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tv   WISN 12 News at 10PM  ABC  December 4, 2016 10:00pm-10:29pm CST

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[captioning made possible by wisn-tv] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> now on wisn 12 news. adrienne: now at 10:00, he's the man who brought baseball back to milwaukee. tonight, a major league honor for bud selig. the elite group the milwaukee-native is joining. >> wide open for the touchdown, it is jordy nelson. playoff hopes alive. post-game reaction from aaron rodgers, after leading the team to another much-needed victory. adrienne: we start with weather watch. the first measurable snow of the season is in the books. as you dust off the snow boots and get out the shovels, we're on top of this big weather story. sheldon: lindsey is standing by in the weather center with a look at snow totals. terry sater has a look at the impact, including thousands of people who don't have power right now. but first let's see what the
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here's a live look from the dot camera network. we just got an update from the milwaukee department of public works. they tell us salt trucks have finished the side streets and are heading back onto the main streets for round two. we're told crews will monitor conditions overnight to see if salt will be needed before the morning commute. here's the dots winter road conditions map. the pink on the map represents the slippery stretches. adrienne: terry sater is in downtown milwaukee tonight. some issues for utility crews. reporter: you can see beautiful lights are still on in cathedral square. we energies says the snow knocked out power to more than 5 -- 5000 people across our viewing area tonight. winter finds the weak spots so the cruise -- crews have been working hard to get the heat and lights back on. joshua shearer out for a romantic stroll sunday night in cathedral square says he's glad
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the best month of the year. >> i love the snow. i don't like slush. it's my favorite time of the year. you've got christmas. my birthday's in december. so it's a double whammy for me. reporter: from snow fights to snow plows this is what we do in wisconsin. and juan chavolla from louisville, kentucky says he's glad he's here for the experience. >> i love it. yeah. there's santa right there. reporter: we can be thankfull sunday's snow won't go in a record book compared to the early december blizzards we've experienced in 2006 or 26 years ago. >> my husband and i moved from and it was about 65 degrees. and two days later we had the biggest dump. just check with your weather guy. we couldn't even drive. we had to walk to kohl's. reporter: and that's what a lot of us remember about the arrival of winter -- challenging, slippery, slow driving. muskego and franklin have their power back.
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still working on oak creek and franklin. reporting live in milwaukee, terry sater, wisn 12 news. sheldon: slick roads might've caused this 4-car crash on i-41 in washington county this morning. it happened just south of slinger. the sheriff's office says one car crossed the median and got hit by a vehicle coming in the opposite direction. two drivers went to the hospital, but are expected to be ok. our neighbors out to the west dealt with a little more than a nuisance snow. here's what it looked like in mineral poinda you can see the thick slush on the roads. the town, which is about an hour west of madison, got several inches of the same thick, wet snow we saw here. adrienne: the snow has moved out. but lindsey, many of us are wondering, if this will impact the morning drive? lindsey: i have been going back and forth with the dot about what they're thinking about the roads. our overnight lows are getting
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you should still proceed with caution tomorrow morning. the bridges and overpasses may still be a bit of an issue. winter advisory is in effect until 4:00 a.m. in green day. madison's airport got well over 5.5 inches, while showboating -- sheboygan got anywhere from 1-3 inches depending on where th the roadways, people are still taking it slow. just be smart about it. temperatures dropping a 30 degrees. audi talk about the road conditions -- i will be talking about the road conditions and our next chance of snow. adrienne: don't forget, you can take the forecast with you wherever you go with the free 12 and news mobile app. the frozen tundra lived up to its name today in titletown. despite the snow, the green bay
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win at lambeau. sheldon: sports director dan needles is here, kicking off our team coverage. dan, a crucial win for green bay. dan: they might have to finish the season with a 6-game winning streak in order to make the playoffs for the 8th sraight year. 2 down, 4 to go. i can't remember the last time a player was able to make a snow angel on lambeau field during a game but randall cobb did, after he caught this touchdown pass from aaron rodgers for the first score of the game. not exactly the best conditions for a guy running around with a hamstring injury, but rodgers was able to make it through the game, and he engineered 2 long drives that put the game away in the 4th quarter. the first ended with this touchdown pass to jordy nelson and the packers hung on for a 21-to-13 win over the texans. as 12 sports stephanie sutton reports, the packers are aware that it won't be an easy path to the playoffs. reporter: it may be a winter
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field, but the packers victory over the texans was not pretty. however, they put together to keep drives of the fourth quarter, and the defense stepped up, giving green bay their second straight victory. >> we know where we are in our season. especially the and -- the importance of this win today. the long drive in the fourth quarter is one that stands out. >> we have to take care of ourselves and continued by good football and see where we are at the end. >> we are fortunate to get this one today. we're back to .500. as a football fan and historian, you love games like this. this is lambeau field.
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just like this snowy weather at lambeau field, they do not plan on letting up in the month of december. from king, stephanie sutton, wisn 12 sports. dan: if the packers were to win out, it would be the first time since 1941 that they had won their final 6 regular season games. the packers had to share some of the wisconsin sports spotlight today with former brewers owner bud selig, who was voted into baseball's hall of fame today, by the 16 member today's game era committee. selig brought baseball back to milwaukee in 1970, and he ran the brewers until 1992, when he became the commissioner of baseball a job he held for 22 years. selig was also the force behind getting miller park built and last year, i asked him which accomplishment meant the most to him. >> bringing a team back against
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-- got turned down by both leagues in expansion, it was really -- i'm not sure what kept me going, but that will always be the thing i am proudest of. none of the other things would have happened. dan: bud selig will be inducted into the baseball hall of fame next july 30, which is also his 83rd birthday. adrienne: we're learning more about the victims of a deadly warehouse fire in oakland. authorities continue to comb through the rubble, finding bodies. abc's danya bacchus has the latest from an reporter: sunday morning, the agony setting in for family and friends were desperate to hear from their loved ones. >> she is not answering her phone, he is not answering his phone. no one can get in contact with them. it is not like her to not respond to text. reporter: authorities say most victims were trapped on the second floor.
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by flames. >> we are victims where we least expect them. reporter: for the 2nd day authorities sift through the rubble of a four thousand square foot warehouse known as the ghost ship. a space illegally turned into artists studios and a virtual death trap for party goers friday night. >> this tragedy hits close to home. one of our deputies that we worked with lost his son in this fire. reporter: just last month, authorities started an investio complaints of trash and people living illegally in the building. one oakland city council member saying the owner needs to take responsibility. >> he owns the facility he clearly knew, he knows what the permit process is he knows what the fire code is he knows what the building code is and he was negligent. reporter: authorities still have not determined what caused the fire and say the investigation and search effort could go on for days. danya bacchus, abc news, oakland.
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shanahan, was scheduled to headline the venue the night the fire broke out. he is safe. brian gillespie is a fellow electronic musician from the madison area. he says the fire hits close to home. >> it's very sad, it's very devastating, a lot of friends lost a lot of good friends and people out there. adrienne: shanahan goes by the stage name golden donna. the latest post on his facebook page says he is heartbroken and has several friends among the missing. sheldon: president-elect donald take shape. but one of the biggest appointments he still hasn't announced is secretary of state. vice president-elect mike pence has listed five names of people who are being considered for the post. but trump's campaign manager says that list might be even longer. >> that list is expanding, because at the moment there are no, there is not a finite list of finalists, only because he will interview with additional candidates early this week.
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floated by the campaign include, former general david petraeus, former ambassador to china jon huntsman, and former presidential candidate mitt romney. donald trump's thank you tour continues this week. the president-elect will visit north carolina tuesday night. then on thursday, he and pence will thank voters in des moines, iowa. there's still no official word when the tour will stop here in wisconsin. governor scott walker has said he expects it to happen sometime in the next two weeks. and says he plans to attend trump's visit. powerful men in the country are from wisconsin. we're talking about reince priebus, donald trump's chief of staff and house speaker paul ryan. mike gousha has an interview with priebus. tonight on upfront. >> priebus will join me via satellite from trump tower in new york city. i'll ask him about trump's upcoming supreme court appointment, and whether a wisconsin judge is under serious consideration for that. and what does he think propelled trump to a surprise victory? plus, the wisconsin recount. do voters lack faith in
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help restore it? i'll ask the chairman of the state elections commission. and, how a wisconsin helathcare -- health care cooperative is dealing with the uncertainty surrounding obamacare. it's all coming up tonight at 11:00, right here on upfront. adrienne: the clock is ticking on wisconsin's presidential election recount. sheldon: how much time is left and green party candidate jill stein's latest requests. adrienne: before your monday morning commute, how a drastic cut to production is affecting as prices. -- your gas prices. sheldon: plus, helping the homeless with hot cocoa. meet the man behind the effort. lindsey: and i've been tracking snow all day long. now it's over and we look to tomorrow's commute. i'll have the areas you may need to watch for coming up in
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sheldon: nine days of mourning for the man who ruled cuba for a half century has come his hometown of santiago. thousands lined the streets as a military caravan carried castro's remains in a flagged -- flag draped cedar box. castro was 90-years-old. adrienne: gas prices are holding steady for now. but a drastic cut to production could change that. the average price of regular unleaded gas nationwide has not changed over the last two weeks , holding steady at $2.20 a gallon. industry experts don't expect
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announcement by all oil-producing countries to slash output. the average price right now in wisconsin and milwaukee are the same. $2.08 for a gallon of regular unleaded well below the national average. sheldon: it's day 4 of wisconsin's historic election recount. results are coming in across the state's 72 counties. there are 8 more days to go before the deadline. green party candidate jill stein requested recounts in three states where donald trump narrowly beat hillary clinton. the recount efforts in pennsylvania are back on. yesterday, stein announced she was dropping a recount there. this after a judge ordered voters requesting the recount to pay a $1 million bond to help cover the cost. but today, stein says she plans to file in federal court, looking for a statewide recount on constitutional grounds. a recount in michigan is also moving forward. it could start as soon as tuesday. adrienne: in weather like we had
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than others. sheldon: wisn 12 news' andy choi shows us how a handful of milwaukee's warmest hearts are reaching out. reporter: a little soup for the soul goes a long way on these bitter cold streets. >> i have gloves and much-needed socks and hygiene. reporter: jeremy lavender says these simple gifts are life-changing, and it's why ali khanmohammadi just couldn't turn >> i had an idea a few years back. reporter: four years ago, ali and some friends organized the very first hot chocolate and coffee for the homeless event. in true grassroots fashion, ali crowd sourced $400 for this year's giveaway, even kicked in of his own. $300 he found businesses that donated food and clothing, then ali and friends gave it all away .
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what church we are with our what organization? we are just part of the human race, just trying to do something for my fellow man. >> got a nice warm jacket and some gloves. >> they put a smile on my face, and that doesn't happen a lot. it keeps my head warm. it helps you realize there are still people out there that care about other people. >> gun doesn't come out and start handing -- god come out and start handing you anything. it comes through people. reporter: they hope it inspires people to give what they can give. adrienne: the organizer and his friends hope to hold hot chocolate and coffee for the homeless just across the street from the milwaukee rescue mission for years to come. he's a miniature horse on a mission.
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volunteering for the salvation army for seven years. during the holidays, tinker rings a bell to raise money for the red kettle campaign. earlier today, tinker stopped by wisn 12 news this morning to show off his skills. no matter where he goes, tinker always gets a warm welcome. >> i do think anybody walks by without at least giggling and smiling. he is great to interact with. of him and he loves it. >> he's as a list as busy as i am this time of year. adrienne: speaking of that busy schedule tinker will be ringing bells for the salvation army 3 more times this season. december 10 at fair park in west bend. december 17 at cabela's in richfield. and christmas eve at south pick
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i feel i can i wear will be over the holidays. sheldon: how could you not want to donate change when you see that? adrienne: and today was definitely beautful with the snow falling but it made for a sloppy drive in and around town. sheldon: some areas gets snow, others didn't. who got what? lindsey: it depends on where you are. i want to show you this super cool time lapse. this is froth over an inch. 1.6 inches was reported at the airport. here's some snowfall totals. you can see if you are in danger they come madison airport got some. harford, 3.6 inches. on the lower end, about three
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inches reported. depends on where you are. we had a lot of people sending us pictures. you really can't argue that. now the snow was out of here, let me show you this latest future cast to show you don't need to worry about snow anymore this evening. the main bulk of everything is out of here. 6:00 a.m. t it will be pretty chilly. temperatures getting down to about 30 degrees overnight trade with the wind, it will feel more like the low 20's. make sure that you are smart, bundle up, and where layers. you can see a bit of this to the north of us. on monday night into tuesday, you may have heard about this weather system that we were talking about. it was going to impact as tuesday through thursday this week.
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the other go south. we might see a few flurries. behind that cold front, then the cold air takes over in a big way. temperatures coming all the way and from canada. that will be a continuing trend for the week. look at high temperatures dropping down to the 20's. right now we are sitting at 33 degrees. we are fluctuating a little, but dropping down to about 30 degrees. i know you want to know i anticipate them as being pretty good on the highway. at 7:00 a.m. it will be a chilly start.
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lows. we do have on it off flurry chances. the overnight lows thursday into friday is 40 degrees. and then friday night, 12 degrees. cap -- can't. sheldon: the packers keep their play hopes alive. adrienne: with locker room reaction from the team, after their big win in
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dan: the packers are back at the .500 mark for the first time in nearly a month. now, with 4 games left in the regular season, the real playoff drive begins. this afternoon at lambeau field, the snowy conditions hampered both offenses. the packers got the first break of the game here, as ladarious gunter forced the fumble, which morgan burnett scooped up, and put green bay in great field position. but they weren't able to capitalize on the texans 2-yard line, the snap from corey lindsley to aaron rodgers was fumbled. houston recovered.
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randall cobb for a 9 yard touchdown green bay led 7-0. a milestone late in the first half, julius peppers tracked down brock osweiler, that's 142 .5 sacks for peppers, moving him into 5th place in nfl history. game is tied at seven, and it stayed that way until the fourth together back-to-back drives covering 98 and 89 yards rodgers ends the first with this 32 yard td pass to jordy nelson, who had 8 catches for 118 yards. the second drive was capped off by aaron ripkowski's 3 yard plunge and the packers survive a late touchdown to beat the texans 21-to-13. >> i think it talks about where we are at is a team. injuries are an important part of it. our guys coming back and battling through it. where we are at, every game is a
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on to seattle. is that a defense we had a good game until that they play in which we gave up. otherwise, i thought we did a good job. dan: coming up in our next half hour, the badgers react to spending the hollidays in -- holidays in dallas, where they will play in the cotton bowl. plus, how a pair of freshmen helped marquette earn a non-conference win at georgia today. still ahead tonigh heartwrenching search for survivors. sheldon: what we're learning about victims as crews continued recovery efforts in oakland, california, three days at the massive concert fire. adrienne: then, a major development in the controversial oil pipeline in north dakota. the decision that has protestors
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