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tv   WISN 12 News at 1030PM  ABC  November 13, 2016 10:30pm-11:01pm CST

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sheldon: a familiar name in wisconsin is about to become one of the most powerful people at the white house. adrienne: the announcement coming a few hours ago, that rnc chairman reince preibus will be donald trumps white house chief of staff. and as abc's richard cantu shows us that isn't the only news about the trump administration. reporter: in his first big decision as president-elect, donald trump named reince priebus as his white house chief of staff.
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republican national committee . trump also tapped steven bannon, his campaign ceo, as chief strategist and senior counsel. he is the former head of conservative breitbart news and a fierce critic of the gop establishment. in a statement, trump saying steve and reince are highly qualified leaders who worked well together on our campaign and led us to a historic victory. now i will have them both with me in the white house as we work to make america great again. in an interview with 60 minutes, trump seeming to backtrack, now illegal immigrants. and the millions of others? mr. trump: after the border is secure and after everything is normalized, we're going to make a determination on the people that you're talking about who are terrific people, they're terrific people. reporter: on the supreme court. mr. trump: i'm pro-life. the judges will be pro-life. reporter: for 5 days and nights,
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acoss the country. thousands more were out sunday. >> if he is the elect, then why doesn't he come out and support the whole united states? it's obvious that we don't all support him unitedly. reporter: as for president-elect trump, he says he's looking forward to the job ahead. mr. trump: and i have both houses and we have the presidency, so we can do things. >> you can do things lickety-split. mr. trump: it's been a long time since it's happened. reporter: richard cantu, abc news, new york. adrienne: wisconsin republican at work in washington next week, fresh off winning re-election. he sits down with mike gousha tonight on upfront. >> it was a little bit of a surprise. most polls had shown johnson trailing democrat russ feingold for months. tonight on upfront, johnson on how he pulled off a win, and what he expects from president-elect donald trump. then, democrats have a problem in rural america and wisconsin. i'll ask state senator kathleen vinehout how they start messaging better to rural residents.
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chatter that some wisconsin notables could end up with prominent positions in a trump administration. it's all coming up tonight at 11:00, right here on upfront. sheldon: the weather is pretty good going into the third week of november. meteorologist lindsey slater is in the weather center. lindsey: not looking bad. these pictures keep coming in. there so cold, and like to keep sharing them. five minutes ago. if you look closely to the left, you can see an airplane right there. apparently a lot of pictures showed the same thing. that is a live look at the supermoon right now. 45 degrees in milwaukee. i would say it is light coat worthy. temperatures will be air 45
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feel more like the low 40's. now where we should be this time of year. how we start tomorrow is almost typically where the high temperatures should pay that should be. overall a nice mild day. sheldon: someone who wants to be a weather man is accused of setting a serious wildfire in kentucky. it's one of 40 fires, stretching from west virginia to alabama. abc's rob marciano has the story. reporter: tonight, 43 wildfires in the southeast burning across 8 states scorching over 70,000 acres. investigators saying some of those fires were intentionally set and already making arrests , including 21-year-old johnny mullins who allegedly confessed he set the fire in eastern kentucky to draw attention to his facebook page the aspiring weatherman seen here warning people to beware of flames, now facing a felony arson charge. smoke from the fires fanning out hundreds of miles.
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the southern sky. >> the smoke almost blocks out the sun. reporter: in lake lure, north carolina this brush fire engulfing the entire hillside forcing some families to flee their homes. >> it's devastating at heart -- and heartbreaking. sheldon: the smoke is so thick near the georgia-north carolina line, that residents are being urged to wear special masks if they must work outside. adrienne: this is all that is left of the home afteam the fire department is still looking into the cause. witnesses say a gas tank it's noted inside unattached garage -- a gas tank exploded inside on attached garage the mother of an accused mass killer says there were signs early on that her son was troubled. police say todd kohlhepp kept a woman chained up for two months on his property in south carolina. the real estate broker later confessed to killing seven people. in an exclusive interview with abc news, his mother says
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after being bullied. and she admits, she was scared of him. reporter: did he threaten to kill you? >> yeah. he was tall enough and big enough that i wasn't going to take a chance. so i locked him in his bedroom at night when he went to sleep, and i locked me in my bedroom. adrienne: kohlhepp told authorities where his victims' bodies were hidden. he is in jail facing charges of murder and kidnapping. sheldon: drugs hidden in plain sight. a local mother and son want you to know what to look for in your kids' bedroom, and how to stop it. wisn 12's ben wagner shows us the warning signs. >> our programs are effective. reporter: tyler lybert and his mom sandi finish each other's sentences. they weren't always this close. tyler, is a recovering heroin addict. >> we've lived it. i was that person. i never thought it would happen to us. reporter: sandi, says she ignored the warning signs.
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want to go through the room. give him his privacy. and i'll tell you why, i was scared what i was going to find. and then if i found something, then i'd have to do something about it. and back then, i didn't know where to go. reporter: tyler's addiction started in 6th grade. first, it was drinking. by eighth grade, prescription pills. in high school, heroin. >> if i'm under the influence, or i'm wanting that high, i would try anything. so i did. i started trying oxycontin. then from there it hooked me right away but it became too expensive. so i switched to heroin. reporter: he became distant, angry, even violent. sandi says there aren't many pictures from that time. >> i became tyler's friend and i thought that was the way to handle it. i lost that power as a parent. reporter: she hopes other parents won't make the same mistake. >> there were signs. maybe if i had picked up some of those signs, we could have
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model bedroom. >> this is built by experience. reporter: with at least 60 warning signs of drug use. >> that little stand has at least five different signs. >> five signs? >> just on top of that little shelf. reporter: some are obvious >> the high times magazine is a sign. reporter: you might recognize pot magazines or shot glasses but others are camoflauged what was like a battery or air freshener. >> some of them are so subtle, that you would have to have seen it as a sign before for you to pick it up. reporter: even ordinary stuffed animals could be hiding drugs. the room is only meant for parents up these stairs. the group says they don't want to give kids any ideas on how to hide drugs in their room. the centers for disease control reports someone who abuses alcohol is twice as likely to be addicted to heroin than someone who isn't. opioid addicts, are 40 times more likely.
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lybert family. reporter: the lybert's know how lucky they are. tyler says he knows 32 people who died from heroin overdoses. -- from out of the hall or drugs. -- alcohol or drugs. he and his family speak to parents in a program called stairway to heroin, hoping to break the stigma of addiction. >> i'm the face of addiction. i'm the mother with it with the son who is an addict. but we're able to empower them to be that parent. presentations have helped changed how closely some waukesha schools look for drugs. they're even teaching police departments the new ways kids are hiding them. ben wagner, wisn 12 news. sheldon: the model room is free for schools at the hartland fire department. if you're interested in having the lybert family speak at your child's school, we have information on our website, hopefully that will help other people as well.
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rear medical condition. sheldon: the amazing technology that allows a local boy to show up for class, even when he's miles away. adrienne: plus, this could be the ultimate christmas present. a big blue diamond about to go up for auction, and how much it
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sheldon: auction goers interested in fine jewlery listen up. an 8.1 carat rare blue diamond is set to go on sale in geneva switzerland this week. the gemological institute of america says the blue diamand is almost perfect in its color classification, calling it a fancy blue. the diamond is of the largest -- is one of the largest blue diamonds to be sold at an auction. to reach $25 million. adrienne: christmas is coming. sheldon: a waukesha county fourth-grader who's prone to getting sick has found a high-tech way to go to school and avoid germs. adrienne: wisn 12 news tim elliott shows us how a robot helps the student be two places at once. >> so grady do you want to wheel forward for our morning meeting? reporter: class is just getting started at lake country school in hartland >> is it the test 2?
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>> i'm used to it now but the first couple of times i'm going wow, that is per unique. reporter: the 4th grader is at home in nashotah battling a rare condition that severely weakens his immune system. >> just one cough can spread all around the classroom and if i catch that cough, then i'm sick. reporter: but thanks to this robot on wheels. >> he can navigate all around the classroom. reporter: grady can avoid germs for the day's lesson. >> a lot of times by this point in the school year he's already missed weeks of schools -- of school. reporter: grady's mom tami says being in a confined space like a classroom could mean another hospital stay. >> the lopers approached me early in the school year and said we need to do something for grady this year. reporter: district administrator mark lichte says the lopers brought up the idea and eventually purchased the robot themselves. >> i think number one, keeping
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instruction. reporter: so the program grady is using is a lot of like skype, they can see and hear him he can see and hear them as well. he uses those arrow keys to control the robot entirely from home. grady prefers to be in the classroom, but when he's feeling under the weather his robot on wheels is the next best thing. in hartland, tim elliott, wisn 12 news. adrienne: grady tries to make it to class as often as he can but he misses a lot of time during cold and flu season. sheldon: sports, the slide continues for the packers. what one of their defensive stars had to say after today's loss in tennessee. adrienne: plus, the badgers keep rising in the polls why they feel the best is yet to come for wisconsin's defense. dan needles is in next with big 12 sports. sheldon: first, here are
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>> big 12 sports. dan: today in nashville, marcus mariota of the titans
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quarterback with 4 touchdown passes and no interceptions against the packers since, brett favre of the vikings in 2009. the former heisman trophy winner carved up the packers defense in today's 47-to-25 victory. mike daniels spoke for his defensive mates after the game. >> i let my team done today with the penalties. i have to acquit myself before i can point to it was not my best performance today. i let my guys down, i let the fans down there so much more is expected. i have to meet those expectations. dan: 3 nfc north teams played today, and they all lost. in the nation's capital, sam bradford and the vikings were shut out in the second half. washington's preston smith came up with that crucial interception, he also had 2 sacks and the redskins hand the vikings their 4th straight loss, 26-to-20 the final. as for the bears, it appeared
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. final play of the first half, jay cutler with the hail mary and it bounced right into the arms of cameron meredith for a 50 yard touchdown. but cutler turned the ball over 4 times and this play summed up the bears season, bucs quarterback jameis winston retreating into his own end zone, and somehow escapes trouble. winston fired a 38 yard completion to mike evans then tossed a touchdown pass on the next play, and the buccaneers beat the bears 36-to-10. so, here are the standings in the nfc north division. into first place, they have already defeated the vikings, who are also 5-and-4. the packers are one game back, they play at washington next sunday night. the bears bring up the rear at 2-and-7. the game of the day was in pittsburgh, as the cowboys showcased their two rookie stars against the steelers dak prescott with the screen to ezekial elliott, who did the rest of the work, with a lot of help from his blockers. elliott completes the 83 yard touchdown, he had more than 200
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changes. less than one minute to play, ben roethlisberger faked a spike to stop the clock, then hit antonio brown for what looked like the game winning touchdown. but the cowboys still had time, and elliott who raced 32 yards untouched up the middle, that was the game winner, as the cowboys beat the steelers 35-to-30. another wild finish in new portland spirit -- in new orleans. the saints trailed the broncos by 6 witss left, drew brees to brandin cooks for the 32 yard score to tie the game. all the saints needed to do to take the lead was kick the extra point but it was blocked by jason simmons. it gets worse will parks scooped up the live ball and returned it 84 yards for a defensive 2 point conversion, and that was the difference as the broncos beat the saints 25-to-23. the badgers still have a legitimate shot at playing in the college football playoff but they will have to win the next 3 games, at purdue saturday then home against minnesota, and then against michigan, ohio state or penn state in the big ten
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you can see saturday's game at purdue, right here on wisn-12, with an 11:00 a.m. kickoff. after holding the illini without a touchdown on saturday, the badgers currently rank third in the country in scoring defense at 12.7 points per game, their four interceptions in the first half were the most in a single game since 2010, but this group refuses to become complacent, just ask the t.j.'s. >> scratching the surface area we are just kind of blocking out what everyone is saying about us. we just try to get better. >> if we make sure we have a good focus and not allow them into the end zone i think that should continue to carry on for the rest of the year, but we have to bring it every week because it's hard to win in the big ten so you have to enjoy it when you can. dan: wisconsin has moved up one spot, to 6th, in both college football polls. alabama remains on top but losses by clemson, michigan and washington shook up the
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ohio state moved up to second followed by louisville, michigan, clemson, wisconsin and washington. 32 teams have advanced to the division 3 college football playoffs, and 4 of them are from wisconsin. uw-whitewater will host lakeland college, uw-oshkosh hosts washington of missouri and uw-platteville plays at st. john's of minnesota. al first round games are this -- all of the first-round games are this saturday. and, wisconsin native matt kenseth was this close to earning one of the 4 spots in cup playoffs. today at phoenix, kenseth had the lead on the final laps, but a caution flag forced the race into overtime, where he wrecked, knocking him out of the race, and the chase. joey logano ended up winning the race. the season finale is next week, and only 4 drivers can win the season title, logano, kyle busch, jimmy johnson or carl edwards. i am sure kenseth is double matt
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adrienne: i --
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sheldon: we have some cold weather? lindsey: by the end. people have been photo shopping them all day. as he can see, that is what is happening right now.
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? mike: today on ?upfront,? our swing state shocker. wisconsin goes red. sending donald trump to the white house, and ron johnson back to the senate. next, johnson on his come from behind victory, and what he wants to work on with president-elect trump. then, democrats lose rural wisconsin. state senator kathleen vinehout on how democrats can start connecting with voters outside the state's largest cities. and, could any of these wisconsin notables end up in the trump administration? ? announcer: covering the issues important to wisconsin, this is "upfront with mike gousha. mike: hello again, everyone, and welcome to ?upfront.? it was an election that stunned the state. for the first time since 1984, a


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