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tv   WISN 12 News at 530PM  ABC  November 13, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm CST

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e, we're person to person. >> wisn 12 news starts now with breaking news. sheldon: breaking news, president-elect donald trump's administration is taking shape and it includes a kenosha native. adrienne: trump's transition team announcing republican party chairman reince priebus will serve as his white house chief of staff. priebus graduated from u.w. whitewater in 1994. after serving as wisconsin's gop chairman for several years, he was chairman of the republican national committee in 2011. also today, trump announced conservative media executive stephen bannon will serve as his senior counselor. reaction is coming in tonight on social media. house speaker paul ryan tweeted this -- "i'm very proud and excited for my friend, reince." governor scott walker also
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outstanding chief of staff. we sent out a mobile alert as soon as this news broke. to get important updates like these sent directly to your phone, just download our free mobile app. another rough sunday for packer fans, as green bay's losing streak extends to three games. sheldon: 12 sports director dan needles joins us dan, it has been a long time since the packers were playing this badly. dan: the last time the packers record was under 500 after 9 games? 2008, aaron rodgers first year as the starting quarterback, also the last time green bay missed the playoffs. their record is now 4-and-5 after a third straight loss today, this time in nashville titans running back demarco murray, that's tennessee's first play from scrimmage, a 75 yard touchdown run. the packers trailed 35-to-16 at halftime, and finally showed some signs of life here, aaron rodgers takes off on a 20 yard touchdown run, then was hit after he crossed the goal line,
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would that fire up the packers? no. marcus mariota shredded green bay's defense with 4 touchdown passes the titans win 47-25 the packers are a mess right now. >> we have just got to go back and work on ourselves. i think today was a wonderful game, we just didn't execute as well as we want to. obviously the other as well. dan: the packers three-game road trip continues next sunday in washington, dc against the redskins. later in sports, why green bay is still very much in the playoff race. sheldon: friends and neighbors are mourning the death of a local musician who was gunned down outside of his riverwest home, the shooting happened yesterday near meinecke and weil wisn 12 news terry sater is live in the neighborhood with more on this developing story. terry: the victim and his wife
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him remains on the loose tonight. police say the victim was found shot outside his home on weil near meinecke. he died here. police aren't releasing the name of the 33-year-old victim. but his friends are already mourning his death on his facebook page as well as organizing a memorial event for him at a local nightclub. neighbors say they heard a couple of gunshots around 1:00 yesterday morning and then heard him saying he'd been shot. he walked outside, walked into the backyard, heard voices over the fences, calling for people to call 911. terry: we're waiting for an update from milwaukee police on whether they have any suspects in the shooting. live in riverwest, terry sater, wisn 12 news. adrienne: a motorcyclist is dead after an accident in ozaukee county. the motorcycle and car collided
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in saukville, around eleven this morning. we're still working to find out more about the victim. sheldon: this is all that's left of a home in cudahy after flames ripped through the garage. the fire department is still looking into the cause, but witnesses tell wisn 12 news a gas tank exploded inside the detached garage. it happened off college avenue around noon today. no one was hurt. local churches open their doors to latin and immigrant communities. is hosting a series of forums where people can share their thoughts about president-elect donald trump. people gathered tonight to talk about their fears, and their hope to unite. mayor tom barrett spoke about the representation of the church. >> this church is a home for justice, for fairness, and for greatness. >> [applause] adrienne: another public forum
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at a church in madison. sheldon: meanwhile, today marks the fifth day of anti-trump protests in cities across the country. thousands of demonstrators filled the streets this weekend. they're speaking out against president-elect donald trump and some of the changes his administration might bring. others simply said they want the country to feel united. >> we are not planning on erecting a deportation force. donald trump's not planning on that. adrienne: that was house speaker paul ryan addressing concerns about possible changes to immigration in the u.s. this morning on cnn's state of the union, ryan stressed that america will continue to be an inclusive country. >> we think that's first and foremost before we get into any other immigration issue. we've got to know who's coming and going in the country. we've got to secure the border. so, we believe an enforcement bill, a border security enforcement bill is really the first priority, and that's what we're focused on. adrienne: ryan also spoke about
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he said he is on board with trump's goal to keep some elements of president obama's signature health care law. still ahead tonight, a story of survival. sheldon: local doctors save a child born without a trachea. coming up, wisn 12 talks with the team at children's hospital. adrienne: plus, a deadly earthquake rocks new zealand. still ahead, the dangerous chain reaction still possible, near the island's east coast. and the supermoon happens tonight.
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adrienne: a 7.8 magnitude earthquake shook new zealand overnight. at least two people died. the epicenter, christchurch city, was devastated by a quake in 2011. the danger isn't over yet officials saying a tsunami is possible. people near the island's east coast are urged to move to higher ground. paris is marking one year since terrorists targeted six locations across the city. the bataclan, the music venue where terrorists killed ninety concert, goers, reopened yesterday with a performance from sting. in a memorial ceremony, people unveiled a plaque honoring the victims. it's one of six placed around
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sheldon: it's a billion dollar problem buried deep below the ground. and it could be putting your family at risk. wisn 12 news kent wainscott investigates. kent: it's a decade or two decade-long problem. lead lines feeding water into your home. >> it's a decade or two decade-long problem. this isn't something you're going to fix in four years. kent: who's responsible for fixing the problem and how it could cost you even if you don't have the lines. sheldon: 12 news investigates, kent wainscott is uncove more lead pipe problems tomorrow on 12 news at 10:00. adrienne: honoring our heroes. new on wisn 12, a special veteran's day service in plymouth. st. john's lutheran church hosted the ceremony today they started with a moment of silence, and reading of fallen soldiers names. veteran's day was on friday. another gorgeous weekend.
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already in the middle of november. lindsey: i know.
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>> leading the way with important local coverage. you are watching wisn 12 news at 5:30 with sheldon dutes, adrian patterson, weatherwatch 12 chief meteorologist lindsey slater, and stephanie sutton with big 12 sports. wisn 12 news at 5:00: 30 continue in the u.s., doctors save a baby born without a trachea. and it happened right here in milwaukee. adrienne: new on 12, the team at children's hospital explains how it worked. when little thomas richards was born in april, he couldn't breathe. doctors at the marshfield clinic, in central wisconsin, found the baby didn't have a trachea or windpipe. so they rushed him to children's hospital in milwaukee. in a video interview children's hospital sent to wisn 12 news,
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>> through a series of three or four steps we had essentially retooled his windpipe. adrienne: amazingly, doctors made thomas' new windpipe using a piece of synthetic material. this model really puts it in perspective. now the future's looking bright for little thomas. >> certainly this is one of those very rare special cas forever. but the joy is the same, whether it is for appendicitis or anything else. adrienne: densmore says the best part of his job is to see patients, like baby thomas, go home from the hospital happy and healthy. a spokesman for children's tells us baby thomas is at home with his parents and recently went to his first hockey game. sheldon: believe it or not,
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a good time to get your car emergency kits ready to go before the cold and the snow start to arrive. things like blankets, flashlights, food, road salt, or sand. it is crazy that we are almost in that time. lindsey: it has been a pretty mild fall. sheldon: around a little longer? lindsey: we are looking at a great week. but i have already seen some of those road containers. you know it's about to come. a check of the temperatures. we are still sitting in the 50's, warmer than chicago. 54, right now 57 in st. louis. international falls at 55. this is normally when we make fun of minnesota because it is so much colder but that's not
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plains, and we have been hashtagging this. we've had 182 days where temperatures have been above 50 degrees. the record is 188 days, setback in 1998. the string is not over yet. we're going to be in the 50's for much of this week, and 60 and 61 on thursday and friday. enjoy dropped really fast. saturday and sunday is going to feel bitterly cold, considering we have been so warm. by the way, the average high should be around 47 degrees. here's a look at what's going to be changes. breezy southwesterly wind, a cold front. it's not going to do the whole thing. by the time it is through,
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couple clouds. i won't rule out a sprinkle on tuesday, but honestly, i think we will be fine. you'll notice a wind direction change. i let this little icon here to show mostly clear skies. there's a reason for that, and i will talk about it coming up. notice there won't be a whole lot going on. the cold front is really bringing in the cloud cover, but nothing to worry about. some nothing here. on and off cloud cover through the afternoon, and along lake michigan, some of those showers. that system moves through on tuesday. it's later this week, the big system will really pack a punch. this drops temperatures to the 40's over the weekend, even snow for parts of northern wisconsin. i don't think it will be a problem for us. here's something i watching for
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supermoon. here's some fun things about the superman -- it will be 15% bigger and 14% greater. the next time it will be this close is 2034. this is a big deal. this is the second supermoon this year. there will be one more in december. you will want to grab a little blanket. ur ahead forecast shows we are in the 50's for the long run. the end of the week will be fantastic. it's going to start getting windy head of that weather system, and by friday, i'm not going to rule out a thunderstorm, which is weird for november. it's ok, but it's weird. then we get back to the 40's. adrienne: and i saw a 30 on
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sheldon: coming up in sports, the badgers' climb toward the top of the college football polls continues. as does the packers mid-season fade. adrienne: how they dug a hole that was too deep to climb out of in nashville today.
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dan: losing at home to the cowboys and colts hurt, but getting walloped on the road by the titans today showed the packers might miss the playoffs for the first time since 2008, which was also the last time green bay allowed more than 44 points in a game, until today. and the game was basically over after the titans first play from scrimmage demarco murray blasted through a hole, and he was gone a 75 yard touchdown run. the packers offense was bad in the first half, the defense was even worse murray throwing for a score here to delanie walker, 14-0 titans. marcus mariota completed his first 10 passes for tennessee this one to anthony fassano for another touchdown, 21-to-zip titans. green bay finally got on the
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rodgers to jordy nelson, jordy caught 12 passes for 126 yards. but mariota tossed two more td passes before halftime. 35-16 at the half the titans become the first nfl team to score 35 first half points this season. rodgers finished the day with a season high 371 yards passing, he also ran 20 yards for this touchdown, and was drilled after he crossed the goal line, drawing a flag. but that did n finished with 4 touchdown passes, and the titans hand the packers their third straight loss, 47-25. >> we feed off the big plays and things like that. the energy is contagious. one guy makes a play, we get a bounce off that. but we didn't capitalize. >> we had some opportunities in
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i'm making the opportunities. dan: the bright spot for green bay, they are still just one game out of the nfc north lead. the vikings couldn't protect sam bradford in washington today, and the redskins beat the vikings 26-20. minnesota and detroit are tied for the division lead at 5-and-4. and then, there are the bears today in tampa, chicago lost 36-10 to fall to 2-and-7 and the nfl. bucs quarterback jamies winston, almost sacked, scrambled 23 yards backwards and eventually finds mike evans for a 39 yard gain. the badgers have moved up one spot to 6th in both of the college football polls, moving ahead of washington, wisconsin plays at purdue saturday, and you can see that game here on wisn-12 kickoff at 11 am. the badgers ran all over the illini on saturday, milwaukee's dare ogunbowale had 103 of
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yards, and he did it on just 7 carries. ogunbowale has now rushed for over 100 yards in two of his last 3 games, and the senior captain earned high praise from his head coach after the game. >> he means a to this team, and certainly on the field. but off the field is a guy that everyone knows, that has their back. today. the normal things he does that aren't -- what he brings to this team is huge. i've appreciated being around him. dan: his sister is tearing it up at notre dame on the basketball court. his cousin was a rookie in the nba.
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photographer here at wisn. [laughter] lindsey: let's see what the supermoon is looking like. 51 degrees, that super moon is. looking fantastic pictures.are pouring in . you can send us an e-mail, it's beautiful. sheldon: does it show up on a regular iphone? lindsey:
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