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tv   WISN 12 News at 1030PM  ABC  November 20, 2016 10:30pm-11:00pm CST

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in the paint the freshman scored 13 points. after falling behind by double digits, the panthers made a bit of a run bryce barnes with the steal and layup, he led milwaukee with 14 points. but billy garrett junior finished with 20, 2 on the alley-oop and depaul pulls away for a 77-to-59 win over milwaukee. after losing to golden state last night, the bucks host the orlando magic tomorrow. coming up in our next half hour, complete highlights from the and redskins are done playing in time. sheldon: thanks, dan. there meant to make local roads safe. adrienne: but our speed bumps also slowing down first responders. sheldon: a little girl takes it upon herself to right a wrong. these we think she did and what
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announcer: now on wisn 12 news.
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donald trump will be sworn in as the nation's next president. right now, he's working to set up his administration. adrienne: as abc's mary bruce shows us, he's also in a twitter battle with a hit broadway show. reporter: smiling and statesmanlike, the president-elect eager for another round of meetings. but a frustrated donald trump still venting about the broadway hit show hamilton. >> we truly hope that this show has inspired you to uphold our american values and to work on behalf of all of us. reporter: trump calling on the actors and producers to apologize for addressing vice pres friday night's show. >> they were very inappropriate. but pence doesn't seem to agree. >> i can tell you i wasn't , offended by what was said. reporter: at trump's new jersey golf club a parade of cabinet contenders waving to the cameras. but already trump's team forced to defend his headline picks, like national security advisor lt. general michael flynn who has called islam a cancer. >> is he in line with how president-elect trump views
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>> well, i think so. >> well, i think so. i mean, look, phrasing can always be done differently but clearly there are some aspects of that faith that are problematic. reporter: and attorney general pick senator jeff sessions who was rejected 30 years ago for a federal judgeship. >> i am not a racist. reporter: he is still denying charges of racist behavior to this day. >> the only fair thing to do is ask a lot of questions, very thorough questions, and then make an opinion. reporter: scrutiny also falling on trump's much touted trillion dollar infrastructure plan. and who pays? reporter: now the details seem to be more inclined towards tax cuts for private companies, tax credits for private companies for example, if you're a private company and you're building a bridge, you might want to put a toll on that bridge in order to monetize it. that will be a key question going forward. just two months until inauguration day. mary bruce, abc news, bedminster, new jersey. adrienne: president barack obama is in peru, where he just wrapped up the asia-pacific
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posing for a picture dressed in clothing from the host nation. this is president obama's final official foreign trip. parts of our area got their first snow of the season yesterday but other parts of the country saw much more. sheldon: this is what it looked like today near newark, new jersey. the area got as much as four inches of snow this weekend. and mortal be on the way tomorrow. and more could be on the way tomorrow. and a little closer to home, you're looking at video from northern michigan, just across the lake from door county, the snow really came down yest of the season. almost whatever conditions in that video we dissolve. any snow coming our way. lindsey: i can't even look at it. it makes me cold. we will not be anything like that, but some areas of wisconsin will see snow for thanksgiving day. things are nice and clear, drive, 30's.
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colder than it was saturday, but the wind, that's why saturday felt awful. tomorrow morning, make sure the kiddos were dressed appropriately. it will be a 15 degree windshield. temperatures will be 21 and by the bus time -- and by the best rate home, 37. some puzzles the rain, snow, and i will break it down for you soon. adrienne: shock for some families after a trip to the emergency room. a new study says many patients face big, unexpected medical bills even if they have insurance. abc's linzie janis tonight on why it's happening and how to fight back. reporter: tonight millions of , americans rushed to the emergency room then slammed with surprise bills. >> your son is writhing in pain on the operating table on the er, and that's something you just don't want to go through. reporter: david connors teenage son brian sent to the emergency room after snapping his femur
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>> it was the worst pain of my life. reporter: months later the connors saddled with unexpected charges from their in-network hospital. >> i think it was somewhere in the ballpark of $10,000. reporter: the reason two of brian' s er doctors were out of network. a new study finding one out of every five patients treated at in-network emergency rooms gets a doctor that's out of network saddling patients with an , average bill of $622. right now only 5 states offer when facing these surprise costs. >> consumers have been really shouldering so many other call that it is breaking their back. >> experts say call your insurance provider to explain the situation. reporter: second try to negotiate directly with your doctor. if that doesn't work get help from consumer groups. linzie janis, abc news, new york. sheldon: --
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dock collapsed in savannah georgia. it happened last night. the dock connects passengers to a ferry crossing, and suddenly gave way, dumping the victims into the savannah river. >> it is collapsed and i thought i was dying. adrienne: the firefighter who died suffered some kind of medical condition. investigators are trying to figure out why the dock collapsed. new tonight, the coast guard arrives to help a drifting and sinking scalloper boat. the 72-footer was 5 miles off the coast of new bedford in maine. the captain says he put the boat on auto pilot to take a bathroom break. that's when it hit a rock ledge, causing the motor to shut down and take on water. a copter crew came with pumps to safely rescue the 5 men and one woman on board. >> the captain seemed a little bit disoriented and he wasn't wet, so i don't think he was hypothermic.
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the crew beached the boat and continued to pump water. it was hauling 5,000 pounds of scallops. sheldon: you might have them in your neighborhood speed bumps designed to help , slow traffic. but as wisn-12 news kent wainscott investigates, those safety steps are also raising some safety concerns. reporter: speed bumps, or humps or tables they go by different names, but the idea is the same, to get drivers to slow down. >> they don't look. they don't be aware that there are a lot of kids in the neighborhood. martita clarke worked to get a new speed hump in her southside milwaukee neighborhood. they're speed tables, and brand new on erin gerhardt's block in wauwatosa. >> there was definitely a need for them, just for the safety of our children. but cars, sometimes speeding through neighborhood streets, aren't the only ones suddenly having to slow down. fire trucks, emergency response vehicles, racing to a scene are also being forced to hit the brakes. >> you have to be concerned when you're driving that, in some of
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truck, that impact is greater than it is in maybe our command vehicles. reporter: wauwatosa city officials raised the fire department's concern at a recent meeting to discuss whether to install new speed humps on a local street. >> they have significant concerns about traffic humps or tables. reporter: the biggest concern is delayed response time. >> the delay is normally in the range of seconds, but it is something we're concerned about because those seconds start to add up. reporter: one study from portland, oregon found speed bump slows the average fire truck response time by 9 seconds. another report out of north carolina showed fire units delayed 10 seconds by speed bumps. but while the studies show that emergency response is only delayed by a matter of seconds, more speed humps mean longer delays. this stretch of coldspring road in new berlin has 7 of them in less than a mile. new berlin fire officials tell us they've not had any emergency calls on that route since the speed humps were installed.
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double in size every 60 seconds, a delay of a minute or more can be critical. local fire departments say speed bumps haven't posed any major problems for them yet, but they have become part of their response planning. >> if there's two routes that are the same distance, same time frame, one with the speed tables or bumps, one without. we'd probably go the one without. reporter: and local residents hoping for safer streets, are realizing they may be giving up something in return. >> it's a trade off, it is a b fire truck comes once in a great while, hopefully never. but the cars are constantly coming. reporter: it's a trade off she says she'll take for now. >> if there's a fire in my house, of course i want the fire truck right away. sheldon: that was kent wainscott reporting. fire departments often have some input into where the speed bumps are located. the milwaukee fire department is consulted on locations and as a result, hasn't seen any significant impact on response times despite having 217 speed
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and in wauwatosa, a fire department official is on the city's traffic committee, and has input on where to place speed humps or tables. adrienne: a little texas girl who did a good deed is now reaping a sweet reward. nine-year-old chloe gallegos and her mom watched an online video of a woman stealing tip jar money at their local store daylight donuts. later that week, they stopped at the store. that's when chloe decided to leave the owner, who she calls donut man a surprise. >> because i felt re b him for getting his money stolen. i took my tooth fairy money when no one was looking we put it in the tip jar. reporter: that's adrienne: that is so generous. the store owner says chloe is an amazing kid. he's offering her free donuts for as long as he owns the
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that. sheldon: and very nice of him to pay that forward. adrienne: that hard earned to carry money. well, it was a big night for music's biggest stars.
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>> just like your suitcase, i think there's much more to you than meets the eye. adrienne: no surprise a big opening for the latest film in the harry potter universe. "fantastic beasts and where to find them" took in 75 million dollars this weekend. lindsay, do you see it or no? lindsey: not yet. adrienne: four more sequels are already said to be in the works. the latest marvel superhero film, "doctor strange," falls to second place followed closely by "trolls." it's world's biggest fan-voted award show. tonight's 2016 american music awards. reporter: the american movie oh -- the american music awards celebrating the biggest names in music with high octane performances and an audience manikin challenge and awards honoring artists and john are
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to hip-hop. listeners determining the winners. the world's biggest fan voted award show. he is known for his impressions. >> yet, it what you want me to do, i'm sorry. >> and and making fun of melania trump. >> i love my husband, president barack obama. reporter: big stars including justin bieber and ariana grande a battling for artist of the year. and this new artist going against the chain smokers. the winner? afterwards malik hugging his real-life girlfriend in between her hosting duties.
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last given nine 2008, it was going to sting. loren lester, abc news, los angeles. adrienne: a winning that in washington as the packers try to like their losing streak. sheldon: and after just 3 games, marquette loses a player from wisconsin. dan needles is in next with big 12 sports. here are tonight's winning
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announcer: big 12 sports presented by minard. dan: two games out with six games to play. in less they had a winning streak from now on, the packers will miss the playoffs thanks to another loss by washington. another loss for the green bay packers. packers answer right back in the
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he found jordy nelson for a touchdown. the first half, robert kelly barrel to the crowd for 18 yard touchdown. 13-10, washington at the half. the packers depleted secondary to get beating tonight. jim is in crowder for a 44 yard touchdown. redskins up 12. back on the packers. rogers into a wide open james starks. if they did not. he burned him for a 78 yard break backing score. rogers to type in jordan cook for his first packers touchdown. just 21-24 skins but the defense cannot come up with that one big stop. cousins and the redskins pull out a 42-24 when.
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the vikings were so focused on breaking their 4-game losing streak, that they didn't notice the sound man from fox who was run over by a pair of minnesota linemen, that was the hardest hit of the day. the vikings were outgained, and for much of the day, outplayed by the cardinals. but 2 big plays were all they needed. xavier rhodes returned that interception 100 yards for one score. and corderelle patterson returned the second half kickoff 104 yards for another touchdown the vikings hold on for a in the the vikings hold on for a 30-to-24 win over the cardinals, second half, minnesota is now 6-and-4. in detroit, another close game for the lions against the jaguars, and just like in minnesota, special teams proved to be the difference andre roberts with a 55 yard punt return for a score the lions win 26-to-19. the bears lost to the giants, so here's how the division race stacks up with 6 games to play. the lions and vikings are both 6-and-4, with green bay two games behind. the bears bring up the rear at
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concludes one week from tomorrow in philadelphia against the eagles. on monday night football you'll be a look to see that game here on wisn-12. the eagles were in seattle today, and they got the full russell wilson show. the former badger throws awkwardly on the run to jimmie graham, who sheds the defender and takes it the rest of the way for the touchdown. wilson also caught a touchdown pass, from receiver doug baldwin his first td reception since his badgers days, when he caught a td from monte ball the seahawks beat the eagles 26-to-15. the hottest team in the nfl is the cowboys, who set a franchise record today with their 9th straight win. ricky dak prescott with 3 touchdown passes, that one to dez bryant. dallas beats baltimoe 27-to-17. the steelers and browns had lost a combined 14 straight games, so something had to give in cleveland today. right before halftime, the browns were called for 2 penalties with no time left on the clock, giving leveon bell one extra chance to score a
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browns quarterbacks were sacked a time today. the steelers score on a fumble recovery, they win 24-to-9 . cleveland is 5 losses away from joining the 2008 lions as the only 0-and-16 teams in nfl history. a rough day for nfl kickers they combined to miss 11 extra points, the most in one day in nfl history. mike nugent of the bengals missed 2 of them against the bills and because of that, cincinnati had to go for a touchdown on the final play, instead of a field goal for the tie or win. it didn't work and the bills the badger basketball team is in hawaii, where they play tennessee tomorrow in the first round of the maui invitational. junior forward sandy cohen has left the marquette program, effective immediately, and he plans to transfer. the seymour native was averaging just over 6 minutes per game in the first 3 games of the season, he averaged 4.6 points and 2.3 rebounds per game in 66 games over 3 seasons. and, an unexpected finish to the nascar season in florida today 10 laps to go, carl edwards
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season championship, edwards ends up in the wall, while logano's car also received damage. that opened the door for jimmie johnson, who started at the back of the field, worked his way up, and took the checkered flag for his 7th season points championship tying richard petty and dale earnhardt for the most titles. adrienne: a sound person mode over there. dan: when you see cameramen running from the sidelines, it is not people running out on the field. kind of like an allegory for the packers game. adrienne: all right. a final check your forecast next.
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lindsey: we have a big holiday coming up this weekend. as they is looking a little bit dicey so i want to tell you, this is a look at our future cast for tuesday leading into wednesday. we will stay in the rain band,


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