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tv   WISN 12 News at 6PM  ABC  December 8, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm CST

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save her life's work. >> crews are ripping out the floors where little children were playing just days ago. >> it was coming out of here. it was coming out of here. >> julie younger has owned the kid port childcare center for 25 years, but wasn't prepared to suddenly see sewage pouring in. >> within a minute, it was just coming out of every drain and we were just flooding up my heart is breaking. i don't know how else to say it. >> with 50 children enrolled here, families are scrambling to find alternatives. >> what am i going to do? i'm a full-time student with two kids and two jobs. yes, it's hard. >> city officials searched the sewer line for the cause and found something below the street, away from the center. >> brought out a stainless steel coupling that was about four or
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manufacturing. they're investigating how it got into the sewer line. as for the repairs, the city is denying responsibility, and younger's insurance will only pay for part it. >> all i could do was think i'm going to lose everything. >> eventually the clean up work here will be complete. the building will be restored. but the concern is that it may not happen in time to save the business. >> i need to be up and running or everything i've done for the last 25 years is basically over. >> she's hoping to repair and re-open before it's too late. in port washington, i'm kent kathy: the daycare owner says she may appeal the city's decision to deny her claim or consider legal action if another business is found to be responsible for the metal object in the sewer line causing the back-up. joyce: we're following breaking news, president-elect donald trump is coming to wisconsin. he will hold a rally tuesday night at 7:00 at state fair park. it's at the expo center, and it's part of the president-elect's thank you tour. this is the third time trump has scheduled a visit to state fair park.
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you can still register for tickets. we have the link posted on the 12 news app and trump's visit comes on the same day as the deadline to certify the results of the presidential recount in wisconsin. the state elections commission reports 42 of the state's 72 counties are done. that's more than 82% of the vote. this is a live look from waukesha, where the recount goes on. there is a hearing scheduled in federal court tomorrow on a lawsuit filed by pro-trump groups trying to stop the recount. kathy: the city of greenfield tells 12 news all their ballots have now been accounted for. during the recount, the city noticed ballots from three wards were missing. it turns out poll workers in those wards did not properly package the ballots at the end of election day to be taken to milwaukee county. staff found the ballots with the election paperwork and immediately brought them to the -- be recounted. joyce: now to our weather, and the december cold snap tightens its grip on our area, people bundled up trying to brave the
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and get this the coldest air , hasn't even arrived, chief meteorologist mark baden is here with the cold, hard facts. mark: it is not great news if you don't like cold. if you don't like snow, i don't have a lot you will want to see. in the meantime, not crazy bad. the wind westerly of 14. 25, feels like 13. this is the beginning. next arrives. this evening, a passing flurry, but roads a ok. the snow was coming. round one a good certainty saturday night. round two sunday night into monday. more on the upcoming snow and a couple of minutes on weatherwatch 12. kathy: a pair of waukesha county bankers is accused of stealing nearly $400,000 in an elaborate check writing scheme. as wisn 12 news' colleen henry reports new tonight, investigators say the couple used the stolen funds to buy drugs.
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tourtillott and anna chaberek are in love and engaged to be married. according to a criminal complaint, they're co-conspirators in a fraud that netted nearly $375,000. the complaint details a complicated scheme involving checks drawn on the enterprise credit union where she worked, and were cashed here at the focus credit union, where he worked. the complaint says every monday, wednesday, and friday, chaberek gave her fianc?e two fake checks that he cashed at his credit union and used tbu pills for both of them. >> we are not saying anything. we are just going to ask you to leave. >> neither credit union would comment, but the complaint says the couple overrode internal checks to hide their transactions, which were finally discovered during an audit. both tourtillott and chaberek are free. no one answered at either of their homes this afternoon. they're ordered to appear in court later this month. in waukesha, colleen henry, wisn 12 news.
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a maximum of 40 years in prison. joyce: a man and woman are found death inside a milwaukee duplex on the city's northwest side. police say when they arrived they found two children hiding , in a closet. 12 news' nick bohr is live at the home at 107th and appleton with the big story. are police releasing a motive? >> if they know they're not , letting on yet. police were called here to this home at 1:30 a.m. this mng decorations in that window. there was a report of shots fired and screaming heard from inside this unit. the first officers to arrive found two victims who'd been shot inside the home, a 36-year-old man and a 38-year-old woman. police say the officers tried life-saving efforts but both , victims died at the scene. police also found two children hiding inside, one 11, the other 16. neither of them was harmed.
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are related to the victims. the man's cousin told our hillary mintz this morning the man was a good father and the , woman was his significant other. >> it is unimaginable how frightening or how scared two kids, two adults, or anybody hiding in the home that had a chance to hide and not become victims either. it has to be horrifying. >> so far, no one is under arrest in the case. i just checked with police again within the hour. they're still not releasing the names of the victims. we did talk to the family of the man, as you heard there, and i did talk to the mother's family again this afternoon, who told me they did not have anything to add at this time. kathy: thanks. new at 6:00, police say this surveillance video helped catch the man wanted for robbing two popular milwaukee restaurants. this video shows the 55-year-old suspect walking into the jimmy
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demanding cash. police say he also tried to rob the real chili near cathedral square. 12 news has learned the suspect had just been released from jail for robbing that same real chili. a south milwaukee man is now charged in a police chase you saw live exclusively right here on wisn 12. investigators say patrick paasch robbed the north shore bank near 58th and forced home last month, speeding off with more police chased him through milwaukee, waukesha, and washington counties before arresting him at a gas station in hartford. according to the criminal complaint filed in waukesha county, "a radio transmission indicated a wisn 12 news helicopter had located the suspect vehicle in sight traveling in the pike lake area , heading towards a gas station." joyce: new tonight, a big change coming to the skyline of downtown milwaukee. bmo harris plans to build a new
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be built at water and wells, where the bank's parking structure currently stands. these are artist renderings of what the new building will look like. construction on the $137 million project will begin next summer with the demolition of the parking structure. the new tower is expected to open in late 2019. >> we believe the development will bring renewed energy to the surrounding lock and reflect the area's rich history, both figuratively and literally joyce: 700 workers from the current building and 175 employees from bmo's office on kilbourn will move into the new building. the downtown law firm michael best and friedrich also plans to move into the tower. students at several u.w. schools will pay more for tuition next school year. the board of regents this afternoon approved raising tuition for out of state undergrads and graduate students. the campuses affected include madison, milwaukee, eau claire, la crosse, green bay, and stout, plus all the two-year schools.
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the largest increase, $4000 a year. the schools say they need the extra money because of the governor's now four-year freeze on in-state undergraduate tuition. kathy: new at 6:00, the v.a. ne. hospital in tomah finds itself under federal investigation, again. wisconsin senator ron johnson and his colleague charles grassley of iowa sent a letter to the v.a. secretary asking him to investigate after a dentist at the facility failed to properly sterilize his in the tomah v.a. sent letters to 592 veterans asking them to come in for free screenings for hepatits and hiv. the dentist resigned last week. the tomah v.a. has been under a separate federal investigation after a former marine, 35-year-old jason simcakoski, died of an overdose after being overprescribed painkillers in 2014. joyce: new tonight at 10:00, milwaukee police chase down a driver without him even knowing it. only 12 news is giving you a first look at the new tracking technology in action. that's tonight at 10:00. kathy: governor walker is
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the middle east tomorrow. the governor tweeted out this picture today. the first shows him with a group of wisconsin national guard troops holding a state flag with with the message, "ate with crew at al dhafra air base in united arab emirates." base with packers and badgers logos reading 7,281 miles to volk field. walker's trip to the middle east was organized by the defense department. snow is on the way. mark, we could have two rounds this weekend. mark: get the shovels and snow blowers ready. when the snow arrives and how much is on the way. joyce: then the mystery of the stolen kitten. how police tracked down a cat taken from a wisconsin animal shelter. kathy: plus helping others this , holiday season. how you can volunteer at one of the largest christmas dinners in the country. announcer: get important local
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announcer: leading the way with important local coverage, you're
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with kathy mykleby, joyce garbaciak, weather watch 12 chief meteorologist mark baden , and big 12 sports director dan needles. wisn 12 news at 6:00 continues. joyce: new at 6:00, a kitten stolen from a green bay area humane society has been found and returned to the shelter. kathy: the humane society posted surveillance video on youtube of a couple suspected of catnapping soda. police say they received an anonymous tip about the couple and were able to track them down. they're not releasing any more man is in the brown county jail for on a probation violation. the woman is free tonight. joyce: new at 6:00, volunteers are still needed for the largest christmas feast in milwaukee. the salvation army needs a total of 1600 people to help prepare and serve its annual christmas family feast. the free turkey dinner, with all the fixings, attracts an average of 8,000 people every year to the wisconsin center. it is the salvation army's largest christmas dinner in the country. kathy: new at 6:00, a new
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bella italiana will open inside the hotel and casino next week. the restaurant will be in the area where wild earth cucina italiana currenty is. the new restaurant opens this tuesday, december 13. that was the sound as the doors opened for the first time at the brand new chick-fil-a in west allis. dozens of people braved the overnight cold to be one of the first 100 in line to get free meals for a year. >> warm, just trying to enjoy these free 52 combo meals, because i love more chicken. eat more chicken. kathy: the restaurant at highway 100 and cleveland is the franchise's third milwaukee area location. joyce: let's hope they are all nice and warm tonight. the arctic blast on its way for next week has delayed the grand opening of the red arrow park ice skating rink. the holiday hoopla at slice of
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but with temperatures expected 15, in the single digits, milwaukee county has postponed it until december 21. cruise however have begun -- crews however have begun filling the rink with water. while it's just cold here, they saw snow in northern wisconsin. this is the scene residents in manitowish waters in the far northern part of the state woke up to this morning. the snow started falling early and picked up after sunrise. business owners say they're excited about the sn tourism in the area. kathy: we could look a lot like that very soon. mark, the weekend brings two chances for snow. mark: it won't be lake effect snow. for us, it will be two rounds of regular, good old snow. the question will be rounded two. let's get right to it. snow saturday night, a good likelihood, then again sunday night, more questionable on
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second low-pressure center is going to go. what is certain is next week will be brutal. if you think it is cold now, you have not felt anything yet. two rounds of snow. saturday evening probably after 8:00, 2-4 inches of snow during the nighttime saturday night, most done by sunday morning. some slippery spots on sunday morning. dry on sunday, then snow developing late in the day, sunday evening night, depending on the track of the low. meantime, some of you may be seeing snow falling right now, just flurries. it will not accumulate to anything at all just like last night. this morning, we did have snow, but not heavy enough to accumulate. round 1, 2-four inches of snow. i can't put a number on round two. if it holds to the south, we would have very little snow.
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of snow. that would have an impact on travel. regardless of that, saturday evening late or saturday night, be ready for slippery roads. i think we will be ok making it to the packers game, and even coming back. it might get dicey on your way back. timing for the 2-4 inches come around one, no area getting more than others, a general inches, slippery spots expected. this is the first punch of a one-to-three punch. the second round would be sunday night into monday, the question is where this low-pressure center track will go. further north, everybody gets in on the action, and we are talking about the potential for more accumulating snow.
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snow showers along that. round one begins saturday evening, mainly done by sunday morning. rounded two likely begin sunday evening, continues into monday morning, may be impacting the monday morning compute -- commute. we have a quiet night and a quiet day tomorrow. this weekend, some major impacts. snow saturday night, 25 for the so the snow will stop for a while on sunday, then kick in sunday night and continuing into monday, some snow showers on tuesday, 22, and the temperature will be dropping and dropping quickly after the cold front goes through. lows for the first time in a while, we can go below zero here. that is what will happen. thursday, nine degrees.
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some poetic license there. kathy: looking ahead, major changes coming to the summerfest grounds. the big gig announced today the u.s. cellular stage on the north end of maier festival park will be torn down and rebuilt after this year's festival. the new space will seat 9,000 people and feature charging stations to charge your phone. >> the competition is really whether they are in the grounds , or in the amphitheater. we compete globally. kathy: he says it will cost millions and u.s. cellular is picking up most of the tab. that will be good-looking. joyce: genius idea. stephanie is in for dan. the rivalry returns. stephanie: why coach says he
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game like this. how an injured veteran is helping the team to win, although he has not been on the
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? stephanie: linebacker clay matthews was back on the practice field today in green bay. he says his injured left shoulder is feeling stronger. matthews status for sunday against the seahawks is still up in the air. speaking of injuries, since breaking his foot four games ago, starting right guard t.j. lang has been missing from the lineup, but he hasn't missed a beat trying to help the packers win. lot of work tutoring tackle transfer jason spriggs as the rookie fills in. lang has practiced in a limited fashion this week, but is a long-shot to play on sunday at lambeau. either way, lang intends to help. >> we don't get judged on one single player. we get judged as a unit. we understand that, and take a lot of pride in that.
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does. in the classroom, particularly in the offense of line room. he has made individual tapes and cut-ups of things that he sees and specifics to help jason, because his goal, quoting t.j., is to make sure that right guard position is successful. that tells you the type of teammate he has, the type of man he is, and the importance of winning. stephanie: on to baseball, the brewers lose a top prospect in today's rule five draft. 22-year-old right-hand pitcher miguel diaz was taken by the twins, who had a pre-arranged deal to trade him to the college hoops. this saturday, the instate rivalry between marquette and wisconsin returns. this time at the bmo harris bradley center. last year, the golden eagles won at the kohl center by two points. overall, the badgers lead this in-state series, and this is the kind of game coach wojo says he doesn't need to do much to get his players fired up. >> guys know it is a big deal,
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has in some games, our guys going to be ready to play. i think our guys will be ready to play, then it becomes how you play. you know, like, we are playing a really good team, and being ready to play, being enthusiastic, having intensity, that is not enough. it comes down to execution of a game plan. >> i know there will be a great crowd out there and it will be for the fans. stephanie: great crowd on saturday. i'm guessing the badgers are looking for revenge. we will see. joyce: thank you. changes coming to abc's "the view." kathy: actress candace cameron bure announced today she's leaving the abc talk show. bure blames her fuller house filming schedule in los angeles. she says her bi-coastal commute to new york for the view has been tough on her family, and called the decision to leave bittersweet. no word on when her last day will be. joyce: if you have plans that will take you outside this
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ly, a couple of flurries, other than that, temperatures in the 20's, windchills in the teens, so bundle up.
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