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tv   WISN 12 News at 6PM  ABC  December 1, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm CST

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hard, dedicated worker. reporter: angela brandt used to wait tables year at the water , street brewery in oak creek. but this week, she filed a federal complaint against the milwaukee-based restaurant chain and owner robert c. schmidt, jr. she accuses them among other things of violating the fair labor standards act. making servers pay for discarded silverware, even if someone else was to blame. terry: whether i threw it in the garbage or the busser put it in the garbage by mistake i'd get >> correct. the server would get charged for it. reporter: wisconsin law says no employer may make any deduction from the wages due by any employee for lost or stolen property or damage to property, unless the employee authorizes the employer in writing. lost silverware or broken plates are considered an operating cost. >> after i spoke my voice and said, this is illegal. you cannot charge us for this
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suspended. reporter: in part, the federal lawsuit accuses water street brewery of violating federal and state minimum wage and overtime laws. >> so we could work a 50 hour week, but only -- but on paper it only looked like 42 hours. reporter: it's not just being underpaid for overtime. she's also accusing them of not paying correct minimum wage. in wisconsin, law allows restaurants to pay servers $2.33 per hour, plus tips. he plus tips earned don't add up to at least $7.25 an hour, the employer must make up the difference. angela says she wants the lawsuit to help other workers, . >> i'm doing it to create a fairness with all the serving staff. reporter: the restaurant's director of operations wouldn't
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he said we vigorously denied them, and will be eager to defend them. saying of angela and the complaint, he said they have some of their facts wrong. terry sater, wisn 12 news. kathy: you can read the entire lawsuit by clicking on this story on the 12 news app and on big story coverage tonight, the historic presidential recount is now underway in wisconsin. joyce: election workers in all 72 counties have the tedious task of recounting nearly three million votes in just 12 days. president-elect donald trump won wisconsin, beating hillary clinton by 22,000 votes. but it was green party candidate jill stein who asked for the recount, and who is paying the $3.9 million cost. workers in milwaukee county must count 444,000 ballots. the county is conducting its recount inside a city warehouse on the south side. kathy: wisn 12 news political reporter kent wainscott has been there since people gathered there this morning, and kent, things got off to a slow start.
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one to begin with. these workers have been here since early this morning. they are still at it, still counting. but the day actually began with some unexpected delays. one observer from the green party requested that all 30 of the counting machines here be tested before the count began. the board agreed, and ultimately found a problem in one of the machines. it was fixed after another short delay. so it wasn't until afternoon the actual counting began. and among the observers from the parties and campaigns, we also found some observers here who just showed up out of curiosity. dick sujecki: i used this word again and again. it's a mystery why we're doing it. david faulkner: miss stein and the other gentleman say we're doing this so the american public can have faith in the electoral process, so that's a good thing, yes. reporter: and these people will be working, counting, completing
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they expect to wrap up sometime in the next hour or so. they are counting on 30 machines. that compares to election day, in which the city of milwaukee alone uses 200 machines. they're also examining all the ballots by hand before they are scanned. you can understand why the process takes a long. kathy: any problems with any ballots? reporter: there were eight ballots th signatures, or addresses on the absentee ballot envelopes. there was one case where a woman from brown deer voted twice by the clerk nda investigated and found no criminal intent. so far, no discrepancies found in any of the precinct counts. joyce: back at it again tomorrow. that is milwaukee county. election workers in waukesha county have a long night ahead of them. they plan to work until midnight on this first day of the
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its ballots by machine. >> we are very, very confident that all of our pretesting will show that it is reading test ballots correctly, and that the ultimate outcome when we put it through will be totally accurate. joyce: the county clerk says she doesn't know how long each step of the recount will take, but says they have a timeline to finish by the december 12 deadline. they're counting ballots by hand in dane county. the county has set up two rooms where 40 people are counting ballots at any one time with observers looking over their shoulders. by a landslide. from dane county, two allegheny county and the fox valley. workers are recounting ballots by machine. nearby brown county moved their building, because the clerk's office in green bay does not have enough space to recount all ballots. here's what's next. milwaukee county election workers will be back at 8:00 tomorrow morning to continue to recount ballots. they will send results to the wisconsin elections commission each night. the commission will then post
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the deadline for finishing the recount is december 12 at 8:00 p.m. kathy: president-elect donald trump's campaign moves to stop the recount effort in michigan. the campaign filed an objection today to the green party's request for a hand recount. the board of state canvassers will hear arguments tomorrow, the same day michigan's recount was set to begin. under michigan law, the recount cannot start until two days after an objection is resolved. >> i believe that we will win. i believe that we will win. joyce: happening now, a protest in downtown milwaukee at the wells fargo bank at the corner of water and wisconsin. they're supporters of those camped near standing rock, north dakota to protest the dakota access pipeline. >> they should support the standing rock sioux tribe, in there crest -- quest to honor their treaties, respect their
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joyce: the protesters say they also want president obama to withdraw his eviction order of the camp and to deny the easement needed for the pipeline. kathy: new at 6:00, a $17 million mistake. that's what milwaukee county owes its retirees after a pension error. according to the county board, the county paid $11 million in lump sum pension payments last month to make up for underpayments for workers who retired between 2001 and 2008. those retirees are still owed an additional $6 million. the county board will meet tomorrow morning to talk about joyce: new tonight, milwaukee police continue to search for the two men caught on video breaking into cars parked in the driveway of mixed martial arts star anthony 'showtime' pettis. pettis posted the surveillance video on his facebook page. it shows the unidentified men trying to get into a cadillac parked in the driveway. they then open the unlocked door of a white range rover and steal items from that car. the car break in comes a month after someone set fire to three of pettis' cars also parked in the driveway of his south side
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a neighbor caught that fire on video. no one was arrested in that incident either. kathy: the mild temperatures have kept the snow away so far, leaving local road crews waiting for that first major storm. as wisn 12 news hillary mintz explains new at 6:00 when the , first flakes do fall, waukesha county has a plan that could make for faster and cheaper plowing. reporter: it's a lot of ground to cover. >> state and county highways. reporter: since waukesha county is responsible for clearing both kinds of roads all winter long, they're looking to make things easier on their equipment, crews and budget. >> plus money, plus fuel, plus time. reporter: highway operations manager, peter chladil says a new pilot program that merges snow plow routes, could be the answer. >> they are looking at combining
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reporter: the county spends $1 million on salt. more than $300 -- 300 thousand dollars on fuel for the trucks. this new program can save anywhere from 10%-15% a year. it can mean a lot of extra money for extra road repairs. >> pothole repair, paving, line marking. reporter: saving roads and tax dollars. but it's up to the dot to give this new snow plow plan, the green light. in waukesha, hillary mintz, wisn 12 news. kathy: the dot is going county's data, if they approve crews would use the new snow , plow routes this winter. patrick is here with a look at what's coming up tonight at 10:00. reporter: four people dead in six months that they milwaukee county jail. a county supervisors calling for the sheriff resignation. we have his response. local college once to be a thank you a campus. how they plan to protect undocumented students from deportation.
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kathy: and new tonight, take a kid to a hockey game. beginning the first of the year, the milwaukee police department is joining waukesha and wauwatosa in the cops and kids foundation. the foundation mentors kids in the community who need role models. as part of the expansion, the foundation will team up with the milwaukee admirals and police officers will take at risk kids to a hockey game. >> the only way to change people's lives is if you engage them positively and build positive relationships. my job is to do that, and i feel fortunate and blessed. kathy: to ramo foundation is selling these one community bracelets for $3 at area businesses. joyce: did you release that relate, we finished the second warmest november in recorded history? kathy: but it's going to feel it week -- it didn't even happen. mark: i am timing when we got our first true taste of winter. that is next. reporter: then, milwaukee city
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inside to show you what they are doing to fix it. joyce: then, a chance to get your christmas shopping done
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joyce: new at 6:00, a little music from the latino arts string program to help the grand reopening of the mitchell park domes. milwaukee county celebrated the milestone with free admission for everyone today. the domes were closed for most of the year to repair falling concrete. >> we are very proud to be part of these this disease -- these festivities. each additional value, to the milwaukee county and regional community. joyce: the repairs took seven months. the holiday floral show also opened in the show dome. it runs through january first. >> it's one of the most iconic buildings in the city, if not the most iconic. joyce: iconic, but in trouble. milwaukee's city hall slowly sinking, and endangering the future of the 121-year-old symbol of the city. the massive effort to save it,
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, only on wisn 12, nick bohr goes underground to show you the project saving city hall. >> there used to be a floor right here. reporter: beneath city hall, time has taken a toll on the wooden pilings supporting it since it was built, in the 1890's. >> they are showing decay. they are composing -- decomposing and shrinking, and as they shrink and decompress they are giving away, and allowing the ld reporter: cracking walls and leaning doorframes, warning signs that city hall was becoming unstable. >> very slow but steady, but alarming enough to prompt action and do something about it. reporter: embarking on this estimated $40 million project encasing the original limestone , base of each steel support column, shifting the load from the old wood underneath to the concrete tied-in to new steel pilings.
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after. this is the old limestone area over the top of the old pilings. the wooden ones in the ground are being replaced by micro will be filled in with concrete like this one. this is the after. you can see it surrounds the old column. they hope it will last another 100 years. no way of telling for sure, but how long will this last if you did not do something? >> at but i wouldn't want to find out. reporter: this project will ensure the icon stays put. in milwaukee, nick bohr, wisn 12 news. kathy: the current work on the northeast part will be followed next year by the northwest section. the rest of the project, underneath the southern end of city hall, is expected to be worked on in 2018, but the timetable is not finalized yet. joyce: talk about your throwback thursday. this video should bring back flashbacks, today marks the 10th anniversary of the december
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first 2006, almost two feet of snow fell in some parts of the area, leaving people snowed in and some stranded. i do not miss that. kathy: some people have that weather already. mark: some people are wondering when it is coming. cross-country skiers and snowmobilers. we will get there. we have a little bit of snow in the days. the possibility of a little more into the middle of next week. the reality is, winter is truly coming. it is december first, after all. the coldest temperature so far we have had in milwaukee all fault long has been 24 degrees. that is not cold, considering the average low is 25. we have had an amazing stretch of warm weather. only three days in november with temperatures below average. no measurable snow yet, at least
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highs late next week in the 20's. be ready. it is coming. it is going to be called. -- it is going to be cold. we are not acclimated. when you get temperatures into the teens and windchills in the single digits, it will be difficult to take. light snow changing to a sunday. then on tuesday, possibility of a bigger system. there are still a lot of questions. will it come together by the time he gets here or will it become a powerful system? those questions will get answered internet's couple of days, but there's a chance of rain and snow tuesday and into wednesday. i'm pretty convinced it is going to get seriously cold thursday into friday. what about this weekend?
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we are close enough. saturday is not bad. 40 degrees. if you are like me, you have a tree that hung onto the leaves for way too long, into thanksgiving. now they have finally fallen onto the ground. saturday is my day. i say it is your day as well. you want to get the leaves off the ground. maybe mow the grass one last time. sunday, light snow changing over to rain. accumulation on sunday will be mainly on the grass. 5k, dress warmly. temperatures around 30 degrees. be prepared. it will not be very windy. fairly quiet, cloudy conditions. clouds stick around throughout the evening and overnight hours. temperatures gradually collect -- falling into the 30's. we have a few sprinkles. there may be a snowflake or two trying to makes in.
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be a big issue. some sprinkles into milwaukee, expanding -- expending back to while at tulsa. no big deal. it will feel cool, but not cold. 40 degrees for saturday. not a bad day. without much wind, 40 will feel pretty good. 40 degrees on sunday. light snow starting. changing over to rain as the d on monday. a chance of rain or snow into tuesday and wednesday, and by thursday, the high temperature of 25 degrees. joyce: it is slowly sinking in. mark: and then it's going to hurt on friday. joyce: a good christmas gift idea for you. new tonight, brewers fans have a chance to add to their collection of team gear this weekend. 12 news got a preview of the team's 36th annual clubhouse sale, which starts tomorrow. jerseys, displays, programs, they're all set up in the visitors' clubhouse.
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game-used merchandise is also available. the sale is tomorrow from 8:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m., and saturday from 8:00 until 5:00. stephen is in with sports. a lot of concern over aaron rodgers. stephen: every step was monitored today. all eyes on number 12. we have good injury news ahead of aaron rodgers and the defense.
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stephen: a promising site at packers practice today. aaron rodgers, clay matthews, jake ryan and blake martinez all practiced in a limited fashion, rodgers was seen working out with the trainers to make sure his hamstring is good to go again. that's good to go against the texas on sunday. just in case there is further injury, the packers brought back a familiar face to the practice squad. according to reports joe , callahan will return to green bay after spending time with the saints and most recently with the cleveland browns.
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will miss tonight's game against the cowboys. he had emergency eye surgery on a detached retina late last night. there is no timetable on his return to team. staying in the north bears quarterback jay cutler has been placed on the season ending i.r., he is scheduled to undergo surgery to repair a torn labrum in his throwing shoulder. matt barkley will be the bears starter for the rest of the season. head coach john fox refused to discuss cutler's future in chicago. the badger football team is cu over penn state on saturday, it will be bucky's fourth appearance in the six-year history of the big ten championship. the badgers are 2-1 in the title game. but that lone loss at lucas oil stadium still brings back nightmares to this day. many of the current starters were on the field as ohio state and there is the badgers, 59-0. -- embarrassed the badgers, 59-0.
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confidence. >> coaches always saying, look at the next game. we have done a good job every sunday hitting the reset button, not looking at those games. stephen: i will be in indianapolis for the big ten championship. look for my life report on wisn 12 news including big 12 sports saturday at 6:30 p.m. fresh off their biggest win of the season, the bucks are in brooklyn tonight for a home & home series with the nets, rashad vaughn has been recalled from westchester and will be back with the bucs tonight. and finally, he's back. tiger woods made his first pga tour appearance in 16 months today at the hero world challenge. woods looked like vintage tiger on the front, going 4-under par , but he finishes plus one on the day after double bogeys on 16 and 18. golf is a better sport when he's
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that. -- drives like that. joyce: what can we expect this evening? mark: cool, nothing crazy this evening. cloudy skies, some sprinkles.
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?? ?? tonight new kanye breakdown details. what the 911 call revealed. >> request if we can have police backup. >> after his hospital release, what's next for the struggling star? >> don't get any weapons or anything l pregnant on the victoria's secret runway. >> the mini cooper catwalk shocker as "e.t." takes you backstage for all of the model drama. >> i'm freaking out. >> our paris exclusive with lady gaga, bruno mars and all the angels. >> here we go. >> but who left the runway in tears? >> and tiffani thiessen's dinner date with mark paul gosselar sharing stories that they might want to keep to themselves.


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