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tv   WISN 12 News at 10PM  ABC  November 14, 2016 10:00pm-10:29pm CST

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patrick: a store owner jumps into action when he spots a suspected armed robber. how he put his own safety on the line. >> i've been inundated with lead. that's all we talk about is lead. joyce: thousands of homes outside milwaukee with lead pipes leading to their homes. only wisn 12 news investigates what fixing the problem could cost you. patrick: and a new tug of war over whether to release a man whose homicide conviction was overturned. could brenden dassey be home for thanksgiving? store owner puts his life on the line to help his neighbors. patrick: only on wisn 12, adrienne pedersen talks to the man who chased a gunman until police could make the arrest. >> how are you doing? reporter: eiad jamal knows almost all his customers at clarke foods in riverwest. >> i am here more than my house. the neighborhood is my family. reporter: when he heard a 26-year-old man tried to rob a
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brendan dassey be released from prison. dassey was 16 when he was accused of helping his uncle, steven avery, assault and kill photographer teresa halbach in 2005. a judge this summer ruled investigators tricked dassey into confessing and overturned his conviction. but the state appealed. today, attorney general brad schimel says he will file an emergency motion asking that dassey stay behind bars until the appeal is heard. steven avery, too, is appealing his conviction. his lawyerth today tweeted, our bet is that brendan dassey will be at his family's thanksgiving table no matter what wisconsin a.g. files. hashtags ?making a murderer? and ?justice rules.? patrick: another key cabinet position might soon be getting filled in president-elect donald trump's administration. the associated press is reporting rudy giuliani is the favorite to be secretary of state. the former new york city mayor had been a leading contender, along with former ambassador to the u.n. john bolton. wisconsin native reince priebus, the chairman of the republican
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been named trump's chief of staff. priebus told ?good morning america? trump's presidency will be one to remember. >> i predict that, in 20 and 30 years, they will write books about this president and how well he did and how he followed through with his promises and the american people loved the job that president-elect trump did. patrick: meantime, president obama took questions from reporters today ahead of his last overseas trip as president. he talked about his face-to-face the president suggested the man who enters the white house could be different than the one on the campaign trail. >> campaigning is different from governing. i think he recognizes that. i think he's sincere in wanting to be a successful president and moving this country forward. patrick: the president spoke for more than an hour. you'll hear more of his remarks coming up in our next half-hour. joyce: another state goes hillary clinton's way. she picked up new hampshire's four electoral college votes, winning the state by about 3,000
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trump's edge now stands at 290-232, with only michigan still to be called. did wisconsin's voter id law key people from voting as some claimed it would? sheldon dutes is live at the zeidler municipal building with how u.w. plans to find out. reporter: at precincts across this country, there was lower voter turnout. the city election commission milwaukee voters than in 2012. a new study is now trying to figure out why that happened. >> most counties experienced a lower voter turnout in 2016 than they had in 2012. reporter: milwaukee county clerk joe czarnezki says the numbers were particularly low in dane and milwaukee counties. >> and it's interesting that those are the two counties in the state of wisconsin which have the highest percentage of low income individuals and the highest percentage of minority individuals. reporter: this was the first election where voters were
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if they did not have i.d., they got a provisional ballot. >> we heard anecdotal remarks about people who just didn't show up to vote because they were afraid they didn't have the proper id. reporter: but a study out of uw madison is working to determine if the state's new voter i.d. law had any impact on turnout. a political science professor is leading the efforts. >> what this study will do is move us from those anecdotes to actual hard data and facts. reporter: it will be a little of that study. they are not expected until next summer. i reached out to several republican elected officials to get their thoughts on the study. none of them got back to me. sheldon dutes, wisn 12 news. patrick: an eight-year-old milwaukee boy brings a gun to school. police tell us a staff member at lafollette elementary found the gun in the student's possession this afternoon. it was not loaded. police say the boy brought the gun from home. the case is being reviewed by
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we have an update to a story we brought you last week about a motorized wheelchair stolen in the daylight hours. 19-year-old rayquetta lawrence was born with cerebral palsy. her wheelchair was taken while she was getting ready for work last monday. police say they found the wheelchair and returned it to lawrence today. joyce: summerfest turns 50 next year. today, the celebration kicked off with a big announcement. >> ? dance floor, you get what you're given ? ? joyce: pink and red hot chili peppers are performing two separate nights at the marcus amphitheater, the first performers to be announced. tickets go on sale this friday. summerfest promises to go big for its 50th after booking the rolling stones and paul mccartney the past two years. >> ? jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle bell rock ? ? joyce: it is that time again.
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milwaukee radio waves this week. 95.7 big f.m. is going christmas around-the-clock starting on thursday at noon. no word when or if any others plan to make the total switch. patrick: you knew it was going to come up soon. joyce: music, magic, and packers all under one roof for a good cause. patrick: our own kathy mykleby and mark baden were part of goodwill's retro rendezvous tonight, an annual fundraising event for the local goodwill chapter. members of the 1996 packers super bowl team were also in attendance. lead pipes in the water lines leading to their homes. patrick: it's not just a milwaukee problem. >> it's a decade- or two-decade-long problem. this isn't something you're going to fix in four years. patrick: wisn 12 news investigates who's responsible for fixing the problem and what it could cost you. joyce: another woman pushed to the ground while walking her dog. what she says the man told her to do. lindsey: after weeks of
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patrick: and the government is ordering a change to hybrid and electric cars. the new safety feature you might
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joyce: the brightest moon in 70 years lights up the sky over asia tonight. it is the closest the moon will get to the earth until 2034.
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walking her dogs in the middle of the afternoon. patrick: christina palladino is live, and christina, she thinks the attack may be politically motivated? reporter: this happened right here in front of the bus station near downtown waukesha. a man wearing a trump hat threatened her. kathie giorgio walks her two dogs around the same time every afternoon in her waukesha neighborhood. friday she was confronted by a great again? hat trying to kick one of her dogs. >> he grabbed me by my shoulders and threw me off the sidewalk, and i fell over my dogs and landed on the grass. and he said, it's time to put you back in your place, woman. reporter: giorgio says she was stunned as the man walked off muttering to himself. she immediately called police. >> i was taking up his space, and he took care of it and put me back in my place. reporter: giorgio says she's lived in this neighborhood for 10 years and has never had an
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she blames the extremely divisive political environment right now. >> do i blame trump supporters? i don't. i think that it's just his rhetoric fed to a certain personality that is now coming out of the shadows who now feel like they have permission to act on whatever hate they have. reporter: giorgio says she's now paranoid to walk her dogs, constantly looking over her incident but have not made any arrests. patrick: we are hearing messages of support for the woman randomly punched in bay view while walking her dog. we shared her story friday night. kate o'keefe's jaw is wired shut for the next five weeks. the community is coming together to help their neighbor. one woman even planned a self-defense class for thursday. police haven't made any arrests in the case. joyce: trailblazing journalist
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ifill co-anchored the pbs newshour with judy woodruff, the first women to co-anchor a network evening newscast. you may also remember her from moderating two vice presidential debates over the years, as well as a primary debate this past february. she passed away today from cancer. she was 61. a new way to park is causing some confusion for drivers in downtown wauwatosa. take a look. the parking spots along harwood and underwood streets are at a reverse angle, forcing dri we spotted one driver going the wrong way after pulling into a parking spot the traditional way and another taking two spots. the city says reverse parking is safer. >> and then when you come out. you have a full view of the road. you're not trying to look through the back of an suv before you get out into traffic. you can see right over the hoods of cars and see the oncoming bikes, autos, pedestrians. and it's just much safer. >> i wouldn't want to try it
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joyce: the city has a communications liaison on site to help drivers. a big part of the new bucks' arena project arrived in milwaukee today. a set of steel beams came via ship from europe. the steel will some day make up the roof of the future wisconsin entertainment and sports center. it will be installed next summer. patrick: protecting your children from the risk of lead in their drinking water. it's become a focus for health officials in milwaukee. now, wisn 12 news uncovers the same risk in thousands of homes in several local suburbs. kent wainscott has this 12 news investigation. reporter: how to get the lead out has become topic number one at cudahy's water utility. >> i've been inundated with lead. that's all we talk about is lead. reporter: water superintendent frank miller is talking about older lead service lines that carry water from the main line in the street to thousands of homes built before the early 1950's here and in communities throughout the milwaukee area. the potential health risks from lead, especially to young
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but miller, who also heads the wisconsin division of the american water works association, says many people are simply unaware. >> for most people, it's not on their radar. reporter: but fixing the problem is a monumental task because underground lead laterals lead to tens of thousands of suburban homes in milwaukee county alone. 38% of west allis's more than 19,000 service lines are lead. that's nearly 7500 homes. in south milwaukee, 32% of the homes have lead laterals. in cudahy, it's slightly over 30%. some communities with newer water infrastructure like brown deer, greendale, and hales corners have no lead lines left in the system. but in wauwatosa, 65% of the more than 15,000 water service lines are lead. >> no community in the area has a higher percentage of lead water lines leading to homes than shorewood. >> i couldn't imagine.
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>> 90%. >> oh, my goodness. reporter: dierdre martin lives in one of those older homes with lead laterals. >> i really didn't think about the pipes, and i do now. reporter: some water filters can reduce the risk from lead, but getting rid of the lead lines is a pricey proposition. homeowners are responsible for the section of pipe under their property, and replacing it can cost $5,000 or more. >> i have to deal with it. we own the home, we have renters, and if you don't deal deal with it down the road. reporter: the local communities are responsible for the water lines below the street, but replacing all the lead lines could take decades and could cost the suburban communities $15 million to $50 million or more depending on the number of lead pipes still in the system. >> how to fund it is going to be the central question, and i don't know how we are going to do that. patrick: there is help for some
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enough for a small percentage of the lines. patrick: what can homeowners do in the meantime? reporter: there are water filters you can buy to reduce levels. you should also let pipes run for a few seconds to flush lead out. check with your city. many have plans in place. patrick: thanks. joyce: weatherwatch 12, nice to have a mild november, but then i stays are numbered, right? lindsey: i hate to be that guy. we are going to see temperatures take a serious tumble. this is the one time this graphic highlights what is happening. enjoy the next couple of days. tomorrow, 57.
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that will feel amazing. we had three days this month in the low 70's. nonetheless, it has been nice. average high is about 47. the reason we take this huge dip is because a big weather system is on the way and it will change everything. it will bring precip and drop the temperature a good 20 degrees. the wind is going to be pretty fi. into saturday. the wind will gust between 20 and 30 miles per hour. if you need to do yard work, do it over the next couple of days. friday-saturday, the leaves will be blowing everywhere. because of the system friday, we
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one, we are talking temperatures dropping fast. you will notice it friday leading into saturday. for now, we are still in the 40's. some areas still in the 50's. it is a very weird map to look at. here are the 60's for thursday. this kind of stuff does not normally happen this time of year. that, but enjoy that. soon, we will not have 60's for a long time. friday, 63. but you see they are starting to move away. look at all that cool air. breaks my heart to see it, but it is on the way. saturday and sunday, 40's. there is some bitterly cold air
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heads-up. what about precip? technically, we get a cold front tomorrow. not a lot of moisture with this one. i do not anticipate issues with rain. thursday will be very mild. friday is when the wind kicks in. friday afternoon, there will be some rain in northwest wisi low pressure wrapping around the cold air. some of that precip will turn into snow for minnesota and wisconsin. we could get a couple flurries on saturday. nothing accumulating, but nonetheless. the rest of the evening, we are dropping through the 40's. we are going with a low of about 41 degrees. when you are having the first cup of coffee tomorrow, 45 degrees.
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enjoy those couple of days. as we head to the weekend, it is going to be chilly. saturday night, the overnight low, 27, which would make this the first hard freeze of the season. patrick: the cold is coming. so is another sign of the season. joyce: the holiday lights are this week in milwaukee. coming up, when to get in place and the good news if you can't make it this year. patrick: picking up across country. why something called ?van life? is becoming popular. >> good evening, everyone. changing the way you take out the trash. >> tomorrow on ?wisn 12 news this morning,? how social media could impact your next trip to the trash and recycling bin. >> and our stretch of mild fall temperatures is almost over. sally is tracking when reality returns tomorrow on ?12 news
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dan: it all started with a loss at denver last november when the broncos showed the blueprint on stopping the packers' prolific offense.
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and the low point might have been yesterday's 47-25 loss at tennessee when the offense waited too long to get untracked, while the porous defense allowed 21 first-quarter points. there have been plenty of individual breakdowns, but today was about circling the wagons. >> just continue to believe, having faith in each other, not pointing the finger. >> nobody is going to start playing the blame landscape type person. i have said that since the first day i arrived. dan: not a bad start to the college basketball career of sam hauser. the marquette forward was named big east freshman of the week after scoring 14 points in friday's win over vanderbilt. hauser and the golden eagles had their home opener tonight against howard university, who took the early lead on the steal
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until marquette took control. hanif cheatham to jujuan johnson , and a short time later, cheatham to big luke fisher for another slam. early in the second half, hauser spots up for three. then johnson with the steal and one hand slam. and and kaitin reinhardt scored. the golden eagles beat howard. >> we are getting consistent production. those guys will be on the floor for extended minutes. dan: marquette heads to new york tomorrow, and they take on michigan thursday in the 2k classic. ninth ranked wisconsin plays 22nd-ranked creighton in omaha, nebraska tomorrow night. coming up in our next half hour, donald driver gives his take on why the packers have lost three straight games.
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mike pence is getting several thank-you letters from planned parenthood. joyce: coming up, how he could be helping the organization despite calling for an end to federal funding. patrick: then, hybrid vehicles may be good for the environment, but there is a key safety feature that will soon be changing.
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patrick: at least one person has died in a double shooting in milwaukee near glenbrooks road.the medical examiner is on the scene . no word on what led up to the shooting. joyce: after running in front of a semi on i-94 last week. patrick: tonight, her family is talking about it in hopes of reaching out to others in mike anderson shares their story only on 12. reporter: what we knew last thursday morning from sheriff's officials is that witnesses saw a woman run out in front of a semi on i -94 near college avenue. she died at the scene. tonight, her family is telling us who she was -- 19-year-old


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