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he would later be sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole until 2048. he's now 27, but his lawyers have continued to appeal on the grounds that dassey's confession to police was unconstitutional citing his diminished mental capacity and his mom's inability to look out for his well-being. the netflix series "making a murderer" breathed new life into dassey's cause, and this summer a federal judge in milwaukee granted dassey a new trial. he wasn't releasro the state is appealing. that same judge today ordered his release but the state is appealing that now too. when he's released, dassey would be under federal probation and parole supervision. dassey's lawyers late today told wisn 12 news dassey won't be released today, but they hope to have him out soon.
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until noon tomorrow to come up with a plan for living arrangements. colleen joins us with more on that. colleen: we got a sneak peak at what dassey's attorneys have planned for him when they filed this request to release him during his appeal brendan dassey is serving a life sentence based largely on his videotaped confessions. which a judge has now tossed out. >> we went in there, we tied her up, and he stabbed her and he told me to cut her throat. colleen: now the judge who tossed his confession has ordered his release while the state appeals. >> this is a family that has been riding this horrible roller coaster for 10 years, they have faith in brendan, they have faith that the system will get to the truth and has gotten to
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brendan's confession was not reliable. colleen: dassey is now 27 his lawyers told the judge he'd move to a trailer in northern wisconsin with his mom barb janda for a few months then transition to an apartment in brown county where he'd get educational, vocational, and therapeutic services. his attorney hopes he'll be home for thanksgiving. >> the family is over the moon, brendan and his mother have spent 10 thanksgivings apart and id for thanksgiving talk about tasting gratitude. >> the family is over the moon, colleen: his lawyers declined to comment on the state's request for a court order to stop the release saying if that happens they'll deal with it. toya: steven avery is again appealing his conviction for the murder of theresa halbach. his new defense team says it is re-testing hundreds of pieces of evidence. a jury convicted avery prosecutors said he lured halbach to his salvage yard on halloween 2005, then killed her. she was working for auto trader
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avery had recently been released from prison, after serving 18 years for a rape he didn't commit. avery has maintained his innocence in halbach's murder, saying sheriff's deputies tried to frame him after he filed a multimillion dollar lawsuit for his wrongful conviction. the breaking news in brendan dassey's case is making international headlines. and the best places to stay updated on any new developments are and our free app. international headlines. there you'll find the dassey order documents. and you can also read and watch our previous investigations. patrick: new tonight, police arrested a man accused in a series of sex assaults in milwaukee. police say the latest happened friday night near 76th and good hope around 10:00. investigators say a 21-year-old man was taken into custody, the next day. police believe he is the suspect in two other attacks that happened in the same area last tuesday. police released this sketch of the man they were looking for. he has not yet been charged. police just identified the man killed in milwaukee's riverwest neighborhood over the weekend.
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and killed near meinecke and weil, saturday. neighbors say demge was a musician who lived in a cottage with his wife, in the area. weil, saturday. police are looking for the gunman. toya: president-elect donald trump fills two of his top positions at the white house, which includes wisconsin native, reince priebus. trump named the republican party chairman as his chief of staff. priebus grew up in kenosha and graduated from u.w. whitewater. he later practiced law in milwaukee. priebus worked to reunite the gop after the divisive presidential pma there is growing criticism tonight for trump's pick for chief strategist and senior counselor. stephen bannon is an executive at breitbart news. critics link bannon to the alt-right movement and white nationalism. priebus defended his future white house colleague today on fox news channel. >> he was a force for good on the campaign, he's very wise and smart. i haven't seen any of these things that people are crying
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toya: trump's campaign manager says more appointments will likely be revealed this week. president barack obama delivered his first post-election news conference. he spoke to the media before taking off on his final overseas trip. president obama talked about his private meeting with donald trump and the advice he offered the president-elect after a heated race. >> i did say to him, as i've said publicly, that because of the re the bitterness and ferocity of the campaigns, that it's really important to try to send some signals of unity and to reach out to minority groups or women or others that were concerned about the tenor of the campaign. president obama says trump
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relationships between the u.s. and its allies. patrick: the city of milwaukee moves a step closer to doing away with the underground lead water lines that lead to thousands of homes. within the hour a common council committee took up a plan that would require homeowners to replace any lead lines under their property. homeowners would be responsible for one-third of the cost, or up to $1600. the city would pick up the rest. would require homeowners to and homeowners could sign up for a special assessment, allowing them to pay it off over 10 years. 12 news found lead pipes are not just a problem in milwaukee. wisn 12 news' kent wainscott investigates how bad pipes elsewhere could be putting your family at risk. and homeowners could sign up f'm but the suburbs as well, let lines feeding water into your home. >> it's a decade or two decade-long problem. this isn't something you're going to fix in four years. kent: who's responsible for fixing the problem and how it could cost you even if you don't have the lines.
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more lead pipe problems, tonight on wisn 12 news at 10:00. toya: packers head coach mike mc-carthy on the hot seat. he's facing unprecedented criticism from fans after the team's third straight loss. and an eighth straight playoff appearance might be slipping away from green bay. 12 sports director dan needles is here. dan, is mccarthy's job in jeopardy? dan: if the losing continues and the packers do miss the playoffs, there is a chance he could be fired. however, this is a man who has won 65% of his games in green bay and a defiant mccart defended his record today. >> let's state the facts, i am the highest successful head coach. i have never looked at the ride as smooth. to me it is always bumpy and to
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our room don't feel good right now, but personally, i enjoy these types of moments. i think this is how my life is going professionally. dan: despite the three-game losing streak, the packers are only one game out of the lead in the nfc north division, they play the redskins sunday night in the second of a three-game road trip. >> i don't ever want to feel like i did that day. ? ? the red hot chili peppers and pink are coming to summerfest next year. the big announcement came down this morning, seven months before the big gig. patrick: as wisn 12 news tim elliott learned today, this is just the beginning. tim: just announced. summerfest just reveals two huge headlining acts ahead of the big gig's 50th anniversary so without further adieu, it's time to give it away, give it away, give it away now.
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chili peppers. the rock icons will be playing opening night, wednesday june 28 at the marcus amphitheater. >> ? tim: then on sunday july 2, pop star pink rolls into town. summerfest officials say it's been more than a decade since both artists have played the big gig. tickets for pink go on sale friday 10:00 a.m. for the chili pes, summerfest says more quality talent will be announced soon. >> well we are always trying to find the best talent that we can in all different genres in the amphitheater and these are the first two that we are announcing. we probably have six shows that are done already. these are just two we decided to kick out early. tim: it may seem early for a summerfest announcement but last year officials announced selena gomez was coming in early
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word out early so people can buy the tickets as holiday gifts. tim elliott, wisn 12 news. patrick: summerfest would not reveal the other confirmed acts, but said that announcement will come in the coming weeks. toya: we've had some weather days in november that were better than some days at summerfest this year. lindsey, this streak is coming to an end. lindsey: it's looking that way, i'll tell you when we'll see 40's for highs. plus -- >> they cared for him as if it was her own child. reconstructive surgery performed right here for a local baby. the procedure that's giving him a chance to beat the odds before he's even three months old. toya: also coming up a story you might have scrolled past on your social feed. the reason chili's is under fire for what one veteran video taped
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tonight. she passed away today from cancer. ifill served as co-anchor on pbs's "newshour" and worked for nbc news. she also moderated two vice presidential debates. toya: it's a groundbreaking operation developed right here in wisconsin. it's being emulated across the nation. saving children, born with a very rare condition, eliminating recovery that could last for decades. patrick: only on wisn 12, melinda davenport shares the story of a little boy who's on the mend thanks to new procedure created at children's hospital. melinda: with a new baby comes unexpected challenges but baby hudson's condition was, something unimaginable. he was born with bladder exstrophy, where the bladder formed outside of the body. >> the most striking feature is that the bladder is literally inside out, protruding out
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travis groth are both two of hudson's surgeons at children's their team is made groundbreaking waves with a first of its kind operation. >> if we're able to reconstruct a normal anatomy, they are going to have a very functional, normal life. melinda: the surgery was formed as a collaboration with children's here in wisconsin and two other renowned hospitals in philadelphia and boston. the team travels to each case, to watch, assist, and learn. >> our three teams now more than triple the experience we have together, so we're doing more of before. melinda: a surgery like this takes at least eight hours, imagine that for an 11 week old. the bobbers say they are grateful for children's, for treating hudson like one of their own. >> they cared for him as if it was her own child. they didn't put him into a crib and roll him into the o.r., they carried him into the o.r. it was that extra touch. melinda: hudson's dad says, he hopes their case is helpful for others who go through this process. >> we hope you continue exactly what you're doing.
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we're going to be going home in a couple of days. melinda: heading home, for hudson to start life with his family. in wauwatosa, melinda davenport wisn 12 news. patrick: doctors at children's say there is no known cause for exstrophy. it occurs four to eight weeks after a woman becomes pregnant. it's not caused by something the mother did, or didn't do, while she was pregnant nor is it hereditary. children's hospital celebrated another milestone this weekend. for the first time ever in the u.s., their doctors saved a baby, born without a trachea. april at the marshfield clinic in central wisconsin. doctors made thomas a new windpipe using a piece of synthetic material. thomas is now home with his parents. toya: right now, we want to take a look at what's coming up all new tonight at 6:00. joyce garbaciak is in the newsroom with a look ahead. joyce: only on wisn 12 news at 6:00, a grandmother in mourning. >> crying out for help. joyce: just days after her granddaughter was hit and killed after running out onto the freeway, hear her invitation to
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then, a parking puzzle in wauwatosa. the newly redesigned system now in place in the village, that's creating some confusion for drivers. tune in for these stories and more tonight on wisn 12 news at 6:00. toya: this is not a complaint but i feel like we have run out of ways to say november has been awesome. lindsey: it is looking great, and we have been hashtagging this there are still flowers blooming. enjoy it. the streak of 50 degree temperatures -- we are at 183 days. the record is 188. there's always a "but" -- there are big changes. right now we are still at 54
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it is crazy. you can see the heat well-off toward the central plains, not going anywhere. you can see the 50's over here heading in our direction, so we'll can really enjoy some of that. we had a cold front moves through last night, but you probably didn't notice because it was dry. there's another one heading overnight tonight and into tomorrow, not doing a whole lot either. the next big weather system, right over here. this one is a one-two punch,, not just with precipitation, but also temperatures. we are dropping from 60's to 40's by the start of your work week. let's talk about these changes. future cast, not a whole lot happening. this next cold front moving through for tuesday isn't going to do a whole lot. we don't have a lot of moisture, so there's nothing that the cold front can work with, so i don't
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60 degree temperatures, amazing. it may even be record-breaking. friday gets windy. we will see this next weather system rearing tis hea -- rearing its head. snow, yes, i am introducing the s-word. this system will be a big one, dropping temperatures in a huge way, and minnesota. i'm not going to rule out some early flurries possible on saturday, but with that being said, you can see that hea -- rearing itstemperature tumble do saturday and sunday. sunday and monday are going to be cold and windy and raw, so enjoy what we have now. 54 degrees some high clouds,. you'd still be able to see the supermoon.
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temperatures tonight are nice and mild. it will feel warm by the time we get to monday. let's talk about the week ahead. noticing the next two days, 50's and 60's. 62 thursday, 63 friday, then the wind kicks up. that wind is going to be bad, 20-30 mile-per-hour wind gusts. hopefully you got all the leaves off the yard. or my mom lis it blow into someone else's yard. [laughter] toya: the restaurant chain chili's is apologizing tonight after a veteran's food was taken away in dallas. >> now you are grabbing my food? toya: ernest walker posted a video of the incident on facebook. he was taking part in the free meal for vets promotion on veterans day. the army vet says a restaurant
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another diner questioned the uniform walker was wearing and accused walker of not being a vet. walker says the manager took his food, even though he showed him his military i.d. and discharge papers. >> i stood ready. i served my country. it insulted me. i'm still insulted. toya: in a statement, chili's says it's taking the matter very seriously. they're meeting with walker's lawyer this week. patr project or yardwork, you can now turn to amazon as an option. it's called amazon home services. milwaukee is now on the list of cities, where it's being offered. customers can search more than 1200 unique services. each professional was hand-picked by amazon. they list the prices upfront. all you have to do is schedule the help. you can also read reviews from previous customers. coming up new at 10:00, a woman
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woman says it happened to her, too. but we are learning about whether the incidents are connected. and the government ordering a change. the new feature you might find annoying but the government says is needed for safety, coming up tonight at 10:00. toya: the semifinals start tonight on "dancing with the stars." patrick: and we have a sneak peek. the show-stopping dance planned
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toya: it's big night on "dancing with the stars." patrick: the final couples are facing off in the semifinals. the final five dancers are gymnast lauri hernandez, reality tv star terra jole, country singer jana kramer, former football star calvin johnson, and indy car driver james hinchcliffe. this week, he's dancing "gimme some lovin'," which was used in the race car movie "days of thunder." that means a special prop on the dance floor. >> we are going to have my indy car on the dance floor this week which she is incredibly excited about. >> it's so exciting. i love it. i think it plays into the story and everything that this song means to james and to have his car out there i think is super cool. patrick: for the other number, hinchcliffe's partner will be blindfolded. tonight's two hour show starts at 7:00, right here and only on
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toya: the musical talents of the cast in michigan is getting a lot of attention. this cell phone serenade his going viral. >> ? patrick: that's lucas holiday singing a song by singer maxwell behind the register at a dollar general in lansing. a customer posted this video on facebook. million views, including maxwell himself. he surprised holiday this morning on "good morning america" with an invitation to perform on stage with him during his show in detroit on friday. talk about an honor. he has a voice. toya: he does, he does.
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lindsey: the next few days are looking pretty good, especially thursday and friday, when we have 60's. then we get back to reality when we see windy and cold
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patrick: saturday looks raw. wo tonight, breaking news. inside trump tower. the trump white house now coming together. and the controversial choice. also, after that meeting in the oval office, president obama late today on what the meeting was like. and does he still believe mr. trump does not have the temperament to be president? also breaking, the verdict the father charged with first degree murder, accused of intentionally leaving his toddler to die in a hot car. the states of emergency tonight. more than 40 fires burning in the east. and this evening, the american city where families are being told to wear masks. the major new guidelines tonight about the kind of drug millions of americans take to help prevent strokes and heart attacks. and gone too soon. paying tribute tonight to


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