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tv   WISN 12 News This Morning  ABC  November 15, 2016 6:00am-7:00am CST

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>> good morning, thank you for waking up with us on "wisn 12 news this morning." i'm ben wagner. >> i'm melinda davenport. it is 6:00, november 15th. right now on "wisn 12 news this morning", a young girl hit and killed on the walk to church and the service planned later today. >> brendon dassey on the verge of becoming a free man. >> first to a look outside. >> sal. sally: you shall you are seeing the fog across the area. patchy and variable. the visibility at the station, we look out over the campus and toward the lake, 47 degrees, light winds. visibility, now, it is better to the north, but 3/10st of a mile
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so low beams and slower speeds in the patchy fog. it is beginning to improve 8:00, 9:00. mostly cloudy skies today and the temperatures into the mid to upper 50s. we look at the weekend storm in a moment. >> thank you, sal. traffic watch, fog is some of the areas. 41 #, 94. looking pretty good in terms of the traffic. everything is in the >> new from overnight, a woman is dead, another hurt after a shooting in milwaukee. police are calming this a case of domestic violence. the shooting was reported near 80 and glen brook and they are looking for the shooter that may be related to one of the victims. >> today, family and friends are
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and killed earlier in the month. hillary? reporter: milwaukee police arrested two people and one of them has been charged so far, no doubt today is a tough and emotional day for the little girl's family as she's laid to rest. the liteel five-year-old was crossing the street with her mother and the s.u.v. hit her and kept going. the policere she lied to the police saying that the s.u.v. was stolen. she's charged with obstruction. they have arrested her boyfriend, the alleged driver, but he's not been formerly charged. for now, live at the police headquarters "wisn 12 news this morning." >> hillary, thank you. >> police in janesville are
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tim? >> yes, that is right, we are looking for 23-year-old gordon white. i know his family. they are besides themselves right now. he just fell off the map. this is a picture. white has been missing since last tuesday, that was election day and last seen leaving his house on a red mountain bike, he's six hair and blue eyes. if you have any information, call the janesville police. back to you. >> tim, thank you. >> a man whose conviction gained international attention in making a murderer could be coming home by thanksgiving. brendon dassey has until noon to
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standing. that murder conviction overturned this summer. the state appealed, while that appeal plays out, a judge ruled that dassey should be released with supervision. the prosecutor is filing a motion to keep him behind bars. steven avery is appealing the decision. the attorney tweeted that brendon will be home for thanksgiving. >> 6:04. this morning a waukesha woman has a warning for the neighbors after being attacked while walking dogs. kathy is saying that this happened yesterday afternoon downtown waukesha. a man wearing a red make america great again hat tried to kick one of the dogs and he turned on her. >> he grabbed me by the should
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and landed on the grass and he said it is time to put you back in your place, woman. >> the man walked away and she called the police. they are looking into the incident. but no one has been arrested. >> we are hearing a lot of messages of support for the woman punched in bay view walking her dog. the jaw is wired shut for five weeks now. the community is come together to help a woman plan add self-defense defense for thursday. the police have not made arrests in this case. >> 6:05. more time, that is what you have in you live in milwaukee and you have not raked your leaves. we are talking why you have extra time to do this. we are getting to thema ponton live on the east side. thema? reporter: good morning, melinda, seeing one of these is not
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about. if you have not raked your leaves to the curb, well, you have time to do that. milwaukee residents have until this sunday to rake leaves into curb lanes for the crews to pick up. now the original deadline was today, but you can relax, you have one more weekend to rake your leaves. now last year the city says it collected 16,000 tons of leaves. now, if you plan to rake the leaves ith away from the storm drains and sewer grates. now back here live on the east side, don't put your leaves in plastic bags like this one. it is okay to put them in a paper bag. so if you haven't had the opportunity to rake the leaves into the street here, you have to take them to the city's self-help center on our own after sunday.
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>> but you are welcome. thema, you are doing the chores for them. she needs to come to my house. >> no kidding. >> sal, a good day to do it? >> it is a great day to get the outdoor chores taken care of. pressure washing the house, raking. we have a big time november comeback this weekend. 60 thursdaynd but then back into the 40s as we move to saturday with much colder air filling in. the early morning fog patchy. so allow extra time for travel in the patchy fog this morning. it is improving big time between 8:00, 9:00. colder for this weekend. >> thank you, sal. traffic watch 12, see how it is
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everything is looking good. also, drive times are still in the green... >> new information this morning about the killing of a student at uw-stout. >> the police department released photos of two women that may have information about the death of 24-year-old. the investigators are now sharing the pictures. take a look. the police think these could know about the death. he died after being severly beaten outside of a pizza parlor. the cause of death was traumatic brain injury. he was an exchange student from saudi arabia. >> thank you, tim. 6:08. tonight your family is invited to get wild at the oak creek
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the program is about protecting the rivers and ocean animals and for kids first grade through fifth grade at 6:30 p.m. >> wisn 12 news time now is 6:09. pipeline protests. >> next, the high profile visitor joining the demonstrations against the access pipeline. >> a tribute the ben franklin
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>> we are tracking three things this morning. first, a little patchy fog early. mild temperatures over the next couple of days and then a late week storm system. now this one, we are going from warm to almost on the wild side with windy and much colder air filtering in late friday night and saturday. thunder is possible for us. a slot at a little snow central
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this weekend. the early morning temperatures for the most part 40 or a little better. patchy fog is out there. visibility is improving but allow extra time for the travel this morning and deer are active this time of the year. >> thank you, sal. traffic watch 12, a live look outside from the d.o.t. cameras 43, 94 at oklahoma moving well. the traffic is picking up just a little bit. 94 eastbound to minutes. >> a well known political figure is helping to support the protestor at the dakota access pipeline. >> tim? >> yes, robert f kennedy is travelling to the reservation today to join in on the demonstrations. kennedy is environmental attorney and president of the water keeper alliance, which is an organization that seeks to protect water.
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rallies outside of the offices of the army corps of engineers. the army announced they have reviewed the pipeline and wants to get tribal input on the plan. this is a $3.8 billion pipeline that would run through four states and activists argue it is hurting the environment and destroy the native american land. thank you, tim. >> the plane of hillary clinton is being put to good use. the university of dayton used the plane yesterday to ply to alabama. the university said it didn't know it was going to use the plane until they arrived to the airport. >> this morning more names are coming out as president-elect trump is filling up the administration. we are live in washington with who is on the list and what is on tap for the transition today. >> the head of the team, mike
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deliberates are continuing over who to select. he's been by donald trump's side and now giuliani is a leading con tepider the serve as the secretary of state, all though bolton is under consideration. we are looking for men and women that share the president-elect's mission to make america great again. >> the team is against criticism for the selection for bannon. the groups from the law senter to the antidefamation league denounced the pick. >> the appointment of the bigot in the white house is not serving america. >> president obama reserved comment. >> the people have spoken,
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president of the united states. and it will be up to him to set up a team that he thinks will serve him well and reflect his policies. >> the president said he wouldn't discuss the individual appointments. >> thank you. a spokesperson wouldn't comment on the reports of his consideration as secretary of crack is growing in the head stone for ben franklin. they toss the pennies at the headstone. but those thousands of pennies have done damage so the church in charge of the site is starting a fundraiser. they hope to raise $10,000 for the repairs. >> well, tonight green packer
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autographs at the admirals game. it is also taco tuesday at the panther arena. yum. get two tacos and a soda for five bucks. >> the packers coach has won 65% of the games in green bay. that is a lot. that is something he reminds the nay sayers after 47-25 loss to tennessee. it was the third straight loss for the season. the players are saying they are not going to play the glam game. >> continue to believe. continuing to have faith in each other. sticking together. not pointing the finger. >> we are not going to point the fingers or playing the blame game.
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builder, a developer. >> okay. if packers play washington on sunday, the following week, the packers face the philadelphia eagles on monday night football. that is going to be a good one only here on wisn 12. >> a piece of the bucks arena is in wisconsin. you may have seen the set of steel beams delired yesterday. they are from europe. steel will make up the roof of the future entertainment and sports center. right now they are working on prepping the steel before installing it. the arena should be ready by fall of 2018. bucks host the hawks tomorrow night at the b-mo. >> i can't wait to see it. >> you have the arena and the entertainment center and the shops. >> a lot happening in that part of downtown.
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the temperatures are not bad in the 40s. the next four days readings well above normal for this time of the year. we are dealing with patchy fog. it is actually already improving some this morning. once the sunrise, we'll look at improving conditions to continue. but some of the locations less than a half mile. we are getting foggy conditions being reported in watertown jefferson un johnson creek is reporting fog. mostly cloudy this morning. i anticipate more clouds than the sunshine for today. we see peeks of sun coming through, but a little more overcast. a cool front coming through tonight and dry and a few clouds and patchy fog again later tonight. take a look, 40s and 50s over the dakotas. the cold air is way to the north and working in just in time for
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mass and dropping the highs into the 40s. in fact, they are a better representation of the highs over the weekend. right now, 43 waukesha. 47 at the airport. so mostly cloudy skies overall throughout the day today. we stay dry, a couple of showers passing by the northwoods. tonight and tomorrow patchy fog early. the balance of wednesday bringing in the sunshine. the temperatures in upper 50s today and tomorrow. 43 tonight. 45 tomorrow night. 62 thursday and friday. it may actually be warmer than that. much, much colder with showers friday night and saturday, maybe a rumble of thunder. >> thank you, sal. 6:20. it is down to the final four. >> even for perfect scores, couldn't save a couple from elimination on dancing with the stars. >> later a family that doesn't
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>> good morning. thanks for the school shout out. wisn 12 is visiting classrooms a cross southeast wisconsin. >> if you are interested in a visit, head too and click on the logo and we'll schedule a stop by to say hello. >> we are down to the final four couples on dancing with the stars. >> just four left, tara eliminated from the show. they had two perfect scores, but calvin johnson up for elimination but staying on for the finals.
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"wisn 12 news this morning." okay. 6:24. going viral, a not so friendly match between bosnia and greece. this is what happened. a world qualifier. this is sunday. bosnian player felt trapped on the ground by his greek opponent. trying to get the ball back. what does he do. hold on the pants. he can't get out. he pulled th guy is not going to walk away. >> it is a red card. >> that means? >> you are out of the game and the next game. he's disqualified from this game and next game, i have never seen that. i have been playing for 25 years. i have not seen someone pull
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player. >> yes, he's a world class player. he was mad. >> tim, thank you. >> 6:25. reduce, reuse, recycle. >> next, how social media could impact your next trip to trash and recycling bin.
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ben: shots fired overnight outside a local apartment complex. one woman is dead and another is seriously hurt. the search underway right now for the person who pulled the trigger. melinda: plus: it's called the doomsday clock and it may be getting closer to midnight. why atomic scientists are meeting today to talk about threats to global security. ben: but first, let's take a live look outside. our mild fall temperatures continue, for now. beautiful shot of the lake this morning. we're tracking when cooler air returns and some patchy fog. >> good morning and welcome to "wisn 12 news this morning." i'm ben wagner. melinda: and i'm melinda davenport. it's 6:30 on this tuesday, november 15th. let's start with the forecast. meteorologist sally severson is in the weather center.
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fog. pesky in nature. november makes a huge come back this weekend. the weather has been well above the normals. the warmest fall on record and 60s for thursday and friday and falling into the 40s over the weekend for the highs. statewide the temperatures are 30s and 40s. 47 at mitchell especially across parts of racine and waukesha, jefferson county. the forecast for today early this morning the patchy fog will improve. a few clouds today. 56. 43 tonight. i think a shot of fog later tonight. on wednesday, party sunny and mild upper 50s. >> thank you, sal. on the traffic watch 12.
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there in some of the areas. 94 at county t. the drive times are all in the green. ben: new from overnight, one woman is dead and another is hurt after a shooting in milwaukee. tim is live in the newsroom with the latest on the case. tim. tim: ben, police are calling this a case of domestic violence. the shooting was reported near 70th and glenbrook, which is just north of brown deer road. police say two women were shot in the parking lot near an apartmenmp a 30-year-old died at the scene. a 57-year-old is being treated at froedert hospital this morning. police tell wisn 12 news the shooter is still on the run. investigators think the suspect is related to one of the victims. again, they are calling this domestic violence related. streets in the neighborhood are back open this morning. i'll pass along new information as it comes in here in our newsroom. back to you.
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6:31. adjusting the so-called doomsday clock. a group of atomic scientists will meet today to decide whether to move the symbolic clock forward. right now it's set at three minutes to midnight showing how close the world supposedly is to catastrophe. several members of the scientific board that sets the clock say they have concerns about president-elect donald trump's comments on the iran nuclear deal. if that deal ends, they might decide to move the clock closer to midnight. melinda: this morning, hou on some of president elect trump's first decisions. z just days ago trump announced that reince priebus will serve as his chief of staff. priebus is from wisconsin and has served as chairman of the republican national committee. while on a janesville radio show, ryan said he approves of the choice. >> hiring reince as his chief of staff is a perfect indication of our new president's desire to get things done. melinda: the wisconsin congressman says he's spoken to
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working together. ben: this morning a study is underway to find out if the wisconsin's new voter id law caused the state's lowest voter turnout in 20 years. faculty at uw-madison are studying the voter numbers in wisconsin. milwaukee had 41,000 fewer votes than in 2012, that's according to the city election commission. many counties saw a drop in voters but it was especially bad in milwaukee and dane counties. they're also the counties with the most low income voters. required a photo id. >> we heard anecdotal remarks about people who just didn't show up to vote because they were afraid they didn't have the proper id. what this study will do will move us from those anecdotes to actual hard data and facts. ben: a uw-madison professor is leading the study. they'll reach out to people who didn't vote and find out why. melinda: looking ahead now, marquette law school is hosting the president of microsoft to talk about technology, diversity and more.
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with mike gousha today. the lecture is open to the public but you have to register online ahead of time. >> 6:34. ben: looking ahead, it's a chance for you to weigh in on the future of parks in milwaukee county. hillary mintz is live downtown milwaukee this morning with a look ahead. good morning, hillary. reporter: good morning, ben. think about what you want to do in the parks. the parksar input this week. it is done online. first step is first, go to we have a link to get to the survey. it is the first link there. that brings you to this page, it is a ten year master plan. we'll scroll down here, it is saying this takes 20-25 minutes. so if you want to plan ahead for that. you can agree to disagree with
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youth and adult sports fields, we have got provide hard surface walking and biking trails, provide nature centers, what else. provide outdoor swimming pools and splash pads. you can tell the parks department what you want for the future. this is critical to helping them decide which direction to go in for the long term plan. you have until friday to do it. for now l "wisn 12 news this morning." melinda: new this morning, today is a day to celebrate and get educated about recycling. thema is live in milwaukee with new details on america recycles day. good morning, thema. >> good morning. today is the day to think about what you put out, where it goes and how it is helping the environment. our wisn news camera got a look
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materials -- [inaudible] >> care about recycling, and thinking about it every day. and to make sure that you are recycling right and knowing that it is protecting the people that work with your repsychbls as well as making it profitable. >> well, here in milwaukee for americas recycles day, you can have a tour of that is where they recycle all of the things that you put out for recycling. it is happening thursday at 4:30. you will need to register online and wear closed toe shoes. the tour takes about an hour. ben: starting today, you have a new place to shop in west milwaukee. a new sendik's store is opening on miller park way near mitchell street.
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thanksgiving grocery list. the ceremony starts at 10:00 a.m. this store will employ 140 people. sendiks has plans to open five more stores in the next 15 months. >> now to a check on the morning commute. 43 at mequon. we are moving along fine. traffic is just picking up a little bit. the drive times are all in the green. >> a plane forced to zig zag. ben: it was trying to avoid a drone in the middle of its path. this happened in canada over lake ontario. officials say the plane had to make sudden movements to avoid the drone. none of the passengers were hurt but two flight attendants had minor injuries. ben: news that could affect your online shopping this holiday season. melinda: 1200 ups employees may go on strike. the group of air cargo mechanics have voted and want to go on strike, but first they have to
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mediator. if that happens, the union would have to wait 30 days before they strike. the workers are protesting against three years without a pay raise. ben: new this morning, taco bell makes its debut on the las vegas strip. taco bell cantina sells alcohol. it also offers what the company hopes will be a unique atmosphere with vip lounges and a dedicated space for a dj. do after eating taco bell. >> yes, especially when the drinks are going up the cuff. >> it is neat. there are four locations like this in the us including one in chicago. ben: wisn 12 news time is 6:38. a campus protest ends with violence. melinda: the consequences one man is facing for tackling another man and sending him falling down some stairs. ben: plus, a turkey escapes the thanksgiving table and learns to love humans. the behavior that's getting this bird compared to man's best
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>> we are just turning over 6:42. we get a live look at blue harbor up in sheboygan as we look at lake michigan for early today. the gentle november weather is persisting with the 50s today and tomorrow and 60s thursday and friday. november chill is returning with a storm. mequon, 48 degrees. winds are light and north. a little light fog there and we have some of the low clouds in racine as we look at the temperatures there 48 degrees. we climb up to the 50s today. we have a mix of sun and clouds. >> thank you, sal. traffic watch 12, a live look at
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morning. it is moving fine. the pavement is dry. only delay is 94 eastbound into downtown 11 minutes. ben: another round of protests over last week's election results. tim is live in the newsroom this morning with new information. tim. >> the protests are happening. today marks one week since donald trump was elected as the country's next president. thousands of students across the country protested the outcome yesterday. more than 5,000 students walke schools and middle schools. many of those students then gathered at a park and held a rally. it wasn't the only student protest in seattle yesterday. college students held a peaceful protest too. students walked out of high schools in los angeles and denver too. more than 1,000 students left class in l.a. and hundreds in denver marched to the state capitol. back to you. >> tim, thank you.
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gets tackled. take a look. a man runs down the stairs and jumps at the anti-trump protester. this cell phone video was posted by ohio state's student newspaper. the protester was knocked to the ground. witnesses say he was hurt but not seriously. campus police arrested the man who attacked him. melinda: new this morning, two officials in a west virginia town are facing backlash after a facebook post. it insults first lady michelle obama and calls her an ape. there's a petition calling for one is a mayor in clay county, the other works at a non-profit funded by federal and state dollars. ben: a police officer in michigan is suspended after showing up at an anti-trump rally and flying the confederate flag. the police officer was off-duty at the time. witnesses say he pulled up with a confederate flag then got out of the car and opened up a beer. police in traverse city are investigating to find out if he broke any rules. ben: new this morning, a fight
6:45 am
it turned from a war of words into a physical fight when one leader accused another of working with russia. that leader hit the speaker. they had to be pulled apart. then the speech resumed only for another fight to break out between those same two lawmakers. after the second fight, one of the men was removed from the meeting. >> new this morning, an 18-year-old who graduated from high school just months ago will soon help decide that school's future. last week he was elected to the school board. official in west michigan. his opponent for the seat was about 20 years older than him. now the newest board member says he wants to give students a voice and use education to unite the community. >> education has the potential to be one of those uniting issues that democrats and republicans in the state can work on solutions. melinda: right now he's a freshman at a college near his
6:46 am
>> new this morning, the bush family is welcoming a new puppy. they adopted the dog. they shared the photo on facebook. the bush's say that the cats are charmed by freddie >> a turkey that acts more like a dog. they found out he's not a normal turkey. >> last week we were just really, really smitten with the fact that he likes to be pet and be this close to human beings after being through so much unknowns as a stray.
6:47 am
workers at the sanctuary and rescued gnus in time because well, leon could have ended up on a thanksgiving table and now living out the days at the sanctuary. >> two-year-old boy forms a friendship with the garbage plan. every monday he runs out to meet james the trashman. he dressed up james for halloween. they have been meeting for a year and a half >> usually he's eating breakfast and he hears it and we have to stop and run to the bag. >> i am so excited, man, is he there again. i always wonder. >> that is high lights of the week. james says it is sweet.
6:48 am
pale. >> james must be a great guy to notice and take the time. ie love that story. >> we are keeping our eye on the weather, it is going to turn turbulent for friday and saturday. until then, a wrinkle is the fog that is in place for us. it is already improving some in a few of the locations. but waukesha, rose on facebook said he feels the mist on her face in the fog. half mile visibility at watertown. now, this november storm system that we are watching at the end of the week, main energy is staying to the north. i think they are getting the
6:49 am
saturday and even in the northwoods. for the gun deer season coming up, there is a chance of tracking snow. here in the south, to me, it is windy, chilly. we are going to get a few showers in. for the day today, more clouds than the sunshine. i don't expect a lot in the way of sunshine for today. still though, with west winds, temperatures already in the 40s, we easily get up to t again. no cold air right now. that is going to change up for the weekend. mostly cloudy upper 50s. tonight and tomorrow patchy fog once again. much of wednesday afternoon should be dryer with more sunshine. we look at the mild highs tomorrow as well in the mid to upper 50s. thursday and friday, ahead of the storm system, a bubble of warm air. 62 or better. i may have under forecasted the highs.
6:50 am
uncertainties with the storm system late friday and saturday. >> thank you, sal. now to traffic watch 12, 43 state street moving quickly. sun is coming up here as well. 43 and brown looking good as well. no delays out there. one delay here, 12 minutes on 94 eastbound from moreland into downtown. >> new this morning, police in escaping from the burning car. this was the scene over a freeway yesterday. a man reported jumped from the car. the firefighters put out the flames a few minutes later. no word on the injuries. >> 6:50. and right now, wild fires are raging across parts of is southeast. tim is here with new information
6:51 am
burning across eight states including north carolina and tennessee. five thousand favorites are working to get the flames under control. some have traveled from as far as alaska to help. hundreds of people have been forced out of their homes as the fires get dangerously close. many of the fires are still spreading right now. officials say some of these fires were deliberately set. they've already arrested at least one person. >> after an we can in new zealand thousands of people are stranded. landslides blocked the roads and two people were killed in the 7.8 quake. strong after shocks are shaking the island. the prime minister is saying billions of dollars in damage. >> 200 roads remain closed in north carolina after the hurricane hit. that is down from 2 how roads that were closed at first. now the d.o.t. workers are looking into why the roads were
6:52 am
that the next time. we are look ahead, christmas music is returning to the radio waves this week... ?? >> 95.7 is going christmas around the clock starting thursday at noon. no word on when or if other stations are planning to make the switch. >> turn the clock. >> 6:52. a final check of the headlines >> first a live look at the d.o.t. cameras. lots of fog out there. a check on the morning commute
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>> welcome back. development in the making a murderer >> a judge ordered that dassey be released. the conviction was over turned this summer and the state is working to keep him behind bars. >> a woman is dead and another in the hospital after a shooting. police say it happened in the parking lot of an apartment complex. we are told it is a domestic violence situation. the police are searching for the shooter. >> power is back on for more
6:56 am
it impacted parts of west allis and the south side. the police officers were directing the traffic. we energy it says it had to do with equipment problems at is substation. >> an s.u.v. slams into a pole at 108th and oklahoma. this happened after a pursuit. we are working to learn more information. >> now for a final check morning commute and traffic watch 12. 43, 94, looking good. drive times take a look at those... >> the patchy fog this morning is just that. quite variable. many locations like the dot picture visibility is good. partly cloudy throughout the day today. 56 today.
6:57 am
and friday. but november is behaving like november friday night and saturday a sharp cold is coming through. wind and cold airstreaming in. we'll get a few showers going. however, it is a long ways out yet. >> i heard someone say yesterday it is too warm out there. no. >> this is a gift. >> i couldn't believe it. >> it won't last >> no. winter is coming.
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? ? ? when you find something worth waiting for, we'll help you invest to protect it for the future. financial guidance while you're mastering life.
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good morning, america. anti-trump protests escalate. a trump supporter caught on ra student on a college campus as president obama tries to peacefully pass the baton. >> i don't think he is ideological. i think ultimately he's pragmatic. >> his advice to the president-elect as donald trump builds his team, the new role rudy giuliani may play in his white house. breaking overnight a massive manhunt for this accused killer escaped from a county jail. now authorities warn he may have stolen a truck with a rifle inside. the search for this man who could be armed and dangerous. caught on camera, this hot air balloon goes haywire at a festival catching fire as fireworks explode. firefighters on the scene as the


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