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tv   12 News This Morning 430  ABC  December 5, 2016 4:30am-5:00am CST

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melinda: right now on "wisn 12 news this morning," time to cleanup after southeast wisconsin's first measurable snow of the season. coming up, the areas that saw the most snow. andy: another presidential election recount just hours away. the overnight ruling from a state start counting ballots later today. >> plus, the green bay packers celebrating a big win over the houston texans. we have reaction from the frozen tundra where players even made snow angels on the field. melinda: good morning and welcome to "wisn 12 news this morning." i'm melinda davenport. andy: and i'm andy choi. ben has the morning off. it's 4:30 on this monday, december 4th. if you parked outside, you'll
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off this morning before leaving for work and school. several inches of snow fell in parts of southeast wisconsin. the snow wrapped up overnight. let's start your day with a check of the weather watch 12 forecast. meteorologist sally severson is in the weather center. sally, i had to buy a brush. sally: you had to get out and get one, poor andy. we are talking snow melt, in fact the snow melt conditions through tuesday before the temperatures begin wednesday as we move to layers and long underwear. right now at the airport, 35 degrees. a little sprinkles showing up at mitchell international. we are looking at mostly cloudy skies for much of the day. look at the highs upper 30s. close to normal for this time of the year. the temperatures even with the clouds are melting.
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andy? melinda: communities across southeast wisconsin are cleaning up from yesterday's snow. some places like milwaukee didn't get quite enough snow to plow, but crews have been out spreading salt on side streets and main roads. other communities, especially west towards madison, did have to bring out the plows because they saw several inches of snow. whether your neighborhood got an inch of snow or closer to six inches you'll likely have to brush off the car before heading out this morning. >> right npo for most homes and businesses in southeast wisconsin. we energies says tree limbs and branches were touching power lines yesterday because of snow accumulation. that caused fuses and breakers to blow. crews were out overnight making repairs. andy: a wisconsin state trooper is ok this morning after a driver slammed into his squad car during yesterday's snow. he posted this picture on facebook as a reminder for drivers to slow down in bad weather. trooper dave schmidt says the
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he says the cruiser is totaled. it is state law to move over and slow down for emergency vehicles. >> and now let's take a live look at the roads from our department of transportation cameras. you can see the snow on the shoulders but the roads are pretty clear. keep in mind that bridges and overpasses are the first surfaces to get slick when temperatures dip. melinda: new this morning, a recount in michigan must start by noon today. tim elliott is in the wisn 12 newsroom learning new good morning, tim. tim: late last night, a judge rejected an effort by state officials to delay the hand counting the state's 4.8 million ballots to wednesday. green party presidential candidate jill stein, who requested the recount, said this delay would have cut the recount too close to the december 13th deadline. president-elect donald trump won michigan with a little more than 10,000 votes. this weekend she gave up her bid for an election recount in pennsylvania.
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steps later today outside trump tower in new york. back to you. tim, thank you. melinda: wisn 12 news time is 4:33. election officials in wisconsin hope to have the presidential recount finished one week from today. workers in milwaukee will spend today sorting through the city's 65,000 absentee ballots. that's a new record. they will start work at at 8:00 this morning. during the recount yesterday, the clinton campaign picked up 13 votes in racine county. those voters were not counted on election night due to non-standard pens used to mark ballots. the recount must be finished by next tuesday the federally mandated deadline. the green party is covering the cost of the recount. >> packers are back on the 500 mark and the players have their eyes o tennessee playoffs. a very frozen afternoon at lambeau field. the packers taking 7-0 lead into the half time and tied up in the
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together back to back drives. >> i think it really talks about where we are as a team and you know, injuries are unfortunate part about it, but the guys are coming back and off the injuries and battling through it. every game is a must-win and getting this win, especially in to seattle and making the corrections and especially on defense, for the most part we had a good game. >> andy: tonight at lambeau field, julius peppers and nick perry are signing autographs for fans. it's all to benefit the salvation army. on monday nights this holiday season, different players are signing autographs to raise money for those red kettles. fans are asked to donate a minimum of $20.
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pledged to match each of those donations during the autograph signings. melinda: wisn 12 news time is 4:35. a baby born in mid air. andy: next on "wisn 12 news this morning," who stepped in to help the new mother when her water broke on a southwest airplane. melinda: and later, health scare at the south pole. new information about why buzz aldrin had to be evacuated from the bottom of the world and how
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>> mostly cloudy skies this monday morning. a lot of low clouds in place. a peek or two of the sun. dryer air is trying to come in this afternoon. overall, it is aos you can see we are dry on the radar network. i wouldn't rule out a stray flurry. we see the temperatures holding into the upper 30s for today. we look at a little snow melt. >> on to traffic watch 12, 94,
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snow from yesterday. >> wisn 12 news time now is 4:40. the front landing collapses as a plane lands in texas. andy: the skywest flight was on its way from houston to monterrey, mexico yesterday but had to make an emergency landing. a passenger from another plane captured the moment the plane's front wheel gave way. the pilot had divertedhe plane's nose gear collapsed after landing. crew members deployed emergency slides and evacuated the passengers. thankfully, no one was injured. skywest is still looking into the exact cause of that landing gear issue. andy: also new this morning, a baby born in mid air on a flight to orlando. melinda: other passengers stepped in to help when the mother went into labor yesterday.
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on this cell phone video captured by another passenger. two doctors and a nurse helped deliver the baby boy. the southwest jet made an emergency landing in charleston. emt's met the plane and took the parents and newborn to the hospital. >> wisn 12 news time is 4:41. >> construction is halted on the pipeline. >> speaker of the house paul ryan weighs in on the decision. an a hero's that survived the attack on pearl harbor. the events planned in wisconsin
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>> we have a look at the snow from yesterday. snow totals an inch along the lake and four inches in jefferson and six closer to madison. it was a wet snow and pretty drive in as the snow is sticking to the trees. now the skies are mostly cloudy this morning. temperatures 35 at the airport. we don't have a lot of deep
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this week. from snow to cold and timing out the teens and 20s. melinda: a victory this morning for the opponents of the dakota access pipeline. the army corps of engineers denied a permit for the pipeline to be built under a lake. house speaker paul ryan is slamming that move. on twitter, he called the decision quote, big government decision making at its worst. the army corps announced yesterday that it will not allow the three billion dollar pipeline to be built under a lake in north dakota. the standing rock sioux tribe has been trying to stop the pipeline construction for months. they say it could contaminate their water and destroy some ancient native american sites. the developers are being told to find alternate routes. andy: crews are still trying to find victims of that deadly nightclub fire in oakland, california. tim has more on the details of the search. tim: so far 33 people have been confirmed dead and investigators say they expect to find more victims.
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sister station in oakland has the latest in what's now the deadliest fire ever in that city. >> well t work is continuing here this morning as investigators continue to focus on finding and identifying victims inside of this warehouse. we know they are holding off on the investigation at this time. they say it could take days before finding out the cause of this fire. they dayer is confident they'll determine what happened inside this building. we staking process for investigators as they comb through four quadrants of this building. we have seen the raw emotions, families, friends and loved ones dropping off the flowers close to the building. >> no one deserves to die like this, no one.
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>> the death toll is expected to rise. we know there is a portion of this ware warehouse that needs to be searched. including trailers. we are expecting more information at a later press conference this morning. in oakland, "wisn 12 news this morning." >> thank you. a dj from madison was supposed to have played at the club the night of the fire broke out. joel shanahan who goes by the stage name golden donnaposted on facebook that he is safe b missing. andy, back to you. andy: we're getting a look at all the damage left behind from the massive wildfires in tennessee. around 1700 buildings have been damaged or destroyed by the flames. the death toll in the fires is also rising. 14 people now confirmed dead. the latest was an 81-year-old woman who died after crashing her car while fleeing the fire. 134 others have been hurt.
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wednesday is the 75th anniversary of the attack on pearl harbor, which plunged the united states into world war two. >> right now, 75 of survivors of the attack and other world war two veterans are in hawaii for a week of events to commemorate the bombing. they received a hero's welcome saturday in honolulu. some of the men were 18 and 19 years old the day of the attack. their entire trip to hawaii was donated by the honor flight. >> it was a great flight and it's unbelievable. i don't have the words to say what i want to say. it's just great. melinda: then-president franklin d. roosevelt called december 7th, 1941 quote, a date which will live in infamy, end quote. here in wisconsin ceremonies are planned on wednesday to mark the anniversary of the pearl harbor attack. the wisconsin veterans homes in
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honor the 2400 people who died when the japanese attacked the base in hawaii. andy: later today, the milwaukee police department will swear in a new class of recruits. the ceremony is at 10:00 at the police academy on teutonia. 46 men and 12 women make up this class. the recruits will to through six months of training and should hit the streets by next summer. >> well, later today the great lakes distillery is holding a party to mark the anniversary of the repeal of the national ban ended 1933. the distillery is selling bottles of a special reserve today. the party tonight is at 6:00. the prohibition attire the earn couraged. >> that would be fun. >> we have celebrating that for a while here in milwaukee. >> yes.
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no big storms. the next shot of the snow coming over the weekend. untiling then 38, 39, today and tomorrow. there is a look at the radar and the satellite, the clouds are low for much of southern wisconsin. i anticipate breaking at least a little sun for the afternoon. no big storms being organized to the west. the next action i think lines up well to the south for wednesday and thursday and this weekend a little bit in the way of snow. the temperatures have not fallen much. 32 west bend. we have 35 at the airport. 33 elk horn. regionally a few teens across north dakota, but otherwise, we are looking at the colder air beginning to dive in later in the day tomorrow. around lunchtime, you are seeing the thin spots.
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and melting is snow else as the sun is getting higher in the sky today. i think we reach into the upper 30s. overnight for tonight, for tomorrow, a slight chance of a flurry or two, by afternoon we are starting to see clearing and a little more sunshine and the temperatures holding in the 30s for tomorrow and a cold front tomorrow night and coming through dry. but dropping the temperatures. 39 for today. 37 for tomorrow. look at the readings, lows in the teens and the highs in the low to mid 20s. there is a chance of snow later on saturday and sunday. >> thank you, sal. new information about why buzz aldrin had to be evacuated from
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signs of altitude sickness and his lung started to fill with fluid. more details about his health scare have been released to abc news. the 86-year-old traveled to the south pole last tuesday with his son as part of a tour group. on friday, he started to get short of breath and his oxygen levels were low so a medical team had him medi-vac'd to new zealand. he will be there for a few more days until his lungs clear up. armstrong is taking it all in stride posting pictures like this one on twitter. having fun aldrin was the second man to walk on the moon, after neil armstrong in 1969. back to you. >> tim, thank you. glad he's doing okay. melinda: you can get alerts sent straight to your phone to let you know when the international space station is flying over your house. nasa has set up an entire website to help you spot the station. there you can sign up for email or text alerts when it can bee seen from your location. the international space station is the third brightest object in the sky and visible without a
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getting another look at the upcoming sequel to guardians of the galaxy. >> try again. >> i am groot. >> mmhm. >> am groot. >> uh huh. >> am groot. >> noooo! >> nice. marvel just released this new trailer for "guardians of the galaxy volume two". there are plenty of new shots of baby groot. the trailer features the guardians in action, backed by the song "fox on the run" by the film hits theaters next may. >> aquaman is hitting the theatres in 2018, according to the holiday reporter. there was a cameo in batman. >> this weekend, disney's movie finished in first place for the
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it is featuring the voice of the rock johnson and original music hamilton creator. the harry potter spinoff beast and where to find them in second place. 18.5 million. and arrival dropped to third place. >> who knew the rock could sing. >> well, he can do everything. >> wisn 12 news time now is 4:54. places to eat lunch or dinner. >> the one milwaukee spot where five new restaurants are opening up. >> thinking spring on a winter
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>> welcome back. new this morning, common knowledge that sun damage leads to health problems, but extra sun exposure could help you see better. >> according to a study that claims that teens and downadults that spend more time in the sun could have better vision later in life.
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are less likely to be near sighted if they spend more time outdoors. >> researchers say they have found the first case of the zika virus causing glaucoma in infants. it can result in permanent damage to the optic nerve and lead to blindness. >> your stomach could play a role in the development of paso in the gut can lead to the detierization of the motor skills. >> the oldest holiday debate real or fake tree? what do you think, andy? >> fake. >> i'm going fake too. i have a fake tree and proud of it. if you have a real tree, oh,
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bare of the fire hazards. real trees can get dry and catch the heat from the decorations and sometimes causing them to burst into flames. christmas trees cause 210 house fires between 2009 and 2013. be careful. 5:00, the news continues right now. >> good morning. welcome to "wisn 12 news this morning." i'm midst. >> the packers are keeping the playoff hopes alive after a win, the snow made the game more fun. >> first to weatherwatch 12.
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several inches fell in some of the areas. we are keeping our eye on the conditions. sally: we are done for the snow for today. the skies remaining mostly cloudy. the temperatures 32 or better. we melt a lot of the snow that fell across southern wisconsin. 34 over 30. winds are west at 11 at the airport. this is a look at cathedral square. a few minnesota and iowa. i anticipate a few thin spots in the clouds for today. but we are melting some of the snow. mostly cloudy skies this morning. 30s. we look at a thin spot or two in the clouds. for tonight, mostly cloudy. >> sal, thank you. >> southeast wisconsin is cleaning up from the first snow of the season f. you parked outside, then take a look at


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