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tv   WISN 12 News at 1030PM  ABC  December 6, 2016 10:30pm-11:01pm CST

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joyce: it's been awhile, but tonight was a good reminder, the winter is here and it can get cold. adults and children in wauwatosa were sure to cover their ears and heads while they waited for the holiday train. those temperatures will continue to drop. patrick: and the wind l make it feel colder as well. mark, we haven't felt this in awhile, so it almost seems worse than it is. mark: we are not acclimated. we have not had any of this cold, so now when it hits, the wind goes right through you. later it up. you will need it all. not bad right now, 29. it's cold, but not crazy cold. the windchill is an uncomfortable 17. the current windchill in
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single digit windchills for a time. those wicked winds continue tomorrow, then we are watching the weekend snow potential. layer it up, wind chills around 10 degrees in the morning. high temperature tomorrow, 20 seven degrees, westerly wind at 15-25. it could be worse. north dakota got hit with blizzard conditions today. a 300 was closed. the conditions were mainly the wind, gustingwind, gusting up ts per hour. blizzard conditions continue in these areas. they have a fair amount of snow on the ground there. in the blizzard conditions continue until tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. it will get better by tomorrow
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at least we don't have to worry about that around here, but some snow this weekend, and we cannot escape the cold. it will be with us for a while. patrick: a germantown business owner is trying to convince people that he's not a thief. his retirement savings are now in limbo thanks to a case of mistaken identity. joyce: as wisn 12 news kent wainscott reports, it's a strange problem that's come back to haunt him after 25 years. >> they denied it. i'm confused. >> david martin was stunned when a local brokerage firm refused to work with him on his retirement account. >> i asked for details and they said, we can't disclose that to you. >> the company, scottrade, also wouldn't tell us why it flagged his account, but they did point martin to the company that does their background checks. >> even though i've never committed theft. i've never been arrested. i've never been convicted. i've never been tried. all of a sudden, i have a
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martin told them he says he's being mistaken for someone with the same name, and almost identical social security number. someone with a criminal past. >> here we go again. >> he's sure that's what happened, because it's happened before. >> unpaid hospital bills and everything. >> we spoke with martin 25 years ago, when his credit report was confused with that of another david martin. at more problems for a quarter century. until now, as martin finds himself hoping for another fix, with his retirement funds on hold. >> for me, that's my nest egg. what am i going to do? >> in the end, martin, this david martin, knows that even if this issue is resolved, there's no guarantee it won't happened to him again, maybe years from now. in germantown, i'm kent wainscot, wisn-12 news. joyce: david is working with the background check company to try and clear things up.
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fighting the growing opioid problem in wisconsin. the digital billboards are part of the federal drug enforcement agency's new campaign to increase the public's awareness of the risks of prescription painkillers. addiction to those can lead to problems with heroin and fentanyl. the dea hopes the billboards can help change behavior and attitudes. >> this initiative offers hope, hope that we can prevent misuse and addiction tes in the grips of dependence and hope for their families with treatment. patrick: according to the dea, 262 people have died from overdoses in milwaukee county so far this year. joyce: a race against time. tonight, crews in california are rushing to get ahead of an incoming storm as they investigate that deadly warehouse fire in oakland. 36 people are dead. abc's danya bacchus has new information on what may have sparked the fatal fire. >> as heavy machinery begins
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on scene here until we can look the family members in their face and say, yes, we have completely searched this warehouse. >> the coroner's office is saying the three dozen victims died of smoke inhalation. >> i just ran through, and kept looking around to anybody that i could see. >> i can't imagine how those families feel. >> jose avelos lived in the building. he manago , now learning that many of the victims trapped inside knew they were going to die and sent text messages to loved ones. >> we found a lot of victims in the wreckage here that uh, were holding each other and caring for each other as they waited to die. >> we're also getting a look at the living conditions inside the warehouse. shelley mack lived there for 5 months. she took this video before the fire, showing crumbling walls, clutter and a dimly lit , staircase. >> it was a hellhole. it was a death trap.
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leased by derrick ion almena. he became emotional during an interview with the today show. >> am i the man who should be held accountable? did i build something that, i mean, what am i going say for that? >> the investigation turning criminal with murder charges possible. >> an official briefed on the probe tells abc news that authories are eyeing a refrigerator as the possible point of origin. danya bacchus, abc news, oakland, california. joyce: identified 35 of the 36 victims. they have notified the victims families of 30 at this point. patrick: a 19-year-old homicide suspect is in custody tonight after a standoff with police on the city's northside. officers and u.s. marshals went to a home near 13th and burleigh around 11:00 this morning. during their investigation, police say people inside the home refused to come out. tactical officers and negotiators were called in and the teenager was arrested about
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tactical situation with a breaking news alert. you can get alerts sent straight to your phone or tablet with the wisn mobile app. joyce: bringing more visitors to wisconsin. that's the goal of a new driving route being unveiled by the state's tourism department. the frank lloyd wright trail spans from kenosha county to richland county. the self-guided route takes travelers to nine frank lloyd wright sites, including the taliesin in spring green. >> wisconsin has the greatest concentration of frank lloyd wright buildings in the world, 41 of them. so this trail is a way to bring international visitors to wisconsin. >> the 200-mile route starts at i-94 along the illinois-wisconsin line. patrick: representatives from meijer stopped by blair elementary school in waukesha this morning to drop off hundreds of pairs of winter boots. >> it is a great feeling to know
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person's life in whatever fashion it is and just seeing the look on their faces when they walk in it just warms your heart really. patrick: meijer gave out 400 sets of boots today and an orange with each set just as saint nick would do. joyce: i love with that girl said, i'm going to wear them forever. a new non-stop flight option starts tomorrow at mitchell international airport. patrick: frontier airlines will inaugurate its first non-stop flight from milwaukee to phoenix. the celebration of the new this flight is part of several expansions by frontier airlines. also happening tomorrow, a presentation on holiday planning and stress management. the free event is inside the oak creek library. starting at 4:15, you can learn how to identify holiday stress triggers and how to set healthy boundaries. a story of people helping people. joyce: a family and a toys "r" us cashier start a pay it
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help dozens of people down on their luck. patrick: then, the president speaks at an air force base, weeks before he leaves office. the song that got him sentimental before the speech. >> later tonight on nightline, inside devastated aleppo, a rare look at the demolished city, once a rebel stronghold. the millions displaced by conflict, one family's return. naomi judd opening up about overcoming a dark family secret. that is on "nightline", now at midnight, still right here on
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joyce: the pentagon could have saved $125 billion in wasteful spending but reportedly decided not to. patrick: as sally kidd reports, the pentagon is defending the lack of action. >> government watchdogs say this is another example of epic over-spending at the pentagon and senior leaders trying to cover it up. when a federal advisory panel looked into the pentagon's business operations it di bureaucracy, according to its former chairman, about a million administrative staffers serving 1.3 million active duty troops. the panel pin-pointed $125 billion worth of wasteful spending to be cut over five years. >> all the savings that we were going to accomplish would be putting money back in, more planes, more battalions, and more ships. >> but the washington post reports pentagon leaders suppressed the findings and put the data under lock and key.
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than anybody had expected that it became a political liability. so in the end, they effectively buried the study. the post says pentagon leaders were concerned the findings would prompt congress to cut the defense budget even more. >> the pentagon has far too many employees. there should be a presumption that much of this could be done in the private sector. >> a pentagon spokesman says senior managers determined the study had limited value because improve efficiency and it lacked actionable recommendations appropriate to the department. the white house puts the blame on congress, saying too many lawmakers are blocking spending reforms recommended by the pentagon. patrick: the pentagon says defense secretary ash carter has been pushing for a new round of base closures and adjustments to
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? patrick: hail to the chief plays as president obama takes the stage in tampa. the president spoke at macdill air force base to talk about his administration's counterterrorism strategy, and to thank members of the military for the role they played in that fight. before his final speech at the base as president began he made , reference to the presidential song. >> i was just told that was going to be the last 'hail to the chief' on the road, and it got me kind of sennt leave office on january 20 when president-elect donald trump is sworn in. joyce: a ups delivery man in portland oregon is getting a lot , of attention for how he decided to stay warm. he was recorded by a homeowner's security camera going up to the door with a bandana over his face and wearing a black hood. the homeowner thought it was a potential thief so she alerted , the neighborhood online with an image of his covered face. ups confirmed he was hired for the holidays. they say drivers often drive
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they try to bundle up. one neighbor says he understands, but feels the driver should have used more common sense. >> no i don't blame him for , trying to get warm but the , thing being covered up that much going to somebody's house, i would have at least taken that down. joyce: neighbors also don't blame the woman for being scared. several packages have been stolen in the area. the holiday spirit is in full effect at toy stores across the country. patrick: in manchester, new hampshire one act of kindness led to a unique chain of events. shelley walcott has the story of paying it forward. >> chelsea provencher braved a packed toys "r" us black friday so her daughter violet could use some gift cards. but while they are checking out, they ran into a bit of a problem. >> we get up there and ring everything in and i'm $5.52 short. and i literally had grabbed all the change i had in the car, i had no money on me, i had just my cell phone and keys and i
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disappointed eight-year-olds that she had to put one of her new toys back. and that's when a nearby cashier stepped in. >> the young lady at the register next to us she finished with her customer and then she came right over and she was like no problem. pulls out her little credit card, she's like i got this, i'll pay for it. and i was like no you don't have to do that we can put something back, she's like no it's fine. >> that cashier was sheilla nelson, who says she didn't think twice about helping out. >> it was just an instinct. because i like to do nice things for other people. >> by sheilla's kindness toward his wife and daugher, he decided to pay it forward. he went back to the toys "r" us, and insisted on donating $552 to the store. that is 100 times over, he says, in the form of a gift card, to be distributed among future customers, who might need help with their purchases. >> it amazed me that she was nice enough to just help out when someone was distressed because of something so little. but when toys "r" us corporate
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they decided to pay it forward too. they returned his generous donation, and made one on his behalf, money still to be donated to customers in need. >> the company is really humbled by what happened and wants to make sure that the store and sheilla are rewarded. patrick: that was shelly walcott from our sister station in new hampshire. again, toys "r" us will recognize the cashier for her kind gesture that started that chain of generosity. mom. what do you do? the salvation army is looking for volunteers. joyce: they need volunteers to help with the upcoming christmas family feast. between 8000 and 10,000 people are expected to show up for a free holiday meal this year. it will consists of ham, turkey, dressing, potatoes, yams, and
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lot of effort to put this together. >> we are in need of volunteers to help with that both a little bit in preparation but especially in serving and helping guide people to their tables, etc. joyce: volunteers are asked to register in advance. the christmas family feast runs from 11:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. in the afternoon on christmas day at the wisconsin center in downtown milwaukee. patrick: ugly christmas sweaters are a popular theme, but what about an ugly christmas tree? people are making fun of the tree in montreal. some are calling the 88-foot pine ugly, lopsided, spindly, andcr brown tree. on top of the shape, some don't like the ornaments, which are logos for canadian tire. the company that delivered the tree admits that it didn't have time or the money to properly decorate it the way people wanted. it's unique. joyce: it is deathly unique. coming up in sports. a busy day
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patrick: who the brewers traded to boston and which big leaguer they got in return. joyce: plus our exclusive one on , one with randall cobb. what the wide receiver says about the state of the packers john, we're giving you a raise. that's fantastic!
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announcer: big 12 sports presented by menards. stephanie: if the packers want to keep their post-season hopes alive, they need a victory on sunday at lambeau field when they host the nfc west leading seahawks. seattle has not won in green bay since 1999. time now for our exclusive one-on-one with randall cobb. plus, 12 sports stephen watson asks the wide receiver about the state of the packers offense. stephen: very fired up whenever you make a big play. i noticed that about davante adams as well, but jordy nelson seems to be extremely animated this year. have you guys noticed that? >> yeah, we noticed it. we love seeing that from him. just because it at something to the game. it shows we are having fun, enjoying it, and to see him having fun like that, we definitely love seeing it from him.
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inspired you with how he has come back this season? >> it is great. the special thing about jordy nelson, he never changes from day to day, and that is what makes him who he is. coming off an injury, we knew geordie would be geordie -- jordy nelson would be jordy nelson, and he has had the opportunities to make those plays. stephen: i know of a lot of stuff was made a a that there is a sense of urgency. our opportunities are running down, and we have the ability to do that, going out there and proving it every week. that is what is important for us right now, that we are handling each week the best we can. stephanie: thank you, stephen. the brewers say good-bye to this guy today. closer tyler thornburg was sent to the boston red sox. he's already wearing his new hat.
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the 26-year-old lefty batted 242 with 16 homers in 145 games with the red sox. milwaukee also got two of boston's top 25 prospects, cash, and a player to be named later. overall, a busy day for brewers gm david stearns at the winter meetings. >> i think we looked at it, the entirety of the deal was important to us, all three pieces coming back. travis is the most notable w he played a prominent role in what the red sox did last year, and he will play a prominent role for our team this year as well. stephanie: tempers flare in iowa. milwaukee with the power play goal. 3-1 over i would. -- over iowa. he got a nice goal there. joyce: a hockey game broke out during a fight?
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- ryan seacrest. from "why him", zoey duetch. and music from james vincent mcmorrow. and now, back at it -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: thanks very much. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching.


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