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tv   WISN 12 News at 10PM  ABC  November 16, 2016 10:00pm-10:30pm CST

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caption content and accuracy. visit] announcer: now on wisn 12 news. >> two local schools now giving bottled water to kids. the separate problems found coming out of the taps. joyce: the bucks reveal plans for what's outside their new arena. >> we'll show how the bucks new entertainment block could be entertaining more than just basketball fans. kathy: and tow trucks lurking near parking lots, ready to take your car. >> we are hoping to talk to you guys about a lot you manage. joyce: investigates, confronting the companies grabbing up car after car. kathy: and we're following two breaking stories. we'll get to a deadly explosion in illinois in a moment. joyce: first, ben hutchison is live in west allis, where a customer was shot during a business robbery along highway 100. what is the latest? >> joyce, and i'm told the suspect or suspects involved in that shooting are still on the loose. everything happened at the cricket wireless store here
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west allis police chief bob fletcher says a customer was shot during a robbery. that person has non-life threatening injuries, but was taken to a hospital. numerous local law enforcement agencies have been assisting in the investigation. i spoke with a woman who was in the area as police arrived. >> i'm assuming maybe someone got shot. >> again, she is talking about the there are no suspects tied to the robbery and shooting. in west allis, ben hutchison wisn 12 news. , joyce: thank you. we're following more breaking news, at least one person has died and 10 others injured in a large explosion in illinois. these are the first pictures from canton, about 25 miles west of peoria. the explosion in the city's downtown area happened around 5:45 p.m. tonight. you can see the blown out windows of the building, which houses several businesses.
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caused the blast although initial , reports were it was gas related. the surrounding area has been evacuated. a problem with some water in menomonee falls. kathy: students are banned from drinking the water at two different schools. as christina palladino reports, children are now getting bottled water. >> contaminated water at two different elementary schools in menomonee falls is forcing students and staff to only have bottled water. last month tests came back , positive for coliform, a bacteria that is found in people, animals, and plants, but it is not harmful although it , can be connected to e-coli. school administrators say there is no evidence of e-coli at valley view elementary. >> i'm just glad that they're taking care of it and the kids are all getting clean water. >> parents tell me they're just finding out about the water issues at valley view where kids , have been using bottled water
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indicate that so far the bacteria problem is only affecting valley view's water system. but today a new water issue was , discovered at nearby benjamin franklin elementary. copper was found in one of the sinks of the 4k wing of the school. high levels of copper can cause stomach issues. chris kaebisch's daughter is affected. he thinks the school is being pro-active about the problem. >> i'm not too worried about it. they'll take care of it. they're on the ball here in the falls. >> in menomonee falls, christina palladino, wisn 12 news. kathy: the school says they will re-test the water for copper again on thursday. a walker's point bar owner who blames vandalism and other problems on local high school students is catching flak for his unusual response. he ran an ad in the magazine alcohol-manac saying "sabbatic is for lovers." a second caption says, "our back alley, where 50% of bradley tech pregnancies start and end.' >> the words that people are taking issue with are totally baseless. and they're meant as just a really crude, dark joke.
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owner did not want to be on camera. he says he has received threats. he says the ad was aimed at a small circle of people, and he's sorry if anyone else is offended. joyce: more drama in the case made world-famous by the netflix documentary "making a murderer." patrick, brendan dassey could be a free man by the end of the week. patrick: today, a judge ordered he be released by friday night at 8:00. it prompted the state attorney general to file an emergency motion with a federal appeals court to keep him locked up. dassey's attorneys responded, asking the court of appeals to deny the state's move to stop the 27-year-old is serving a life sentence for helping his uncle, steven avery, kill teresa halbach in 2005. dassey was 16 at the time. a judge overturned dassey's conviction in august, saying investigators tricked him into confessing. dassey's older brother agrees. >> i believe he's innocent. where is the proof? there's no real proof. patrick: the state is asking the seventh circuit to make a decision by friday.
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joyce: milwaukee police respond to a fatal shooting tonight. mpd tells us an 18-year-old man died after being shot during an argument. it happened at 68th and congress on the city's northwest side. the victim's name has not been released. police continue their search for a suspect. a police officer in suburban st. paul is charged with a crime, after he shot a black man during a traffic stop. philando castile's girlfriend broadcast the encounter's aftermath live on social media in july. county prosecutors today charged officer jeronimo yanez with second-degree manslaughter, saying yanez had no good reason to use deadly force. the officer will be in court friday. kathy: donald trump is dismissing reports of turmoil among his transition team, tweeting that it's going "so smoothly." meanwhile, vice president joe biden met for lunch today with vice-president elect mike pence. biden was asked if he thinks the trump administration will be ready on day one. here's his reponse. >> no administration is ready on
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i've never met one that's ever been ready on day one, but i'm confident on day one everything will be in good hands. kathy: hillary clinton made her first public speech since losing last week talking to the , children's defense fund. she told the story of her mother and what she'd say to her mom as a young girl living in poverty. >> as hard as it might be to imagine, your daughter will grow up to be a united states senator, represent our country as secretary of state, and when more than 62 million votes for kathy: clinton accepted the invitation before the election. joyce: a hillary clinton campaign plane is being used by marquette university's men's basketball team. now that the campaign is over, the plane is back in its private company's fleet for others to charter. this is video of the university of dayton's team stepping off the plane. a marquette university spokesman tells us the same charter plane was used to fly the golden eagles twice this week. the lights are going up at milwaukee's pere marquette park. the holiday lights festival
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music and a fireworks show. wisn 12 is a proud sponsor. we'll be there live. watch wisn 12 tomorrow night at 6:30 to see melinda davenport and ben wagner host the event from pere marquette park. and melinda took part in the annual celebrity relay race to fight hunger today. several local tv and radio personalities were paired off. the goal, to help get the word out about feeding america's stuff the bus food drive. one week from today, you can drop off food donations at the feed hungry families during the holidays. the relay, by the way, ended in a tie. kathy: she put her heart in it, absolutely. a growing trend across the city, tow trucks lurking in local parking lots. joyce: and they're waiting to take your car. >> i mean we had two last night , five this last saturday, probably 50 in the last two weeks, three weeks. joyce: only wisn 12 news
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its practice and reveals the action the city is trying to take. kathy: and a former cabinet , secretary reveals what it's like to be a designated survivor. where he hid during the state of the union, and what happened to prepare him to suddenly be president. mark: plus, it's a tale of two forecasts. first, the warm, then the cold. when you will need your winter coat next in weather watch 12. ,joyce: and some reports say aaron rodgers and mike mccarthy
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the entertainment block that's being built next to the new bucks arena could look like this. kathy: we're getting our first look at the renderings for the downtown project. sheldon dutes is live at the construction site near juneau and 4th with a preview of what we can expect. sheldon: this part of four street is blocked off. it will become part of that future entertainment district, but even when the milwaukee bucks are not playing, this large public plaza will be the center of downtown milwaukee's new entertainment block. >> the plaza space we are envisioning as the living room of milwaukee. >> matt rinka's architecture firm is part of the team designing the space. he says it'll be a downtown destination for different activities. >> playground spaces, big plaza spaces that can incorporate farmers markets, festivals, sporting events, things like that. sheldon: the plans also include shops, restaurants, a year-round beer garden, and a promenade.
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we're building space and spaces around the buildings that are really going to allow for milwaukee-centric type things. >> built the future. sheldon: the entertainment block will be next to the new bucks area on fourth street between juneau and highland. rinka says the architecture will blend milwaukee's past with the future. >> glassy modern buildings, but expressive of steel, wood, brick, elements that i think made milwaukee sort of the solid working-class community that i sheldon: so the new bucks arena is slated to open in the fall of 2018, and that is when that new entertainment district is expected to open right here. kathy: a minnesota deer hunter has quite a story to tell. 78-year-old jim wackler took a 36-point-buck. he couldn't believe it at first.
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log and sat there for five or 10 minutes, and then i started calling for help, and nobody would believe me. kathy: i would call for help. the buck unofficially measured at 270 inches, which would be a minnesota firearms state record for non-typical antlers. wisconsin's gun-deer season starts this saturday. joyce: picking the wrong place to park could get you more than you bargained for when a tow truck arrives. 12 news' ben wagner investigates unsuspecting drivers losing their cars, costing them big money to get them back. >> it's crazy. >> the same scenario playing out all over milwaukee. >> i picked up a couple bags, went to the vehicle and my car was gone. >> i did not see any of the signs until after i realized my car was gone. to see my clientele come in here for a drink and to leave without a car is pretty infuriating. >> outrage over cars being towed from private lots. arlene patterson shows us her
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processing fee. $25 for storage fee. >> in all, patterson shelled out $325 to get her car back. action towing picked it up at her daughter's apartment building near 17th and highland. >> i don't want them preying on people in the inner cities. >> across town in bayview -- >> it's like they're fishing for people for business. >> josh beier also learned the hard way. >> but it looks like a city parking lot. >> an abyss tow truck picked up his car across from a bar on south kinnickininic. >> $200 went to the company. >> boone and crockett's owner john revord says so many tows show up on his surveillance cameras that he started warning customers. >> i mean we had two last night , five this past probably 50 in saturday, the last two weeks, three weeks. >> we went to the company that
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i want to talk to you about a lot you manage. stephanie with abyss says they have an agreement with a business owner to patrol the lot. she says people aren't paying attention. >> if you know it's private property, you shouldn't park there. >> the city of milwaukee uses private tow companies because it's cheaper than staffing that many trucks on its own. but murphy has worked to lower the fees tow companies can charge. less than $26,000 a year, you get your car towed, it gets to a towing facility and it's going to cost you between $250 and you $350. need that car for your job, that's a huge burden. >> wisn 12 found private companies can charge as much as $300 for a tow. that is plus storage fees.
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they ticket you. the private tow firms also charge a $30 processing fee that is supposed be paid to the city of milwaukee. there is more. a wisn 12 investigation has uncovered that action towing, the company that towed arlene patterson's car, now owes city hall more than $26,000. milwaukee dpw sent letter after letter, trying to bill action towing dating back to september of but all charges, the city 2014, says, have gone unpaid. we tried to get answers from action towing. is muhammad here? owner muhammad abdus-salaam wasn't there, but his wife was in the front office. charges. >> arlene patterson still isn't sure what she paid for. >> no charges were explained. that was their price, and this is what i had to play. >> this is just gouging citizens. >> alderman murphy says action towing could lose its license if it doesn't pay the $26,000 it owes the city. if you're parking in a lot you're not sure about, take some to check it out. there may only be a few, small signs, and they may only be posted high on lightpoles or low on fencing. ben wagner, wisn 12 news.
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the middle of towing your car, a new law says you can get it back before they haul it away. it will cost you $50 on the spot much cheaper than impound fees. , i think we should focus on the positive part of our weather forecast first. kathy: mark, we may have another record high tomorrow. mark: 69 degrees in the middle to late portions of november. that is pretty good. that would tie the record, a third record high this month. it will be incredibly warm it is 69 degrees, this time of year. you better try to find a way to enjoy tomorrow. again, could be our third record high, maybe our fourth 70 if we can get to 70 degrees. that has never happened in the history of novembers in southwestern wisconsin. also, our average high is 46.
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day and month after month after month, six months in a row. today's high temperatures, this is a weird looking map for november. 80 lincoln, nebraska. these are the latest temperatures in some of these locations. 69 des moines. 61 bismarck, north dakota. all this warm air is waiting to get here and will move in later tonight and during the day tomorrow. every day this month, our temperatures have then above normal, the warmer start to november. we will add two more to that in the 60's, and maybe closing in on 70 four tomorrow. i'll warm streak continues, and we will tie the record on friday. we will not break the record because saturday is a different ball game. a little bit of fog, and some
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colder and west bend, 40 one degrees. low visibility there, but we will see the southerly wind kick in and move the fog out of here, and that will make things better. 50 milwaukee, five-mile visibility. two and a half mile visibility and burlington. it will get better by the morning. i am not anticipating any problems for the morning commute. temperatures will be mild. 50 at 5:00 a.m. shorts for tomorrow, especially the boys. 58 at 9:00 a.m. sunshine, breezy conditions throughout the day. now to the winter storm brewing in parts of the west. it will make its way into our area, or at least the western portions of wisconsin. we will stay on the warm side of this for the most part, but it will be really windy, so be ready for that. you can see where there are
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nothing in wisconsin, but some snow movesnothing in wisconsin,e snow moves in, and maybe a couple of flakes around here. i am not anticipating any kind of accumulation. let show you future cass, quiet conditions throughout thursday, beautiful, warm, get out and enjoy. here comes the cold front. when that comes through, may be an isolated shower or thunderstorm, but then the colder air moves in and there are a few stove makes snowflakes in the mid-love the night, then we clear out on saturday and it gets cold. this is the big story along with the wind, so be ready for that, friday into saturday, temperatures plunging, wind gusting to 40 miles per hour or more. 69 degrees, then 65, a little deceptive. that is the first half of the day on friday, then it cools down. 42 saturday, 40 sunday, then it
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big travel next wednesday, a chance for some rain. i think we will stay warm enough for rain and not snow. thank you, mark. kathy: thank you, mark. they're designed to help save lives. joyce: but they could be making things less safe during an emergency. 12 news kent wainscott investigates. >> it's a growing concern in local communities. >> there was definitely a need for them, just for the safety of our children. >> speed bumps slowing down emergency vehicles. >> if there's a fire in my house, of course i want the fire truck right away. >> 12 news investigates what's being done to balance the need for slower speeds but faster response times. joyce: kent wainscott investigates speed bumps and emergencies tomorrow night on wisn 12 news at 10:00. kathy: a plane that typically doesn't come to milwaukee will be landing at mitchell airport tomorrow. joyce: but the airbus won't be taking passengers. still ahead, the type of testing the giant plane will undergo.
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announcer: big 12 sports presented by menards. dan: ted thompson is rarely heard from during the season, so it's no surprise he hasn't issued a vote of confidence for mike mccarthy, who has come under fire from fans and media. however, aaron rodgers has his
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>> i think it is ridiculous. i think people don't understand how difficult it is to win in this league and win consistently , the success that we have had here. it is tough to do. we set the standard pretty high, but i would not listen to some of those people out there. a are not in this locker room. they are not in the media rooms. they are not in the what is going on. dan: the packers non-existant running game got a bit of a boost today when they claimed christin michael off waivers from the seahawks. they cut him yesterday. michael was the seahawks leading rusher this season. the packers rank second-to-last in the nfl in rushing attempts. >> you have to run the football. we knew start running the football, you can extend the offense of line or the pass protection unit we have, so
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different reasons. announcer: big 12 sports presented by menards. dan: the bucks caught a break tonight in atlanta as dwight howard was not in uniform for the hawks because of an injury. if howard had played, the bucks might have trailed by 30 at the half, instead of 17. milwaukee made just two of 17 three pointers, and they scored just nine points in the second quarter. they missed some dunks. down more than 20 in the third quarter, they came roaring back, led by jabari parker, who scored just two points in the first half, and then 15 in the third quarter. he finished with 23. mirza teletovic was also a key part of the comeback. teletovic for three. he had four of those on the night and finished with 14 points. giannis struggled in the first half, then asserted himself in the second. inside for two of his 26 points. he also had 15 rebounds, and the 24 point defecit was down to four late. it was too much ground to make up. kyle korver from about 30 feet away, and the hawks beat the bucks 107-100. in baseball, max scherzer becomes the sixth pitcher to win the cy young award in both leagues. the nationals righty won the nl
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wins the american league honor. coming up in our next half hour, catholic memorial's motivation for friday's state championship football game. joyce: a big weekend indeed, thank you. getting black friday deals without actually shopping on black friday. kathy: coming up, the credit cards that are helping you get the best deals for weeks to come. joyce: then, the oxford
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joyce: a fatal crash, a 79 you're a woman and 80-year-old man were killed and the wrecker nd the couple ran a stop sign, hitting another vehicle. the driver of that vehicle survived. kathy: a bay view woman's car is stolen twice. joyce: she takes matters into her own hands to get it back. her car was first taken from her neighborhood near superior and ontario when she was taking groceries into her home. she left her purse and keys on the seat, and someone took off with the car. as nick bohr reports, she got it back, only to have it taken


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