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tv   WISN 12 News at 6PM  ABC  December 3, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm CST

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[captioning made possible by wisn-tv] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] announcer: now on wisn 12 news. adrienne: here comes the snow. the first measurable snowfall of the season is on its way, and it could cause some slippery roads. we begin in the weather center where li storm. ,sheldon: lindsey, the snow arrives tomorrow morning. lindsey: we are talking accumulations this time. some areas had a few inches two weeks ago. we did not get measurable snow in milwaukee. this will be happening, moving in right now, off towards iowa and moving in.
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it right there, some light flurries towards our west. the kids are going to be so excited. this is the kind of stuff that makes good snowballs. 33 degrees, 28 overnight, and that will create a good scenario for that packing snow. it will not be a time, but will cause issues on the road here it next, i will talk accumulation, and what the primary impact will be for your sunday, coming up next. sheldon: thank you very much. milwaukee's department of public works says crews are brining streets with a salt and water mixture before tomorrow's snow. they have another 100 truck drivers on standby. adrienne: you can track the snow from your phone or tablet. just download the wisn 12 news app. you can find the latest weather conditions right down to your street. sheldon: we're learning new information about the tragic fire at a rave in california
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missing and possibly dead. and we're learning a madison d.j. scheduled to perform there last night is safe. the fire broke out around 11:30 last night at an old warehouse in oakland. you can see the flames as firefighters arrived. the dance party was on the second floor. flames blocked the building's only exite, making it tough for people inside to escape. we don't know how many people were there, but officials fear right now, they're making sure the building is safe for investigators to enter. >> the roof of the building collapsed onto the second floor, which also in many areas collapsed onto the first floor, further complicating our ability to continue the recovery effort. adrienne: so we still don't know what caused the fire. joel shanahan, a madison musician whose stage name is golden donna, was set to headline there last night. a message posted on his facebook page says, "joel is safe but
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friends among the missing." we'll continue to stay on top of this story and have the very latest tonight at 10:00. we're following breaking news in massachusetts a building , collapsed in a massive 10-alarm fire in cambridge. this is a live look as firefighters work to put out the flames. four buildings caught fire. the one that collapsed is under construction. we still don't know though if anybody is hurt. sheldon: charges have been filed in the death of a milwaukee boy who was starved and repeatedly beaten. etter hughes and mary martinez felony child neglect charges. martinez is also charged with child abuse. trevion winningham was seven years old when he died tuesday at children's hospital. a doctor said he had too many injuries to count, including a cigarette burn. trevion was also malnourished. weighing 10 pounds less than most kids his age. hughes is trevion's second cousin. she, trevion, and his brother
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martinez's home. according to the criminal complaint, trevion's brother said martinez would strike him and trevion with cords, belts and shoes. , the complaint also says they weren't allowed to eat any of the food in her fridge. investigators say hughes had been looking after the boys while their mom was in arkansas. they say she met martinez while in custody for a child homicide back in 2003. today, a judge set bail at $150,000 for both of them. police are still looking for answers in a disturbing sex assault reported in a south side milwaukee neighborhood. attacked her thursday night near tippecanoe park, next to clement avenue elementary school. right now please still do not have anyone in custody. adrienne: it is day three of wisconsin's presidential election recount. numbers are steadily coming in across the state's 72 counties. the deadline still nine days away. 12 news' kent wainscott is live in waukesha. kent, it seems they're taking a different approach to the process.
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beginning. as a result, waukesha started out slowly at the beginning of this process. it is now picking up steam. things are running smoothly. in fact both waukesha county and , the city of milwaukee are approaching milestones of sorts in this recall process tonight. this is a look inside the waukesha county courthouse, where tabulators are expected to the town ballots tonight. then it will be on to the cities, like waukesha and brookfield. meanwhile in the city of milwaukee, nearly all of the ballots that were cast as polling places on election day have now been counted. but the city is far from done, because unlike every other place in the state, milwaukee recounts all of its absentee ballots last. >> when we talk about doing a recount of those absentee ballots, we're not talking about a small number. 65,000 out of 248,000 voters in
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about 25% of the voters, so it's still a pretty significant process ahead of us. >> still everything seems to be running smoothly, right on schedule in milwaukee county, and picking up steam moving along and waukesha county as well. milwaukee county has wrapped up its recount work for the weekend . they will be back at it again mondor here in waukesha, though they are working almost around the clock. they will be here until midnight tonight, and back at it again tomorrow morning. adrienne: thank you. as the recount continues, president-elect donald trump is putting together his administration. trump's new chief of staff says he's seriously considering milwaukee county sheriff david clarke. upfront host mike gousha spoke to republican national committee chairman reince priebus. >> is there going to be room in the trump administration for somebody like milwaukee county sheriff david clarke, who was a very loyal supporter and who met
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>> well, yes. i mean certainly we're very , impressed with sheriff clarke and what he's done in milwaukee. obviously a strong supporter and a good friend of president-elect trump and mine. he obviously came in this past week and did very well. but the most important thing is that he is competent, smart, and capable and that's what he , brings to the table. so we're certainly talking to him and will continue to do so. adrienne: full interview with reince priebus on upfront, tomorrow morning at 9:00. sheldon: we're just hours away from the battle for the big-10 championship. it's the badgers versus the penn state nittany lions. stephen watson is live in indianapolis. stephen, the badgers are used to big games like this. stephen: you would think the badgers have a timeshare here in
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title. tonight marks the sixth top 10 matchup. the badgers have won three of those already does year. tonight is another chapter in an already historic year for paul chryst and his badgers. >> to me, what does it mean to those players. how they can maximize it is pretty cool to see. this is a big deal that we are here. i that i have appreciated a ton this year is their ability to make the most of the moment. stephen: making his first appearance here as the head coach. in 2011, he was an offense of coordinator. a lot made on what a win here
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hear what chyrst has to say coming up in big 12 sports saturday. ,sheldon: thank you so much. our live coverage of the badgers in the big ten championship game continues next on big 12 sports saturday. stephen will join us for another live report from indy. we'll take a look at wisconsin's chances to make college football's playoffs. plus who's the badgers mvp this , season? that's all coming up at 6:30 with dan and drew. talk about a sweet way to say thank you to those who serve this holiday season. adrienne: debbie schnake's son is one of 123 wisconsin national guardsmen who deployedo guantanamo bay in may. to show appreciation mom invited , family members and friends to her home in mequon to bake 123 dozen christmas cookies to send to them. >> everybody wanted to do something and it wasn't only for , our son, but for the other 122 soldiers that won't be home for christmas. adrienne: great idea. it turned out to be more work
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, she had a lot of help. one relative even drove eight hours just to be there. i little piece of home. it is time to get out the snow shovel. sheldon: lindsey is tracking snow heading this way. lindsey: it is not far off. what time you can expect it and how much snow we will see a accumulate, that's ahead in weatherwatch 12. sheldon: plus, police patrolling for presents. the big assignment that put sm adrienne: and, santa sightings all across the city today and
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announcer: leading the way with important local coverage, you're watching wisn 12 news at 10:00 with sheldon dutes, adrienne pedersen, meteorologist lindsey slater, and stephanie sutton with big 12 sports. wisn 12 news at 6:00 continues. sheldon: milwaukee county sheriff's deputies and police from several agencies spent the afternoon shopping with kids from our area. look at them. adrienne: 75 children got to participate in the tenth annual
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each student from first through eighth grades could spend up to $100 at walmart on gifts for family members or themselves. the officers enjoyed it just as much as the kids. >> it is fun to meet some of the kids here. she has been awesome and picked out some good stuff for her family. it's pretty fun. adrienne: that's sweet. after shopping, volunteers wrapped their gifts. the kids also got to take pictures with santa and have pizza. santa is makg sheldon: but before he makes the trek around the world, santa's making some stops in milwaukee. wisn 12 news' andy choi shows us. ? >> we all know the big guy's gotta hustle this time of year, but here at milwaukee's santa hustle 5-k, jolly old saint nick's taking a break from life at the north pole. >> this is warm. it is like a beach.
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tremendous event for our community where people come out and get in the spirit of the holidays. merry christmas. >> and who needs rudolph when your sleigh runs on pedal power? milwaukee's santa cycle rampage brought out more than a thousand santas in a sea of red riding through the city. >> trying to get in the holiday spirit. >> how do you pick out the real santa? >> oh man, that's up to you. if you figure it out, you let me know. >> and after a long ride burning off those cookies and milk a little holiday cheer for every thirsty santa at lakefront brewery. >> this isn't exactly santas workshop, but if you want to make toys for every kid in the world, you have to have some fuel, right? sheldon: can't beat that, beer and cookies. the money from the santa hustle 5-k benefits keep greater milwaukee beautiful. and the milwaukee santa cycle rampage raised money for the wisconsin bike fed.
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and between all the santas we saw and the snow in the forecast, it's feeling more festive. lindsey: i was going to go on a walk today, but i just marched in place in front of my tv. we do have our first measurable snow on the way. first measurable. we had a trace about two weeks ago, and now it is happening. cloudy and cold. temperatures around 28. tomorrow, the onset of this will be around 10:00 in the morning. he might see a flurry flying before that. i'm talking about when it starts to accumulate. we are talking several inches, but it depends on what part of the state you are in as to how much you will see. this is going to make the roads slippery.
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overpasses especially, because they get coldest first. i think the highways will be ok. the side streets might be questionable. if you have plans tomorrow, that is something you have to keep in mind. the system is off to our west, rain-snow mix. we do have a winter weather advisory in effect. it starts at 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning and lasts until 6:00 p.m. tomorrow evening, so this will be an all-day especially earlier if you are in madison. towards the lakefront, the snow will be starting here around 9:00 a.m. this is the most important part next to how many inches i am expecting. 8:00 a.m., not quite on the lakefront. that will take some time. the water is still warm, warmer considering we have snow on the way. as the snow gets closer, the
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frozen. here is 10:00 a.m., and there you go, the rain in milwaukee county, the onset and beaver dam, johnson creek, or janesville. if you are to the west, it's coming earlier. to the east, 10:00 a.m. or so. this will continue through the lunch hour. this will be thick, damp snow, good for snowballs, make a snowman. 1230 into the rest of the te between 11:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. after that, flip-flopping. we have the rain-snow mix, towards the end of the day, and out of here by 7:00 here it how much will we see? close to the lakefront, 1-2 inches. waukesha county, up to three. madison, 3-4 inches, so get
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10:00 a.m. onset, 2-3 inches generally. after that, it is turning into a rain-snow mix. after that, monday, chilly. tuesday, possible rain, may be a mix, but we are watching for that next weather system. we were talking about it last week, and it is looking like it will miss us. i'm keeping my eye out for next saturday. adrienne: what we know you will stay on top of it. thanks. coming up in sports, whitewater tries to keep its home playoff winning streak alive. sheldon: plus, what's at stake for the badgers as they get ready to take on penn state in the big ten championship game. stephanie sutton and stephen watson have team coverage up
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? stephanie: we are less than an hour from kick-off between wisconsin and penn state in the big ten championship in indy. before tonight's game, the badgers announced that bart houston will be starting at quarterback.
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with a preview. stephen: tonight's game will feature arguably the top two running backs in the big ten. corey clement was named first-team all big ten. the sophomore from penn state led the conference will with over 1300 all-purpose yards and 17 touchdowns. he's averaging 102 per game. he injured his foot in the last game, but james franklin says he will play tonight, so the badgers are pairing for the challenge. >> i mean they were big ten champions. that is huge. it would mean that we were able to find a way to score one more point than penn state. when you can say you have earned the right to be called big ten champions, that is a heck of a statement and a heck of an
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that's pretty cool. stephen: and that was head coach paul chryst. we will hear more from him in big 12 sports saturday. this wisconsin offense averaging 230 yards on the ground during their six-game winning streak. corey clement had six of seven 100 plus yard rushing games in the past seven games. back to you. the quarterfinals of the division three college football playoffs today, whitewater hosting john carroll. warhawks trying to keep their home game winning streak alive. second quarter down 7-0. quarterback cole wilbur on the keeper gets into the endzone. game is tied at seven a piece. that was score at the half. third quarter now. quarterback anthony meglin finds neeco james in the endzone for a ten-yard td strike warhawks trailing by seven. fast forward to0 the fourth quarter, whitewater now trailing
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brent campbell for the 24-yard touchdown. warhawks cut the lead to 10, but then with just over two minutes to go, sam kahkurah rumbles ten yards for the score and puts the game out of reach. the season is over for whitewater. they lose 31-14. it is the war hawks first loss at home in 33 games and first loss at home in the postseason in 34 games. john carroll will meet uw-oskosh in the sum of finals before they host the texans at lambeau field, the packers make some roster moves. they activate one cornerback and put cornerback demetri goodson on injured reserve. also, t.j. lang and j.c. tretter have been ruled out for tomorrow's game. college hoops. 17th ranked wisconsin is taking on oklahoma at the kohl center. first half, watch this badgers , trailing. khalil iverson grabs the offensive rebound. iverson grabs another one and finishes with the dunk.
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ethan happ is foulded by khadeem lattin, who then performs an unbelievable flop. lattin may receive an award for flop of the year, and nigel hayes can't believe it. too funny. badgers down at the break. but they fight back in the second half. check it out. vitto brown the bounce pass to hayes for the big two-handed flush. badgers up by one. the sooners answer back. christian james off the inbound pass. drives and makes a nice spin move to the hoop. sooners down by one. but the badgers too tough in the second half. wisconsin goes on a 20-3 run. ethan happ kicks it out to bronson koenig, who buries the three-pointer. koenig finishes with 16 points. uw up by two. but today belonged to mr. hayes. nigel finishes with a season high 28 points. badgers bounce back in the second half and win 90-70. the milwaukee bucks hosting the
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break. in the third quarter, the bounce past two jabari parker for the two-handed flush. watch this, behind the back of john henson of the two-handed jam. in the fourth quarter, the milwaukee bucks are dating this
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announcer: right now, this is big 12 sports saturday. dan: and that is barred houston warming up before the big ten -- houston warming up before the big ten championship game at lucas oil stadium in indianapolis. houston will be the starter tonight for wisconsin against penn state, his first start since week three against georgia evening and welcome to big 12 sports saturday. i'm dan needles along with drew olson. this is the badgers fourth appearance in the big ten championship game since it began in 2011. wisconsin clinched a spot in tonight's game by winning the west division with a 7-2 conference record. they face a penn state team that gets in over ohio state due to a tiebreaker for the top of the east division with a 8-1 record. so drew, what do we really know


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