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tv   WISN 12 News at 10PM  ABC  November 11, 2016 10:00pm-10:30pm CST

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[captioning made possible by wisn-tv] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] announcer: now on wisn 12 news. joyce: a warning for a neighborhood tonight. a woman walking her dog when a man walks up, stops, and without saying a word -- >> he called collect her, punched her in the mouth. kathy: millions of smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors recalled. the models to look for and their dangerous flaw. joyce: only on wisn 12, a uwm athlete quietly making noise. >> there's a lot of times i get frustrated. joyce: how he's turning that frustration into inspiration. a warning for neighborhoods tonight. a bay view woman is recovering after getting punched in the face while walking her dog. kathy: it happened in broad daylight and for no apparent reason. adrienne pedersen is live in bay view.
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wasn't a robbery like you might guess they don't have anyone in custody and they're still trying to figure out why someone punched kate o'keefe right in the mouth. bill swinger tells us his partner kate o'keefe was walking their dog at 4:30 in the afternoon about a block from their home in this quiet bayview neighborhood. two people drove up and a man got out of the car and started walking toward okeefe. >> he just punched her right in the mouth. there was no, give me my money, no threats, no nothing. adrienne: she started running down the sidewalk, trying to get attention. >> i saw this woman screaming and bleeding heavily from her mouth, and she had a baby in her arms, and got reaction was pull over and pick her up. adrienne: abbie chiconas drove
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nurse practioner, drove herself to the e.r. where doctors performed emergency oral surgery and wired her mouth shut. >> there is nothing you can do. it is completely random, no reason for it. it stinks. adrienne: she have that emergency surgery yesterday right after this attack happened. she'll have to keep her jaw wired shut for five weeks. just awful. i asked police if they're getting any other reports of random violence like this, and so far, they say no. live in bay view, i'm adrienne pedersen, wisn 12 news. kathy: anti-donald trump protesters hit the streets for the third straight night. this is video from miami as demonstrators blocked a busy interstate, bringing traffic to a standstill. only on 12, we're hearing from the trump supporter who was attacked during last night's protest in downtown milwaukee. dennis kartes was holding an american flag when he was punched and pepper-sprayed by protesters.
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daughters to the rally to voice support for the country and flag, not the president-elect. >> my wife, as well as i, spoke out freely and said we have just as much a right to be here as you do. shortly after, the pepper spray flew and so did the punches. >> i figured it might be a little loud talking, back and forth, but i figured we're in america. and for myself and my family to fly the flag and be attacked for it is ridiculous. kathy: during the march, even though it took place without a permit. that has milwaukee alderman bob donovan upset. he released a statement saying, "i fully expect the milwaukee police department to enforce all of our laws equally, fairly, and without prejudice. that did not occur last evening." after calling protesters very unfair on twitter last night, the president-elect took a much different tone today. this morning, trump tweeted love the fact that the small groups of protesters last night have passion for our great country. we will all come together and be proud.
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trump's transition team. joyce: he's pulled new jersey governor chris christie as his chairman and replaced him with vice-president elect mike pence. three of trump's children will also serve on the team. we're also learning he's narrowed his list of candidates for chief of staff. names include rnc chairman reince priebus, campaign ceo steve bannon, and trump's own son-in-law, jared kushner, who's married to ivanka. donald trump may also be considering a policy shift. patrick, this one has to do with the affordable care act, or as some call it obamacare. patrick: repealing and replacing president obama's signature health care law. now in an interview with 60 minutes he indicated that , he's open to keeping key parts of it. >> are you going to make sure people with preconditions are still covered? >> yes. because it happens to be one of the strongest assets. also, the children living with their parents for an extended
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period, very much try to keep that. it has cost but it's something , very much we'll try and keep. patrick: trump also says repealing and replacing the law will be done at the same time, making sure there's no gap between the two. joyce: a muslim woman is making national headlines for making her support of donald trump public. christina palladino caught up with her in milwaukee and reports on the extreme reaction she's getting online from all over the world. >> we sat down with asra nomani in downtown milwaukee while she's in town for her son's fencing tournament. reporter is getting global attention for an article she published this week for the washington post called i'm a muslim, a woman and an immigrant. i voted for trump. >> i am getting the hate. i'm getting my share of folks who are calling me every name in the book for daring to vote for my choice for president. >> nomani says she's been a life-long democrat who has liberal views on social issues, but she's more concerned about the safety of the american people and islamic extremism. >> i believe as a muslim that this is an issue of great
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and the world and that we need to have straight talk. >> in her piece nomani writes , "i reject trump's locker room banter, the idea of a wall between the united states and mexico and a plan to ban muslims but i trust the united , states and don't buy the political hyperbole. nomani says she's received a lot of support about her article, including from fellow muslims, but is disturbed by the level of hate. >> when we all lay our heads down to rest, do is respect others. >> nomani tells me she just couldn't stay silent anymore about her support for trump. she expects to lose friends over it but says that's the problem, , and she hopes this country can eventually unite. kathy: thanks. a local d.j. is busted for allegedly recording women in a bar bathroom. investigators say the camera was hidden inside a pen.
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his company known as wildfire entertainment regularly dj'd on friday nights at sullivan's in kenosha. a man using the women's bathroom found the pen on the floor and took it to police. they found a memory card containing several videos. bohatkiewicz is due in court later this month. in court today, we learned the trial for the so-called slenderman stabbing case could be held this summer. it will be nearly three years after the crime. anissa weier and morgan geyser are accused of stabbing their friend nearly to death in the woods in waukesha they say to , please the ficitonal character slenderman. both are pleading not guilty by reason of mental disease. joyce: a documentary about this case is about to hit the big screen. >> slender man, a faceless ghoul. >> we never thought she could possibly believe it was real. joyce: hbo has released the trailer to its new documentary beware the slender man. , producers interview the girl''
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people. it airs on hbo in january. >> ready, aim, fire. joyce: a salute to our nation's veterans. a veterans day ceremony was held today at the milwaukee county war memorial. the event was one of many across the state today as a way to say we remember and thank you. more protests in madison tonight. kathy: but they have nothing to do with donald trump. the change at u.w. that a homecoming parade. >> the talent that he has is amazing. joyce: a proud coach with a star athlete who is quietly making some noise. you'll want to share the story of how he is succeeding. mark: and check out these chilly temperatures behind me, falling into the 20's in some spots already. when we'll get back to the 60's next in weather watch 12. kathy: and one of the hot gifts for the holidays is emerging. where your best chances of finding it are, and the prices
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joyce: a little boy is out of the hospital after he was attacked by dogs. his mother tried to save him, but was also attacked. the incident was captured on surveillance cameras in anaheim, california. neighbors were able to fight the dogs off before animal control officers took them away. a device meant to protect you and your family at home might fail. kathy: patrick, millions of smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are being recalled.
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more than 3.5 million combination smoke and carbon monoxide alarms. the concern is that they can fail to chirp when they reach the end of their seven-year life. so you could be lead to believe that they're still working. here's what you'll want to look for. the recall involves kidde nighthawk combination smoke/carbon monoxide alarms. the model number is kn-cosm-ib. the alarms were sold between june 2004 and december 2010. they are hard-wired into the consumer product safety commission says there have been eight reports of incidents and no injuries. if you have one, the cpsc says stop using it and contact kidde for a free replacement. kathy: protests disrupt tonight's u.w. madison homecoming parade. a group of demonstrators with a huge banner blocked a road, forcing the parade to take a different route. the rally was organized after the university's response to an offensive and racist costume worn at a u.w. football game
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joyce: a national anthem protest takes center court at tonight's badgers basketball season opener. during the anthem, players nigel hayes and jordan hill stood a few steps behind their teammates as a sign of protest. hayes has been outspoken about injustices against african americans. he has also supported nfl quarterback colin kaepernick's decision to kneel during the anthem. an oshkosh city council member sit during the pledge of allegiance at last night's meeting. caroline panske didn't tell anyone what she was planning to do, but says she wanted to make a point. >> the last portion of the pledge of allegiance states 'indivisible with liberty and , justice for all,' and in this heated of a political environment it's hard to believe
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sit during the pledge again. kathy: a milwaukee county bus driver says instinct kicked in when she saw two young children wandering the streets with no adult nearby. >> where are you going? who are you with. where do you live at? kathy: that's jeannie mitchell pulling over after she saw two kids holding hands along her route. she said she saw the five-year-old girl aer one-year-old brother wandering unsupervised on hopkins north of hampton last month. >> when i talked to the kids, i asked them where they were going. they said they were going to their auntie's house and they pointed in every direction. that was a clue that they were lost. kathy: mitchell called police who got the kids safely back home. they had gotten separated from their sitter. joyce: from walk-on to captain of the team, one athlete from uw-milwaukee is scorching the competition. as 12 news' tim elliott shows us, he's overcoming more than just one type of hurdle on the track.
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but senior track star taylor koss can't hear the all the noise. that is because taylor is completely deaf. >> >> any deaf individual can pursue their dreams and achieve it. >> taylor is a green bay native and was deaf. he uses sign language to communicate, often enlisting the help of an interpreter like theresa. >> there'lo frustrated. >> communication is probably the only thing that i have a tough time with. >> coach eric kramer often shouts instructions at his athletes. >> get your shoulders tall. get those hips up and you can get a better range of motion. >> but when it comes to taylor, he learning to sign what he's saying. >> it's definitely opened my eyes to help me with my communication. >> at first, things weren't easy. >> we actually had impetrator at
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that i was saying. >> if i'm trying to improve my skills i don't necessarily have , the direct access and clear communication with my coach and , often times that can be frustrating because i want to get better. >> and taylor did get better. at the 2016 horizon league outdoor championships in the spring, taylor finished second in the 400 meter hurdles. his time of 53.76 broke a 35-year-old deaf track and field record in the event. as people who can hear so i wouldn't consider myself disabled whatsoever. >> this is taylor's fourth year on the track team. the first three years, he was a walk on athlete, but this year, he has earned a full scholarship. coach kramer says taylor earned that scholarship the old-fashioned way with hard work and dedication. >> i always joke that taylor listens better than most of the kids on the team, and he is
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, he's deaf. and taylor has a message for everyone he's not disabled. >> often times the only hurdle that we have is the way that hearing people see us. >> but he is really fast. message received. in milwaukee, tim elliott, wisn 12 news. joyce: track season starts in and taylor is the top 400 meter january, hurlder at uwm. he will also compete in the in the deaf olympics in turkey ne message received indeed. it's going to be the coldest night we have had so far this fall. kathy: mark, some places are already below freezing. mark: they are. it will be a hard freeze for many. will we get that cold in milwaukee? 42 degrees. we have not had a freeze in milwaukee. everywhere has been very mild. 29 degrees right now in
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37 in sheboygan. if you did have anything still growing and you don't live next to the wake -- lake come in milwaukee,milwaukee, racine, ke, temperatures will be cooling down. 23 in rhinelander. it really isn't that cold for this time of year. this is much more typical than what we have seen. it has been just so incredibly wa in milwaukee, so far the coldest we have had is 37 degrees. our average low is 34. that happened back on october 25. it has been a warm november so far. last time we had a freeze was 213 days ago. the latest freeze we ever had in milwaukee was november 24. that is really late.
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record. it's going to be cold in the morning. 34 degrees at 5:00 a.m. 34 degrees at 7:00 a.m. 37 degrees, but temperatures go up nicely as we head into the afternoon, and it is another beautiful, sunny weekend forecast. let's talk about those warm streaks that continue. 50 degrees are warmer, today made 180 days in a row. we need another week to tie the re s days in a row. lows above freezing, 213 in a row. i'm not sure we will make it here and we have nine more to go, and it looks like we will be cooling down next weekend. it has been an incredibly warm autumn. 61 .3 degrees, greater than the record of 61.1. we will see if we can keep that
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magnificent, cold on saturday, plenty of sunshine, 55. better on sunday, breezy, 60 degrees. 49 degrees for the fourth quarter tomorrow. homecoming tomorrow afternoon. nice conditions for raking. it gets breezy on sunday, so those leaves will be blowing around on sunday. be prepared for that. now we focus on what is to conquer it a big storm moving towaou a whole lot of wind with this, even thunderstorms, maybe the possibility of stronger thunderstorms around here, and it turns colder as we head into saturday. it coincides with the start of gun deer season. most hunters don't want to be hot. tonight's lows not below freezing in milwaukee, 34. we turn it around with another sunny weekend.
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50 two. 50 four wednesday. all these temperatures are above average. every single day about month, temperatures have been above average. 60 on thursday. 62 and a chance of thunderstorms next friday, so another week of temperatures crazy warm for november standards. kathy: yes indeed. today is a special day to thank veterans for their service. joyce: coming up, during two separate services, hear what
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announcer: big 12 sports presented by menards. stephanie: basketball tipping of their season in annapolis maryland tonight in the annual veterans classic. the golden eagles looking for their first win over vanderbilt since 1974. coach wojo entering his third season at marquette. no henry ellenson this year. first half action. jujuan johnson with the steal. he goes the other way and slams it home. former brookfield central star riley lachance plays for vandy. the junior hits the three pointer. marquette trailed one at the break, but the golden eagles get hot in the second half.
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he stops, pops in a three pointer. cheatham finishes with 16 points tonight. a little later, the dish to germantown's luke fischer. das ist sehr, sehr gut, the two handed slam. he adds 18 points. but the star of the game for marquette was jujuan johnson. he led the way with 21 points. marquette wins its season opener. the final 95-71. before tonight's badgerse hill doing their own form of a protest during the national anthem. the senior duo have been vocal about social issues this offseason. as for the game itself, zach showalter, first points of the year coming from long range. he had 10 points on the night. bronson koenig with a game high 16 points, knocking down four three pointers. meanwhile, hayes, he struggled on offense early on, but this nasty dunk, one of his four points in the first half.
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mistake they made in last year's season opener. they win. they beat central arkansas 79-47. in baseball news, earlier today at miller park, craig counsell and the brewers agreed to a three year contract extension that will keep him in milwaukee through the 2020 season. counsell is a whitefish bay native and just completed his first full year as manager and says he's grown a lot since took over the position. >> inspired and more challenged by this job since the first day i took a, and that is what is so exciting to me. i inspired by the challenge in front of it that us. i get to see it through, and that is important. stephanie: and in packers news, clay matthews has been ruled out for sunday's game against the titans in tennessee. it's the third straight game the packers star linebacker will miss.
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hour, operation football. a trip to the state championship in madison is on the line for many area teams. stephen watson and i will have your highlights coming up in about 25 minutes. joyce: we will see you then. thank you. it's an extra special veterans day for one local family. kathy: coming up, the happy homecoming for a local mother just back from serving overseas. and army major just back from serving overseas. joyce: then, mr. and mrs. claus make a stop at an omaha courthouse.
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>> god bless all who have served the united states of america. kathy: president obama thanking veterans on this veterans day. joyce: the day marks the end of world war one when an armistice was signed. at exactly 11:00 this morning, the president laid a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier. this is the final time president obama will mark this day as a sitting president. while thanking the men and women in the military, he talked about the struggles still ahead. >> it is still a tragedy that 20 veterans a day take their own lives. we have to get them the help


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