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tv   WISN 12 News at 6PM  ABC  November 24, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm CST

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will compare to the ones being told here. >> we felt that as christians that we had to be welcoming. >> for anza d'antonio and her family, that meant welcoming complete strangers into their home. >> go from syria to america, two months. >> mohamad ala boud alissa, his wife, and four sons escaped aleppo, where hundreds of thousands of people have been killed during their civil war. >> in hear a steady stream of guns, so it is incredibly dangerous for their families. >> the d'antonio's got in touch with catholic charities, and two months later, together, they're preparing a feast. mohamed is currently working on his english. >> school milwaukee. >> nazerene prepares meals.
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fetch the bulls, >> with nuts -- >> but it's for the better, and the two families educating each other so many reasons for , everyone to be thankful. >> good, good, good. >> everyone continues to bond. as for the family, they're hoping to find housing shortly and a job for mohammed. sheldon: going to elementary school together, and their father was able to get a driver's license. if you have any information or leads on jobs for this family, we have a link on to help you get in touch with them. adrienne: happening now, for many, the plates are cleared and the shopping is underway. the doors just opened at kohl's on the southside. you are getting a live look your you can see people streaming into the store, some of them cold.
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also just opened. that's where we find christina palladino. are you checking off that list yet? >> i'm going to be doing that soon. we are now inside the mall where holiday shopping is well underway. you can see this line here. those stores just opened up a minute ago. the line was wrapped corner. everybody is filing in. all those stores opened earlier, managers telling me that demand is high come as a that's why they opened on thanksgiving. as soon as the doors opened at 5 :00 at boston store, people immediately started grabbing for items on their lists. the busiest place is always the women's shoe department. most shoppers we talked with say they waited in line for a little bit but it's well worth all the , money they save on black
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, looking at all the goods, the deals they have an stuff. christmas shopping for everybody. >> boston store among other stores is opened all night long . the malls will closes at 1:00 in the morning and then re-opens at 6:00. reporting live at southridge mall, christina palladino, wisn 12 news. adrienne shoppers are getting a jump on black friday deals all across the country, but with online shopping, major retailers are trying to get us in the store. they're offering unprecedented doorbuster deals only good in person. this is video just into our newsroom from toy's r us on milwaukee's southside. it's one of 875 stores in the u.s. opening their doors soon after you clear the dinner table. >> this is a whole store of
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midnight. adrienne: more than 137 million americans are expected to shop this weekend. the weather won't get in your way if you are shopping tonight or tomorrow. mark: that is true. i am happy i am here and not out there. i don't want to be part of that tonight. mark: you would need a heavier jacket, not necessarily all the winter gear. it is not heading for the twin cities. eventually, some might make their way to southeastern wisconsin. i'm not expecting much more than a flurry or a two. here is your black friday forecast. some of you are out and about, 40 degrees, cloudy skies in the morning friday, a passing flurry
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cool, but it will not continue that way. when a big warm-up up comes in, coming up in weatherwatch 12. adrienne: thank you. don't forget, you can take the forecast with you wherever you go with the free 12 news mobile app. the family of a milwaukee man shot and killed by wauwatosa police wants you to boycott mayfair mall and mayfair collection. sheldon: jay anderson was killed in june in madison park. the family wants the boycott to continue until police or the milwaukee county d.a. releases the dash camera video of the shooting. adrienne: as millions hit the road for the holiday, a holiday crackdown on drunk driving is all staying safe. more than 30 law enforcement agencies are participating. an official roll-call happened yesterday afternoon along i-94 in waukesha county. sheldon: green party presidential candidate jill stein could be one step closer to requesting a recount of the presidential election in wisconsin. according to her website, the campaign has raised well over the $1.1 million needed to file the request here in our state. it's after a recent report raised questions about the accuracy of the vote totals in
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voting machines were used. stein's campaign has raised a total of $4.1 million to pay for those recount fees in those three states. adrienne: time is running out and so far no one has announced plans to challenge wisconsin supreme court justice annette ziegler's re-election. we're looking at possibly an uncontested race for the state's highest court for the first time since 2006. the deadline for candidates to file is january 3. sheldon: there are new developments in convicted killer steven avery's effort to get a new trial. a judge has approved new forensic testing of old evidence. avery is serving a life sentence in the 2005 murder of teresa halbach. his lawyer, kathleen zellner believes advances in evidence , testing will clear avery's name. adrienne: the season of holiday magic is here and one military , family wants your help to make this christmas magical for the children of veterans. tamara allen is a veteran, and
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michael allen. she's organizing a holiday party on december 17 at veterans manor. it's for children she calls camouflaged kids, the children of soldiers, saying when we enlist, they do too. allen is accepting donations to give 100 kids two gifts each to be distributed by santa. >> i just want kids to come together that are like kids, that have the same situations and they all can just enjoy , together. adrienne: gofundme page for donations. you'll find that link and details about the event on our website sheldon: turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing the table was , set for hundreds of families today at the milwaukee rescue mission. as wisn 12 news' ben wagner shows us they all enjoyed a warm , meal this thanksgiving thanks to generosity. >> hey, everybody. we are in the kitchen here at the milwaukee rescue mission. this is where they have been getting all the food ready to
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in southeast wisconsin. take a look this where all the , stuffing is ready, the turkey is in the back, are cooked to go. the cooks have been working nonstop getting ready to go here on thanksgiving. the director told me this has been a hot ticket. if you wanted to volunteer here , you had to call early. he's just so grateful to see the people in milwaukee come out to help out. >> this is just a symbolic s received because milwaukee rescue mission is entirely dependent on personal gifts so we've got thousands of people who send in contributions throughout the holiday, bringing gifts for christmas time, bring in turkeys, food, all sorts of stuff and then dozens of , volunteers taking part of their thanksgiving to help us out. >> the rescue mission is a 24/7,
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they are serving meals here throughout the week and they expect to serve about 1000 families here throughout the thanksgiving holiday weekend. at the milwaukee rescue mission, ben wagner, wisn 12 news. adrienne: it was a normal weather day for thanksgiving. sheldon: mark, plenty of clouds and cool temperatures. mark: and those clouds will be stubborn a little longer. when we'll finally see the sun again next in weather watch 12. ? adrienne: representing wisconsin. see the local marching band featured in the macy's thanksgiving day parade in new york city. plus -- >> i'm going to wear shorts i don't care how cold it gets. sheldon: an unusual sacrifice. the packer fan taking his dedication to the team to the extreme. we will show you, coming up. announcer: feast your eyes on wisn 12's mobile app, an app you can really be thankful for.
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>> from milwaukee, we welcome the greendale high school band. they are excited to perform for us this morning a seventh time.
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adrienne: there they are. congratulations to the greendale high school marching band. the students represented wisconsin this morning at the macy's thanksgiving day parade in new york city. they were one of only seven high school bands nationwide to march in the parade. they did a great job. sheldon: they sure did. look again. think everything is closed on thanksgiving day? not true. sheldon: melinda davenport found a grocery store in milwaukee with shoppers picking up last mi thanksgiving celebration. >> even though it is thanksgiving day, it doesn't matter. people are still picking up there last minute items here at the metro market in downtown milwaukee. need some walnuts for your cookies? some flour for your rolls? they have it here even though it , is thanksgiving day. >> they are picking up maybe possibly some pre-made foods, fruit trays, our cheese platters , our deli sides that we offer in our daily. we have a variety that can save our customers some time in prep
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>> every year, we see increased sales in the morning. yesterday was a very busy day for us, so everyone is trying to spend some time with their family. >> the store manager says one of the biggest best sellers for thanksgiving day, their ready made pies in apple and pumpkin to take to family and friends to celebrate thanksgiving. in downtown milwaukee, melinda davenport wisn 12 news. ,adrienne: and thank you to everyone who called into our food for families phone bank. sheldon: , record-breaking year. over two days we raised more , than $160,000. that passed last year's total by $57,000. the money goes to help feed families this holiday season. again, a big thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who contributed. we really appreciate it. wisn 12, --
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sheldon: new on wisn 12, moving their feet so others can eat. adrienne: thousands of runners s lined up at miller park this morning for the drumstick dash. >> 3, 2, 1, and go. adrienne: it's the fifth annual 5-k in milwaukee. this is one of hundreds just like it happening all over the country today. organizers say runners brought donations to help feed families right here in our area all year round. >> 5746 people brought in all kinds of food donations. we've probably around 45,000 meals thil milwaukee. adrienne: about 3300 people ran in today's drumstick dash. now they can't it a lot tonight. sheldon: they earned it. adrienne: the packers' losing streak has been pretty tough on fans. sheldon: one diehard fan is making quite a sacrifice until his team finds success. glenn seefeldt has vowed to wear only shorts until the packers win. he started last sunday, and plans to keep it going as long as it takes. >> i get a lot of comments. are you nuts? do you know how cold it is
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a lot of people drive by they'll hit the breaks and slow down and i'm in shorts and they'll roll d own the window what are you , doing? >> some may think my father in law is nuts, he's off his rocker, but he's a die hard fan . that's the kind of support they have up here in wisconsin so i'm totally proud to say that's my father in law showing his support for the packer nation. sheldon: wherever it is, snow is him. he said he had no choice but to do it now. his son-in-law, who you just heard from, put $100 on the line. the packers are 4-6. they have a chance to turn it around. their next game will be against the eagles monday night in philadelphia. wisn 12 sports' dan needles and stephen watson will be in philly for the game. coverage starts with the big 12 sports countdown to kickoff at 6:30, live from philadelphia,
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eagles at 7:30, right here on wisn 12. adrienne: we are already looking ahead to the weather in philadelphia on monday night. it's looking pretty quiet. mark: it's looking mild. temperatures at kickoff for around 49 degrees, a game you can see right here on wisn 12. fourth quarter, 46, dry throughout the game. rain. you can see a couple of fishermen out there. there are still a lot of hunters in the area, especially up north, and some new, fresh snow on the ground. we did have a couple of fishermen on dollars in lake. -- on dollars and
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into this scene. oh, yes, the holidays are just coming upon us. a lot of you are out enjoying the holiday lights all season long. christmas is only 31 days away. there is a reason these people are shopping, because it is closing in. 38 days and tell the start of 2017. -- until the start of 2017. cloudy and drive for black friday. friday could be of flurry or two. saturday and sunday definitely looking nice as temperatures will be going up before we cool back down as we head into the middle of next week, but a nice weekend ahead. we have some snow showers to the west of us. some of this may hold a little
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to southeastern wisconsin, meaning we may have a flurry or two, a light snow shower, maybe enough to coat the grass. the roads will be a ok. you should be fine for your shopping adventures throughout the day. you will be locked into the clouds. some sunshine saturday afternoon as we clear things out. it should be a beautiful day, and warmer as we head into sunday. monday, a different will be dealing with a strong low-pressure center with a lot of wind and mainly just rain here. 42 degrees friday. so not the greatest of days, cloudy throughout the day, temperatures a little cool. an average november day. 45 on saturday.
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k of the week is right here. rain and wind on monday and tuesday, but temperatures still mild. we will be cooling down and some residual moisture wednesday and thursday. it might be cold enough to support some more snowflakes around here. a flurry or two tomorrow should not keep you from getting out there and doing all that shopping. adrienne: i will be spending time with family. we could i'm sure my dad would love that. thank you, mark. lambeau field morphed into a massive dinning room for thousands today. for the 14th year in a row, the christian outreach ecumenical thanksgiving dinner took place inside the atrium. a christian outreach hosted the free meal. hundreds of volunteers helped pull it off, including santa. stephen is in with sports. thanksgiving is always a big day
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, try to relive our glory days, or resign to watching from the couch and that's likely where , most of the packers were today. they were watching a wild finish between the lions and vikings, first place on the line in the north.
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? >> man, i am a traditionalist. i love turkey, gravy, the stuffing, mashed potatoes. stephen: happy thanksgiving to all, a day of food, family, and football. the packers had the day off, so they got to watch their fellow nfc north rivals battle it out with first place up for grabs, -- up for grabs. the vikings traveling to the motor city. we may as well call them the detroit comeback kids instead of the lions. they have trailed in fourth quarter in every game this season. tie game in the final minute of the fourth. sam bradford throws picked off , by darius slay.
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game winning 40-yard field goal. the lions are the first team in nfl history to have each of their first 11 games decided by seven points or fewer and they , are now 7-4 and in sole possession of first place in the north. as we learned yesterday, running back eddie lacy and cornerback sam shields will remain on the i.r. and will not return to play this season. it could be the last time we see both of them in a packers uniform. this was a contract year for lacy, who was averaging over five yards per carry before an ankle injury ended his season. >> guys toughness. the guy, he is a tough football player, and he played through that injury for a long time and did it with class. it is tough to lose him for the season. it took us out of some of the stuff we wanted to do at the start the season. stephen: the wisconsin basketball team got a good taste of where they stand last night in maui. for all the preseason hype, the
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ranked team this season. wisconsin was held to a season-low 38% shooting in the 71-56 loss. vitto brown was about the only bright spot with 15 points, but the big three of bronson koenig, nigel hayes, and ethan happ combined for just 23 points. >> there is no doubt that we are leaving the island a better team than when we showed up last friday. we have work to do, but that is why you do these type of events at this type of level, because it better at the paris for what is coming down the road. stephen: the packers currently leading the redskins. adrienne: if you watch ellen, you know she's in the middle of her 12 days of giveaways. wisn 12 viewers will have a chance to win all of the 12 days prizes, that's right, all of them. go to and scroll to the bottom to register. be sure to watch monday for an all new show to see what you could win. sheldon: and there you are with your umbrella.
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flurries, but you don't have to have an umbrella for that. that will happen tomorrow morning if we get anything at all, not a big deal. temperatures a little cool for shoppers, but temperatures warm
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. tonight, mariah carey on her sexy single thanksgiving. >> you are just being dramatic. >> after her nasty break up, we are on the record about her break up. >> keep the ring. star's kitchen. >> what is this? >> my son is everything. >> the dads and moms. >> he started singing and it's cute to hear him say. >> i'm looking at the turkey dinner with melissa mccarthy.


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