the media coverage. >> i think the doctors are doing a good job with her treatment. >> while that's good news for morgan geyser's health, it could prove challenging for her defense team, who may need to convince a jury her mental illness made her incapable of controlling her actions. >> we have good clinical evidence and how her functioning was case after this event. >> geyser's lawyer is hoping her convince the judge to exclude her confession to police. >> whether somebody who had just turned 12 has a pervasive, undiagnosed, untreated mental illness is in the proper state of mind to voluntary make statements to the police. -- momentarily make statements to the police. >> both girls have filed so-called insanity pleas in the case. doctors reports submitted today
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toya: thank you. a documentary about this case is about to hit the big screen. >> we never thought she could possibly believe that it was real. >> he just told me we had to. he said he would kill her families. >> who is he? >> a man. he does not have a face. his skin is white. >> she needed to prove that existed, and she would prove that by killing somebody. toya: hbo just released the trailer to its new documentary beware the slender man. producers say they had quote 'heart-wrenching' access to the girls' families. the documentary also explores the impact the internet has on young people. beware the slender man airs on hbo january 23, 2017. the entire trailer is two minutes long. if you'd like to watch it, click on the links tab of
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president-elect donald trump's transition team. vice president-elect mike pence will now lead it. pence replaces new jersey governor chris christie. christie will now serve as vice chairman with former new york mayor rudy giuliani. both men have also been mentioned as potential attorney general candidates. >> i have no expectation, all i do is give my advice. patrick: as for chief of staff, the rumored list of names includes rnc chairman reince priebus and trump's son-in-law jared kushner. toya: with anti-trump protestors in downtown milwaukee. our cameras captured the confrontation last night. tonight we hear from the man in , the center of it all, waving his american flags. only on wisn 12, he tells kent wainscott why he went down there. >> as the thursday rally at red arrow park was breaking up, dennis kartes there in the brown jacket stepped into the middle of it, waving an american flag. >> i went down there with my
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>> you can see his children also covering their faces as he is hit with pepper spray. we caught up with them at the rural washington county home. all three of his children, 4-14, were in the middle of the melee. >> they took our flags crushed , the sticks on them, broke the poles, took them out of our hands. >> it was an anti-trump rally, but kartes, who says he voted for trump, insists his intent was not to defend the president-elect, only the flag. >> had nothing to do with donald trump. donald trump never came out of my my mouth, not even once. >> kartes says he expected a verbal confrontation, but no fight. still he says he'll return if the demonstrators do, and is prepared for another altercation. >> do i expect it? yes, probably, now that i've seen the situation and the way it transpired last night, yes.
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>> children should not come there. it's very dangerous. >> we're live now in red arrow park. this is where the march began and ended, and right here is where that fight broke out. it only last a about a minute. it was the only altercation reported during the entire otherwise peaceful march. police say there were no arrests but one city leader says there , happens again. we will have more on that coming up at 6:00. toya: the milwaukee protest was just one of several rallies across the country. the president-elect took to twitter to respond. he blamed the demonstrations on "professional protesters" that he says are being incited by the media. later he tweeted this message , "love the fact that the small groups of protesters last night have passion for our great country. we will all come together and be proud." world news will have continuing
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at 5:30. >> like my house blew up. i literally thought the gas or something, my house blew up. patrick: a car crashes through a home in greenfield. a father and his two sons were just feet away. it happened last night near 92nd and plainfield. wisn 12 news tim elliott shows us just how close the family came to danger. >> you know i'll never forget my youngest son screaming. you can't get that out of your head. >> joel hoecherl and his two young sons were enjoying a quiet evening playing video games when all of a sudden a suspected drunk driver's suv came crashing into their kitchen. >> like my house to appear he i literally thought the gas or something, my house blew up. >> it happened just after 8:00 last night at 92nd and plainfield in greenfield, joel was in the basement and ran upstairs to find this. >> it was everywhere.
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sons weren't hurt. what if someone was in the kitchen? >> they would have been dead. >> you can still see the skid marks here from what happened last night. the homeowner says the vehicle was traveling south here on 92nd street tried to pass someone, lost control, and then barrel rolled here into his home. >> he hit and it cracked and the crack goes all the way through and then all the way up in here . he shattered it and at this , point, they think this will has to come down. >> hoecherl believes the driver was going way too fast and police say alcohol may have been a factor. >> is like a nightmare, and you wake up, and it's there. it is real. >> in greenfield, tim elliott, wisn 12 news. patrick: greenfield police arrested the driver for owi. he was admitted to the hospital with several injuries. there's no word on his condition tonight. toya: a body is pulled from the milwaukee river in the third ward. this was the scene near
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and erie just before 7:00 this morning. police say it is an adult man. they are working to identify him. the medical examiner will determine the cause of death. patrick: today, we honor the nation's veterans. toya: there were ceremonies across the state today to salute them, including here in milwaukee. this is the milwaukee county war memorial. today's event was a put on by the milwaukee firefighters post of the american legion. the national anthem was sung by the pius high school choir. milwaukee archbishop jerome listecki, who is an army veteran, ? toya: there was also a ceremony today at the veterans home in union grove. governor scott walker was there. he thanked the group of veterans for not only their service, but their continued commitment to the communities they call home. >> and so our thanks is both for your service provided in the military, for the service you provided to this country continuing to stay engaged in
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the communities all across this great state. patrick: president obama observed his final veterans day as president. he laid the wreath at arlington national cemetery. it's in honor of military veterans who have served and sacrificed for their country. the president also held a breakfast in the state dining room honoring veterans. toya: it is also an extra special veterans day for one local family. patrick: coming up a live report , from the airport. the happy homecoming for a local mother of three and army major, just back from serving overseas. mark: and it finally felt like , november today. how cold we'll get tonight and when we warm back up again next in weather watch 12. toya: then, growing worry over
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patrick: this will make you smile. a surprise welcome home for a local service member on veterans day. toya: the wife and mother of three arrived at mitchell international minutes ago. wisn 12 news mike anderson is there live. >> it was quite the homecoming for u.s. army major micki simons. she walked off the plane here to
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major simons is a wife and mother of three from mukwonago. the u.s. army reservist had been deployed in the middle east for nearly a year as part of a special operations command. her husband, ray simons, is also a retired army veteran, now a leader at ge. many of his co-workers came with arms wide open for her today on this special day. >> i i didn't expect this at all, so i'm just very thankful to be home and thank you everyone for your support especially to my , family. >> and in somewhat of a role reversal, her husband has played mr. mom while his wife was on active duty. we will talk to him about what that was like tonight on 12 news at 6:00.
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toya: thank you. right now we want to take a look at what's coming up all new tonight at 6:00. kathy mykleby is in the newsroom with a look ahead. kathy: new tonight on 12 news at 6:00, a local d.j. arrested, the secret recordings police say he made of women in the bathrooms of events where we worked. >> keeping students say from coyotes, the urgent message for parents. kathy: join us for all new stories tonight on 12 news at 6:00. toya: thank you. there's growing concern tonight about access to birth control now that donald trump has been there are posts all over social media. throughout his campaign, trump promised to repeal the affordable health care act. the law requires insurers provide coverage for all fda approved birth control methods without co-payment or co-insurance. without that mandate, women might have to pay for their birth control. trump and congress have not revealed a replacement plan. for now, the heath care act is in place. enrollment will still be available through january 31. the ceo of grubhub is telling his employees to quit if they support donald trump. he sent an email to 1,000
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in it matt maloney suggests employees who agreed with what he called trump's "nationalist, anti-immigrant, and hateful rhetoric" should quit. maloney supported hillary clinton. maloney says he's not demanding people to resign, but says his company will not "tolerate discriminatory activity or hateful commentary in the workplace." patrick: tonight on "20/20," the making of our president-elect. abc news tom llamas takes you through the life of donald trump. the hour-long special will be an in-depth look at trump as a young man, husband, father, president. there are also interviews with those in his inner circle. that includes omarosa, a former contestant on the apprentice and a trump supporter. >> has being so close to donald trump affected any of your personal relationships with friends or family? >> absolutely. there are people who stopped talking to me, who stopped calling me. it has been a very long, lonely.
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me when all i was trying to do was help the black community. it's been so incredibly hard. patrick: you can watch this "20/20" special donald trump, the making of a president, right here on wisn 12. it starts at 9:00. then stay with us for 12 news at 10:00. for the first time all month, it actually feels like november. toya: to last. mark: it's not. we will warm right back up. yes, you have to bundle up. you need coats and gloves if you are headed to the football game tonight. it is cool out there. it is nothing unusual, just a normal november day. we start off with a gorgeous shot of downtown milwaukee. the full moon will be a big
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through the weekend and into monday, so hang around for that. 39 in waukesha. 41 in sheboygan. the wind continues to die down, otherwise the wind chills would be nasty. 34 is the current windchill in waukesha. feels like 37 in sheboygan. feels like 38 in milwaukee. yes, it is cool outside. happening november. why does it feel so cold? we are 20 degrees colder than we were 24 hours ago. that makes a big difference. wait until it gets really cold. we could be down in the 20's this time of year, and that has not happened. the playoffs continue, temperatures around 40, some dropping into the 30's tonight, northerly wind at 5-10, and it will be a chilly night,
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freeze is out there. if you're still trying to hang onto some of your plans, you will have to bring the manner cover them up. i can't believe we're still talking about this. the coldest night so far this season, clear skies, wind dying down, radiation cooling kicking in. our coldest temperature in milwaukee so far, 37 degrees. that was back on october 25. on april 12. that is 213 days ago. that is a long stretch. not quite record-breaking, but we are getting close. the latest freeze we have had was back in 1931 on november 24. i think we will get a freeze before we get to november 24. 50 degrees are warmer, still there today. 54 degrees right after midnight. most of the day, temperatures
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we need another week. we will get close. lows above freezing, 213 days in a row. we are still nine days away from the record there. that is probably not going to happen either, but it has been a remarkable stretch. here we go again. 55 saturday. 60 on sunday. more sunshine in the forecast. that is also incredible about this november, how sunny it has been. i know a lot of you have to do saturday looks good. sunday will get when day. -- gets windy. i want to get your focus in on what is moving in late next week. i know this is a week out, but this will be a weather maker for us. the possibility of rain, really windy at of this take low pressure center, maybe even thunderstorms, friday into
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it will turn much colder just in time for the start of the gun deer season which begins next saturday. it will be a chilly and windy start. be prepared for that. maybe even some snow in northern, central wisconsin, something i will keep a close eye on. temperatures turning right back around after tonight into tomorrow morning. late afternoon, warming up to the mid-50's. 60 on sunday. look at this forecast. clouds on tuesday, back to 54 on wednesday. we are not done with the 60's. did you see that? 60 on thursday, 62 on friday comments ahead of that low pressure center. toya: he hasn't talked about his lawnmower in a while. patrick: it was time. coming up new on wisn 12 news tonight at 10:00, a new item is emerging as one of the hottest
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where your best chances of finding one, and what some people are trying to charge online. and you may have gotten some surprising news on facebook today that you died. what we're learning about who got the message and why tonight , at 10:00. toya: a group of nfl players are calling for change. patrick: why some players want the league to lighten up on its marijuana policy. and how, they say, it could improve the health of players. ? toya: then, the first lady and the cleveland cavaliers.
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patrick: pro football players and doctors are calling on the nfl to reconsider its ban on marijuana use. toya: linebacker derrick morgan and eight former players co-signed a letter calling on the league to look into the possible medical benefits of cannabis on players. morgan says he's concerned about how his near seven-year tenure is affecting his body. a 2011 study in the journal of drug and alcohol dependence found that 71% of players who used narcotic painkillers during their career developed dependency issues. a players union is looking into forming a committee to consider alternate therapies for pain management. patrick: the cleveland cavaliers and the first lady did their own version of the mannequin
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? toya: president barack obama invited the team to d.c. after they won the nba title back in june. the cavs tweeted this video out yesterday with the caption , "freezing our white house visit in time forever with the flotus."
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toya: tonight, a local student athlete in the face of adversity. patrick: tim elliott shows us how he is making great strides. >> w story of a university of wisconsin milwaukee star who is quietly making some noise. >> the talent he has is amazing. >> this college senior is overcoming more than just hurdles on the track, refusing to be defined by his disability, and inspiring story about beating the odds. toya: watch tim elliott's exclusive report tomorrow -- tonight on 12 news at 10:00. it will make you feel good.
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fifth-graders there, hopefully they learned a little bit and had some fun. toya: they got the memo. patrick: tonight, we take you inside trump tower. president-elect donald trump, building his cabinet. members of the trump family in on the decisions. the shakeup already. care after all? america divided. the protesters, did they vote? messages of hate in schools across the country. letters going home after distu distdis


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