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tv   WISN 12 News at 6PM  ABC  November 30, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm CST

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he did not want to talk earlier today about the car break-in, but he asked for help on facebook. this is the surveillance video anthony showtime pettis posted to facebook today, offering a reward. it shows two unidentified men pulling up in a car in front of his milwaukee house. they first tried to get into a brown cadillac, then opened the unlocked white range rover, and police say, removed property. and this is smart phone video a neighbor recorded of the result of an arson attack on three pettis cars late last month. i talked to pettis when he left we saw the post on facebook. >> yeah. >> do you want to talk to us about it? >> not really today, man. sorry. >> neighbors are talking. >> and today and we come and i think three police cars, or two police cars. and little boy says, "oh, my god."
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today. >> it is scary. what are going to do? but a lot of stuff here we don't like here what's going on. >> pettis draws a lot of attention as a ufc lightweight champion, including a wheaties box cover. but last month pettis talked to us about the arson attention he got an attack milwaukee police say remains unsolved. >> i just came back in town and my first night home and this is what i come home to. things that just happens. i mean it sucks, the city i grew up in, can't feel safe in my own home. >> the pettis entourage came here to the gym today business as usual. anthony mentions a reward in that surveillance video he posted on facebook, but doesn't say how much. joyce: thank you. pettis is set to fight max holloway one week from saturday in toronto. the winner becomes the ufc's interim featherweight champion. pettis won his last fight in august, snapping a three match losing streak. to our big story now, let the recount begin. kathy: we are 15 hours away from
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presidential election. the recount in milwaukee county will start at 9:00 tomorrow morning at the milwaukee election commission's warehouse on the south side. the public is welcome to come and observe, but you must bring a photo id. 130 workers will spend the next 12 days counting more than 444,000 ballots by machine. they'll send the results each night to the state which will , post updates online. the deadline to finish the recount is 8:00 december 12. p.m.,>> are excited about this, and i know our staff is ready for it. we accept the challenge. joyce: there are a lot of logistics involved. the ballots had to be moved from the courthouse to the warehouse. kathy: wisn 12 news political reporter kent wainscott is there. the ballots are under tight security. >> that's right. sheriff's deputies standing guard. in fact, there are a couple of squads are from the other side
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county are inside ready for the recount. and just the process of getting them here was all done with tight security as we quickly found out. >> excuse me. >> no, no, no, no. >> hang on, hang on. >> milwaukee county sheriff's deputies jumped in to intercept us as we were getting our first look at the ballots. >> if he wants to come out and talk, he can, but they can't go in there. >> they did eventually let us see the ballots, stacked high in bins in a courthouse storage room, waiting to be moved. elections staff them rolled them down thel elevator, with deputies again by their side. the ballots were loaded onto a truck and driven across town to the recount facility, accompanied by an unmarked sheriff's squad, who sources say was rolling dash cam video of the entire trip to ensure that the transfer was completely secure. >> there was a staff from the election commission and a sheriff's deputy with those ballots at all times. a sheriff's sqaud followed the
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ballots from the courthouse to the warehouse, and they will be under lock and key tonight. and once the ballot bags have been opened, there will be 24 -hour security provided by the sheriff's department. >> and those sheriff's deputies will stay on guard until this recount is complete. it is scheduled for 13 days. i'm told by sources that sheriff's deputies have already been signing up for overtime details, and all of that will be part of the cost of this recount that will be paid for by the jill stein campaign. joyce: green party presidential nominee jill stein requested, and is paying for, the recount in wisconsin. today, she also filed for a recount in michigan. and previously had asked for one in pennsylvania. stein appeared on abc's the view this morning to explain why she's doing this.
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process that we can trust, because right now, mistrust is rampant. it was running wild in this election. we need to get back to a system we can trust. joyce: stein is also denying charges from wisconsin republicans she illegally coordinated with the clinton campaign to raise money for the recounts. kathy: now to a developing story the death of a seven-year-old , milwaukee boy is now being treated as a homicide. four people are under arrest. 12 news nick bohr is live at the medical examiner's office. boy was malnourished. >> ride. that autopsy was completed here late this afternoon. the results are not being released right now as the investigation is ongoing and police try to sort out how this little boy died. police spent much of tuesday at this apartment building near 19th and national where the boy was living temporarily. sources tell 12 news the child was from arkansas and wasn't related to the people he was staying with here in milwaukee.
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hospital sources say tuesday. malnourished and showing other signs of abuse and he died a few , hours later. two women were arrested at the hospital and two men arrested , later. a neighbor at 19th and national says she'd only seen the boy a few times and often heard yelling from the apartment where he lived. the jury of her anything that sounded physical? >> a few times heard a slap here and there. i tried to stay to myself. >> one of the women in custody has a prior conviction for child neglect resulting in the death involving a one-year-old boy back in 2003. so far no one has been charged in this latest death. joyce: new tonight, a milwaukee man is found guilty in the death
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university in mequon. a jury in ozaukee county today found 24-year-old shuntaye crenshaw guilty of reckless homicide. prosecutors say he sold heroin and other drugs to 18-year-old caleb ford of waukesha, who overdosed and died. crenshaw is scheduled to be sentenced in january. kathy: new tonight, milwaukee students were evacuated after the threat was written on the bathroom tile of the school at 78th and lapham yesterday. no bomb was found. a bomb scare forces the evacuation of dozens of employees of germantown's gehl foods. someone called germantown police to report a person may have entered the warehouse with a possible explosive device. the 60 workers were ordered out of the building while the milwaukee county bomb squad searched the building. no explosive was found. workers returned to the job
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had to say a lot this fall but , there is a mix of rain and snow moving into our area at this hour. meteorologist lindsey slater is tracking it right now. lindsey: you can see this swirl happening because of that area of low pressure taking cold air from the north and wrapping it around. that's why we have seen the report of rain-snow mix. the radar keeps flip-flopping. creek, a little white popping up next to the green, so i do not anticipate issues as far as the roads are concerned. more drizzle happening to the north, watertown, johnson creek, may be flurries in waukesha county, but on the roads, you should be fine. 37 right now, a lot of cool air out there. i will tell you when we can see our next chance of snow, coming
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times. a reminder, even though there's no snow on the ground, winter parking rules do go into effect, starting tomorrow in the city of milwaukee. that means drivers are going to have to keep an eye on the date to know which side of the street they're allowed to park on. and be aware of the four-inch rule and any snow emergencies declared. the rules last until march 1. kathy: happening now, your last chance to weigh in on next year's school calendar. the milwaukee public school district is holding its final public hearing tonight on a proposal to start the school year in mid-august and end in late may. right now, state law requires one. the hearing starts at 6:30 at south division high school. patrick's in the newsroom with a look at what you'll see new tonight at 10:00. patrick: new tonight at 10:00 holiday shipping deadlines , released. your guide to getting gifts in time for christmas. then, aaron rodgers will be changing his shoes this sunday. why he's breaking the uniform rules and what the league is saying about it. that's tonight on wisn 12 news at 10:00. joyce: new tonight, the wisconsin man who made headlines by only wearing shorts until the
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glenn seefeldt had pledged during the team's four game losing streak to only wear shorts until the packers won a game. green bay beat philadelphia monday night but the merrill man , now says he's staying with shorts. >> i decided, i think my shorts are good luck. i'm gonna wear shorts as long as they keep winning now. joyce: seefeldt says he actually prefers wearing shorts. and he's thankful it hasn't gotten too cold yet. it is snowing and he sang it's not too col kathy: i don't know. that's terrible. only on 12 news, it's being hailed as the next big thing in weather forecasting. joyce: a first-hand look at how scientists at uw madison are helping us forecast the weather more accurately. kathy: then, a holiday tradition returns to miller valley.
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to learn more or to schedule an in person meeting. announcer: leading the way with important local coverage, you're watching wisn 12 news at 6:00 with kathy mykleby, joyce garbaciak, weather watch 12
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and big 12 sports director dan , needles. wisn 12 news at 6:00 continues. kathy: happening now, how to pay for the mitchell park domes. a task force is meeting at this hour to come up with a long-term plan on how to pay to either fix the tourist attraction or replace it. the projects range in cost from $15 million to $75 million. all three domes are now open after being closed for most of the year because of falling concrete. only on 12, it is being hailed forecasting, and researchers at u.w. madison are taking part. joyce: meteorologist lindsey slater joins us, this is cutting edge stuff. lindsey: yes, it is a satellite now in space that will hopefully get us critical weather information faster, meaning more accurate forecasts for you at home. i went to u.w. madison to get a look at how exactly it works. >> >> and lift off of the goes r, america's most advanced weather eye in the sky.
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goes-r satellite, what some are calling a game-changer in weather forecasting. it launched 10 days ago from cape canaveral florida and is now working it's way into orbit. >> it is amazing. >> tim schmit is a satellite research meteorologist at u.w. madison. he's been working on this project since the 1990's. along with scientists from the national oceanic and atmospheric administration and nasa he was , there for the launch. goes-r provide improved imaging, but also much faster results. instead of every 15 or 30 minutes, we get it every five minutes. >> >> in special cases, mezzo scale modes, we can place them over rapidly changing phenomena and get data every one minute . so for example hurricanes, , convection, floods, fog,
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>> giving more people time to react and prepare for severe weather. schmit says he can hardly wait to get the first images. >> i just thought of all the people that have worked on this. all the different components. you know, then all the good being able to save lives and property. lindsey: those first images should arrive by january 1. in six more months they will be , getting data. and we might be able to start joyce: how gratifying it must've been for him after working on it for so long to see it happen and launched into the atmosphere. lindsey: it was amazing. joyce: too bad we don't have it now, because there is some stuff coming and we would like to know
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better. tonight, rain-snow mix, may be true so mixing in as well. there have been reports of a few snowflakes, but a lot of this stuff is rain, so anticipate that if you will be heading out this evening. you can see the swirling mass of clouds and rain and snow, all because of an area of low pressure churning and north of , the eta of when to expected along the lakefront, 7:00 or 7:30 p.m. or so, that's when i'm expecting this into waukesha, milwaukee, west bend. watertown, johnson creek, it is still green. it keeps flip-flopping, so that's how i know we are knocking you are rain or peers
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issues on the road. the ground is just too wet. the pavement will be too warm. it might be a little messy. i don't anticipate accumulations or issues on the roads. i will show you, thursday, and yeah, clouds unfortunately. that will be the story leading into friday as well, but there are other chances we could get some snow in the forecast. accumulations that day. we will keep you posted. next week during the middle part of the week it, i am watching a much larger storm system. right now it is too early to call. you need to keep it here, because we will tell you what we are thinking will happen at this point because so much can change. this is where it's going to be
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there is the low, the panhandle ok, coming out of texas. depending on the track, this could easily change. right now, i'm looking at a rain issue and maybe a little snow after that, but at this point, it is too early to call. it's beautiful. 37 degrees right now. the wind picking up a little bit. on the issues, maybe some flurries as temperatures drop into the upper 30's. your for weather watch 12 week ahead forecast does feature some cooler temperatures. the average high is now 39, so we've row can that 40 degree mark, so keep that in mind. the chance of snow on wednesday, and again by next week. it looks like a forecast for this time of year. we are getting there. joyce: it is that time of year,
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returns this weekend. ? joyce: check it out. kathy: this live. this is a holiday lights display in miller valley. this year's show features nearly 600,000 lights. that's double the number in years past, all set to music and animated. the light show runs every friday and saturday night through >> this was a tradition for many people in the 1950's and 1960's, and now they're bringing their children and grandchildren back and grandchildren back in starting the tradition all over again. this is our 13th year bringing this back. kathy: lucky number 15. also new this year, a christmas tree made out of 150 beer kegs. -- lucky number 13. also new this year, a christmas tree made out of 150 beer kegs.
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stars are dealing with injuries. stephanie: yes, coming up what , clay matthews said happened to him during monday night's
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? stephanie: after back-to-back primetime games on the road, packers head coach mike mccarthy gave his players a day off from practice. but they did speak to the media today, including quarterback aaron rodgers. 12 sports stephen watson reports from lambeau field. stephen: aaron rodgers has put an end to all this regressing talk. he currently ranks first i nfl in passing yards, passing touchdowns, and completions. with the texans coming to town, he says the packers are back in the right mental state. >> the ride back, on the plane, there is a lot more energy than a loss. we have had a rough stretch for a while, and i don't think we are out of the woods yet. we are one game better than we word last week, so it is
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still a lot in front of us. it is about executing better. we did a great job on third down the other night. we have to be sharp. i have to be sharp. i have to keep playing well. stephen: he says his hamstring is improving. he said "different year, different injury." his limitations have allowed him to game plan more for the houston texans. stephanie: thanks, stephen. reporters that he separated his shoulder on this play in the first quarter of monday's night's game in philly. he called it a cheap shot by one of the eagles offensive lineman. still to early for his status for sunday's game. time now for our exclusive one-on-one with packers wide receiver jordy nelson. we asked him what concerns him most about the texans defense. >> they are going to be a good defense. it is a solid defense.
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most of defenses do. we will have something prepared and say. stephanie: college football. congrats to badgers senior running back corey clement. he was named a first team all big ten pick by the coaches and named second team by the media. by the way, 12 sports stephen watson will be in indianapolis for the big ten championship. look for his live reports saturday on wisn 12 news, including big 12 sports saturday at 6:30 p.m. with dan andrew. marquette is hosting western carolina tonight. joyce: thank you very much. kathy: one of the hottest new shows of the season returns tonight. >> this is not a negotiation. you have an hour. joyce: on tonight's "designated survivor," an unexpected event
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representatives. that's tonight at 9:00. the night starts with the ?goldbergs? at 7:00, followed by ?speechless.' then stay tuned for ?modern family? at 8:00 and ?black-ish?" after ?designated survivor,? stay tuned for 12 news at 10:00. kathy: you are keeping an eye on
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?? ? ?? ? oh, my, mariah! the diva gets caught make out with her backup dancer. the must-see over the top photos. wait, did he just drop her? then katy and orlando's date night after the rumorr. >> we've tut each other a lot. >> it's the new interview talking about their relationship for the first time, but where was her huge diamond ring. plus -- ?? ?? >> we are first on the set of the movie britney spears doesn't want you to see. >> get ready. it's arrived. >> the drama, the dance moves and the guy playing justin. >> he has the iconic hairstyles and we affectionately call it the ramen noodle hair. >> and only yoet kwooet yoet yoet is on the scenes of the star-studded christmas party.


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