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tv   WISN 12 News at 5PM  ABC  November 23, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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got 2-4 inches across the northern third of the state. if you are traveling north, you will have to deal with that. we will look at your thanksgiving forecast, coming up in a few minutes. patrick: you can track the forecast on-the-go this holiday weekend with our free app. use the interactive radar to see when and where any rain or snow will fall. you can also check the current temperatures wherever you are. toya: breaking news, involving one of wisconsin's most notorious killers steven avery. , a judge has granted new testing of old evidence. avis conviction and life sentence in the 2005 murder of teresa halbach. his case gained new fame since the netflix release of making a murderer. his new lawyer thinks scientific advances will help clear his client. new tonight an elderly couple , found shot inside their new berlin home. patrick: police say its an apparent murder-suicide. as nick bohr reports from the scene on hickory trail, the
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man inside this home asking for help. when they got here, the front door was open and they found two people shot inside. police say they also smelled gunpowder smoke inside the home on hickory trail. a 76-year-old man was found shot to death. his 71-year-old wife also shot was pronounced dead at the hospital. >> i heard a siren very near here. usually this neighborhood is very quiet. i did not know what was going on. >> the police response here telling us the couple kept to themselves and had lived at the home for decades. now police will try to determine why their long lives together ended so violently in an apparent murder-suicide. new berlin police have been on the scene there out the day and say they may be able to release more later.
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confirmed for wisn 12 news autopsies were conducted on the couple this afternoon. police aren't releasing any information on those findings until friday, but did tell us both were shot once. toya: our big story tonight, the presidential race in wisconsin might be headed for a recount. the reason? concerns over voting the reason? concerns over voting irregularities. donald trump beat hillary clinton by about 22,000 votes in wisconsin. but it's green party candidate jill stein who is calling for the recount and would have to pay for it. the es p.m., would have to be completed within 13 days. wisn 12 news kent wainscott spoke with the director of the state elections commission, and joins us from outside milwaukee city hall. >> we are here because behind me you can see a small rally going on, a group of people caring signs, calling for a recount of the wisconsin vote. but in this state only a , candidate can request that and , we were at the elections commission in madison, when green party candidate jill stein got the ball rolling on a recount.
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request a recount. >> questions about a possible recount have been pouring in to the wisconsin elections commission. they begin after a university of michigan professor suggested a recount may be in order in three states, including wisconsin, due to questionable vote totals in places where electronic voting machines were used. how confident are you in the results? >> we are very confident in the state of wisconsin. >> mike haas says a full state vote canvas has already been completed and there's been no , sign of any problems. >> we have not received any complaints or concerns from election day that people thought the equipment was not working. >> but green party candidate jill stein isn't satisfied in statement saying, "we are raising money to demand recounts in wisconsin, michigan, and pennsylvania, three states where there is a significant need to
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stein would have to pay upfront before friday's filing deadline to launch a fast-paced recount process. >> once we order a recount, the state statutes require that it be completed within 13 days. with a statewide recount, that is difficult to do. >> if there is a recount, it will be up to municipal clerks to determine whether to use voting machines or recount the ballots by hand unless there was , a court order to do it by hand. that's what voters like these are hoping for. we will know by friday afternoon whether there will be a recount in wisconsin. toya: thank you. meanwhile, president-elect donald trump is moving forward, filling his cabinet. today, he announced the first two women selected for top-level positions. trump picked south carolina governor nikki haley to serve as ambassador to the united nations. he also chose charter student advocate betsy devos as
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in the past, she supported the common core education standards that trump denounced as he campaigned. both picks need to be confirmed by the senate. abc news coverage of trump's picks -- cabinet picks continues tonight on abc world news with david muir. that's tonight at 5:30, immediately following this newscast. patrick: thanksgiving came early for a milwaukee family. they were just reunited with their missing teenage daughter. wisn 12 news mike anderson captured the happy moment. you'll see it only on 12. he joins us live tonight, mike. milwaukee county jail where , 17-year-old jessica dent was seen last saturday. she is cognitively disabled and was arrested after getting into a fight at school on thursday. but the charges were dropped and the jail called her mom to come pick her up. but by the time her mom got to the jail jessicah was gone. , police are investigating where she was and what happened to her but for the happy reunion this
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, just glad to have her back home. >> you ok, you ok? where was you at? who was you just with? >> my friends. >> what friends? >> that i met. >> i'm so happy to see you. >> her mother told us that jessicah is easily persuaded. police are investigating now and jessicah was taken to the hospital for an examination but , at least she is back with her family for thanksgiving. reporting live tonight, mike anderson, wisn 12 news. patrick: thank you. new tonight milwaukee police are , searching for an armed robber caught on camera. police say a man stole a woman's purse and car keys near hubbard and reservoir in the brewer's hill neighborhood saturday afernoon. a nearby surveilance camera snapped these pictures.
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parked nearby. if you recognize him, police want to hear from you. flames destroy a barn in kenosha county. the fire started late last night on river road in pleasant prairie. this is cell phone video of the huge fire. no one was hurt, but the flames damaged a nearby garage. investigators have not yet determined how it started. police are asking anyone with information to give them a call. only on wisn 12, he's tackled the challenge of running the state of wisconsin, but tonight, former governor marty schrieber is facing the biggest challenge h ? kathy: a love story interrupted by alzheimer's. he opens up like never before about caring for his wife of 55 years elaine. , it's been hard on you too? >> i didn't realize it. i think what happens to a spouse , a caregiver is you morph from
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happening. patrick: governor schreiber tells kathy mykleby why he's opening up about the challenges of alzheimer's and what he hopes to accomplish. it's only on 12, tonight on wisn 12 news at 10:00. we want to send things over to toya in the food for families phone bank. toya, the phones are ringing tonight. toya: hopefully they stay ringing through tonight. the number on your screen, 414-799-9476. we are here with the hunger task force tonight, and we have a evening, which is awesome because we have an anonymous donor that matches dollar for dollar. a $1000 check. this will go a long way. how far does $1000 take this organization? >> it means about 2000 people will get a meal. we are so thankful to wisn. we have been working on food for families for the last 40 years, and we appreciate the tradition.
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when you call 414-799-9476. $15 will buy a family a turkey. 125 dollars will bring a family and no food for a week. phones are open until 7:00 tonight. patrick: thank you. happening now staying safe on , the roads this holiday season. this is a live picture from the town of brookfield where members , of the local owi task force are at goerkes corners at this hour for roll call. several local law enforcement agencies will then head out on the roads patroling for impaired drivers. the night before thanksgiving is typically one of the worst nights on the roads when it comes drunk drivers. some packers fans may be heading to philadelphia. we are now just five days away from the packers and eagles on monday night football. our coverage starts with the big 12 sports countdown to kickoff at 6:30. that's followed by the packers and eagles at 7:30. then stay tuned to 12 news for live post-game coverage. it is all this monday night
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arrived. will the weather cooperate? mark: it is looking ok. when we get rid of this cloudiness and warm back up to the 50's, coming up in weatherwatch 12. patrick: then, a mysterious fireball in the sky. where this flash of fire was caught on camera. plus -- >> i local milwaukee shot putting in long hours before the big feast. patrick: and a reminde volunteers are standing by to take your donations in the food for families phone bank.
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patrick: let's take another live look at phone bank. wisn 12 has partnered with the hunger task for to help local families in need. the number to call is 414-799-9476. you can also donate at if you're calling, volunteers will be here answering the phones until 7:00 tonight. toya: wave, lily. we see you. new tonight, police dashcam of a fireball seen blazing throh the sky in florida. this is from the north port police near sarasota on florida's west coast. the american meteor society said
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reports about monday night's fireball event seen from key west to the florida panhandle. tonight on "20/20," how our government would survive after a catastrophic event. patrick: abc news talks to real designated survirs. they're the people protected under heavy guard in case of an attack during the state of the union. abc's pierre thomas went behind the walls of a bunker built to protect these people and keep the government running. >> congress would have used to into the bunker, and i think behind me, i might get the tonnage wrong, but there was a 60,000 pound door that closes behind me , and it is at that moment that you realize that this place was put into existence for an unthinkable event. patrick: "20/20" also goes behind-the-scenes with the cast of "designated survivor" to see how they make the show as real as possible.
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9:00, followed by wisn 12 news at 10:00. toya: right now, we want to take a look at what's coming up all new tonight at 6:00. joyce garbaciak is in the newsroom with a look ahead. joyce: tonight only on wisn 12 , news, searching for answers. >> her left arm was amputated. her right femur was broken, and she has a lot of fractured bones everywhere. joyce: her sister gravely injured after being hit by a train during a fight with her boyfriend tonight, the one piece of evidence police say is the key to unlocking this mystery of what really happened. , temperatures or mild and dry? many of us are wondering what's in store for us this winter. we'llave our weather watch 12 long-range outlook. tune in for these stories and more at 6:00. toya: pies are a must have at the thanksgiving feast. and it's why a local milwaukee baker is busier than ever, down to the final hours. wisn 12 news hillary mintz shows us the specialties he's whipping up.
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>> this is our super bowl. >> cherries cooking in brandy for their signature sweet potato pie, and freshly squeezed lime juice for key lime pie. at mr. dye's pies at 55th and north, you won't find traditional pumpkin pie here for thanksgiving. >> backseat. >> owner jonathan dye is hoping to make deadline and bake 600 pies by thursday. >> we have had some moments where we have people trying to help out. >> it is also about giving back. right now, anyone who donates a case of water going to flint, michigan walks out of here with a free slice of sweet tater pie. >> i learned from my grandmother
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for her, it was about taking care of people. >> something he enjoys doing too in the form of pies and goodwill. in milwaukee, hillary mintz, wisn 12 news. toya: the pie shop is open today and tomorrow until 1:00 p.m. they're not taking anymore phone orders, but walk-ins are welcome. can we in the early so i can make it there in time. mark: another round of light rain moving through in time for the late evening rush, although it feels like the rush has been going all day long with a lot of people already on the roads. take it easy out there tonight, especially north. we have rough conditions out there. 45 degrees, snow, but you have to be way up north before you
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evening. the snow comes to an end tonight. looking good for turkey day, cloudy. still cloudy on black, but no problems. that is good news. only rain for us around here. we did have some sleep late last night, but it did not cause too many issues with the roads. a little bit of light rain, a couple of pockets of moderate rain across waukesha county, moving burlington, springfield into alcorn, lake geneva extending into paris into kenosha county. the fall down to mild visibility in juneau. this will improve as the night goes on. it hangs around for the next 4-5 hours. you get the wind picking up out of the west. temperature wise, 40-45 degrees in most areas.
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now, 75. brownsville, texas, los angeles, no real cold air of any sort. a lot of times this year, we get teens and single digits. that is not the case. fairly quiet, good news for travel. there have been some airline delays mainly because of volume. the weather has not cause too much trouble. some snow in northern wisconsin, but that will be ending. inches of snow way up north, and 2-3 inches back into eau claire and rhinelander, so most areas not picking up a lot. clouds are stubborn all day tomorrow, all day friday. the juicy those snow shows try to get here and disappear? i'm not anticipating more than a flurry or sprinkle. temperatures cool if you're doing a turkey trot in the morning. it could be worse than that.
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a.m., if you are an early riser for those black friday deals. the weekend, yeah, 45 on saturday and sunday. it looks nice both the days and we finally get some sunshine returning. 42 thanksgiving. 42 friday, then it gets better. 45 saturday, 50 on sunday. 50 on monday, and a rainy and windy cloudy skies, 45. more clouds for wednesday, 42 degrees. a much more typical november forecast compared to the first 17 days when it was sunny and beautiful. toya: it should at this point. mark: we are getting into the holidays. toya: yes we are. let's send things over to patrick in our food for families phone bank. patrick. patrick: we have three phone lines open right now.
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they are waiting to her there we go. they are waiting to take your call. i want to say thank you to betty, a $25 donation. and randy in west to bend, a $1000 donation, and we want to tell you that there is a match tonight, so that $1000 donation will turn into $2000, a dollar for dollar match, a home stretch, an hour and a half left to until 7:00 tonight, 414-799-9476 . if you are not near a phone or get a busy signal, go to and make your donation there. again, volunteers will be at our food for families phone bank until 7:00 tonight. we teamed up with the hunger task force to raise money for food for local families in need
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a box of food, another to feed a family of four for a week. every dollar counts. we will be here until 7:00, or you can go to back over to you. toya: thank you. new on wisn 12 news tonight at 10:00, a school bus driver charged with the deaths of five children in a school bus crash. a local bus company tells us how they make sure their drivers are fit to drive your children to school. school. that is tonight on 12 news at 10:00. coming up, a black friday preview. a look at the best deals being offered this and where to find friday, some of hottest gifts
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toya: another live look at our food for families phone bank. wisn 12 news has partnered with the hunger task force to help families in need. you can call 414-799-9476 to donate. volunteers are here to answer your calls until 7:00 tonight. patrick: holiday traffic can be a hassle but imagine being stuck , in this mess in l.a. this is what it looked like last night on the interstate. traffic snarled in both
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new on 12 tonight, finding the best deals on black friday. toya: analysts at adobe, which tracks online holiday shopping, reports they're seeing big discounts this year on toys, tablets, and computers. they say you'll actually find the best black friday deals on thanksgiving. best buy and walmart are offering deals on tvs, but the sales might not be as plentiful as they seem. >> we found that somewhere under 1% of the deals were actually worthwhile. toya: and if you don't want to shop on thanksgiving, experts say cyber monday is the second best day for deals. patrick: if you've been watching, you know ellen is in the middle of her 12 days of giveaways. wisn 12 viewers will have a chance to win all of the 12 days prizes, that's right, all of them. go to and scroll to the bottom to register. be sure to watch tomorrow to see what you could win. toya: you are already checking out, aren't you?
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patrick: welcome back.
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bank is open until 7:00. toya: tonight, travel nightmares. a rocky start to the thanksgiving getaway. two powerful storms delivering a one-two punch from the rockies to the midwest. a record number of americans on the move, jamming highways. long lines at airports across the country. slow-going for millions on one of the busiest travel days of move. the president-elect nominating the first two women to his cabinet. two names who opposed him during the election. trump appearing to soften his stand against some of his critics. breaking news. police revealing the bus driver's toxicology report. and what we've just learned about the route he was driving. should he have been on it? parade threat. police increasing security and new steps to protect against a


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