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tv   WISN 12 News at 5PM  ABC  December 12, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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well the winter storm might be , to blame for the death of a milwaukee man. kathy: police say the 55-year-old was found unresponsive outside his home. he apparently collapsed after shoveling. 12 news terry sater is live at froedtert hospital. terry: do not drink alcohol, and be careful. you could be at risk for a heart attack. police tape across the driveway, and a medical examiner says the 55-year-old milwaukee man was last scene shoveling a driveway the night before. he was found outside a home on keefe. gargantus brown says he's been his friend for a long time. >> he was a good, nice guy. i did not know that he had any problems or anything. terry: no heart issues or
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that i know of. >> i was diagnosed with a heart attack about three weeks ago. terry: duane says he doesn't believe his doctor's diagnosis. but he's taking it slow and has some common sense advice for avoid shoveling trouble. >> you have got to take your time. if you are out there, just muscling the snow. plus, this is a >> if you kind of notice you are getting short of breath, or you start having some chest discomfort, you need to stop immediately and take a rest and , if it doesn't subside, you need to seek emergency treatment. terry: the medical examiner's office tells me they don't know the exact cause of death. they suspect exhaustion from shoveling was a trigger. they'll be performing an autopsy tomorrow. live in wauwatosa, terry sater, wisn 12 news.
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provide assistance clearing sidewalks for the elderly or those who are physically unable to remove snow. you must submit a form to be eligible. for more information, go to patrick: breaking news the , historic presidential recount is over in wisconsin. president-elect donald trump is still the winner here in the badger state. the wisconsin elections commission certified the results late this afternoon. after recounting nearly three million ballots trump picked up , a net 131 votes. 12 news kent wainscott is live in madison. kent, very little changed. kent: in the end, the vote totals changed about 6/100 of 1%. the elections commission certified those results within the hour here in madison nearly 24-hours earlier than expected. they had to wait for some final first, numbers to roll in from milwaukee county.
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all of the data, entering it into the state system throughout the day. the recount, you may recall, was paid for by green party candidate jill stein, but it involved a huge expenditure of time and effort by clerks and election workers across the states and in the end, two of , the commissioners split on whether it was all worth it. >> i thought it was an abuse of the system. we certainly had no choice in it. that's what the law says. at correct. i, personally, as a voter would , like to see the legislature revisit it. >> and i am, personally very , happy it was done because now, , not only wisconsin but the world knows out system has
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kent: jules stein gained a few dozen votes over her election-day totals. again, the election is -- election recount is done. patrick: and donald trump named retired four-star marine general john kelly as his pick to lead the department of homeland security. and tonight, there's more debate over russian hacking. over the weekend, trump slammed a "washington post" report that russia interfered in u advantage. a bipartisan group of lawmakers is calling for an investigation. >> it defies belief that somehow republicans in the senate are reluctant to either review russian tactics or ignore them. patrick: a spokesman for the kremlin today said the allegation says, -- said the allegation is nothing to do with reality. tomorrow, the president-elect will be here.
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park as crews prepare for his visit. trump and vice-president elect mike pence will hold a rally at 7:00 p.m. it's part of their thank you tour of battleground states that supported them in november. kathy: the two waukesha girls accused of stabbing their classmate in the so-called slender man case, will have separate trials. 14-year-old morgan geyser was in court today for a hearing to suppress her confession to waukesha police. her co-defendant, 15-year-old anissa weier, has a similar hearing next week. while the judge hasn't made a decision about their confessions, he agreed with attorneys for both girls they because they could wind-up testifying against each other. a mother charged in the death of ersan enters a not guilty leap. earlier this month, police say she fell a sleep on the baby while she was dropped. they say she killed her baby three years ago. all of the babies remained to --
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december 22. authorities in milwaukee are investigating two different early-morning house fires. the first happened near idaho and clement around 4:30 a.m. this morning. we're told no one was hurt. investigators say electrical problems may be to blame. then, just a few hours later near 34th and saint paul in , milwaukee, crews battled a fire on the second floor and the roof of this home. milwaukee police tell wisn 12 news that the homeowner called 911 for help. we are still working on what might have caused that fire. this morning to dig out, you likely had a mess on your hands. 12 news tim elliott found people on the city's eastside who had their work cut out for them on the way to work. tim this was a very common sight : in the city of milwaukee monday morning, cars buried under several inches of snow, a lot of people having to dig themselves out before heading into work. miranda olsen is doing what a
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she got up extra early just to clean off her car. miranda i wasn't sure if we were : going to the full 6 to 10 inches, but it looks like we did. tim olsen lives on the eastside : where parking is notoriously tricky. throw in seven inches of snow, and things get even more complicated. over at uwm, the plows were busy on the sidewalks and in the parking lots. >> not the best, but you deal with it. dangerous. we spotted this crash at oakland and north. milwaukee's dpw had almost 300 pieces of equipment out overnight and this morning. after clearing the main roads, crews focused their attention on the side streets. >> the winter is fine. we live in milwaukee, wisconsin, so it is expected. you deal with the best you can . tim the first significant
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on the east side tim elliott, , wisn 12 news. patrick: the 4 inch rule is still in effect in milwaukee. if you live in the city, you'll have to park on the even-numbered side of the street tonight. it's so crews can clear the remaining snow on the odd side of the street. the city also says it's on limited garbage and recycling pickups. if you're scheduled, they say leave the bins out. crews will pick them up when they can. and a special shipment arrived at the port of milwaukee this 20,000 tons of road salt. it's to replenish the supply after this weekend's snow. the salt will go to crews throughout southeast wisconsin. >> you don't see any trucks down here today, but tomorrow, you'd probably expect about 500 trucks down here shipping out. they have to restock their supplies. hat trick: --patrick: the shipment came in from canada. the port of milwaukee handles about a million tons of salt
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and it will stay busy. mark: when the wind chills a rrive. kathy: and pulling mac and cheese off the shelves nationwide. patrick: at a popular couple splitting up. here about what they have to say about the incident that brought police to their home just months before they called it quits. kathy: and hear from a local
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patrick: that is a moose rescue on a river in canada. first responders did the job over the weekend. the moose was stuck in the ice. it was later led to shore. guilty of manslaughter. it's the verdict from a jury in louisiana, against the man accused in the death of former nfl player will smith. kathy: the former new orleans saints player and super bowl winner was shot and killed after
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the gunman, cardell hayes, testified on saturday that he shot smith in self-defense. after a week of testimony and five hours of deliberations, the jury delivered their decision late last night. >> at the end of the day, this is not a win. losing a man and another man going to jail, you know, that kind of tell you what kind of situation it is and in that , sense, it's a loss for everybody. kathy: hayes faces up to 40 years in prison. he will be sentenced in february. patrick: in another possible case of road rage gone wrong funeral services are being held , today for former nfl player joe mcknight. mcknight was shot to death in an alleged road rage incident outside new orleans earlier this month. suspect ronald gasser has been charged with manslaughter. police say gasser has admitted to shooting mcknight. kathy: today marks six months since the massacre at pulse nightclub in orlando. a large crowd gathered for a moment of silence at 2:02 a.m. eastern time at the club.
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authorities say gunman omar mateen started shooting on june 12. 49 people died, and 53 others were injured. mateen was later shot and killed by police. patrick: several brands of mac and cheese are being pulled from stores over salmonella concerns. treehouse foods announced the recall today. this impacts prepackaged mac and cheese cups with powdered cheese seasoning. the products are listed on your screen. they were sent to stores across the country, including walmart. if you find you are asked to throw it out or return it to the store for a refund. coming up all new at 6:00 p.m., a local woman fights back against carjackers. only on 12, how she took down one of the suspects and how she helped police crack a crime spree. and property tax bills are on their way. what to do if it's not in your hand by wednesday. plus the different ways you can , pay the bill to avoid standing in line. kathy: earlier this week, we reported on a hot holiday gift, nordstrom selling a rock costing
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four $85. now, a local doctor says he's willing to sell you the same thing. as adrienne pedersen reports, he says you might just get a whole lot more for your money. adrienne: dr. david margolis, with children's hospital of wisconsin spent part of its weekend here picking up rocks in , the cold. nordstrom, of all places, inspired him. the retailer is selling a rock in a leather pouch for $85. >> you can do something better with $85 during the holiday season. adrienne: the doctor posted this video on youtube encouraging people to donate to what he calls "rocks for a reason." send him the money he'll send , you an authentic wisconsin rock from his family's slice of lake michigan shore. >> $85 can go a long way in
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adrienne: more than 150 people from 20 states donated a total of $16,000 so far. >> nobody has elective surgery around christmas time. adrienne: the fundraiser is doing so well that they need more rocks. he is asking if anyone is in the area, maybe a landscaper, could donate the rocks, that would be helpful. collecting the nordstrom bag. now, the crew at the hospital is trying to figure out how to package the rocks and send them out to people. we put information on how you can donate in our web story on p that is --patrick: that is $16,000 already. and the gift of life. the blood center of wisconsin is encouraging you to donate blood this holiday season. the center says one donation can impact the lives of three people. and this year, there is a
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young patients from southeast five wisconsin. each has been saved by blood donations, and they're making handmade holiday cards to thank donors. >> and these cards come from the heart, because without our blood donors, these people would not be a live today. patrick: you will get one of these special thank you cards if you donate now through christmas eve. and first the snow, and now the cold. kathy: mark: isn't it nice? that visit from the arctic, santa coming early. the first time ever in my career -- they make these things really nice. all right, well, let's talk about what is going on. i am flustered out. the arctic blast is going to be moving in.
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right, the penguin is a little much. the northern section, that is from antarctica. we will be cold around here. and the coldest air so far this season, below zero temperatures, as well, and we have a couple of those in this forecast. tuesday morning windchill, 25 below. and it is dangerously cold when you get these kinds of windchills. your are going you can, be out there which were children at the bus stop and maybe keep them on the car. you do not want to be out there for long periods of time, and don't forget about your pets. you cannot leave them outside. the windchill affects them also. and tomorrow morning, the windchill below zero. not comfortable, at all. it will be nasty.
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here is 7:00 on wednesday morning. it is going to be cold. but then, the wind will pick up on wednesday, and it will state windy into thursday morning. this will be the worst of the windchill. 25 them at close to -- 25 to close to 35 degrees below zero. sometimes, you can get schools to counsel. we will watch how this all plays out. it is already cold out there, but, again, it is going to get worse. six of the twin cities, that colder air will continue to push and as we go throughout the night. the windchill right now is nine in milwaukee. six below in minneapolis. and a few snow showers along this other area.
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pushes in here. we may get a couple of snow showers. and we will see a few of those snow showers across our southern counties. any accumulation, even that will be on the light side. the next one might be a big deal. friday into saturday, i am not going any numbers on this yet, but you need to be prepared for the possibility of a sizable storm. st and a 11:00, the low tonight, certainly cold. 17 is a high temperature on tuesday. breezy out there with a westerly wind. and 17, 12, and nine.
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saturday, and on sunday, and then even colder on monday, high temperatures only eight or back below zero. kathy: i feel if i could go across the room and see if i could shuffle up some different temperatures. patrick: still ahead at 5:00, setting the record straight. kathy: fisher price responds to concerns over this viral photo, of a fabricated bar playset for kids. upon us. who's up for the top honors at
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patrick: you might have seen this photo in your social media feed. maybe you shared it. the image is edited and no such playset exists. now, fisher-price is clearing up confusion with its customers about the so-called bar-themed playset for toddlers. kathy: adam padilla is behind the photo. the popular meme creator owns a branding agency in new york city. he posted it on instagram last week. now, the toymaker is finally responding with a statement saying the product was not , endorsed, produced or approved by fisher price. patrick: new on wisn 12, the husband and wife behind the tv show "flip or flop" on hgtv are splitting up.
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announced their separation six months after police were called to their home. the couple says that incident was an unfortunate misunderstanding and that it prompted them to seek counseling and led to their separation. they do plan to continue their professional life together. right now, awards season is starting to take shape. kathy: nominations are out for the 74th annual golden globes. a romantic musical "la la land" picked up seven nominations, including best musical or comedy. the movie "moonlight" got six becoming an adult. and meryl streep picked up her 30th career globe nomination. she's in the best actress race for playing the character in "florence foster jenkins." she's also getting a lifetime achievement award. the gloves are set to begin -- the blobes -- globes are set to
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that is president obama, reminding kids that you can sign up at mrs. obama: 'twas the night before christmas, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. patrick: that's first lady michelle obama, helps get kids at the children's national health system in the holiday spirit. reading stories to patients at the washington hospital is a first lady tradition dating back to bess truman. mrs. obama was j radio host ryan seacrest.
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patrick: this should be a fun
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mark: the first time i have dropped my clicker. it is still working. 19 right now, 14 in watertown. we will get worse. buckle up. tonight, the images coming in. deadly driving. the snow and ice. hundreds of accidents. and now, the arctic air sweeping in, wind chills 10 to 20 delow zero. president-elect donald trump and the russian hackers. he says he doesn't believe it. taking on the intelligence community he will soon rely on. and on whether he needs the daily intelligence briefings. >> you know, i'm, like, a smart person. i don't have to be told the same thing in the same words every > also tonight, the deadly plot. after seeing dylann roof calmly walking into that church, killing nine, tonight, the chilling new moment in court. the list of other potential targets revealed. the dangerous blast. neighbors who called the utility company. hours went by. the home blowing up. and holiday shoppers. the one app tonight that tracks


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