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tv   WISN 12 News at 6PM  ABC  December 5, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm CST

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minutes and you can see the officer approaching the car and he said that he ordered anderson to raise his arms. again, issues were in order and he believed that jane anderson was reaching towards his gun and the officer hit anderson five times in the head. you could not hear the audio on that recording. he says that he believes that the district attorney made the right decision. >> i have watched the video 20 times. i will watch it in slow motion, forward, backwards, and i could
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>> this is the second time in two years of the officer has been involved in a fatal shooting. given that the decision was made today, the officer has been cleared and is heading back to work. wisn news. >> in downtown milwaukee, we have live coverage. >> the family just finished speaking here at this office about the decision and they say that they expected it, but they are no less disappointed. that family will not face criminal charges. the officer said that anderson was lunging for the gun. many relatives have seen the video and they say that it
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tired of holding his hands up. the attorney reviewed the video in the enhancements of the video , showing that he had a handgun and that the decision against the criminal charges is hard to take. >> the only thing that justified it was his hands going down and, if that is what we here, it is sad. it is sad. >> my daughter will never be able to know her dad or see her dad again. it is not right. >> state law requires that kind of investigation the done by the
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attorneys office to do an interview with us and, in the meantime, the attorney for the family says that he has requested that the attorney's office investigate the case and they said they have agreed to do that. they will follow up on this investigation. reporting live downtown. >> anderson around 3:00 and the protests started in july. 100 people marched through mayfair mall. finally, they were told that the officer will not be charged. >> the temperatures are about to take a plunge. let's check in. >> you can see that it is not horrible.
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in burlington. the temperatures are obviously feeling a little frigid. another issue we had was fog. that may be a problem for the commute. keep that in mind. it looks nice out there and there is a cold front that will be a cd we will be off to the low 30's. coming up next, we will talk about how cold the temperatures will get in the next potential for snowstorms. >> you can track the following temperatures -- the fall in the temperatures right down to your street. >> some green party observers
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>> yes. i have discovered a new way in which the ballots are being counted here. you see the lights on and there is a faster and more streamlined approach. you have green party observers who have expressed concerns over how played out. >> there is criticism over the start and the new high-speed counting machine was brought in to replace the other machines. before the decision was made, the green party observer voiced an objection. >> they changed over to a new system halfway through the
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see the vote. >> a monitor notified the green party campaign with concerns and they were addressed by staff. the concerns spread and included accusation of fraud" in a ballots. that is something she said she never alleged. >> i have not seen that, i would say. led the staff to limit the number of observers in the room. eventually, everybody settled on seven. >> now, if there are more observers who fit into the room,
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recount here and we have a link for you on our app. >> let's look at what the elections commission saying. there is no significant problem so far. all of the results are due in a week from tonight. >> donaldmp company that would move jobs. they are moving to mexico and viciously firing workers. the plant is a short distance away from the carrier plant. trump said it saved hundreds of jobs last week.
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we have reached out for comment and not heard back. >> robert ross is in a new video that shows how bumpy it is outside. >> i cannot even imagine what it would be like to sit in here. >> the bumpy ride in the back of an ambulance. there is an estimated whole in the transportation budget. he said he made it clear that he would not support that registration fee. governor walker is visiting and his delegation is with a group
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>> the family message to other pet owners. amazon is getting into the grocery business. >> a mild winter is going into a deep freeze. >> it coming. when we see the drop in temperatures at 6:00. >> repeatedly targeted by crime. the latest incident. this man is accused of cheating
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>> cars are burglarized and set on fire.
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>> he has been a professional fighter for almost a decade. he is getting ready. >> i am a champion. >> back in october, somebody put the car on fire. >> went something like that happens, it makes you question. is it a barbershop, a it is a weird kind of thing. >> he says that it saddens him that this keeps happening. >> i hear about this and it is sad to see, because this is our future. >> the choice to remain living and working in the city he lives in remains the same.
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this out? everything is in this place and i cannot leave it. >> he will stay and fight for the city and the championship. >> to watch this, you need to go to -- >> violating the state finance law. jim schmidt must fine. he said that he did not understand the bookkeeping rules. he has not decided on whether to run for reelection. and man who was trying to get home is accused of taking a cab driver for a ride. they convinced a green bay cabdriver to give him a ride. they stopped at a truck stop and he was accused of ducking out of
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$475,000 -- $475 fair. he told him he had been drinking and that he was separated from his friends and had lost his cell phone. >> we are 204 days from summer. >> a way to celebrate with summer-fest merchandise. look for avenue and brookfield square. this is part of a for wisconsin merchandise. >> local sourcing and local products that you can't find anywhere, except in our stores. >> the canadian holiday train is
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the train is set to arrive in st. paul. there will be a lot of music and a chance to get a picture. it is two dollars per family member. this is the 18th year for the train. >> a new look with the led upgrade. the color of is based on the weather forecast. the flickering flame means no rain. we may have a cold flickr, at some point. >> who knows? >> everyone could blame the building for the weather forecast. >> everybody blames the building
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are heading out the door. it is something to keep in mind. coming up, this is the upcoming snow chances and i'm talking about single digit windchills. this is definitely a phrase i did not want to say yet and we do have some snow potential and i want to show you what is happening all day and the cold is coming. if you are going to relax, here is the weather system here and the areas of pressure were supposed to go over wisconsin and that did not happen. obviously.
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snow. winter is coming and the cold front will swing the cold air in from canada, almost like a gate and it allows the cold to go through. finally, it will get here and you can see the cold air coming and it gets int and everybody will be feeling this chill. we will get close to this tomorrow and these are the temperatures for the rest of the week and you may want the overnight lows. i will show you them. here is the cold front.
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snow on the way. not ruling out a few flurries for tomorrow. we should not see a whole lot and you can get yourself ready for that. we are talking about flurries and friday should be all right. sunshine would be nice. chances and sunday is something i am watching. this is why i am letting you know that sunday may be a bit of a messy day for you. there is some fog out there and
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the cold front will bring in the cold air into the teens with the warm weather here. if you are thinking it is getting warm again, it is not happening. >> for the first time, since being selected for the hall of fame. >> why the milwaukee native says
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>> after four straight games, the clappers are on a streak. -- the packers are on a streak. lowery was a contributor to the defensive efforts yesterday and he played the most snaps all season. he recorded a sack and a quarterback hit.
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>> you want to give these guys the opportunity to make plays and you have to keep giving them opportunities. i think that is the work he gave us yesterday. >> you always approached the game the same way and i came in and played well. it is the "next man up mentality. >> bud selig was introduced as a member of the hall of fame and the ceremony is next summer. he said that he never dreamed of something like this. >> this is not only the greatest honor i have ever received. there is no question about that. but, being included in the hall
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leaving me almost speechless. >> they will host the san antonio spurs. the kickoff is back. a big honor for john us. -- giannis. this is the second time he has gotten the award. the greek freak average -- against the cavaliers. by the way, he is 22 tomorrow. congrats to the player of the week, will average 18 points, eight assists, and six rebounds a game. it is the big ten player of the
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kaminsky. >> frank the tank. thank you. >> right now, we are in the middle of the 12 days of giveaways. we have each and every prize. go and scroll to the bottom to register to see what you can win. the county courthouse is getting into the spirit. santa. >> do you want to help us with the count? >> nice. the county is also hosting a holiday drive for the veterans receiving care. the donations are due by december 14.
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>> it is inside, when it comes to the day. >> it looks holiday-ish and some of the snow has been melting.
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hopes revealed. why jimmy kimmel was picked. the a-list star who wanted the gig but wasn't even asked. mariah carey, is this the moment that ended her engagement? relationship with her backup dancer. >> justin bieber's new paparazzi pleas. >> is madonna remarrying her ex, sean penn? >> i'm so in love with you. >> the surprising offer nearly 30 years after their divorce. only "e.t." is in england with mark wahlberg for the new transformers movii.


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