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tv   WISN 12 News at 5PM  ABC  November 18, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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leaves. gusts up to 45 miles per hour. temperatures beginning to drop. again, this is only the beginning. patrick: thank you. while we deal with the cold, parts of south dakota and minnesota are covered in snow right now. this is video out of sioux falls. cars and roads are covered, giving snow blowers and snow plows a november workout. and our free app are your best sources for weather information while on-the-go this weekend. you can check the hour-by-hour temps. also, you can watch for any future rain on the interactive radar. toya: only on 12, disappointed. that's how the lawyer representing convicted killer brendan dassey is describing his client's legal set back yesterday. patrick: an appeals court ruled dassey must remain in prison while he appeals his conviction in the murder of teresa halbach. both dassey and his uncle, steven avery, are fighting their convictions. 12 news investigative reporter colleen henry joins us. colleen, what's next? >> the week began with news a
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that approval was delayed after a different judge ordered dassey's release. it is a whirlwind. yesterday word came dassey would , stay locked up. tonight, lawyers involved say the fight continues. >> high caseloads -- >> the lawyers converged this morning at the state public defenders conference where , hundreds turned out to hear steven avery's former lawyer discuss "making a murder." >> this is a case, in theory, i think, that could have and should have been won. >> dean strang and jerry buting defended avery back in 2007 and got a court order to save forensic evidence for future testing. >> it would have been hard for me as a lawyer 10 years ago to predict that we could come to the accuracy that scientists now can in dating dna, but i knew that something would change over time. >> avery's new lawyer expected
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evidence last but it was delayed monday, when a different judge ordered brendan dassey freed from prison during his appeal. >> it's been a roller coaster of a week, no question about it. >> dassey's lawyer says his client and family were devastated when a court of appeals blocked his release. they'd worked with probation officials to get brendan home by thanksgiving. >> the home visit, the interview with the family, the interview with brendan from us probation . >> bob dvorak says his legal team will now focus on freeing him for good by winning his appeal. >> we have confidence in our position in the court of appeals . >> dassey's appeal could take many months, as could steven avery's new forensic testing. not to be lost in this week's drama the family of teresa halbach, who did not respond to a request for comment.
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a uwm student is robbed in shorewood as she walked home from campus. it's the third robbery in just a few days. 12 news nick bohr is live near maryland and menlo where the teenage woman was targeted. >> the young woman says she was walking along the sidewalk here along maryland when she says two men had been hiding in the bushes jumped out at her trying , to take her purse. police say the 19-year-old victim fought with the two suspects, trying to hang onto her purse, so one of them punched her. she still didn't give up fighting with them until they fighting witem punched her again this time , taking her bag. i talked with a witness who yelled at the suspects. she says they jumped into a dark blue sedan and drove off. the witness stayed with the victim until police arrived. neighbors say the uptick in crime is troubling. >> i just think it is like maryland avenue. i think it is such a well-traveled street, and we have a lot of students that are going up and down the street because they live in these apartments on the street, and i
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think they are targeting these younger women walking to and from school. >> so far, police haven't made any arrests. there were no serious injuries to that young woman. toya: thank you. this makes three robberies in shorewood in the last eight days. on november 13, there was an armed carjacking near woodburn and elmdale. on november 10, a man was followed from the potawotami casino and robbed at gunpoint outside his home near oakland an patrick: the man shot gearing an armed robbery inside a cell phone store is talking about the frightening ordeal. the man didn't want to go on camera, but told us over the phone he was inside the cricket wireless on highway 100 and national wednesday night when a young man armed with a sawed off gun came in to rob the place. the 56-year-old customer says everyone was told to lay down on the ground. that's when he feared for his life. he says when the robber dropped a cash drawer, and was distracted, he decided to make a
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suspect. the suspect shot the customer in the shoulder and ran out of the store. surveillance video shows money flying behind him. police are still looking for the suspect. toya: tonight we're getting our , first look at the high-speed chase involving two women in a stolen car in delafield. this happened the chase reached monday. speeds of up to 90 miles per hour and ended in hartland. you will see here the dashcam footage, it started outside the kohls. white car filled several bags with merchandise and hauled them out the front door without paying. store security called police while the women were loading the bags and officers were waiting , ready to act when they came out. the women eventually ditched the car and were arrested. audrionna love and roxie thomas are charged with fleeing and eluding an officer and retail theft. officers say there was worth of $4600 goods in the car. a man accused of shooting at milwaukee police officers is behind bars tonight. police say officers were called
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when they got there, police say the suspect started firing at the officers. one officer shot back. no one was hit. the suspect was arrested after a short chase. patrick: a new berlin woman is charged with robbing a bank while on a heroin binge. police say melissa jaeger walked into the bank mutual at water tower place and menomonee falls armed with a gun earlier this , month. according to the criminal complaint, she handed the and 50's. you have 45 seconds before i kill you." officers identified jaeger as their suspect because she was wanted in another bank robbery in west allis. police say she told them she's a heroin addict and described her drug dealer as the getaway driver. toya: president-elect donald trump's white house team is starting to take shape. as abc's maggie rulli reports, he filled three more positions today. >> president elect trump is a man of action.
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qualifications come forward to serve this administration, and i am humbled to be a part of it. >> jeff sessions for attorney general. lieutenant general micheal flynn to national security advisor. and representative micheal pompeo of kansas to director of the cia. but the announcements also come clouded with their fair share of controversy. sessions, donald trump's first cabinet pick, could face a challenging confirmation in the senate. in he was blocked from becoming 1986, a district judge over racially charged comments. the aclu and the naacp hav flynn is questioned by some for his relationship with russia. as well as comments from his book field of five where he wrote, "i don't believe all cultures are morally equivalent." >> this is a guy that's unfiltered and very much in the mold of donald trump, shoot from the hip. >> another name being tossed around? former rival mitt romney. the two will be meeting this weekend in an attempt to mend
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in the past trump, mitt romney the guy is a total stiff. did he let us down? this guy is a loser. >> donald trump is a phony, a fraud. his promises are as worthless as a degree from trump university. >> and trump university is back in the headlines. the president settled a lawsuit today that alleged trump university was a fraud from beginning to end. we're told trump does not admit to do anything , the settlement he will pay $25 , million to more than 600 students of the university. toya: we continue the trump cabinet appointment watch next on world news with david muir. watch for their reports next at 5:30 right after our newscast. patrick: only on wisn 12 news a , determined mom is raising her kids the usual way, loving them, cuddling and nurturing them. her name is ashley dall. she was left quadriplegic after a car accident. now she's a successful mother of two, including a newborn. >> the hardest thing for me is not allowing the self-doubt that i had in myself to stop me from
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patrick: a lot of parents might learn something from ashley. wisn 12 news' hillary mintz brings us her exclusive story, tonight on wisn 12 news at 10:00. toya: milwaukee public schools is considering a big change in the school calendar. superintendent darienne driver held a news conference to lay out the district's proposal. they want all schools to start in mid-august and end in may. driver says the first semester would end at the holiday break, allowing students to start the second semester fresh in january. she also says june would become a month of extra learning for students who need it, called j-term. it would allow time for credit recovery and enrichment classes while other students would to be , first in line for summer jobs and internships. >> our graduation rate is 58% in four years. it is 70% in six years so if we , can close that gap between what is getting done in six years and making it happen in four years. we need more time. we need to think differently about the time that we have.
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series of listening sessions this month. the proposal will be presented to the in december. if approved, a state issued waiver would be needed before the state's september 1 deadline. mps is hoping to implement the changes as early as the school 2017-2018 year. patrick: we have been warned and , now time is up. toya: the calendar says mid-november and now it's going to feel like it, mark. mark: we have been tremendously spoiled so far, but that is ending right now. when to expect wind chills in the te the ideal way to begin traveling over the thanksgiving holiday. a look at the potential strike at o'hare airport and what aviation officials want you to know. toya: and if driving is your mode of transportation you might
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toya: if you're traveling for thanksgiving and catching a flight at o'hare, you'll want to hear this. patrick: hundreds of workers at chicago o'hare airport are threatening to strike during thanksgiving week. that includes baggage handlers, cabin cleaners, wheelchair attendants, and janitors. they've been fighting for a wage increase and union rights. chicago's aviation department says it does not expect any disruption in service. officials say the strike would not affect security screeners or air traffic controllers. aaa is predicting this thanksgiving's travel rush to be
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o'hare is one of the nation's busiest airports. if you're taking a road trip this thanksgiving, choose your departure days wisely. traffic app waze ranked the best and worst days for travel over the holiday weekend. the best days are thanksgiving, black friday and saturday. , the worst days are wednesday and sunday. waze says wednesday afternoon and evening will be a mess with a 20% jump in traffic jams. on sunday, waze predicts a 240% jump in traffic jams. toya: it's a "20/20" exclusive you don't want to miss. she was an anchor on fox and friends. tonight, gretchen carlson talks about sexual harassment and her lawsuit against former fox news ceo roger ailes. >> i don't think we should judge women if they have waited, because look at how we react to women when they finally do come forward. they are accused of making it up. we have to make it a safer
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longer he said, she said. toya: you can see the entire interview only on wisn 12 and "20/20" starting at 9:00 p.m, then stay with us for wisn 12 news at 10:00. patrick: right now we want to take a look at what's coming up all new tonight at 6:00. joyce garbaciak is in the newsroom with a look ahead. joyce: new tonight on wisn 12 news at 6:00, the recipe of mixing business and politics. >> a popular local business is splicing up its ads with some controversy or political commentary. joyce: the social media firestorm the owner of penzeys has stirred up and how customers are reacting tonight officially become citizens of the united states. how they're feeling about that decision just weeks after the election. join us for all new stories tonight at 6:00. patrick: new tonight, making sure everyone can enjoy the thanksgiving holiday. volunteers filled hundreds of thanksgiving bins today at the hunger task force. hunger task force. the bins include all the fixings for a thanksgiving meal. >> thanksgiving is important because it is a special holiday when everybody sits down at
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we are able to bring that gift of food to people. patrick: the bins were then picked up by local food pantries across the area. they will be handed out to local families in need. wisn 12 is teaming up with the hunger task force to raise money this holiday season. tune in on tuesday and wednesday for our annual food for families phone bank. last year, you at home helped us raise more than $100,000. the milwaukee holiday parade will march through downtown tomorrow. toya: mark baden and i will be there. d along matt salemme has a look at , the route from news chopper 12. >> they've been doing the holiday parade since so a little 1927, bit of cold and a little bit of wind isn't going to stop anything tomorrow morning. it kicks off at astor and kilborn, cuts down kilbourn to old world third street, south on old world third street. that is where it ends on wisconsin avenue. parking will be at a premium, and pack patience.
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chopper matt salemme, wisn 12 12, news. toya: we'll be dealing with some chilly weather tomorrow for the parade, but it's nothing like last year. a snow storm dumped five inches of snow, making for a snow-covered route. i remember not being able to fill my fingers -- feel my fingers. patrick: you still have that hat and jacket? toya: somewhere. patrick: find it. you will want a lot of layers if you are heading to the parade toya: wind chills. i don't like those two words together. mark: it will be all right. we will get through it. it will be a great parade. everybody should come down and enjoy it, and where as much clothing as humanly possible. we are not used to it, then all of a sudden we get windchills in the teens. it is tough to take. it would not be bad if we had a
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windchills and temperatures in the teens, tough to take. 8:00 a.m., 34 degrees, a hot chocolate morning and a lot of warm coffee. parade begins at 9:30 a.m. we would love to see you there as we rolled by and try to stay warm on a chilly day. 54 is not bad. wouldn't it be nice if it was 54 tomorrow? not so much. look at the wind. 44 mil p milwaukee and now in beaver dam. everybody 30 miles per hour or higher throughout the night. the cold front has moved through for everyone. rain chances are done. maybe a snow shower or two later tonight. i said it. the wind gust tonight 20-30 miles per hour, better on sunday, and a nicer day on sunday, although it will still be cold.
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and 50's, but colder than earlier in the day. this is what is moving in, 33 twin cities. 34 rochester, minnesota. look at the wind chills. it feels like 38 madison, 31 lacrosse, 21 degree windchill in the windy city. windchills will be going down. tomorrow morning, midteens, be ready. we are not used to this. it will feel really cold, and it stays chilly throughout the day. the 20's. here is the deal, today, tomorrow. this is the difference in wisconsin. there is going to be a noticeable change, and it will last for a while. we have a winter storm to talk about. the snow has been coming down west side of the twin cities. some places in minnesota, over 17 inches of snow. that is moving into northwestern wisconsin.
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excited about the possibility of tracking in the snow, but that will be extreme northern sections of wisconsin. i am not impressed with the wraparound snow. i think we will get a few snow showers. it is tough to get any kind of snow to sncc -- stick with the warm ground we have right now. finally clearing out later in the day, better day on sunday. impact for us, wind first, then the cooldown, 30-40 degrees colder than we were for the high tempere flurry, light snow shower, no accumulation expected. tonight, 34 under mostly cloudy skies. a couple of snow showers. it will be very windy. dream on. that should say 40. no, that sounds nice, no. 62 is not going to happen. 40 will happen tomorrow. 40, there it is.
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i don't know, wishful thinking i guess? 45 on monday. 40 eight with showers on tuesday, rain showers. traveling going on next week, and rain showers possible on wednesday. thanksgiving looks ok, mid 40's, no problems for shoppers. 45 degrees. patrick: it's gone. out of here. coming up new on wisn 12 news tonight at 10:00, the cold weather arrives tonight. how the warm weather we've enjoyed is putting local coat drives in a and relief for when you get a song stuck in your head. the reason some songs drive you crazy, and the best way to get that song out of your head, tonight at 10:00. toya: mark baden is the worst at that. he sings all the time. we have to go back to the newsroom. spread the love. mcdonald's is upping its fast food game. patrick: the new services its
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inside some of its locations. toya: then, she wore it to sing happy birthday to president john f kennedy. the impressive price tag on this iconic marilyn monroe gown. patrick: and it's a big day for the wisconsin badgers tomorrow. they travel to indiana to face purdue. you can see that game right here on wisn 12. kickoff is at 11:00 a.m. then, tune in to big 12 sports saturday at 6:30. dan needles and drew olson will break down the badgers' chances of winning the big ten title.
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patrick: mcdonald's is testing out a new feature in the u.s. toya: table service is now being offered at some locations. customers can place their orders on a touch screen and just take a seat. a worker will bring your meal over when it's read table service will be available in chicago, boston, san francisco, d.c. and seattle early next year. mcdonald's is also rolling out self-serve kiosks and new mobile pay options. patrick: one of marilyn monroe's famous dresses sells for nearly $5 million. this is what she wore to sing happy birthday to president john f. kennedy in 1962. the dress was purchased by ripley's believe it or not. julien's auction house says the dress cost $12,000 back then. monroe had to be sewn into the dress because it was so tight. the 36-year-old died from an overdose three months after the
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more than 2500 crystals in the dress and 6000 handsewn rhinestones. toya: how many times has that been viewed of her singing happy birthday? patrick: we will take another look at the forecast when we come back. announcer: get the most accurate as
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patrick: fallgoing down. mark: like a rock. as sally likes to say, falling like a stone. it's going down, and it's going down in a hurry. temperatures got to 68 t oday. i think we are done with our 60's for the rest of the year. temperatures falling into the
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winter coat and hat, gloves, you get the idea. toya: you said dropping like a tonight, breaking news. as we come on, the bombshell $25 million settlement just in, after allegations of fraud against trump university. the president-elect once tweeting he would not settle out of principle. tonight, his team now responding. also breaking, the deadly blizzard hitting right now. northeast. more than 300 crashes already. the school bus horror. the bus flipping. multiple injuries. students crawling through the hatch of the bus. tonight, the officer captured on camera punching a woman he was trying to detain. and now comes word, a major new development. the bear attack. the 63-year-old woman walking down the driveway in an american suburb. a 200-pound bear attacks. she calls 911, saying her arms


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