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tv   WISN 12 News at 5PM  ABC  November 17, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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the idea that he could be home for thanksgiving talk about tasting gratitude. >> but the state filed an emergency motion to keep him locked up calling dassey a , murderer and rapist whose release would endanger the community and horrify halbach's family. the court of appeals agreed, and this morning ordered dassey , remain in prison. this afternoon, his lawyers wrote, "we than words can say. the fight goes on." so dassey remains here at columbia correctional institution during his appeal, a process that could take many months. in portage, colleen henry, wisn 12 news. patrick: steven avery's attorney, kathleen zellner, tweeted, " circuit just denied seventh brendan dassey's release pending appeal outcome.
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avery is appealing his conviction. right now, his new defense team is awaiting an order allowing re-testing of hundreds of pieces of evidence in his case. that order was expected on monday, but his lawyer says the process has been delayed slightly by the developments in dassey's case. avery's niece shared a letter on twitter today that she just received from her uncle. in it, avery indicates that he's hopeful he'll get out of prison. he also thanked his supporters. stay with for the very latest on these cases. you can find the stories right on the home page. you can also follow our coverage on our free app. toya: west allis police are on the lookout tonight for a robber. this is surveillance video just into our newsroom. they say shoot a customer with a sawed-off shotgun inside a cell phone store. 12 news nick bohr is live outside the store at highway 100 and national tonight. >> fortunately we know the him's entries are non-life-threatening. he is back home tonight. we now know the victim tried to stop the robber when he was shot inside and police are still
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cricket wireless store to find a customer in his 50's shot, the gunman on the run. 12 news has obtained images of the young suspect believed to be in his mid teens to early 20's . you can see him running from the store holding that gone. police think seconds later he se got into a car. >> we are hoping that somebody out there saw something that seemed unusual and gives us a call so we can get a vehicle description. >> police say the customer saw the robber come in with the sawed off gun and tried to stop him getting shot in the arm in , the process. >> a customer did try to intervene in the robbery. that is not something we would suggest. it is not his fault, but you don't want to see someone injured over a property crime. >> the customer is expected to recover. the gunman got away with some cash. now police are trying to track
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couple of years, there have been strings of cell phone stores being robbed. we are working with other area law enforcement to see if there is any types of robberies that have occurred that might be the same at all. >> we reached out to cricket wireless. they told us they couldn't comment on an active investigation but did say their , thoughts go out to the injured customer. toya: thank you. milwaukee police are issuing a city-wide notification about a sex offender. chad senter was released from custody yesterday. police are alerting the entire city because senter has not disclosed where he will be living. according to the state's online registry he is homeless. ,he was convicted of first degree sexual assault in 1993 and then convicted of third , degree sexual assault in 2002. senter will be on 24 hour gps monitoring. he is six feet tall, 190 pounds, wears glasses and has scars on , his left arm, forehead, left
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patrick: some aldermen on milwaukee's south side are asking for more officers in their neighborhoods. in a letter to police chief ed flynn, they're asking to boost staffing in districts two and six. the aldermen say there are problems with response times and say there is a need for more patrol officers. they also say there are, ?too many instances in which we have been informed that no officer was available to provide a timely response to a call for help." milwaukee common council president ashanti hamilton responded to their request. hamilton says the south side aldermen are ignoring their responsibility to represent the entire city. in a statement, he says "a strategy that pits neighborhood against neighborhood for policing resources is simply responsible and it is not the direction the council should take." toya: new tonight, he once bashed donald trump. now he could become a member of his cabinet. mitt romney will meet with the president-elect this weekend and the two could discuss a possible position for romney.
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former critic south carolina governor nikki haley to talk about her possibly joining his cabinet as secretary of state. he also fielded visits at trump tower from former secretary of state henry kissinger and the prime minister of japan his , first visit with a foreign leader since winning the election. meanwhile, vice president-elect mike pence spent a second day in washington. pence met with lawmakers from both parties on capitol hill. he says they talked about areas where they could work together. >> very confident that as we move towards inauguration, bring concert with leaders in the house and senate. we will rebuild our military, revive our economy, and make america great again. toya: also today, in his first interview since the election, former democratic vice presidential nominee tim kaine said he has no plans to run for the white house in 2020. kaine went back to his job as a u.s. senator from virginia. patrick: the states report card on schools is out. 91% of districts meet or exceed expectations. the top districts in our area
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and cedarburg with a score of milwaukee public schools and the 86.8. cudahy district are said to "meet few expectations" with scores of 55. racine unified is one of five failing districts in the state with a score of 48. schools have to be in the lowest category for two consecutive years before they face sanctions. for the entire list, go to our website, toya: they're designed to help save lives but speed bumps could , be making things less safe duringem wainscott investigates. >> it's a growing concern in some local communities. >> there was definitely a need for them, just for the safety of our children. >> speed bumps slowing down emergency vehicles. >> if there's a fire in my house, of course i want the fire truck right away. >> 12 news investigates what's being done to balance the need for slower speeds but faster response times. toya: kent wainscott investigates speed bumps and
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patrick: tonight a special gift , from a special woman in waukesha. police posted this picture on the department's facebook page, writing "a kind citizen and parishioner of st. mark's church made these 50 fleece blankets." she wants the blankets to be handed out to the city's homeless because she was once poor and cold as a child and wants the homeless to know people are thinking about them. you might have noticed a lot of people wearing purple today. one is reason is that it's world pancreatic cancer day. several local buildings and landmarks are also lit purple to raise awareness. this is video from overnight of the pfister hotel in downtn pancreatic cancer has one of the lowest survival rates of any cancer. people are also wearing purple for world prematurity day to raise awareness about premature birth. toya: i will not lie coming into , work today was a bit of a struggle. patrick: at least you were able to roll down the window. mark, this is kind of a last call on summer-like weather this year. mark: we are hours away from a
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winter expected 40 degree temperature drop next in weather , watch 12. >> we are live for the milwaukee lights holiday festival kickoff. >> we will give you all you need to know before the show, coming up. toya: then, a deer collision during a race caught on camera. we'll tell you what this racer did after getting knocked to the
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announcer: leading the way with important local coverage, you're watching wisn 12 news at 5:00, with toya washington, patrick paolantonio and weather watch 12 chief meteorologist mark baden. wisn 12 news at 5:00 continues. patrick: cross-country runner at an ncaa regional race in pennsylvania. the runner was competing in an 8-k race. you see the deer hit him in the stomach and he fell to the ground. a teammate helped him up. he did finish the race. the team says the runner only had some bruises. lucky runner. toya: yeah. a hot air balloon makes a hard landing, and it's all caught on video. you can see the balloon descending just before it lands in a field in philadelphia. the balloon briefly touched
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go back up until a group of people ran to stop it. the pilot told police the flight was a planned training exercise . the emergency landing wasn't. no one was hurt. patrick: something out of a movie. toya: there is a reason why i don't get in those. right now, investigators are in illinois trying to figure out what caused a fatal explosion. patrick: it happened last night in canton in the central part of the state, about 30 miles from peoria. crews were repairing a natural gas leak when the explosion rocked the city's downtown square. one utility worker was killed and several people were hurt. >> there was just glass and stuff blown everywhere. it scared the living jesus out of me. >> just a big like it >> it sounded like a bomb outside just a big commotion and , we all just stopped i just look out the window. we all ran to the window to figure out what's wrong.
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girl doesn't let the loss of her legs stop her from reaching new heights. meet autumn fought. autumn suffered a stroke before birth and was born prematurely. at three and a half, the muscles in her legs began to die away doctors were forced to amputate. that's when she started doing gymnastics. more than three years later, she's performing like a pro. >> autumn is very, very strong-minded and loves to prove people wrong. >> what is t >> be brave. toya: autumn's mother says her daughter gets a little scared when she is trying something new, but once she figures it out, she's fearless. patrick: good work, autumn. right now we want to take a look , at what's coming up tonight at 6:00. kathy mykleby is in the newsroom with a look ahead. kathy: new tonight at 6:00, a scabies outbreak in a local school. the health alert going out to parents at cudahy middle school, and how the school is responding. plus -- ?
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it's the end of an era. after serving wauwatosa for 131 years why wisconsin's oldest , piano store is closing its doors for good. join us for these stories and much more tonight on wisn 12 news at 6:00. patrick: kathy, thank you. despite our warm november temperatures, we're getting into the holiday spirit tonight. toya: the holiday lights festival kicks off tonight in downtown milwaukee. and wisn 12 news this morning anchors melinda davenport and ben wagner are there. >> hello, studio. i have to tell you, i don't think we need these. >> these are for show. we could be out here in short sleeves. we even have some shorts and the crowd that has started to show up. >> and flip-flops. >> flip-flops, november? who would have thought? >> we are excited to be here for the holiday lights festival. it will be amazing.
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dancing. you name it, we have it here at pere marquette park. we have the bands getting ready. >> it will be a great show. we are excited to bring it to live tonight. >> it is happening at 6:30 p.m., so be sure to tune in. we will have it broadcasting live. >> what a great year to do it. i cannot stress enough how nice the weather is out here. having a great time. >> so join us if you can pick we will see you then. back to you. patrick: you don't have jackets on, it is warm out there, in the past, they have had an ice sculpture out there. do they have locks of ice this year? >> funny, it is not here. we have done this in years past, and it was frigid, but not this time. maybe santa will show up in
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is not like fall, but we will celebrate anyways. toya: i remember her holding with the mittens on trying to stay warm. patrick: enjoy. toya: we don't have to stay warm. stay happy, how about that? also happening right now in downtown milwaukee, the city tree lighting. matt salemme is over city hall right now in news chopper 12. >> it looks like the warm at the city tree is at the intersection of water and wells. you can see people in the middle of the street. they have the streets blocked off and both directions. check it out. traffic is a nightmare on the east side of city hall at this point. all the streets i see are clogged with big delays. my advice is if you're going to try to get down there, try to approach from lakefront.
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traffic is doing a much better job. that will do you a favor as you try to make your way down. patrick: again, no need for a heavy coat this year. toya: mark, we crushed the record high today. mark: 72 degrees, november 17, pretty crazy stuff. the old record with 69 degrees. going down. the old record was set in 1953. this is our third record high this month. it is the warmest november we have ever had in southeastern wisconsin. that is in recorded history going back to 1871, also our warmest fall we have had so far. third latest 70 degree
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temperatures 50 degrees or warmer. we will tie the record tomorrow as we get into the 50's and 60's. you have one more day to enjoy the warmth. walker shark, 64-bit 60 to milwaukee. south, southeasterly wind making a difference along the lakeshore, where temperatures were cooler in port washington and sheboygan today. it is still nice. it is november, the temperatures are crazy warm. 71 degrees we will not get the cold front until later tomorrow afternoon. it is snowing in places that were yesterday in record territory. it is our reality check in with the last of the 60's comes tomorrow, probably the last of the 60's until next spring. it will be a 40 degree temperature drop, and some low temperatures coming away, and the wind will be the big story. yesterday's high in denver was 80, record high.
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degrees. lots of snow to the west of us. it will be windy friday into saturday, gusting over 40 miles per hour. tonight, southerly at 10-20. westerly in the afternoon, starts out of the south, 20-40 tomorrow night, maybe gusts closing in on 45 miles per hour. saturday, still windy and way colder. be ready. winter storm warnings, blizzard warnings out to the west of us. southeastern wisconsin at all. however, deer hunters, pay attention. there will be accumulating snow, not six-10 inches, but nonetheless there will be snow. windy around here, that is our bottom line. the biggest issue will be the gusting wind. the cold air rushing in, our first deep-freeze. wind gusts, 40 degree temperature drop, maybe a flurry or two will have minimal impact around here.
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morning, yes, windy, but get outside. there is the cold front. this is noon. 3:00, here it comes. temperatures start to drop quickly. we might get close to 70 tomorrow before we fall back into the 30's and 40's, and lucky to get to 40 degrees on saturday with that strong wind blowing in. just be ready for that. tonight, 57, southerly wind at 10-20. our average high is only in the mid 40's. 65 for the high on friday. if we can get enough sunshine, we might get the record tomorrow, 69 degrees. 40 degrees again on sunday, but not as windy. it will be quite a difference around here. i am ready for the complaints to come rolling in about help cold people are on saturday. showers on tuesday.
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snow. thanksgiving looks like it will be dry, 40's, and average day. get ready. toya: i like aixa i can't wait for people to complain on saturday, but you and i would do the holiday parade. mark: it will feel so cold because it was 70 today, and the windchill will be about 20. toya: i thought you were saying i would be the one complaining. mark: i would never say that. patrick: coming up new tonight on wisn 12 news at 10:00, a woman punched for no apparent reason in bay view. tonight, how women in the neighborhood are taking their safety into their own hands. hand, you may already be loading up on ingredients for your thanksgiving dinner. the difference in the cost, and what's causing it, tonight at 10:00. adele is known for her chart topping hits. -toya: tonight, everyone is talking about this cell phone video of her on stage. and this isn't a new dance move. the uninvited guest she was shooing away.
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on stage in mexico city. patrick: a bat crashed her concert and it was call caught on camera. you can see adele ducking and twirling around to avoid getting hit by the bat. after a few minutes, the show went on as scheduled. toya: no, sir. i would have had to have missed the rest. patrick: she's pointing out, it is near you, near you. it's a huge night here on wisn toya: the winter finale of "how to get away with murder." here's a sneak peek. >> we both know i've been unfairly aggressive in court, and i'm just here to make amends. it's part of my recovery. toya: tonight, we find out the identity of the body on the gurney you've seen so many times on the show. actress viola davis talked about when she found out herself. >> three or four episodes ago. and, you know, the same reaction
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they see the reveal. that's was the same reaction i had. shock, emotional devastation, all of those things. patrick: so they don't know going in? toya: no, that is one of the trademarks of the show. patrick: it keeps them on a. toya: you can watch the "how to get away with murder" winter finale tonight at 9:00, right here on wisn 12. you do not want to miss this
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toya: you are taking a live look at the c lighting of the city christmas tree. it's scheduled for 5:30. local leaders will filp the switch and about 35 seconds. patrick: also happening tonight, the kickoff of the holiday lights festival. wisn 12 news this morning anchors melinda davenport and ben wagner are at pere marquete park. it will be lit up at 6:30. wisn 12 news will bring that to you live. so tune in if you're not heading down there. mark: they will see the tree
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huge crowd at pere marquette, all and enjoying temperatures that tonight, breaking news. will it be a team of rivals? president-elect donald trump, now set to meet with mitt romney after both traded bitter words during the campaign. is romney now being considered for secretary of state? we're at trump tower. also breaking, the deadly snowstorm, bracing for the nine states now under a winter alert. and this system moving east. in some places, 80 degrees one day, 20 the next. the two explosions. the deadly gas blast in a town center. investigators on the scene tonight, after another explosion, this home incinerated. and tonight, authorities with a $30 fix. the confrontation on camera. the police officer trying to arrest a woman, then seen punching her in the face. tonight, police defending their officer.


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