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tv   WISN 12 News at 5PM  ABC  November 29, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm CST

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election's results, and she hasn't offered any evidence that there were problems with the state's voting machines. there are a couple of other developments to tell you about. stein and the green party will have to cover the entire cost, so the recount will go on that will go on thursday as the repayment has been made. and another candidate, rocky de la fuente, who was helping stein in this effort, has dropped his request for the recount. that means jill stein will have to pick up the entire cost of that recount without any help. the first of the expert witnesses is on the stand right
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machines, suggesting the procedures that wisconsin does to secure its machine simply aren't enough. we will have more as the hearing continues well into this evening. toya: thank you. as kent was mentioning there is , a new price tag associated with the recount. patrick: 12 news terry sater has been crunching the numbers. he's live in milwaukee. terry, what did you learn? >> i'm live near kk and becher on the cities south aside where , recounting its ballots. this is the milwaukee election commissions warehouse and the , ballots from each municipality will be delivered here for the recount. >> we have over 440,000 ballots that need to be recounted, and that's simply a time consuming process. >> milwaukee county clerk joseph czarnezki has the most ballots to recount with an estimated cost of more than a half million dollars. divided by the number of
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a hand recount could cost even more. >> we'll have approximately 100 people a day working on the recount. >> that's a lot of people looking over each ballot beginning thursday to make sure it is recounted accurately. >> we will be working on saturdays so far, but hopefully not on sundays. we will be starting at 9:00 on the first. other days, we'll be starting at 8:00, and we'll be working into the evening, whatever we need to do to get the job done. >> over wisconsin's 72 counties and you get a much bigger pricetag. the new estimate for the cost of a statewide recount is $3,898,340 to recount nearly 3 million votes. that's about $1.31 per ballot. >> counting write-in votes, verifying absentee ballots things like that, all of which , need to be done to ensure the integrity of the recount. >> remember the cost is picked
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coming up on 12 news at 6:00 we'll tell you what it will cost , to have deputies guard the ballots and we'll also take a look at the recount in waukesha county. patrick: the green party is also requesting a recount in michigan and pennsylvania. donald trump won both states. a hearing on a recount in pennsylvania will be held december 5. a reminder, our coverage of this historic recount continues on and the wisn 12 news mobile app. just head to the political section. toya: west allis school. all evening activities were also cancelled at lincoln intermediate in west allis. the school says the threat was written on a bathroom tile this afternoon. students were immediately evacuated and moved to jordan evangelical lutheran church, where parents were able to pick their children up. police and the school are investigating who wrote the threat, and investigators say the person responsible could face criminal charges.
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workers rally in milwaukee, demanding a raise in the minimum wage. matt salemme is over the scene near miller park. matt, what are you seeing over there. >> two or three dozen people in front of the mcdonald's. the sign they are caring says solidarity march for immigrants and worker rights. it looks like the milwaukee police and west milwaukee police have a presence on the scene. everything is on the sidewalk at the moment. patrick: the fight for 15 rallies have been going on all day, all across the country, including outside milwaukee's city hall. >> i want my $15. >> this was the scene in downtown milwaukee this afternoon. people gathered, demanding higher wages. another event was held early this morning outside the mcdonald's restaurant near 9th and north in milwaukee. the fight for 15 is sparking a strike at one of the nation's busiest airports.
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chicago's o'hare international have walked off the job. baggage handlers, cabin cleaners, janitors, and wheelchair attendants say they won an hour and union rights. $15right now, they are paid $10.50 an hour in chicago. the biggest disruptions in travel are expected to hit united and american airlines. the strike doesn't appear to be having an impact at mitchell international in milwaukee. toya: a plane crash in colombia of a brazilian soccer team. they were on their way to the team's biggest match in history, when their plane crashed into a hillside near bogota last night. six people did survive, including three players, a journalist and two crew members. , investigators say the pilot had declared an emergency landing, then the plane disappeared from the radar. a raging wildfire in tennessee is threatening thousands of people tonight. it's forcing evacuations for residents and tourists at popular spots like dolly parton's dollywood. three people have died in the fire, and at least a dozen people have been hurt. tonight we're getting our first , look at the aftermath.
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as firefighters begin to get control of the flames, the focus right now is shifting to door-to-door checks. thousands of people are in shelters tonight. patrick: now to the attack at ohio state university. authorities are searching the suspect's family home, not far from campus. they're looking for any information leading to a motive. police say abdul razak ali artan drove onto a sidewalk injuring 11 people, then went at them with a butcher knife. an officer shot and killed artan. the morning of the attack, the somali-born student posted on facebook about the mistreatment of muslims. muslim leaders in ohio are urging people not to jump to conclusions. >> we do know that the somali heritage will be enough for some people to falsely link this tragic incident. patrick: four of the victims are in the hospital. classes at the university resumed today. a vigil is planned tonight. toya: president-elect donald trump has ignited a new firestorm on twitter. it's after he tweeted that there should be consequences like jail time or a loss of citizenship for anyone who burns an american
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the comment is in direct conflict with free speech rights guaranteed by the first amendment to the constitution. republican and democratic have responded, saying while they don't support flag burning, the constitution should prevail. patrick: meanwhile, the trump transition continues as the president-elect fills out his cabinet. congressman tom price has been named to lead the department of health and human services. price is an orthopedic surgeon who chairs the house budget committee. elaine chao chao served as secretary of labor under president george w. bush from 2001 through 2009. 24 hours and there's a whole new weather system to talk about. toya: mark, it was a beautiful day. mark: it was amazing, but now it's time to say goodbye to the 50's. when we'll be cooling down and when we could see some snowflakes around here next in weather watch 12. plus -- >> i'm making a report against
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holiday shopping experience in chicago. what set one customer off and what a witness did, in addition to, record the incident. toya: and a strange scene at , houston's airport. the action one passenger took that kept this flight grounded. >> hundreds of thousands of lights brightening up milwaukee's skyline. >> tomorrow on wisn 12 news this
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announcer: leading the way with important local coverage, you're watching wisn 12 news at 5:00, with toya washington, patrick paolantonio, and weather watch 12 chief meteorologist mark baden. wisn 12 news at 5:00 continues. patrick: this is not what you expect to see on your flight a , woman opens the emergency exit and jumps out of the plane while it was taxing to the gate. it happened at houston's george bush intercontinental airport. the woman has since been treated for injuries and released by authorities. still no word why she jumped. no charges have been filed. the crowds and chaos can lead to some hot tempers during the
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toya: one disgruntled customer is going viral tonight because of a confrontation caught on camera. >> your job is to ring people up and tell them to have a nice day. i am making a report against you. you discriminated against me twice. toya: a shopper at the michael's store in chicago claims she was discriminated against by two african american store employees, saying they tried to force her to buy a reusable bag. jessie grady recorded video of the incident and, as a gesture of good will, started a gofundme account for the employees who were involved. >> the things she screamed at all those employees, nobody should be subject to that abuse. toya: michael's says it does not tolerate discrimination against customers or employees and is investigating the incident. patrick: dangerous drug interactions are sending more americans to the emergency room. that's according to a new study by the centers for disease control and prevention. researchers poured over data from more than 42,000 emergency room visits in 2013 and 2014.
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of e.r. visits among older adults. that number was 10% lower in 2005 and 2006. toya: that glass of wine you might have with your dinner tonight could be helping your health. researchers in sweden and the u.k. looked at more than two dozen studies. they found that light to moderate alcohol consumption up to a drink or two per day appears to be linked to a lower risk of stroke. however, it's important to note the research also showed heavy drinking has the opposite effect. opinions. a bi-partisan bill securing the rights of unhappy customers to share their thoughts on yelp now awaits president obama's signature. supporters say the law is needed to protect freedom of speech so that customers don't get sued by companies that received a bad review. right now, we want to take a look at what's coming up all new tonight at 6:00. joyce is in the newsroom with a look ahead. joyce: restaurant workers in milwaukee come to the rescue.
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started on fire and employees jumped in to put it out. how they did it, and what may have started the fire in the first place. also ahead, a dog dragged by a car, then left in a dumpster. how the humane society is hoping his recovery and the happy ending to his story will help thousands of other animals today. join us for these stories and more coming up tonight on wisn 12 news at 6:00. toya: cyber monday 2016 is one for the record books. it's the largest day for online sales in history. that's according to adobe, which tracks online retail sales -- retail sales. shoppers reportey and by the end of the month, the company predicts holiday shoppers will have spent close to $40 billion. adobe's came to the numbers by tracking visits to retail websites and measuring online customer transactions. and everyone knows about black , friday and cyber monday, but today is giving tuesday -- giving tuesday. it's a day dedicated to giving back in the spirit of the holiday season. new on wisn 12, tim elliott introduces us to one organziation doing just that.
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do want that? >> yet. >> -- yeah. >> alyssa o'brien and lily mccann have known each other for a long time, but it wasn't until sophomore year of high school that they became best buddies. >> everyone benefits from it. they get a friend and you get a friend. >> best buddies is a program that helps people with intellectual and developmental disabilities forge friendships. >> best buddies helps kind of blur the lines. it's a place where evyo and kids even without disabilities come there to make friends. >> best buddies is an international nonprofit organization. they have 48 different chapters at schools all over wisconsin, including one right here at homestead high school in mequon. alyssa and lily are both seniors now, and they try to hang out as often as possible. >> and then one time lily invited me to her house and we watched a movie and ate popcorn . >> and we played with my dog
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-- yeah. >> everyone has different abilities and you know they may not be the same but they do have similar interests and they are finding someone they can really connect with. >> thanks to best buddies, both alyssa and lily have someone they can call a friend for life. toya: best buddies is hoping to raise to start another new $5,000 chapter at a wisconsin school. to find out how to donate, visit in this season of giving, it's you're giving to. patrick: wisconsin's better business bureau has some ideas to make sure your money is safe. here they are. first, watch out for copycats. there might be hundreds of charities looking to support any given cause, so choose wisely. next, avoid being pressured. reputable organization's will happily accept your gift tomorrow or next week even, so don't feel forced into making on-the-spot decisions along the same lines, keep your emotions in check. and finally, get the family involved. >> if it's a telemarketer, you can always hang the phone up and visit the organization's website.
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, it with your family, and make sure you're staying within your budget. patrick: the better business bureau says above anything else, always do your research before donating to any charity. hopefully you got out today and enjoyed the temperatures in the toya: i feel like we said this when we were in the 60's. now we are in the 50's. mark, we may not see those again for awhile. mark: it is the inevitable. we have had an incredible november, example, way above average. the average high today is 38. 39 degrees. toya: we did not go over it. mark: 39 degrees, so imagine that. it sounds pretty cold. today, 54 degrees. that feels good this time of year. the sun makes a difference as well.
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milwaukee hanging onto 51 degrees. yesterday, rain was coming down, record rainfall. over one inch of rain in milwaukee, beating the old record set in 1968. howards grove at over an inch and a half of rain. i'm getting this question again and again, what if it would have been snow? every situation is different. inches of snow. the ratio does not always work out perfectly. it was rain. you did not have to shovel it. it may have been soggy out there, although it is not bad to get the water table full before we freeze for the winter. 39 watertown. clear skies and lighter wind
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cooler air to the west, a gradual process moving in. it would not be too bad tomorrow. here is that same low pressure center. it is gradually working its way across minnesota into wisconsin tonight. it brings a chance of a flurry or two tomorrow. throughout tonight, quiet, partly cloudy, some increasing cloud cover, a little sunshine early on tomw, expect a lot of sunshine. it will generally be a cloudy day. a few snow showers, may be some sprinkles, no accumulation, a couple of flurries tomorrow night and during the day on thursday as we stay cloudy, then we focus on the next storm. the sunday deal does not look so bad, but this is what were talking about. the middle of next week, it does look like a powerhouse of a storm. the question is that if it holds
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end of things, so more rain and snow, but there are no chances tomorrow night, not a big deal. light snow sunday night, then the bigger storm system possible next wednesday, something we will be watching closely. 37 tonight, partly cloudy skies. a cloudy day tomorrow, but drive. maybe a rain shower flurry late in the day, 46 the high. t above average. every one of these temperatures is above average. 40 friday. 42 saturday. light rain or snow sunday, sunday night. another chance for light rain on monday, then we watch what happens for the middle of next week. toya: you can tell we were not that far away from toddlers in our house because we were wondering about where are our water tables. patrick: coming up new at 10:00 wisn 12 news has obtained the , plans submitted to the city
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tonight, how those plans could include a new brewery. and, what a teddy toss. the reason all of these teddy bears were being thrown onto the ice during a hockey game. that's all new tonight at 10:00. still ahead at 5:00, running a
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patrick: tonight's tuesday's child loves science and putting things together. toya: he also has a great word for when he really needs something to eat. so kathy, you took him to a perfect place. kathy: absolutely. this may make you thinking about italian dinner tonight. we got the chance to dig in and make some great pizza. me in stitches. we actually got to make the pizza we are enjoying. >> it gets stuck to that, but not this. kathy: all of us at aldo's pizza in germantown were impressed with how quick this eight-year-old caught on. >> you have to spread it as far as you can. kathy: have you done this before? aaden loves to dig into a project. he excels in science, figuring out how things work. he's very clever. he came up with a great word for
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kathy: what does it mean? >> when you are hungry and angry. kathy: big brothers big sisters of washington county hopes to match aaden with a mentor who can work with him in school once a week. kathy: you have a good attitude. >> what? kathy: yet. ah. you don't complain that all. -- at all. in fact, aaden was quick to prove how c i'd say its time for a couple of hangry folks to dig in. >> i get the first bite. kathy: i thought we were going to do it at the same time. he got me every time. hangry, what a great word. i am amazed. find out about all the programs big brothers, big sisters of washington county has to offer by calling 362-334-7896.
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a pizza before. kathy: now he has. he is a pro. patrick: now for a dose of inspiration. a seattle man is not letting his terminal illness keep him from reaching his goals. 62-year-old evans wilson battles pulmonary fibrosis and pulmonary hypertension. last weekend, he completed the seattle marathon with an oxygen tank in tow. the marathon raised funds for terminal lung disease research. walk to the entire route and
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toya: from presents to pizza, domino's in japan says it's training reindeer at a driving school to deliver pizza in one of the country's coldest, snowiest regions. they'd even be equipped with gps so customers can track their progress. no word when or if the reindeer delivery will officially launch. patrick: the someone go with the reindeer? toya: does it stay that warm for
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patrick: a good look at cathedral tonight, breaking news. the state of emergency right now. several major fires out of control in tennessee. thousands of families and tourists racing to escape. this hotel engulfed in flames. even dolly parton's dollywood in the path. some cabins catching fire. also breaking, the deadly pl what happened just before the crash. and the team onboard, the video of them celebrating before the fateful flight. and the six found outside the plane, alive. the attack at ohio state. the student on a rampage with a butcher's knife. what's now been discovered tonight. donald trump about to go to dinner at this hour with mitt romney and his wife. will romney get the job as secretary of state over rudy giuliani? and cameras in the court. the stunning moment.


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