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tv   WISN 12 News This Weekend Sunday  ABC  November 27, 2016 5:00am-6:01am CST

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>> now on wisn 12 news. [captioning made possible by wisn-tv] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] andy: right now on wisn 12 news this morning, a father and daughter gone in one instant. how a community is coming together to support a family torn apart by a suspected drunk driver. plus, thieves trying to hack into your account on this busy shopping weekend. where police have found more skimming devices and what you can do to protect your information. first, a live look outside on this sunday morning. a foggy start to the day. we're tracking when we may see the sunshine, and when you might need the umbrella for the work week. good morning, and welcome to wisn 12 news this morning. it's 5:00 a.m. on this sunday, november 27. let's get your day started with a look at your forecast. here's weather watch 12 meteorologist sally severson filling in for jeremy nelson. good morning, sally.
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meteorologist with the better win yesterday. keep an eye on the apache piece -- the patchy piece of -- pea soup. take it easy across dodge county as well. western parts of racine county. this is very patchy, variable fog this morning. the early morning commuter. clouds marching across iowa gradually fill in for us. but until this afternoon. we see a little bit of everything in the forecast for today. patchy fog of sunshine, low-pressure pulls closer for tonight. a fair amount of rain will fall overnight, and once again tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night. heads up in the chilly fog and away from the lake. they could be slippery spots,
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fog and chilly temperatures. patchy fog early, and then we enjoy some sunshine before the clouds roll in and the rain wasn't tonight with a high of 50 degrees. andy: sally, thank you. this morning, remembering a father and daughter. their lives cut short this holiday weekend. a suspected drunk driver slammed into kevin dalley's car friday night. the 39-year-old man and his 9-year-old daughter emily both died in the crash near four mile and old farm roads in caledonia. as wisn 12 news ben hutchison reports, friends and neighbors continue to offer their love and support. ben: it looks like any other saturday morning in this caledonia neighborhood, but feels very different. joe kezman: i was just devastated when i heard this. ben: neighbors talking about the crash along 4 mile road. police say friday, kevin dalley and two of his daughters slowed down to turn left when a suspected drunk driver slammed into them from behind. kevin and 9-year-old emily were both killed. ken dahlin: it's tragic it
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yeah, it's so close to home. ben: the suspect -- a 25-year-old man from racine, was arrested and is awaiting charges. lynn davis: it was really a sad tragedy when we were called to know that kevin and his daughter had died. ben: lynn davis is a close family friend. he came to the dalley's home offering support. there's also a youcaring page set up to help the family with living exps. in just one day, already more than $17,000 raised. the couple's youngest child is recovering from her injuries. lynn davis: rosalee had one of her baby teeth knocked out and another one loose, but that's about the worst of the scratches she had. so she's very, very fortunate, with the other two killed. ben: i spoke to a family member. they say they're looking for privacy as they grieve. we have a link to the you caring page on our website, in caledonia, ben hutchison,
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andy: caledonia police say speed may also have played a part in the crash. new this morning, more credit card skimmers found in wisconsin. police in shawano say they found those devices friday morning at a bank, a credit union, and a drive-up atm. according to investigators, two suspicious men were seen near the atms before the businesses opened, but were gone by the time officers arrived. the banks are still looking into whether any personal information may have been compromised. in the last month, those skimming devices have been found at gas stations in both green bay and madison. four men have already been arrested in connection with those incidents. police say keep four things in mind to prevent becoming a victim -- closely monitor your bank account and report fraudulent activity right away. pay for fuel inside those gas stations. purchase gas station gift cards in small amounts and use those cards when you're paying at the pump. and cover that pin entry with
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today will be one of the busiest days on the roads as families head home after the thanksgiving holiday. aaa expects nearly 49 million people will travel 50 miles or more throughout the weekend. most of them will be driving. according to the traffic app waze, the peak travel time is between 11:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. today. accident alerts on the app is expected see a 100% increase. local sure you get to your destination safely. more than 30 city and county departments are conducting extra owi patrols. according to the department of transportation, more than 540 people have died on wisconsin roads in 2016. wisn 12 news time is 5:05. the wisconsin badgers are headed to the big ten championship game next month, thanks, to a win yesterday over minnesota.
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night at camp randall stadium. minnesota played like the better team in the first half, getting an early 10-7 lead thanks, to a 69 yard kick off return. late in the second quarter -- mitch leidner gave the gophers a 10-point halftime lead with this three yard t.d. run. nd the badgers -- who came out flat -- knew they were in trouble. the tone of the game changed right here, with minnesota looking to take a 14 pnt in the end zone. that was the first of four interceptions in the second half. that sparked wisconsin's comeback. final score, 31-17. 12 sports stephanie sutton was at camp randall stadium talking to the players about their senior night. stephanie: it was the final time the senior class ran out of the tunnel here at camp randall stadium. several seniors stepped up in the boundaries -- in the badgers
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you have grown up with for the past for five years out there making plays. a lot of the opportunity to go out there. >> everyone noticed this is our last time to play. just, with a banging and have fun. -- just, now with a bang. >> a lot of guys as far as the senior group with this team on their back and said we got to go win this thing. everyone else is on board. it's good to see them finished up off. once we got past the first half, everyone relaxed and hope we do well. stephanie: that senior gave a motivational speech of halftime, and obviously were. the badgers beat the gophers and are looking forward to next weekend when they compete for a
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sutton, wisn 12 news. andy: the badgers will face penn state in the big ten championship game. it's on december 3 in indianapolis.. andy: the badgers will face penn state in the big ten to the pros now, the green bay packers have ruled out starters t.j. lang and blake martinez for tomorrow's game in philadelphia. also out, kyler fackrell, demetri goodson and jc tretter. however, it appears jake ryan and possibly damarious randall will play. the eagles tomorrow right here on wisn 12. big 12 sports' dan needles and stephen watson will be in philly for the game. our coverage starts with the big 12 sports countdown to kickoff at 6:30, followed by the packers and eagles at 7:30. that's tomorrow night right here on wisn 12. looking ahead to tomorrow, the wisconsin elections commission will hold a special meeting on effort to recount presidential election ballots in wisconsin.
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green party candidate jill stein. she has also asked for recounts in michigan and pennsylvania. this weekend, former democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton's campaign joined the effort, even though they say they have no evidence that the original vote count was faulty. in a skype interview with cnn, stein insisted that she is not siding with hillary clinton by calling for this recount. >> i would say what is in this rosses voters -- we need to know -- i would say what's in this for us as voters. we need to know that our votes are counted, that they're not being hacked, that they're not being tampered with. but as an independent political party, we need to know that our votes are being counted as well. andy: a decision on the recounts in michigan and pennsylvania should come this week. president-elect donald trump is condemning the recount effort. in a statement from his transition team, trump calls the recount ascam, and says the -- recount a scam, and says the
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holiday weekend choosing his administration. trump is scheduled to meet with milwaukee county sheriff david clarke tomorrow. wisn 12 news time is 5:09. skips, stones, and brooms. where you can go today to get a lesson in the lingo and rules of curling. and later, here comes the bride, on aisle three. why a couple in georgia decided to skip the church and get married at a grocery store. love is in the air, sally. sally: [laughter] i will show you what ranks and what tanks for your work week weather. you're watching wisn 12 news this morning. the news team you trust.
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following breaking news out of new orleans. a man is dead following a shooting in the city's french quarter. nine others are hurt, but investigators have not said how serious those injuries are. new orleans police say gunfire broke out around 1:30 this morning on bourbon street. officers were in the area when this started. right now, two people are under arrest in connection with the shooting. the victims range in age from 20-years-old to 37-years-old. this morning, flags are flying at half staff around havana, cuba, following the death of fidel castro. the 90-year-old cuban leader
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his country with an iron hand for 60 years. castro's death is the end on era, and as reporter cara kneer reports from miami, it unleashed a wave of celebrations in the cuban exile community. >> [cheering] cara: the streets of miami's little havana erupted with joy saturday after news of the death of cuban leader fidel castro. he died at the age of 90, after ruling cuba for nearly five decades, starting in 1959. cuban president raul castro announced his brother's death on the cuban exile community in miami began celebrating immediately. >> i don't like celebrating anyone's death, but i think we are celebrating not the death of a human being, but the death of a dictatorships and hopefully a change for cuba and step in the right direction. cara: the crowds remained on the streets as night fell. they cheered, sang, banged on pots and pans and waved the cuban flag, hopeful that fidel
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in cuba. >> it means a lot for us cubans. it's a moment that we have waited for more than 55 years. >> this is a huge change for our community and i think a lot of things, good things, are coming for us. cara: miami's mayor was out on the streets as well. he struck a philosophical note about the death of the dictator. tom?s regalado: this moment is transcendental because fidel castro was not just a person, not just a dictator. he was a symbol that affected many generations of cubans. cara: in miami, i'm cara kneer. andy: both president barack obama and president-elect donald cuban people. president obama's statement says, in part, "we extend the hand of friendship to the cuban people. history will record and judge the enormous impact of this singular figure on the people and world around him." and from trump, quote, "it is my hope that today marks a move away from the horrors endured for too long, and toward a future in which the wonderful cuban people finally live in the freedom they so richly deserve."
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later today, you are invited to inside the milwaukee curling club. club members are hosting a two hour trial session today. it begins at 10:00 this morning and costs $25. the center is about 40 degrees. you are encouraged to wear a light coat or sweater and light weight hiking or tennis shoes. also this morning, browse an urban garage sale at the mitchell park domes annex. more than 60 local vendors will be selling vintage goods, artwork, and clothing. admission is $5. and for one-night only, you can check out the found footage festival. it showcases odd and comedic videos found at garage sales and thrift stores around the country. there are rare clips from david letterman and a preview of a ufo documentary by a wisconsin filmmaker. the festival starts at 7:00 tonight at the back room of colectivo on prospect. looking ahead to tomorrow, the b-mo harris bank's annual steiff animal holiday display opens monday and runs through january 3. this has been a holiday tradition in milwaukee for more
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this year's theme is an up north holiday. kara kaiser: you'll see our live size animals. they are in custom costume designs. you'll see them ice skating, playing ice hockey, and you might even see some good guys and bad guys playing with our traditional wisconsin sporting. our favorite sporting teams. andy: pretty cute. for free at the building on water street in downtown milwaukee. whether you are going to the bank were going outside, not too bad, weather-wise. sally: beautiful. did you have a chance to get outdoors yesterday? andy: i did. sally: it was beautiful. sunshine, temperatures close to 50. still, close to 50. i think we get lots of really good hours and before the clouds fill in this afternoon. in racine, just a little light
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a south breeze. but you look at the milwaukee institute of art and design third ward, where temperatures are 36 southwest breeze. visibility pretty good at these locations. i did drive in some thought this morning. take it easy, we have variable patchy fog in place early this morning. my concern is inland, where it's foggy and temperatures are cooler. we can certainly look at slick spot, especially bridges and overpasses. visibility zero in and parts of washington county, where visibility as low as well. .3 miles west bend, .5 miles of burlington. we take a look at the temperatures in just a moment. you can see the cloud deck will begin to fill in. those clouds are marching across iowa and they will average into western illinois and southwest wisconsin gradually for today. early this morning, some patchy
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of sunshine this morning before the clouds began to fill in. low-pressure drawing lots of moisture out of the gulf of mexico. it's a wet one for us. this is near the texas panhandle and will move to the north and east. 28 and west bend and rubber, visibility and west bend is about .3 miles. this could be some freezing fog early this morning, so heads up for early today, especially where the temperatures are near freezing. looks like a pretty good rainmaker to me late tonight and often on during the day tomorrow. half-inch of rain across southern wisconsin, almost everybody will get better than .25 inches. initially when the rain begins to approach. the noon, i anticipate a very pretty morning with south wind. the wind will become stronger mid-to-late morning and into the afternoon. by about 6:00, a couple spotty
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of rain across iowa and minnesota has our way for the overnight. this is tonight at 11:00. we did very well get a rumble of thunder overnight tonight. by 7:00, the first slug of moisture has moved off and we are left with spotty showers. much of monday will be mostly cloudy with body letter showers. round two shades up for monday night at 9:00. another round of rain monday night and early tuesday before the forecastpe today, a little bit of everything. early this morning, patchy fog and some sunshine before showers role in later tonight. 50 degrees in south breezes. 43 tonight, after rain, we moved to monday and we are still talking about a rainy day monday, especially early in the morning and again monday night and very early tuesday, coming sunday on tuesday with highs around 50. we could see a light mix on thursday, not a big storm of.
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thursday, friday, into saturday. andy: still pretty mild. thank you. wisn 12 news time is 5:21. a cranberry wedding cake. the reason a couple picked the thanksgiving themed desert for their big day. and later, renting at trump tower. what it will cost to have the secret service move into the building. but first, here's a look at last night's lottery numbers.
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andy: morning, divorce rates in the u.s. are at a 35-year low. this is according to the national center for family and marriage research at bowling green state university in ohio. researchers think this drop is due to an aging population, changing gender roles, and the fact that not many people are getting married. marriage rates have remained stable, with about 32 marriages for every 1000 unmarried woman over age 15. utah has the highest marriage
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speaking of love, a pair of newlyweds in georgia find their happily ever after at the end of the check out line. charles larry and mary tinson got married on thanksgiving inside this grocery store in albany, georgia. they ran into each other there four years ago when he was back from a tour in afghanistan. the couple had met a few times before, but didn't start dating until that fateful meeting. >> on thanksgiving day, he said what he wanted to do is to give thanks to the lord for the old going out and the new coming in. andy: . -- that is a smooth line. their wedding cake was even topped with cranberries, the item he was searching for when the couple met. note to self, don't forget the cranberries. wisn 12 news time is 5:25. protestors at the dakota access pipeline are standing their ground. next on wisn 12 news this morning, the new government
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and here's a live look outside as we head to break. stay with us. you're watching wisn 12 news. >d connect with the wisn 12 news team.
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>> now on wisn 12 news. andy: good morning, and welcome back to 12 news. i'm andy choi. 5:29 on this sunday, november 27. lets check in with meteorologist sally severson in the wehe a holiday weekend came and went. sally: it sure did. a real heads up this morning, potentially slippery spots this morning. patchy fog filling of across the area. in addition to the fact that temperatures are near freezing, bridge decks, ramps, and overpasses could be slippery for early morning sunday drivers. it will be much better by 8:00 or 9:00. 28 and west bend, 32 it
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sheboygan and also for west bend. this is where you could be looking at slippery spots for this morning. low beams and slow speeds and take it easy. clear skies overnight and we look at sunshine once the fog improves and we look at temperatures were today that reach to write around 50 degrees before clouds began to fill in this afternoon. andy: sally, thank you. you can track the forecast on-the-go this weekend with our free app. we'll also send any severe weather alerts right to your cell phone. out of new orleans this morning. 10 people are shot and one man is dead after a shooting along crowded bourbon street overnight. details are limited at this time, but abc news reports two people are in custody related to the incident. we will continue to provide any updates about the shooting throughout the morning. new information in the effort to recount presidential election ballots in wisconsin. the wisconsin elections commission is holding a special meeting for monday, on how to
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green party candidate jill stein filed the recount request in wisconsin friday. yesterday former democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton's campaign joined the effort, even though they say they have no evidence that the original vote count was faulty. meanwhile, president-elect donald trump is condemning the recount effort. in a statement from his transition team, trump calls the recount a scam, and says the election is over. as for the other states with narrow election night margins, the deadline to file for a recount in pennsylvania is tomorrow. michigan's deadlis by federal law, final vote totals must be in by december 13. an online petition to do away with the electoral college now has more than 4 million signatures. this morning on "upfront," mike gousha looks at the argument for changing the electoral college. mike: many democrats are talking about getting rid of the electoral college after hillary clinton won the popular vote, but lost the election on november 8. is it realstic to get rid of it,
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a state like wisconsin? i'll ask a former democratic elector this morning on "upfront". then, the court ruling that could shake up wisconsin politics. our political analyst on what happens next in the case. plus, with donald trump saying the u.s. will pull out of the tpp trade agreement, we'll look at the impact of trade in wisconsin. what it means for producers and consumers. it's all coming up this morning at 9:00, right here on "upfront." andy: after "upfront," stay tuned at 9:30 for "this week that's followed by "matter of fact" with soledad o'brien at 10:30. right now, president-elect donald trump is spending the holiday weekend choosing his administration. tomorrow, he will meet with milwaukee county sheriff david clarke in new york. that's according to a republican national committee official. clarke was extremely outspoken about supporting trump during the campaign. he has made no public comment on the meeting. the secret service may become the newest tenant in trump tower. a law enforcement official tells cnn the agency is considering
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that would allow a 24-7 command post to be set up. trump is living there until he moves into the white house. his wife melania and their 10-year-old son will stay after the inauguration. the going rate for the space is $1.5 million a year. if the plan happens, that would mean taxpayers would be paying for trump tower's security. right now, there's a number of nypd cops protecting trump tower. that costs the city about $1 million a day. anyone looking for trump tower overnight may have been caht someone renamed it "dump tower" on google maps. it's unclear who made the change. still no comment from google or trump this morning. this morning, cuba is observing nine days of national mourning after the death of fidel castro. last night, cuban-americans took to the streets of miami to celebrate the former dictator's death. robert lowe from our sister station in orlando reports on the change many hope his death
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robert: for more than half a century, fidel castro ruled over cuba. details of the dictator's death, sparking a new meaning of life for many cuban-americans in the orlando area. >> it's a very special day because fidel castro destroyed their lives. robert: only 2-years-old at the time, oneida moussawel and her parents fled from cuba in the 1960's. arriving in miami, the family boughi >> [speaking spanish] it means open when fidel dies. robert: more than 50 years after the purchase, pure shock as she prepares to pop the cork. >> they kept it year after year and that day never came for them. so, they passed it onto me. robert: the celebration began early with a jubilant crowd cheering with signs. >> we're just coming together to finally realize that he's gone. robert: former florida senator mel martinez, who fled to america at 15-years-old, says
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>> the nightmare of him is over. it's also equally a joy for the hope for the future. the hope for the future of the cuban people is going to be better than what the past has been under his tyrannical rule. robert: optimistic that the conclusion of the communist regime in cuba is closer than ever. >> i'm not celebrating the death of fidel, i'm celebrating a new beginning. in a statement, president obama says that in the coming days, cubans will quote "recall the the past and also look to the future. as they do, the cuban people must know that they have a friend and partner" in america. castro will be buried in santiago next sunday. wisn 12 news time is 5:35. it's the final weekend of wisconsin's gun deer season. the nine-day hunt ends today at sundown. hunters are reminded that they can register their deer online. gun deer season may be almost over, but ski season is just
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up north in marathon county, hundreds of skiiers and snow boarders hit the slopes at granite peak. the ski resort officially opened four runs to the public yesterday. the slopes are also open at little switzerland in slinger. the hill has been making its own snow for about a week now, enough to be open for business. there hasn't been enough snow to stick so far. dozens of homes in west allis are decked out for the holidays. "candy cane lane" is open through december 26. you can visit from 5:00 unti visitors are encouraged to donate to the macc fund. the neighborhood lights up with holiday decorations every year. you can check it out from montana avenue to oklahoma avenue, and 96th street to 92nd street. and don't forget to stop by the milwaukee holiday lights festival. you can check out decorations at cathedral square park, pere marquette park, and zeidler union square. wisn 12 is a proud sponsor. the displays will be up through
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wisn 12 news time is 5:36. one person is waking up a multi-millionaire. none of us in this building. we'll have the winning powerball numbers, next. and, a travelers worst nightmare. how amtrak is trying to ease highway congestion on one of the busiest travel days of the year. plus, sally severson is in the weather center. good morning. sally: good morning, andy. closing the holiday weekend on a mild know. i will show you when you trade
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s belt. man oh man. mom, we have a situation.
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>> leading the way with important local coverage, you're watching wisn 12 news this morning, with andy choi and weather watch 12 meteorologist jeremy nelson.
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fog on the sunday morning, clear skies in light wind overnight helping to contribute to some patchy fog. visibility now one half mile at the airport, .3 miles and west bend in sheboygan. my concern this morning is the potential for slow spots on bridge decks, ramps, and overpasses. it could very well deposit kind of glaze on the roadways. at the airport, 33 and dew point temperature in a 30 degrees. wind is light and southeast. for this afternoon, but between now and 8:00, slick spot their possible with fog and freezing temperatures. later, we sandwich in sunshine. south breezes 10 to 20, 50 degrees and then we time those clouds coming in late this afternoon and increasing rain chances for tonight. andy: sounds great, sally. thank you. millions of americans are expected to travel at some point today. according to aaa, most people are hitting the road, but airports are expected to be busy as well.
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additional hiawatha trains are running at night this weekend. that's the route between milwaukee and chicago. heads up if you plan to fly out of chicago in the next week. workers at o'hare airport are planning to walk off the job on tuesday. some 500 baggage handlers, cabin cleaners, janitors and wheelchair attendants have said they will go on strike. they're pushing for a $15 hourly wage and union rights. oil pipeline protestors in north dakota are vowing not to leave their encampment anytime soon. the federal government cannot legally remove them. the army corps of engineers says it will close the land where hundreds have been protesting, on december 5. it's looking like wells fargo is playing hardball in a class action lawsuit from customers over a fake account scandal. the bank asked the u.s. district court in utah to force dozens of the customers to resolve their claims quietly in closed-door
5:43 am
bank officials argue customers signed an agreement. wells fargo is being sued for opening as many as two million unauthorized accounts. we've gotten through thanksgiving thursday, black friday, and now small business saturday. all that's left -- cyber monday. most retailers -- like walmart, target, kohls, and amazon -- are all offering online deals tomorrow. experts have some advice if you plan to buy on-line tomorrow. make sure you are shopping from a secure computer. make sure you are using a trusted retailer site. and don't fall for too be true deals. a month of free rides on milwaukee county buses is up for grabs in the transit system's golden m-card giveaway. between now and tuesday, you can enter to win one of five cards, pre-loaded with a 31-day pass -- good for unlimited rides. mcts is offering the promotion to celebrate a milestone, 25 million rides since the launch of the m-cards two years ago. new this morning -- the powerball numbers are in, and we have a winner. saturday's jackpot soared to a
5:44 am
lot of last minute ticket buying. just one ticket matched all six powerball numbers in last night's drawing. the ticket was sold in tennessee. the winning numbers were 17-19-21-37-44, and powerball 16. wouldn't that have been nice to win that for thanksgiving? tony: it sure would. but you may want a smaller prize, so check your tickets. i don't think i've got that either. andy: not with a look at been having. sally: we had nice weather. it was mild, it felt like a spring day. we haven't had a lot of terribly cold air. you can smell the earth. things get colder this week, but we get one more quick one in this afternoon. early this morning, heads up, i'm concerned about patchy fog
5:45 am
temperatures below freezing, 30 in brookfield, elm grove near freezing a green field. 36 degrees coming at sherwood. 29 in glendale. elsewhere, temperature showing up 30 in waukesha, 27 westbound, luxury what's happening with visibility. west bend reporting .3 miles, his zero in sheboygan. we have variable visibility this morning with patchy fog. my concern is the fact that the temperatures are quite low. we may very well deposit a little glaze, especially on bridges for this morning. just a heads up for the potential for slippery spots this morning. you can see the clouds are nosing across iowa. those will fill in for us this afternoon. as low pressure continues to modify and get organized over the nation's west and southwest, all of this will lift into wisconsin has kind of a rainmaker for us, especially for tonight and for monday night. as for as rain is concerned, i
5:46 am
we can to a quarter inch, half-inch. between tonight and tomorrow night, some places get the best part about an inch of rain. this is this morning at 7:00. the patchy fog will begin to improve once the sun rises. we start to mix up the atmosphere with a little bit of self window. i do think we get lots of dry hours for today. plenty in the way of sunshine, especially once the fog improves this morning. by about 6:00, you can see where mostly cloudy. to our south. the study rain six are tonight. the action filled in tonight at 11:00. we could very well get moderate to heavy rainfall overnight. maybe even a rumble or two of thunder associated with this. the rain the steadiest overnight, by tomorrow at seven :00, we are mostly cloudy and
5:47 am
i still think for the day side hours tomorrow, we get a couple of stray showers going at noon. once we move into monday evening and monday night, we get another round of rain that comes through. this is not :00 monday night. you can see steady light rain and place worse us monday night and earlier tuesday. before we settle in with a nice day on tuesday with temperatures reaching right around 50. no complaints about temperatures in the next couple of days. today it's a little of everything. we start with some patchy fog sandwiching several hours of sunshine, self breezes and high near 50. showers after 6:00, the best chances for rain overnight tonight. and then again monday night. tuesday brings a sunny and breezy conditions, mid 40's on wednesday and a light next. not a big storm for thursday. it could get a chilly mix going and temperatures of fall back to around 40 towards the end of the week. andy: this time of year, things
5:48 am
thousands of people lined the streets for the grafton christmas parade yesterday. about 150 groups walked the route. including us at wisn 12 news. adrienne pederson and meteorologist lindsey slater braved the chill, joined the fun and handed out candy. wisn 12 news time is 5:48. making a list, checking it twice. coming up, you can cut your shopping trip time in half. we've got some of the hottest new toys to look out for this year. first, here's a look at what's coming up next on "good morning america." >> coming up castro is controversial and death as he was in life as cuba begins morning. while castro's -- why his passing is a tension between senior republicans and president obama. le guin's campaign throwing its weight behind jill stein. team clinton will now participate in a recount initiated by stein in the state of wisconsin, which helps cost clinton the election. how donald trump is responding this morning. and a massive manhunt for two
5:49 am
the manner described as dangerous. how did they get away? we have an exclusive look at the cell for which they escaped. it's coming up on "gma," on a busy sunday. >> got some extra time in the checkout line? download the free wisn 12 mobile app, for important local coverage you don't have to wait for.
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first it was gift certificates. then gift cards... now, it's wisconsin lottery's $15 holiday scratch game, unwrap the cash. ironically elf-themed, this festively-fun gift put a bunch of us into early retirement. old-school gifts can't compete!
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eener pastures! see you on the green! okay!
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andy: welcome back to wisn 12 news this morning. you're taking a live look outside. 5:52, a little fog to start date. just a few minutes. new on wisn 12, a little boy in florida is melting hearts for a special thanksgiving phone call. 5-year-old billy dialed 911 before dinner on thursday -- but it wasn't to report a crime or emergency. instead, he invited deputies to eat a thanksgiving meal with his family. when the officers did show up, they thanked billy for the invite, but reminded him to only call the number for emergencies.
5:53 am
he was bawling his eyes out. the cops had to calm him down. so did i. and he explained to him that they were very proud of him. that they like it because they weren't able to be at home with their family and to know someone that young was still thinking about them it made a really good touch on them. andy: deputies snapped these pictures, then shared the moment on their facebook page. the post going viral with more than 3000 likes. wisn 12 news time is 5:53. this morning, we're talking about some of the hottest holiday toys. wisn 12 news' melinda davenport gives us a look at what's flying off store shelves this season. toy? mesai: ninja turtles. melinda: antoine hicks' son mesai has already made out his list to santa. both of his boys are very clear about what they are hoping for under the tree. >> my kids are pretty vocal and they kind of know -- they definitely know what they want. melinda: the national retail federation says, nearly six in 10 americans -- or 137 million people -- will shop this extended holiday weekend. experts say this is super bowl
5:54 am
>> toy manufacturers do a lot of focus groups with kids. they bring out their top three or four toys for that season. they have moms and kids come in and see what their reactions are, and they use that data to figure out, okay what the kids really respond to. melinda: the top toys are already lining the store shelves, and experts say, what's old, is new again. >> we had smurfs come back a few years ago, ninja turtles are >> my 5-year-old is all into transformers. >> trolls are not new, i remember trolls when i was a kid. but trolls are back. >> oh, yeah. i remember having this in middle school, maybe? melinda: so what's old is new again? >> yeah. melinda: the hottest new toy craze to hit the market? the virtual reality headset you can add to your smartphone, for the teens. and furby's are back in action this season. retailers say get ready for hatchimals -- a stuffed animal that the owner needs to nurture
5:55 am
>> we get the hatchimals in, we'll get as much as 36 to 60, but then, they are gone. melinda wow. : >> you're starting to see them on online auction sites like ebay for two, three four times the price you'd normally pay at a retail store. melinda: why do we feel we must get these toys? brian spade specializes in behavioral marketing at marquette and says our digital world drives it. >> digital marketing, social media especially, has kind of amplified all of this. we now zero in on what the hot toys are even faster than we have in the past. melinda: he adds that social media has created something called fomo, or fear of missing out. >> there's a lot of products that people get very excited about, and they are worried that they aren't going to get it for their kids. so you have a lot of people motivated by that. >> i think i'm a pretty smart shopper. and i don't wait until the last minute.
5:56 am
wishes come true. in wauwatosa, melinda davenport, wisn 12 news. andy: if you watch "ellen," you know she's in the middle of her 12 days of giveaways. wisn 12 viewers will have a chance to win all of the "12 days" prizes, that's right, all of them. go to and scroll to the bottom to register. be sure to watch monday for an all new show, to see what you could win. speaking of gifts, you got all your shopping don sally: every bit of it. andy: i'm a last-minute guy. sally: i stayed away from the store except to big up candy. today, maybe sandwich in a little time outdoors. early this morning, heads up for slick spots. patchy fog showing up in addition to temperatures that are freezing or below. you could see some of those bridge decks get slippery for this morning. otherwise, much better by 9:00.
5:57 am
at the airport. visibility lower at sheboygan and west bend. a mile at the airport. a little later, talking sunshine. highs near 50, steady rain over tonight and rain tomorrow. a rainy day monday. andy: where you're going, stay patient. it's not the time to hurry. sally: busiest travel is noon to 6:00. andy: be patient, stay safe.
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
good morning, america. new this morning cuba's future. what's ahead for the country following fidel castro's death? the nation in mourning. the celebrations here and the political fallout. president obama criticized for the backlash this morning and the warnings. >> raul is as repressive. >> breaking overnight, the burr ban street shooting. shots fired on the most famous street in new orleans. ten people hit. at least one killed. >> looking for witnesses. we are interviewing those victims. >> the arrests this morning. >> recount, hillary clinton's campaign joining in. green party candidate jill stein


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