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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  ABC  December 8, 2016 12:32am-1:02am CST

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you can't hide from us, prince harry. we know all about your overnight date with your hollywood girlfriend. how he tricked the prying paparazzi. >> this was something out of a spy movie. >> then brad pitt fights back in court. how he's sending a message to angelina tonight. >> plus our night out with emma stone and ryan gosling. we flashback to the "la la land"
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impersonator. >> inside the real housewives' outrageous closet. >> a wall of shoes. 150 handbags. >> there is a champagne door bell. >> wait a minute. back it up. what's a champagne door bell? only "e.t." is getting an up-close look at this housewife's very expensive taste. >> what's the oldest piece in here? >> me. >> now for december 7, 2016, this is "entertainment tonight?" no more mr. nice guy, brad pitt fights back in ccurt today as his custody war with angelina jolie takes another ugly turn. >> first up, that sneaky, sneaky prince harry. we have the details behind the secret detour to see meghan markle and the signs that this royal romance is getting very serious. >> here are the new details. prince harry's girlfriend meghan markle went flower shopping this weekend just 24 hours before the prince arrived in toronto. and look closely, the actress is
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>> the prince left toronto after a 36-hour visit, but here's the question. how did theeprince visit meghan and go undetected? >> "e.t.'s" ross westin is in toronto. >> an eyewitness tells us that the couule didn't leave meghan's house during meghan's visit and a friend of meghan was seen setting up brand-new security cameras outside of her houss. as far as the arrival and getaway of the prince and this was something out of a spy movie. the paparazzi were held at bay and harry's security detail is plaqued-out vans. here's the best pprt. one of the cars pulled out in the black alley and the black passenger door was opened remotely and a male figure in a hood, probably harry, dove into the backseat and they were off. >> royal watcher and arthur katy nichol says the press may have been misled.
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kensington palace when all of the journalists were beiig briefed about the itinerary and they asked would prince harry be going straight to london or might he going to see meghan markle and the palace assured that prince harry wouldn't be making a detour. >> prince harry was back at work today and, yep, he is still wearing that same beaded bracelet identical to the one meghan wears..o cf1 o harry turned trader, brokering deals at a charity event and then played a life-sized game of operation. y that another trip is imminent and that they will be going away together before christmas. >> maybe meghan markle is really the one. >> yo, brad pitt is trying to keep the world out of his business. the actor had his lawyers back in court today as he tries to stop the leaks of his personal information of his custody battle of angelina jolie. >> a lot of people are saying that angelina is airing this out to get brad's reputation dirty. do you have a comment on that? >> i will not make any comment.
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angelina's lawyer laura wasser after brad pitt called an emergency hearing to basically say quit airing the family's dirty laundry in public. >> i think any time you end up & in court that's probably not a great sign. >> how come this wasn't sealed in the first place? >> can't comment. >> so what made brad fighting mad? the legal custody agreement document that angie filed publicly. brad feels that violated the confidentiality clause. "e.t." news producer tracy kaczynski was inside the courtroom and family law specialist steve mendel has the question. >> the curious question is why did angelina filed this document? skeptics say she filed this because she wants to damage brad pitt's celebrity and increase her celebrity. the truth of the matter is angelina believes that brad might violate the order and she wants to move quickly and efficiently. >> the judge denied brad's request for an emergency hearing and he'll likely have to wait until january for a judge to decide on that, but he'll need
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motion which is more than 100 pages long. >> bbsed on new court papers brad asked to see the kids the day after thanksgiving. angelina reacted. pitt is seeking more time with the children and he and angie can't come to an agreement. and look at this, brad requested that between now and the holidays he gets 30 to 60-minute therapy sessions with his children. he specifically asked for one session with the twins, one with shiloh and zahara, one with all four and one with pax maddox, but if the boys don't want to participate, brad wants time with the other four. >> is there an end to the fight coming up soon? >> my hope is with the upcoming holidays things will calm down a little bit. >> will they be together for the holidays? >> i don't believe so. >> there turned out to be some breaking tv news and this will make you happy. a "will and grace" reunion show might be in the works. now megan mulally has all, but confirmed it.
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anything is possible. >> megan heavily hinted that a reboot could be a reality. saying, quote, all i can say is there say good chance that that might happen. we're not rehearsing or anything like that, but there is a very good chance that something will materialize. >> make them out of the window again. >> speculation that the gang would get back together would have social media buzzing when they reunited for this politically themed youtube video which got over 6 million hits. meean told us it wasus going only even though they've been off the air for ten years. >> that's will, that's jack. it was really, really fun. >> i have big news! she told prize, quote, in a completely made-up world where nbc is coming up for ten episodes, just in that made-up world, it couldn't be a better time. kwooet "e.t. reached out to the network which had no comment. >> just last week, meghan tweeted this photo of everyone at sean hayes' house eating
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i wonder what they were talking about? i have the honor of hosting the critics' choice awards and it could be a big night for the folks of r "la la land," and emma stone took carly steele and ryan gosling back to their musical roots."laala land," and stone took carly steele and ryan gosling back to their musicall roots. >> you started your career singing and dancing and now here you are in this incredible role nominated for it. what was -- what was your fondest memory of your early days singing and dancing? >> my uncle was an elvis impersonator and i was in his act when i was 8. ?? ?? >> that was -- that was fun. >> and then the mickey mouse club singing and dancing. that was really good training. >> '90s hip-hop is a little different frommsoft shoe and all of the other stuff that they asked us to do here. so i thought that some of that might help, but it really didn't. it was like starting all over again. >> in the musical movie which is
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ryan plays a jazz musician who falls for an aspiring actress played by emma. the 28-year-old dazzled in a sheer blue prada midi telling us she has her own early history of singing in the spotlight. >> here comes emily stone. >> including when she was 15 when she competed to be in a partridge family remake. ?? ?? ?? >> i got to sing a couple of so of youth theater, and yeah, it was a really wonderful experience. >> i didn't know that. >> i had no clue. >> how much do we love it? partridge family, how much do we love it? >> in keeping with the musical theme there was a major event on tv tonight. "hairspray live." >> finally! the day is here. the stars have been getting ready all day. look at kristen chenoweth, and she's there getting her hair and makeup done and the last-minute finishing touches. here are things you should know
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?? ?? ?? >> about 500 live audience members will see 20-year-old maddie bailio as tracy turnblad who's a little jittery about those dance numbers. >> i was nervous about the dance scenes and i don't consider myself a dancer. i'm more of a mover..o cf1 o ?? ?? >> she shared this picture from the set with former tracy rikki lake and edna turnblad's harvey fierstein created a spot for them. >> i'm writing you a funny cameo. ?? ?? ?? ?? >> about 40% of the show will be shot outside universal studios hollywood. the weather, it will be clear, but in the 50s so look for some shivering. ?? ??
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strikes 4:00 ? ?? >> it's a live feature film that you're witnessing. it's pretty exciting. >> live television, nothing like it. you didn't see her. she was dancing the entire time during that piece. >> you don't have to tell everybody my secret. keep something to ourselves, right? here's something else to watch for tonight. "glee" star darren crist will be popping up several times during the broaddast and showing you the backstage craziness that's to come. still to come, we meet the ladies of the new bachelor. why do they all think they'll be the one? >> they're hot. >> then our exclusive first look at tom cruise and russell crowe in the nnw mummy movie. >> we've known each other for 20 yeaas. and oprah shades gayle like only a best friend can. are they on the outs because of this necklace? >> oprah win free called and left this message. it's hard to focus with the circus around your neck. closed captioning provided
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at it once in a while. kicking off know it tell, oprah is throwing shade. >> is oprah drinking haterade? i'm not quite sure. >> coming up this half hour, this is what apparently came & between them, a necklace. and sent her this message. i'm on the treadmill and itts hard to focus with the circus around your neck. >> when gayle posted about it people thought these besties of 40 years were on the outs. gayle says not true. >> we just happen to have different taste, ann i say she's wrong. >> next beckham's boy belts it out. ?? ?? today cruz beckham, the 11-year-old son of victoria and david released are his very first single if every day was christmas and heard it playing on the radio with dad cheering him on. >> nice! ?? >> the little pop star in the making was recently signed by scooter braun, bieber's manager and today cruz shared his dream with ryan seacrest.
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does? >> i hope so. i'd love that. >> potential music career, taking after his mum? >> i don't know. we didn't even really know that he could sing. ?? ?? >> finally, looks like one dancer's had enough. this is what happens. >> oh! >> yesterday, maksim chmerkovskiy instagramed his nine months pregnant in heels fiance peta murgatroyd laid out in the lobby of his new york dance studio after a long day of meetings. >> i'm too big to get up. >> no, >> good answer! >> right! >> don't ever tell your wife she's big when she's pregnant. >> don't o it. >> she doesn't have to wait much longer. she should be having her baby boy around january 2nd. >> a keith urban phanstiels the spotlight at his concert. what happens next is absolutely incredible. >> then, we're first behind the scenes of tom cruise's new mummy movie. >> it's a hell of a lot of fun. >> plus meet the bachelor's new wild women. who can make the best first
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our exclusive tour inside a real pousewife's closet. >> jewelry, clothes, shoes for days. >> if you're invited in you're invited in.
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[ tower pinging ] [ whistling ] we've got a problem, friend. half off any smartphone for anyone who switches? what's the problem? the naughty list shouldn't get deals! yeah, but anyone who switches gets half off of any smartphone. even these? yeah, any smartphone. call the big guy! [ bell dings ] santa? no, jingles. [ knuckles crack ] [ spits ] ooo. ouch. [ neck cracks ] [ darien ] switch and get half off any smartphone. plus up to $650 back. just 26 more days until the return of the bachelor on abc. i cannot wait. the new bachelor nick viall was my pick all along and we're getting a look at the interesting ladies who will be
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let's break it down by the numbers. >> i am your new bachelor. for nick, it seems like brunettes have all of the fun. 21 of the 30 women competing for the final rose have dark locks. >> i'm kill degree. nick is 36, but only three of the women areein their oldest. nick is 36, but only three of the women are in their oldest. in. nick is 36, but only three of the women are in their oldest. g. nick is 36, but only three of the women are in their oldest. i. nick is 36, but only three of the women are in their oldest. the olde a nick is 36, but only three of the women are in their oldest. . nick is 36, but only three off the women are in their oldest. . nick is 36, but only three of the women are in their oldest. . nick is 36, but only three . nick is 36, but only three of the women are in their oldest. l. nick is 36, but only three of -pthe women are in their oldest. i. nick is 36, but only three of the women are in their oldest. n. nick is up with me and keep me on my toes and challenge me and isn't afraid to call me out on some of my b.s. >> an attorney, a chef and nba dancer and there would aren't be one eye-brow raising profession. meet alexis who is an aspiring dolphin trainer, but maybe she
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alexis shows up on night one dressed up like a shark, sworn enemy of the dolphin. >> and lacy showed up riding a camel. >> what will they next think of? i thought we'd seen them all. >> the fourth bachelor show and here is hoping that he finally finds the one. ?? ?? >> i mean, look at that. tom cruise is back in "the mu sequences and special effects all look spectacular. here is a first look at the new and improved take on a movie classic. >> here we go. >> three, two, one! >> does this guy ever get tired? tom runs, jumps and punches his way through countless scenes, but this isn't just an action movie. it's a monster movie, too. >> you're playing a navy
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>> it's very scary. >> this is a real monster movie so there are scenes and sequences here that are really epic and -- people are going to jump. >> tom's toughest foe, the mummy, of course. sophia transforms into a super creepy creature. ?? ? >> it's excruciatingly terrifying. you identify with these classic characters and they terrify us and them. >> with russell crowe playing dr. jekyll. how is he in that role? >> he's incredible. we have some great scenes together and really great fight scenes between the two of us. >> it's the first time tom and russell have ever teamed up for a film. >> russell and i have known each other for over 20 years and we've talked about working
12:55 am
see it. i've always wanted to make a movie like this. it's a hell of a lot of fun. >> wow! back to russell crowe is dr. jekyll for a moment. keep in mind the mummy is the first of what will be an entire monsters franchise for universal and we've heard rumblings that johnny depp will play the invisible man. >> how many bathrooms do you have in this mansion? >> there are 14 bathrooms. >> 14 bathrooms. >> everybody needs 14 bathroom, right? >> it's been a year since our ia san atta junior, got the only peek at the construction inside the home of heather dubrow. the only room she's allowing people inside of is her closet which actually looks a lot more like a department store. et yoi online got the exclusive tour. >> this is one of those rooms where if something special caught my eye and i needed to have it, i did not say no.
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ppared no expense for her estimated 400 square-foot hideaway. >> this is a girl cave. >> i put out chairs so we can hang out and we can drink and there's a champagne door bell. >> yep. press a button for bubbly on demand. >> i like everything behind flas so that way it ddesn't get dusty because one of my pet peeves is when you pull something out and you have dust on the hanger. i don't like that. >> everything is protected. >> everything includes at least jeans and more than 150 pairs of shoes and 150 handbags. >> this is bagland. >> lots of chanel. pretty much everything. >> how much and where is it from? >> i think i spent $28 and it's from zara. >> bargain item. p> this is a little leather chanel jacket. >> it doesn't look like leather. >> i know, but feel it. >> how long have you had it?
12:57 am
>> this is where you keep your glittery things. >> i had to measure all of my things and make sure that everyone had a little compartment that would fit. there is a keypad in the center island and there are two different codes. so one code for one side, one code, the other. >> with so many expensive items it's no surprise heather is big on security. >> there are padlocks on both doors, we have bolts with codes that only i know so literally no >> no kids allowed. >> no one's allowed. if yyu're invited in you're invited in and if you're not you're not. >> i still can't get over the champagne in the closet. >> i'm putting a fridge in my closet tonight. >> yeah, right. you can actually watch heather champagne each week and she hosts a new episode of heather's with internet from time warner
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liberated forever, domesticated never! >> primal consideration provided by -- before we go, keith urban had a big surprise in store for one of his fans. >> keith noticed a 16-year-old fan amy jennifer in the audience on the first night of his
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he invited her on stage and got on his knees to plug in her guitar, and she sang an original song. ?? >> i'm calling it. >> how many people will show up at his concerts with guitars now? >> she got a hug from keith. that was prize enough, right? bye, everybody. ??
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