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tv   WISN 12 News at 10PM  ABC  November 21, 2016 10:00pm-10:31pm CST

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caption content and accuracy. visit] announcer: wisn 12 news starts with breaking news. >> a bus crash involving school children is every public safety professional's worst nightmare. kathy: a school bus full of children crashes into a tree. at least six children are dead. what investigators are saying about what went wrong. joyce: a night of fun for children in a milwaukee neighborhood. the group giving back to the community. >> would you have ever known about it? >> never, never. kathy: only wisn 12 investigates what some believe the insurance companies don't want you to know. about millions of dollars they owe to people like you? a tragic scene in tennessee. a school bus mangled against a tree. joyce: tonight, reports that six children died. patrick is following the latest from the newsroom. patrick, nearly two dozen students were sent to hospitals. patrick: and tonight, police are trying to figure out how the bus ended up on its side, wrapped around a tree. it happened this afternoon in chattanooga. 35 students were on board from kindergartners to fifth graders. 23 people were transported to
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the district attorney says six people died. it took rescuers more than two hours to get through the wreckage to get everyone out. the bus was the only vehicle involved in the crash which happened on a residential road less than a mile from school. >> a warrant has been issued to remove the informational box on the school bus and to review the video on that school bus. patrick: police say speed is being investigated as a factor and that the driver is cooperating with investigators. joyce: taking a closer look -- neither tennessee, wisconsin nor the federal government require them, although many smaller school buses do have them. currently, six states have passed some variation of a seat belt law for school buses. last year, an administrator for the national highway traffic safety administration declared every school bus should have three-point lap-shoulder belts. some estimates put the cost of adding them at $15,000 per bus.
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neighborhood, some students from sherman park earned a special reward tonight. joyce: they scored free tickets to attend tonight's bucks game . 12 news' sheldon dutes is live from the bradley center with more. sheldon: because they took their schoolwork so seriously, more than 100 students from sherman park got to watch their favorite box players beat my hometown team. >> giannis! >> my favorite player is giannis is all i can say. he' i want to be like him when i grow up. sheldon: but terryion bellamy's dedication in the classroom allowed him to watch the bucks take on the magic. he and about 100 other students from townsend street school in sherman park earned free tickets for their perfect attendance. >> i'm glad i came to the school because most students aren't able to come everyday and we come everyday. sheldon: he and his classmates go to school in the same neighborhood that was rocked by violent unrest over the summer.
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representation of what we do in sherman park. this opportunity shows the kids that we see the good that you do. you're still in school no matter what the unrest was. you're still here in school everyday. that's exciting. sheldon: these bucks t-shirts and the tickets were provided by phoenix investors. >> we're milwaukee based most importantly so we want to support the community as much as we can in every way. >> it's been so much problems in that sherman park area and for them to give back to the bucks community is a really good thing and uplifting the children. students got to bring their parents to tonight's game so plenty of excitement to go around. they picked a good game. kathy: a demolition on milwaukee's east side gone awry. part of a building's wall crashed onto farwell avenue near kane place this morning. the debris shattered windows in office buildings. a brick even flew into a patient's room at a nearby
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the city says its workers conducted an inspection after the collapse. thankfully, no one was hurt. joyce: tonight, a tsunami warning has been lifted in japan. a 7.4 magnitude earthquake struck off the coast of fukushima sending buildings shaking some 150 miles away. so far, no major damage has been reported. an earthquake and devastating tsunami destroyed a nuclear power plant in that same area five years ago. president-elect donald trump is addressing the nation for the first time since his victory releasing a video tonight on social media. mr. trump: i've asked my transition team to develop a list of executive actions we can take on day one to restore our laws and bring back jobs. it's about time. joyce: those actions target trade, immigration and restrictions on energy. you can see the whole video -- it's about two and a half minutes long -- on in the national news queue. trump's choice for his national security advisor spoke tonight
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michael flynn talked about national security and the islamic state group. no questions from the media and cameras were not allowed to record his q&a with the audience. kathy: milwaukee police so worried about what crimes a teen will do next, they've asked the public to help track him down. this teenager, junior moreno, has a long rap sheet. and as adrienne pedersen explains, he started his spree when he was just a kid. adrienne: milwaukee police tell us this baby-faced 17-year-old is a suspect in more tha20 he's now wanted on two warrants -- burglary and felony bail jumping. >> he's got several family and friends throughout the city different locations that have been allowing him to stay with him and helping him elude the police. adrienne: police can't give us all the details from his
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adrienne: his rap sheet ranges from property damage to armed robbery. he got busted here in the third ward going into this parking garage in an apartment building and breaking into locked cars. sadly, this crime spree doesn't surprise erin lake. she lives in the third ward. >> i work in the city so that news isn't new to me. adrienne: this is one more look. police tell us use getting more violent and they're worried he'll ht pedersen, wisn 12 news. kathy: a manhunt is over tonight for an alleged cop killer in san antonio, texas. a 31-year-old suspect was arrested. this is him in handcuffs being taken to jail just moments ago, telling reporters he was sorry for not being able to see his son in a custody battle and for what he did. detective benjamin marconi was shot as he sat in his squad car yesterday. he was a 20-year veteran on the force.
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west was hospitalized a day after canceling his tour. the l.a. times reports police visited him as part of a disturbance call. the case turned into a medical emergency and was handed off to the l.a. fire department. video from this weekend shows west on stage during a concert and going off about politics, the media and his friend jay-z. there is no word on his condition. snow is causing headaches for drivers in uta cars in syracuse today. the only snow you'll find around here are at the ski hills. video from little switzerland in slinger shows them prepping the trails for the season opener. joyce: some good news from a story we shared with you friday. wisn 12 news' adrienne pedersen reported on local charities struggling to collect coats because it's been so unseasonably warm. we are happy to share this weekend many of you helped st. , ben's and catholic charities.
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received a lot of donations over the weekend. thank you for your generosity. right now, some big companies could have lots of money that's owed to someone like you or your family. kathy: some say that's a secret the insurance industry doesn't want you to know. >> so we're talking about probably hundreds of millions of dollars that is owed to wisconsin residents. kathy: what colleen henry learned about unclaimed money in our state, coming up. joyce: the black friday fliers have arrived, but before you get in line for the doorbusters, which deals may not be deals at all. mark: plus, many of you will be hitting the road the next few days. where you will have to watch out for rain and where to watch out for snow, next in weather watch 12. kathy: and chipotle sued. the reason some say the
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joyce: a close call for some children outside pittsburgh. take a look. the kids were nearly struck by a police cruiser that spun out of control during a crash. police were chasing a stolen none of the children were hurt. the officer had minor injuries. south side aldermen are demanding more police resources. kathy: they've complained of inadequate staffing and delayed response times compared to the city's north side, but an insider report finds the exact opposite. police found an hour quicker response for the city's south side compared to the north between 2005 and 2014. they also say officers are proportionally assigned to district stations with north side facing a 5% higher rate of violent crime than the south side.
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greenfield avenue as the hub of criminal activity lately. joyce: 12 news' christina palladino spoke with one woman whose presence on greenfield avenue is often met with hugs and glares. christina: deanne lawson takes in dozens of women off the street every week into her shelter, inner beauty center, to give them a warm meal and a second chance. >> many women are recruited in the milwaukee area and then taken other places. christina: lawson started her organization several years ago and recently moved to the south side of the city. she says prostitution and sex that is only getting worse, especially on greenfield avenue. >> the drug houses that are available. the demand. people are here looking for it and so then the supply is here. christina: business owners here that we talked with say the problem is so bad, their own customers are being harrassed and they're constantly picking up used needles and condoms. residents living near greenfield avenue talked about their concerns for safety at a town
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angela martinez says she's had to chase prostitutes off her patio furniture and her home was recently broken into. >> it is so bad. for someone to break into your home during the day, that takes a lot of courage. christina: martinez and others on the south side would like to see more police. in milwaukee, christina palladino, wisn 12 news. joyce: we reached out to milwaukee police for some statistics. they tell us from january to july of this year, 84 people were cited for prostitution. 13 were repeat offenders. black friday is known for offering up big savings, but could you save more by waiting? the people at think so. they've compiled a list of 12 items not to buy on black friday. here are some of them. gift cards. if you wait a week or two, you might find retailers or restaurants handing out free gift cards with a purchase. furniture. they suggest shopping in the summer. and they also digest waiting on
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even better deals can come in january. you can find the full list on every year, there is the hot toy and you've got to have it and you know why. >> never underestimate the power of seeing tears in your children's eyes. joyce: we go to the experts to help us understand just what it is that drives us to extremes for the hottest toy or gadget. melinda davenport tells us what we need to know before shopping tomorrow night on 12 news at 10:00. kathy: most life insurance policies require beneficiaries to notify the company when a policyholder has died, but what if you don't even know a policy exists? many states changed their laws after they found billions in unpaid policies sitting in insurance company coffers. but here in wisconsin, the companies don't have to tell you what they owe you. colleen henry investigates why it may be costing residents here millions. colleen: bertha gillespie just
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>> i can't walk, i can't hear good. i got my mind. as long as you got your mind, you're doing ok. colleen: decades ago, gillespie and her husband moved from tennessee to chicago for jobs, but he died and left her to raise their three young kids working in a machine shop. >> she stood on her feet for eight hours and made motors, and that's why she's hard of hearing today. colleen: at that time, gillespie says she bought insurance policies on herself and her kids. >> i didn't want nobody to worry ou no bills or nothing when i was gone. colleen: earlier this year, a letter arrived from the state of illinois. >> we got a letter from the treasurer's office saying mom had an unclaimed insurance policy. colleen: the policy had matured years ago, but she'd forgotten all about it. would you have ever known about it? >> never, never. colleen: the insurance company never called you? >> never.
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last five years a half-billion dollars in benefits owed to the people of the state of illinois. colleen: michael frerichs is illinois' treasurer. he joined dozens of other states to audit the country's largest life insurers and uncovered billions due families across the country and here in wisconsin. >> nationwide, the number is over $7 billion, so we're talking about hundreds of millions of dollars that is owed to wisconsin residents. colleen: frerichs says there's been backlash from some insurers. >> kemper sued to block the audit, sued my office, but in their sec filings, they admit that these unclaimed life insurance benefits are part of their bottom line. they're baked into their profits. colleen: illinois and other states have since passed laws requiring insurers to routinely check death records so beneficiaries get paid. they've also signed settlements to force two dozen of the biggest companies to pay out on past-due benefits, including milwaukee's northwestern mutual. wisconsin is the country's
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2100 companies do business here, nearly 400 are based here. yet, the state has entered settlements with just three out-of-state insurers and not northwestern mutual, even though it's in the industry's top five. >> we know that the insurance industry has a lot of friends in state government and they're a powerful lobbying group, but we just think the citizens of the state have a higher priority than the bottom lines of the profits of insurance companies. colleen: 12 neen lawmakers to see what wisconsin is doing to connect its residents with their money. neither chair of the legislature's insurance committees would talk on camera, nor would the insurance commissioner. >> it's a shame. this should be the law through all the united states. i don't know how they can get away with that. colleen: back at bertha gillespie's, they're just thankful illinois got involved and dug up her forgotten money. >> we put it in the bank.
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colleen: by e-mail, wisconsin's insurance commissioner says the national association of insurance commissioners is working on legislation to require companies to check death records for beneficiaries. kathy: northwestern mutual says it is now checking death records. colleen: northwestern tells 12 news it support legislative efforts to bring uniformity to the process and has retroactively gone back to 1992 to locate people who may not have been aware they were beneficiaries. so, how to know if you are due life insurance proceeds? a national website is expected to go online soon. for now, you can find more information on our website, joyce: you may want to adjust your holiday plans if you are heading north. mark, some snow is on the way. mark: the picture to the left of your screen. i will show it to you now because when you were go, this was us. remember this? joyce: i block it. mark: seven inches of snow in
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10 to 11 around the southern counties. we had a big blanket of white that was pretty much gone before we made it two things giving. i think we will have a not white thanksgiving through this forecast. a different story north. that is why i want you to pay close attention to the forecast now because a lot of you may have travel plans that take you to the north. we are quiet at the moment, but let's go to future cast. 7:00 in the tomorrow. it is a good day to travel if you can. a little bit of rain moves in. maybe a little mix to the west of us. it is possible we can have some wet snowflakes tuesday night into wednesday morning. i'm not expecting any accumulation of snow. a different story up north. that is where we will have accumulation and it will be on the roads and it will be slippery, especially wednesday. if you are traveling north, try
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thanksgiving itself. it will not be impossible because we are not talking about huge amounts. be careful with those first snows. it seems to be way more accidents. we are not talking about major impacts into wednesday, but minor to close the medium impact especially on the secondary roads where it could be on the slippery side. we will have rainy roads around here. i'd recommend traveling earlier than later or trying to get away. let's talk about tuesday. we are all right, but if you are traveling west, you will run into rain and snow. wednesday is ugly. that is a big weather day and travel day. i think he will be all right if you are traveling by plane out of milwaukee or chicago. all of that moves to the ease of us and we are with a quiet day. 31 degrees right now.
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it is chilly now. that will be the case when we start out tomorrow morning. 29 at 5 a.m. in the city colder inland. maybe some son early in the day. that will not last. clouds will thicken but we will stay dry until tuesday night. temperatures in the 40's. we don't get down to freezing so we might have some snowflakes mixing in but no accumulation. a dry turkey day. that is not dry turkey, dry nothing will be coming out. 42 degrees with a little light rain or snow. that should not be a big deal. this weekend is looking nice. a bigger storm with rain on monday. joyce: our annual food for families phone bank kicks off tomorrow. wisn 12 is teaming up with the hunger task force to raise money this holiday season. the phone bank will be open tomorrow and wednesday. last year, you helped us raise more than $100,000. we hope we can count on you
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coming up, we talk to one mother about the importance of the hunger task force. kathy: how they helped her and her son and the items the food bank is looking for this year. joyce: also ahead, healing through photographs. the unique project aiming to bring the city of milwaukee together one picture at a time
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announcer: big 12 sports presented by menards. dan: the 1953 packers were a sight to behold. they won only two games and finished the season by allowing their opponents to score more than 30 points in each of the last four games. it took 63 years for that to happen again. last night, the redskins became the fourth straight opponent to score at least 30 points against their fourth straight loss. >> i mean, it's been a difficult four weeks. make no question about it. i'm not going to sit here and get into the big picture stuff. i mean, the four weeks have not gone the way we have like. we are fully aware of the things we need to do better. we're pouring everything into beating the eagles. we need to get to win number five. dan: the bucks have this
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competition. saturday night, it was up against golden state. tonight at the bradley center, they played down to the level of the magic, at least at the start. jabari parker and giannis antetokounmpo combined for just two points in the first quarter and the magic led 16-2 at one point. the bucks got it going late in the second quarter. greg monroe emerged from jason kidd's doghouse to throw that one down. bucks led by five at halftime. third quarter, the jabari show for three. got it. a short time later, jabari for three again. next possession, jabari for three again. he hit five of those tonight and finished with 22 points. michael beasley scored half of the bucks points in the first quarter. he drives and scores in the third and finished with 14. here is the shot of the night. a fan got a chance for one shot from half court and he made it earning $5000. , giannis finished with a triple-double -- 21 points, 10 rebounds and 10 assists -- as
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>> we get up for the big game. in games like these, they are supposed to be big, but we don't get up as much. hey, it is young team and we have addressed it and we will get better. dan: three former brewers -- trevor hoffman, gary sheffield and mike cameron -- are among the 34 men on this year's ballot for the baseball hall of fame. coming up in our next half hour, we'll check in on the badgers basketball team playing in the maui invitational in hawaii. fire. joyce: wow. kathy: hundreds of workers inside o'hare airport say they will not strike during the thanksgiving rush. joyce: the date they chose to walk out of work and why thousands of people across the country could follow. kathy: and if you're driving out of town for the holiday, we take a look at gas prices. the difference you will pay
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>> a bus crash involving school children is every public safety professional's worst nightmare, but it's also the thing we all train for. kathy: absolute shock tonight in chattanooga tennessee after a


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