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tv   WISN 12 News at 1030PM  ABC  December 5, 2016 10:30pm-11:00pm CST

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. >> adrienne: a family is searching
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will not be charged. the police officer shot 24-year-old jay anderson while he was sitting in his car in june. we heard from anderson's family and the police chief about the encounter. >> the officer requested backup on the radio. he said the suspect at the park had a gun. the officer told the suspect he had a gun, he reached for the gun, he said he had backup coming. he suggesting he was complying with the officers orders. on several occasions the subject started to lower his right arm, leaning to the passenger seat where the gun was located. each occasion the subject was instructed not to reach for the weapon, and to keep his hands up. >> he reached to the gun with the right hand. >> for the safety weapon.
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he was intoxicated and had marijuana in the system. >> i watched the video 20 times. i've watched itted in slow motion - forwards, backwards, frame by frame. i could take as much time as was needed. police had less than a second to make a decision. a trained the threat of death or harm to themselves are allowed by law to use force. >> his hand was falling down as if he was falling asleep or passing out. it was the last time it went down and the officer fired the service weapon, resulting in his
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able to walk away. their daddy is out there. regardless of whatever. he didn't arm nobody. i have two kids by him that will never know him. my mayby asked for my hope. >> that killed my son. he never picked up the weapon. it's disgusting that this man gets to walk the earth, and my son is there. adrienne: the chief says the officer will return to fall duty, we reached out to the attorney-general's office to explain the decision. they have not commented.
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family said they have agreed to do an independent assessment trouble makers broke into his car and set it on fire. we told you about crime targetting anthony pettis. lindsay davernport spoke to him today. >> reporter: he's been a professional fighter for a decade. now anthony pettis is getting ready for one the >> i'm a champion or nothing. >> in october. someone set his car on fire in the middle of the night. >> he lost three cars and a boat. >> whoever did it, it's a weird kind of thing. >> then, just last month, caught on camera, two entering his s.u.v. outside of his house.
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happens. >> i hear about the misdirection, it's sad to see. >> while preparing to fight this weekend, the choice to remain living and working in the city he loves he mains the same. >> i stayed here. my dad is here. everything is in this place, i can't leave this pl city and the championship. adrienne: pattize is fighting max holloway at the air canada center in toronto, you can watch it on paper view. adrienne: a teenager is in custody in connection with a bump and run. the victim spoke about the attack. she told us her s.u.v. was returned by police hours after
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a 16-year-old suspect was arrested. they are searching for other suspects. charges are expected another time this week. a crash in washington county, after the snow. david schmidt posted on facebook that another car slammed into his while he protected a crash scope. he said he has a minor injuries, and he west coasted picture of the squad. he's down and give way to emergency vehicles on the road. >> tech nick reply it's not winter. >> that's right, there's a full week to go. it didn't make it to 40. that'll be hard to come back. i don't have 40s in the forecast. here is a look at what is happening. i can't be a debbie downer. pretty much 36 degrees.
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this. dropping into the low 30s. moving him to tomorrow morning, were there may be lingering fog. there'll be snow towards the areas. that leaves it in our direction. i didn't anticipate snow. there's not a lot of moisture present. we could see volatility. by 5 in the morning. 34 degrees at the bus stop in the 20s. after that, it's not waking them up. the sun will be hard to come by this weekend. >> thank you. you may know the food truck owners have a brick and mortar truck. we go to a new restaurant bringing life into a historic milwaukee building. >> we love it. >> reporter: a former dump truck driver and a preschool teacher,
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>> we opened a store. >> reporter: and you get the girls. >> going to where the magic happens. >> reporter: they were no longer on the wheels in the food truck. >> they are home recipes. >> they are cooking up curb side comfort food. >> we add the bacon. >> reporter: in the new home. >> they drove the city serving the community, when the opportunity came up to move into an old building, they had to go for it. >> that's what you do. you work and plan and hope, and you jump. and we jumped. >> along with four others, the guter girls are part of a cafeteria with 100 student apartments above them. the site coming a long way from the start in the late 1800s. >> it's a beautiful building
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building on the past. making their own future. adrienne: it looks good too. as for the other restaurants. tokyo express, pizza - they had their grand opening today. >> should i wish them gu, da-luck. >> coming up. bill cosby. >> and customers fearing f their life. and drunk drivers threatened
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a gunman goes into a washington d.c. pizza restaurant opening fire with an assault weapon. >> police say he was fuelled by a fake news story read on internet claiming the shop was operating a chide child abuse ring. pierre thomas has next. >> reporter: police received calls about a man with an assault rifle. >> they said did you see the guys, he had a big gun. >> reporter: the suspect aimed the rifle in the direction of an employee, firing three shots. after 35 minutes.
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the restaurant by police and arrested. it's a conspiracy known as pizza gate. there's a false story of child abuse, linking hillary clinton, her campaign managers john podesta and the opener. the owner said he's been besieged by death wishes since the fake story >> what happens today demands that promoting false theories you come with consequences. >> it was found during the election that fake stories outperformed real ones. he surrendered after he realized no children were harmed. the shooting shows how a fake news story can lead to a real-life-threatening situation. a big set back for canadian
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pennsylvania said damaging testimony in a previous lawsuit can be used. sidney crosby acknowledged that he had given young women drugs and alcohol. >> this weekend's nobel prize banquet will not be attended by bob dylan. he has been silent since awarded the nobel prize. officials said he feels need. he sited pre-existing commitments. instead patti smith will sing "a hard rain's agonna fall." last week drunk drives threaten with nickel back music by police officers. the officer is apologising to the band and public saying i was accused of making light of
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i as a police officer and every police officer before me know well, the catastrophic devastation can create. the initial post has been revolved. >> this is set to lead to a large numbers of officers. 199 officers were eligible for retirement. next year it sits at 1186789 they spent time with new recruits ready to fill >> reporter: the next wave of potential police officers stood before the major and chief ready to protect and serve. >> i always uphold the constitution. >> reporter: 58 recruits. 46 men and 12 women. >> what he always wanted to do... >> alicia was here to support her younger brother, michael jones junior.
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apprehensive. i think he'll do well. facing the potential of a number of retirements. we can't predict what everyone will do. the chief is confident that the next crop can help fill the void. >> it shows the combination of experience and enthusiasm. >> in the past milwaukee police officers were required by law to live within the city limits. it is not true any more. it didn't encourage the recruits to live th >> there has to be that trust. and that trust has to be earned. >> next up, six months of difficult training at the academy recruits are not allowed to speak on camera, but off camera they are ready for the challenge. >> let's hope they stay safe. >> it's weird to talk about
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[ ??? ] stephen: florida seahawks the next stop guestlist. they've been struggling, dropping 40 to the panthers. after the rough stretch, the third game, the fact is they had 13 points in the last two games. they had a lot of injuries. if the past weeks are an indication, the line up could stay the same again. >> we try to work with what we have.
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we have a fun game coming up. each week, it's a challenging week. that's the issue of the two teams with each other. we are looking forward to the challenge. >> baseball back to milwaukee, the commissioner of the mlb for two decades. bud selig is the next mbe joined by john schuerholz. >> you know, when i left the commissionership, bringing baseball back to milwaukee, and all the things that happened, i didn't think that anything could eclipse that. last night did. today has. and i am sure the rest of my existence will be.
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absolutely magnificent moment in my life. stephen: a triple double. syracuse 28 against oklahoma. nigel hayes is the best player of the peek. this is the first time in the career he's owned the honour. he averages 8.5 points, eight assists. he had versatility on of the field. >> i think i have picked up my level of play. as everyone usualry says, a team will follow suit from that. and i think that's what we are doing, the guys are playing. the over-used swag and confidence that they have. >> ironically a lot of things that make nigel good is the same
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stephen: milwaukee get to win 83-78 tonight great. can't believe that football game on saturday. >> yes. what about that. forecast when we come back. >> i have no words.
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janet, i'm giving you an extra week's vacation! oh, ah... nooo. what? no way.
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before we say goodnight, another look at the canadian pacific holiday trainers, 14 causes, taking them t milwaukee. head to the heartland and water town tomorrow. i was watching the stories, saw the videos. so many came out. we interviewed folks. they said i have been before, it's cool. >> check it out tomorrow again. check out their website for the times. >> i never have done that. and i grew up here. this is cool. take a lot of pictures.
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- will smith. and barbeque master adam perry lang. plus snoop dogg. and now, get psyched -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: very nice, nice to see you. welcome. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for coming and for


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