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tv   World News Now  ABC  November 28, 2016 2:30am-4:00am CST

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rigged saying that millions of votes in the election were phony. green party candidate jill stein raising and hear why trump is calling it a scam. partiers on bourbon street panic as gunshots ring out. the man hunt for the shooter under way. and retailers bracing for a blow out on this cyber monday. >> huge black friday deals online started spending nearly $3 billion this weekend.
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some of the best bargains. >> and the winners of the soul train awards, legendary r & b group that brought the house down. it's monday november 28th. >> you're looking up drew hill songs, it's fracact that drew h is old school is what i'm thinking about. technically it's old school because you don't remember the song this would have been your party climax. >> for my right on outfit.
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the recount. >> trump returning to new york after spending thanksgiving break in florida and much of sunday slamming the recount efforts and clinton camp claiming voter f from winning the popular vote. >> president-elect who won in the electoral college but trailed hillary clinton by nearly 2 million in the popular vote sending this stunning tweet. i won the popular vote if you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally. a baseless claim and trump providing no proof. it comes as he is against the rust belt recount.
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hillary clinton's campaign joining the effort that could expand to four states. clinton lost by just over $ 100,000 votes. >> we know it's a rigged system. registered to vote. >> now the clinton campaign urging us to do something, anything to ensure the process proceeds in a manner fair to all sides. but they concede their own investigators have not uncovered any actionable evidence of hacking or outside attempts to alter the voting technology. trump says clinton should stand by her own words.
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donald trump is going to be our president. >> he calls the green party effort a scam to fill up their coffers adding time and money will be spent, sad. trump's top aids are promising to take a hard look at how the recent thaw in u.s. relations where cuba. trump responding to castro's death with a statement saying he
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contr -- many. massive crowds are expected to gather to pay homage to the late leaders passing. >> had. castro took pourer in 1959 and soon jailed more than a million
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miami dade commissioner was just eight when she was taken from her parents who were held as political prisoners. >> it was very hard and i was very small. >> open only when fidel dies. >> others are hopeful that change will come, albeit slowly. >> raul castro has things in place. the repregnancy continues. the lack of freedom continues. and so, no, it won't be an overnight thing at all. >> abc news new york. >> and you know the gonzalez game a symbol of the bitter relationship between u.s.
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friend who helped the now ba. for the child's return to >> fidel began to be that father like all who start off as fathers but the difficult thing is for a father to become a friend. >> gonzalez turns 23 on saturday and is a member of cuba's ruling communist party and a supporter castro to power. another controversial leader honoring castro, north korea kim jong-un is calling for three days of mourning at his nation. he released a statement calling castro a comarade and close friend. >> a wild scene over the weekend.
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one man killed and nine others injured in the famed french quarter on sunday morning. none of the the people shot were believed to be the intended targets. two suspected got into an argument and started firing. >> we have some idea who these guys were. they were not from new orleans but we will go to the ends of the earth to bring them to justice. it's a series of circumstances that the people of united states of america get too comfortable with. >> five of the victims have been released from the hospital and the remaining victories expecting to recover. there will be strong wind and heavy rain from great lakes and new england down to the gulf kuft, will be snow in the to the dakotas and more rain in the pacific north west. high temperatures in new york city and minneapolis, will be 52, the same. chicago and detroit will top off at 49.
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yes. mercury will reach the upper 70s along the gulf coast and los angeles looking wonderful at 63. 45 in albuquerque. now to some football. and the broncos and chiefs taking it to the limit last night in denver. while things are looking good for the host, when receiver ben fowler help put his team up by eight thanks to that 76-yard pass. late in the fourth. >> he's got some legs. but kansas city tied it up with a short touchdown pass with a two-point conversion there. the team traded field goals in overtime and then as the expired kansas city kicker pounced. >> no the time was expiring, off the clock. >> bounced the ball upright through giving the chiefs a
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>> yes don't you hate when we run out of time. >> yes. >> they also played football in canada the red blacks took on the calgary stampeders. >> yes, so calgary was the heavy favorite but they needed a late comeback to force the game into overtime. ottawa scored a touchdown and played enough defense to hang on for the win. ground as players chased a fumble. oh, no. get out of the way. ooh. get out the way. he was okay. >> good. >> that's good to hear. >> and they celebrated fine. and now there's going to be a massive demonstration and celebration. >> not protest. >> well, party. >> this is canada's gray cup. >> yes they're be happy about it. yes. >> let's be happy.
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when coughing keeps your family awake. breathe easier with vicks vaporub. soothing cough relief that starts working instantly. cyber monday already breaking records. >> already. before cyber monday even got started bargain hunters spent
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deep discounts that are out there. >> cyber monday mavens hoping to avoid this. nike store in shamables after black friday. target taking 15% off everything on top of its sales. amazon offering deep discounts on electronics and this smart tv already sold out. it's not even cyber monday. >> i have coupons from amazon, shop from there. >> 43% say they will shop from smart phone. for best results clear your browser history and many will send you discounts to sweeten the deal. >> if you use your phone to shop avoid public wifi, could be vulnerable to hackers. >> when we come back the act
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soul train awards. and the tv interview that brought lady gaga to tears. the skinny next. ht down the hou soul train awards. and the tv interview that brought lady gaga to tears.
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? skinny, so skinny.
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time now for the skinny, starting with the winner of the soul train awards. >> you got to do soul train. >> i think you sounded great. just like beyonce. >> beyonce four awards including video and best r & b soul singer. neither artist was there to accept their awards. t the group that was there bringing down the house, the mega reunion of drew hill performing a medley of their greatest hits. ? my friends keep telling me about things going on ? going on ? sing ? ? >> how do you not remember this song? >> i don't remember this song. >> geez. >> i think i woke up once cisco
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drew hill officially releasing first single in six years, change, focusing on police brutality and how we all need to come together to change the world. kind of exciting to see cisco back. >> more thong, thong, thong. >> i didn't want to go there but yeah. it's a word. it's a thing. anyway. >> next lady gaga getting emotional. winner talking about everything from her break up to draw backs of fame. >> she broke down into tears when discussing the harolds of celebrities. >> i miss -- i miss people. sorry. >> here you go. >> i miss people. >> just having normal conversations with people?
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and meeting a random person and saying hi and having a conversation about life. i love people. >> it's kind of tough to have those conversations when you're wearing a meat dress, i guess. >> i mean she's really backed away from the meat dress since this year and more recently since the break up i think she's wanting to be known more as stephanie. >> despite that gaga says regardless of all the awards and fame in the world there's nothing to make your family proud of you. >> it's nice to see her telling her story. up next, getting to know the droid that goes rogue in rogue one. >> lucas film our parent company of disney has released a new trailer of the upcoming stand loan lafell film getting to know k-2so. >> they're converging on our present location.
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>> the force is strong. >> tell me you have a back up plan. >> rogue 1, a star wars story hits theers friday december 16th. >> what better way to wrap up the skinny than tom hanks talking about his rear end. >> yeah it happened where else but during a live television show in britain where he said he stilt can't get over his butt looked 22 years ago in forest gump. >> he said he had been working out quite a bit and said his but okays were firm as ten hens. >> hank said his wife still reacts in the scene when forest
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ah. ?nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea!? ? it's the end of an era for cuba with the death of former president fi >> but the winds of change have been blowing across the island nation for a number of years now as it opens its doors to more and more visitors these days, including ron claiborne. >> it began with last year's restoration of diplomatic relations between cuba and the united states and the u.s. havana embassy opened in cuba. >> the progress today is yet another demonstration we don't have to be imprisoned by the past, something isn't working we can and will change.
2:56 am
cruise chip to alive in cuba and first commercial flight arriving since 1962. americans now flooding the hotels with record bookings. on my trip in may i ran into several american tourists. >> now the americans are here, the tourism is here. >> an influx of visitors bringing much-needed income to the tourist industry, big difference from 20 years ago. i first came to cuba 19 years ago and at that time this area, old havana was in disrepair and two years later came back and it was being restored and now 19 years later old havana has been pretty much restored to its centuries-old spender. >> president obama was the first
2:57 am
major league baseball holding a preseason game there last march, first time since 1999. that same month rock legends the rolling stones strutting in front of a huge crowd m who had to listen behind closed doors. >> he's brilliant. historical zblx a lot of change for one year for a country once frozen in time for half century and mostly forgotten by american travellers until now. >> so for now you can still travel but there are still somewhat of a restriction why you are going and it could all change with president-elect trump if he decides to over turn that. >> i do think it helps his policy now that fidel castro has passed away. if you get a chance to go, do, it's a beautiful country. i was there four years ago, great cigars, this music,
2:58 am
this is a live picture of havana right now, 65 degrees and
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good morning to you here are some of the top stories right now. president-elect fires up angry tw in three battle ground states, donald trump again raising allegations of voter fraud straight ahead. >> a man hunt under way in french quarter in new orleans one guyed nine others buy standers injured not the
3:01 am
missing for three weeks she was found thanksgiving morning chained and heavily battered. >> and in the nfl the league saved sunday for last. kansas city goes to mile high and gives denver the boot and chiefs squeeze out the overtime win. those are some of the top stories on this november 28th, 2016. 28, 2016. >> from abc news this is "world news now." >> good monday morning everyone. >> good monday morning just when you thought the elections were all over we're still talking about it. >> especially donald t went online hand quite an outburst set off by a push to recount votes in key states. >> a lot of people think he's justified going off on twitter especially kelly conway former campaign advisor and she's saying some people are sore losers.
3:02 am
he continues to fill his cabinet. he is making claims that millions of people had voted illegally without having any evidence to support his claims which kept him from winning the popular vote, he says. we have the latest. >> reporter: donald trump and his staff blasting a vote recount in wisconsin. >> it's a total waste of everybody's time. >> green party candidate jill stein week. >> and hillary clinton's team joining the fray. those announcements triggering seven tweets in 70 minutes, nearly all aimed at clinton. general council says clinton staffers intend to to ensure fair zblns it's a legal right. not a big deal. i don't think anybody thinks there's going to be profound changes.
3:03 am
elections integrity d. >> it's a rigged election, believe me. >> and now accusing stein to use the recount as a fundraisers. >> this is a fundraising n noteriety driven froaud 30,000 votes. >> just calm down if you think you won the recount will show th >> senior advisor taking aim at mitt romney who was up for secretary of state. >> he went out of the way to hurt donald trump. he gave two speeches on this calendar year and they were both about donald trump. >> romney was trump's harshest critics and some feeling betrayed he could be in the new administration. >> this is trump's party, and he
3:04 am
>> there's an important vote coming thup week in congress, wednesday house democrats decide whether to keep california nancy pelosi as minority leader she's facing a challenge from ohio's tim ryan, he says the party needs a new messenger after failing control of the chamber and losing the white push $6.38 billion policy for new research and would send funding to the fda and national institution for health to approve new drugs and medical advices. now to the death of former dictator fidel castro. his passing at the age of 90 sparked scenes of celebration in little havana.
3:05 am
pain leaving cuba after castro's rise to power. they closed the streets over the weekend a mid the celebrations. cuba it sell has been seen as a somber place ever since castro's about death, there's been a nine day period of official mourning under way. castro's ashes are going to be on display today in havana's revolution plaza and massive crowds are expecting, live music and alcohol sales are banned for the duration of the morning period. first flights from the u.s. to havana are scheduled to land today. initiated by obama and relations with cuba. >> a sunday afternoon of dominoes on the porsche in havana. bars and nightclubs closed until
3:06 am
which we know is part of the culture. >> tourism up 12% first half of this year. monday american airlines flies in and delta and flights to 100. >> fidel's death unlikely to cool the freezing relationship but could come from the north if donald trump follows through on his wa one-sided cuban deal made by executive order if we do not get the deal we want and the deal that people living in cuba and here deserve. >> this havana family watching special programming and cuban tv say they are unalert because of trump's hard-line status. abc news havana. >> as cubans twiet see how
3:07 am
diplomatic ties we learn he is in regular contact with president obama. trump and the president have been speaking regularly on a number of issues. declined to give further information on the content of the calls but last spoke saturday for about 45 minutes. one subject which may not have come up was the unexpected renaming of trump tower. someone trolling google maps managed to change the name of president-elect's home to dump tower. you can only see it when you are just zoomed in at the right angle. a search is under way for two inmate who's escaped from the santa clara county jail. $20,000 reward being offered officials hope will provide leads. >> two fugitives described as
3:08 am
daring jailbreak in san jose, california. abc news getting an exclusive look inside their cell. >> these are pretty tough and strong. that's why i'm so surprised they were able to cut through it. >> these are the bars left behind by chavez and campbell. group of four inmate who's or orchestrated a get away, repelled down two stories by tieing together sheets left dangling. >> you can see where the bars are missing and they cut one of the horizontal supports and pushed the window out zblt other two prisoners quickly captured by deputies patrolling the area but chavez and campbell have evade the massive short for three days. the window now bored up, empty,
3:09 am
other 16 stayed behind. >> if there were 20 people cutting the bars you know other people had to know. >> but investigators say no one is talking, offering no details only the escape plan. abc news new york. turning now to weather and i rare november tornado touching down near red cloud, nebraska. yesterday the twister was 41 years to have formed in that state. after touching down north of that town. skiers and snow boarders took advantage of several inches of fresh powder in the southern california mountains in resorts like bear mountain and that morning they can return to work in los angeles in short sleeves. that's why we love california. >> yes. we someone in tennessee has a power ball lottery ticket
3:10 am
dollars. ho holler. sold in lafayette. no one has stepped forward to claim the prize, it's the second largest for tennessee lottery, the biggest sold in january. let's give respect to a young man in texas who used his own celebration to do good for so many others. >> his name is drew fank, he has a passion for sneakers he celebrated his barmitzfah and turned it into a fundraiser. >> brought in nearly $25,000 in donations and gave it to a charity sch purchased z 800 pairs of sneakers for elementary school children in need. >> my friends are very supportive and they all came and helped me out. >> i got donations to pay for all these. >> the smiles were amazing when i gave it to them. >> the money was also used to
3:11 am
socks. he happens to love the shoes himself. he had sneaker center pieces, huge nike ice cultures and an edible high top cake. coming of age and being a generous young man. very cool. >> i hope he got some big kicks for his barmitzfah. >> i'm sure he's not wanting. yes. coming up bargain hunters already breaking records on this cyber monday. it's a blow out for but also a boone for fraudsters, what you need to know before you drag and click on those cyber door busters. >> and reliving the golden girls through a puppet show. we'll take it. we'll meet the man behind the magic. first take a look today's temperatures. >> announcer: world news now
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you'd think they were paying people to take these towels as a wall mark in bane bridge, one woman even took a dive into the box seeking a bargain. >> what is going on. >> overall traffic was up over the holiday weekend we're told. but the average shopper spent a little bit just under $300. >> i just don't understand. i've never done black friday shopping. i've reported on it. but not jumping into stuff. >> i can't get into it no. >> millions shopping in stores and millions will follow today on cyber monday. >> and while many bargain hunters drag and click on their way to deep discounts, deep in
3:16 am
fraudsters lurking. >> with so many customers online spending billions of dollars only natural conartists are there as well. 1100 malicious websites online were found. one in ten mobile apps proved unsafe for use. these crooks take your money now and keep >> identity theft is the biggest property crime in the united states. high tech, low tech, no tech. >> you shouldn't open a link in a e-mail instead type it into the address bar yourself. if the website doesn't look professional it's probably a fake and you shouldn't continue shopping. they also ask for unique user names to make its less easy to
3:17 am
>> just monitor your bank account. don't shop on public wifi. shop at home. and use two-step authentic indication. the site will then send a code before you finish logging on. >> it's so eetzy to steal an identity and so difficult to fix it. >> really good advice. >> y coming up the end of an era in cuba and the passing of fidel castro. we will look at ground breaking journalists barbara
3:18 am
3:19 am
i was born in latin america
3:20 am
>> yes. it's a city untouched by time. >> during the fidel castro regime 39 years ago, abc's basha walters travelled to cuba to interview fidel castro and re are fascinating clips.ollowed >> translator: we do not have your same conceptions. our concept of freedom of the press is not yours and i say this very honestly. i have nothing to hide. if you ask us if a paper could appear here against socialism, i could say honestly, no, it cannot appear. it would not be allowed by the government or the people. >> why? >> in that sense we don't have the freedom of the press that you possess in the u.s. >> do you think politically that
3:21 am
with cuba as long as fidel castro is in power? >> if i were the obstacle i would be willing to give up not only my positions and my possibilities but even my life. what i would never do is to negotiate the revolution. the revolution is not negotiate yabl. socialism is not negotiate. and sovrns and independence are not negotiable. >> i c four years americans put their entire power at risk every four years. >> i think four years is too short for any serious program that you want to under take. in eight years you can do a bit more in terms of government program. in 12 or 20 years can you do much more.
3:22 am
journalists. >> landmark interviews. we'll be back. one pill fights congestion for 12 hours. no thank you very much, she's gonna stick with the short-term stuff. 12 hours? guess i won't be seeing you for a while. is that a bisque? i just lost my appetite. why take medicines that only last 4 hours, lasts 12 hours? start the relief. ditch the misery.
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but just one mucinex lasts 12 hours. start the relief. ditch the misery. let's end this. >> yes. ? if you invited a party and invited everyone you knew, you would know the biggest gift was from me and the card attached end say thank you for being a >> god i love the theme from m.a.s.h. >> i could really sing better than that but you can't sing that song good. >> anyways it's the golden girls aired for seven seasons from 1985 to 1992 and have been ppet show. e fan with a live
3:26 am
golden girls, and now it's back, this time as an off-broadway puppet parody that golden girls show with four saucy ladies living out their golden girls together many miami. rose the sweet heart who loves her hometown. dorothy who always tells it like it is. sophia or ma. >> it's like a timeless series that's just gone through the last 30 years. >> this puppet show tells the story of the girls before they were the golden girls. >> i don't know i don't see this taking off. who would want to watch a tv show about four old woman living in miami, it will be alike a blip on the radar. >> you're so right i will give it eight weeks tops. >> seven seasons and
3:27 am
>> see that man over there staring at me. he's undressing me with his eyes. >> do you want to move to another table. >> not yet he's only half done. >> the puppets embodying the new answers of the characters. >> i'm the southern bell. the bell of the ball. she's a bit of a shut. >> as for their take on president-elect trump. they're sticking to character. >> wait, ronald reagan is president. >> 1985 is where they are now. >> politics aside, golden girls is about friendship. this is the original "sex in the city". >> thank you for being a friend. ? >> now they're teaming up with the city's chore us for the theme. ? you're a pal and a confidente ? >> one of my favorite songs used
3:28 am
3:29 am
3:30 am
this morning on "world news now," the world reacts to the death of fidel castro. >> the cuban dictator who stood defiantly to the u.s. for over half century will be raised to rest. others are in the streets celebrating the end of an era. >> the recount uproar votes is met with criticism from president-elect trump in a series of tweets authorities in northern california are on the hunt for two armed women believed to have kidnapped the woman dubbed super mom three weeks ago. hear what police are now saying about the 34-year-old mother's
3:31 am
alive. and extreme relaxation. thrill seekers looking for some rejuvenation. the video for the concept spa amusement park and now gone viral and turning this idea into a reality. it's monday, november 28th. from abc thus, this is "world news now." >> love the spa? you love the spa. >> i lov and rejuvenation. >> and being some place where you can get unlimited massages, unlimited facials. >> there are some offices that do that. this one does not. >> sign me up. >> wegs good morning to you on this meditational monday. >> is it really monday? >> it's monday. >> oh, my goodness. where does the time go? it was a holiday weekend. a lot of people are getting back on track.
3:32 am
diane macedo. the nosey streets of havana mostly silent because of a government ban on live music. >> the dissident group known as the ladies in white called off yesterday's march. the first time that's happened in more than a dozen year. >> in moscow, cuba for decades, russia has been paying tribute. >> all across havana, we noticed the flags at half sav. the cubans honoring their long time leader. on the streets of the capital, we see the famous vintage cars. but there is something missing here. the music, the cuban people mourning fidel castro.
3:33 am
proud of his '56 chevy. he tells us he's already been gone for a long time, that the future now depends on other relationships including that with the u.s. >> fidel castro riding into havana, coming into power at just 32 years old. he kept his grip on power here longer than any national leader, other than queen elizabeth. castro, born into a wealthy family. they had their own plantation, he loved baseball, he loved politics and he would love power. >> represent democracy and social justice. >> castro took power on new year's day 1959, promising democracy, but soon throwing opponents in jail. there were executions, silencing newspapers and taking over all u.s. businesses here, signing a pact with the soviet union. the u.s. would respond with
3:34 am
approving the invasion of exiles entering the bay of pigs. it failed, castro won. america would find itself on the bripg of nuclear war in 1962, discovering castro let the soviets put nuclear missiles in cuba. >> it shall be the policy of this nation to regard any nuclear missile launched from cuba against any nation in the western hemisphere as an attack by the soviet union on the united states. >> the soviets would remove the missiles, but america would >> the monte carlo of the americas. >> the nightclubs, the casinos so popular with american tourists were shuddered. decades lagz, 11 million people live here in cuba making just $20 a month. with some estimates, just 5% have internet access in their homes. but just this year, president obama, the first u.s. president to visit cuba since salary vin coolidge, those all cars in the
3:35 am
he would come here after restoring diplomatic relations. the president saying there are still significant differences around individual lib terties. but we met two 15 yooerls. they tell us they are happy the way they are. on the streets here, we notice something else. the american tourists. there are more of them here than there have been in decades. >> what do you hope now for the cuban people? >> i hope to see them have a more open and more happy and experience more and be able to travel outside of the cuba and see other people, see how other people live and enjoy life a little bit more, right? >> so you're all from texas? >> yes. >> whereabouts? >> houston. >> they're here to watch baseball, the americans again the cubans. they got in some baseball, but
3:36 am
canceled. they tell me they understand why. >> what are your hopes for the cuban people now? >> i hope we can continue to have a relationship with cuba because that's what the people tell us that they want. >> david muir, abc news. and david will have much more live from havana on "good morning america." we move now to the election recap. >> today officials in wisconsin are meeting to discuss a recount initiated by jill stein. this has clearly angered the president-elect. mr. trump tweeting he would have won the popular vote if millions of people haven't voted illegally. a claim that is so far unstas unstashated. he pointed to voter fraud in virginia, new hampshire and california and said he was appalled the clinton campaign would participate in the recount. >> it's a legal right. it's not a big deal.
3:37 am
clinton or anybody else thinks there's going to be profound changes. >> and the trump campaign is holding more meetings today. he's apparently still torn over the position of secretary of state. but his top advisers are making it clear that they don't want mitt romney to get the job over loyalists like rudy giuliani. kellyanne conway said trump supporters would be betrayed by a romney pick. >> whoever the next secretary of state is, he or she will have to deal with a changing u.s. relationship with cuba. the incoming president has made mention of overturning president obama's executive orders on cuba, but will president-elect trump follow through on his campaign promises now? more from abc's jonathan carl. >> donald trump treated fidel
3:38 am
fidel castro is dead, opinion tuitioning the fact with a exclamation point. hours later, he responded with a statement calling castro a brutal dictator, whose legacy is one of firing squads, theft, unimaginable suffering, poverty and unimaginable human rights. from president obama, condoll enss to castro's family. the president made no dir abusing human rights instead saying, quote, history will record and judge the enormous impact of this singular figure on the people and the world around him. the difference is not surprising. after all, it was obama who reopened ties with cuba and trump who said he might undo that move. >> we will cancel obama's one-sided cuban deal. >> but trump's latest statement made no such threat.
3:39 am
reverse president obama's cuba policy with the stroke of a pen immediately after taking office. it seems more likely, however, that he will pressure the cuban government for concessions on human rights, political prisoners using the threat of withdrawing the obama poolz as lev raemg. meanwhile, president-elect trump and president obama have been speaking regularly over the phone, including a conversation over the weekend that the trump team said lasted 45 memberships. jonathan carl, abc white house. friends and loved ones gathered last night in new orleans to remember the victim of a weekend shooting in the french quarter. gunfire erupted early sunday leaving one man dead .nine other people wounded in the named tourist district. investigators are looking for the gunman who ran from bourbon street. it's believed they are from out of town. syrian government forces are making significant gains in aleppo. thousands of civilians fled the embattled city after the troops
3:40 am
neighborhoods. rebel defenses collapsed, only a separate operation opened. it's estimated the rebels have now lost nearly a third of the territory that they once controlled in aleppo. a small liberal arts college in massachusetts has sparked outrage because of its decision to stop flying the american flag. a statement from hampshire college says the flag was removed ten days ago so the school's community could discuss what it represents. the move condemned at a yesterday which was organized by veterans. >> this stands foreall the veterans around the whole nation, everybody who fought for this flag. it's more than just a symbol. >> the school says the flag's removalal is not a commentary of the presidential election. it's unclear how long the flag pole will remain empty. hampshire college says it will stay that way, quote, for a period of time. certainly going to be a
3:41 am
wrong on a couple's wedding day. maybe the weather doesn't cooperate or a groomsman enjoys himself too much at happy hour. >> here is a couple who made the best of a tough situation. the this is their first dance done right in the middle of a highway in ohio. they were on their way to the reception when they got stuck in traffic. >> an accident had closed the road. eventually they got to their celebration and now they have quite a story to tell about that first dance. i'm glad to know that the road wa it would be a good omen. it's like something borrowed, something blue, stand in the middle of traffic, what do you do. >> i'd be curious to know what the song was. was it "boom get out of the way." boom. >> boom. coming up -- >> well, it's romantic. >> the hunt in northern california for two armed suspects on the run. >> yes. they're believed to have been the abductors of the so-called super mom.
3:42 am
her discovery in the early morning hours of thanksgiving badly beaten, but alive. a remarkable story. and the stories are pouring in, too, about fidel castro's treatment of his people. this morning, we hear from two women who are proud americans. and find us on facebook, and twitter @abcwnn. you're watching "world news
3:43 am
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more devastion from italy just weeks after historic buildings were leveled by earthquakes. torrential rains now leaving entire villages covered in mud. hundreds of people have been displaced in the northwest after days of torrential rain. more severe weather has been forecast for the region in the coming days. right now in northern california, authorities are on the hunt for two armed women driving a dark colored suv. that's the dip alleged kidnappers of the woman dubbed super mom who was found beaten but alive three weeks after she vanished while jogging. abc's nick watts has the latest. >> chp is on the scene and advise she is -- >> foreign on a road in northern california. >> she's says that she just soud out veshg somewhere near 5 and yolo. >> reporter: it's 4:30 a.m. on thanksgiving morning.
3:47 am
dialed 911. >> advises should be hear a female treatmenting. >> chp is advising she is heavily battered the. >> i've got a phone number for you. i need you to call her husband. >> the california highway patrol was able to connect sherri with her husband by cellular phone. >> she and keith have been reunited. >> papini vanished thwe later, authorities say he found her phone and head phone ear buds with sdrandz of her hair on a roadside 150 miles from where papini was found early thursday morning. >> sometimes those littlest, finest details can be a major break in the case. >> she's contained with a quarter inch heavy chain and both -- on her wrists. >> authorities are now looking
3:48 am
searching for any dna that might lead to her kidnappers. >> so many questions in that story, but thankfully, she's alive. coming up, the cyber monday blowout. if you're not already online, you might be behind on some of those holiday deals and steals. what you need to know before you click and ship. but first, as the world remembers fidel castro, so many cuban exiles here in america are reliving the suffering of their families torn apart by tyra about their stories of pain and ultimately of forge ago new future. you're watching "world news now."
3:49 am
3:50 am
the batista ra seem in the 1950s carrying out widespread torture to the castro regime that many say was not much better. >> with the death of president fidel castro, stories are servicing of fidel castro's rule including two women who lived through it. >> this is a champagne bottle waited decades to >> and it was hidden for all those years, open only when fidel dies. fidel castro's death was highly anticipated, wished for, in no small part because of the pain when families were forced to split. solsa shares the moment when she, just 8 years old at the time, said good-bye to her father. a political prisoner in cuba.
3:51 am
through the balcony into the street and all i can do was bye, papi. that is what hurts so much, when i felt i was not going to see him any more. >> today in florida, sles a county commissioner still struggling with memories of her young life in cuba. >> i couldn't understand why i couldn't say -- express my opinions or why i couldn't say that i believe in god. >> childhood trauma defining a generation. dr. maria gomes, now a psycho at 11 years old, she left cuba without her parents on what's been dubbed the peter pan flights. those parents sending their kids to america when a bright future couldn't be guaranteed. >> i remember when with i was leaving my house, you know, kissing all my dolls, you know, and saying good-bye to, you know, everybody. it was very -- it was a very -- -- i'm going to start to cry. >> there's a lot of touching stories that have come out of
3:52 am
death. certainly there is a huge difference between the culture in miami of the current generation and those who have been raised here. >> i met so many cubans there who are definitely mourning this morning. cubans there definitely mourning this morning. it'll take care of your cough. fine! i'll text you in 4 hours when your cough returns. one pill lasts 12 hours, so... looks like i'm good all night! ah! david, please, listen. still not coughing. not fair you guys! waffles are my favorite! ah! only last 4 hours. but just one mucinex lasts 12 hours. start the relief. ditch the misery.
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all right. we're mixing it up. all right. we're mixing it up. first of all, do you shop during cyber monday? >> oh, yeah. >> you do? >> yeah. and tuesday and wednesday. employer will know that you're shopping. >> when i call off sick on thursday. >> robert half technology did a study and found that 65% of employers don't have a problem with you shopping while on the job, but most employees don't know that because, of course, employers aren't going to make it a big deal and say go ahead and shop today instead of working tore me. but they don't explain their i.t. policy. so go ahead, enjoy your cyber monday guilt free.
3:56 am
working today are probably doing some online shopping at the same time. >> of course. of course. >> it's okay. >> but keep up your work while you're at it. >> yeah. >> balance. have you seen frogs that look like princesses? >> i try not to look at frog. okay. not my favorite. >> let me show you this frog. a pretty frog, right? he actually is kind of cute. >> he is very, very cute. so some folks started looking at him and merged him with princess leia. >> that's way too much information. that's going a bit too far. >> and then photo shopped him in some spots and, you know, there, a mem had e is born. >> so were the snails on the original picture? were? or was it photo shop that became beats by dre or -- >> i think those are additions that you have to pay the apple store for.
3:57 am
okay. moving on to something i like. what really is relaxing is spa time. a facial, maybe a pedi and a mini. you've got this amazing spa amusement park opening up in japan with hot spring roller coasters. i really don't understand that concept. that's a carousel. so you get in the , springwater is surrounding you. and the theme of this amusement park came about because enough people on social media watched a youtube video -- >> i don't know about that. >> is that what it was? >> like the splashing over while you're enjoying your ice cream below? >> some people just like to take baths. >> or each other people's dirty
3:58 am
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4:00 am
making news in america this morning -- recount battle. president-elect donald trump lashing out on social media, making claims about voter fraud that experts are calling stunning and baseless, as hillary clinton joins the recount movement. the dictat farewell to fidel castro. the somber streets of havana where a memorial starts in hours. david muir is in cuba with the latest. a major winter storm hitting right now. dumping several feet of snow in some areas. we'll tell you where it's heading next. and cybermonday. where to find the best deals and a little known secret.


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