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tv   WISN 12 News at 5PM  ABC  December 13, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm CST

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stop. he has visited north carolina, ohio, and michigan. later this week, trumbull visit florida and alabama. his last stop before this one was grand rapids, michigan. president trump hit on topics from his appointments, jobs, and plans for education, eliminating common core and providing choice. >> we won every child, every single child, low income, we don't they live, every child in america to be able to attend, public, private, charter, magnet, or religious school that is right for them. toya: some big-name republicans will join the team in west allis. governor scott walker will be among those speaking. kent wainscott is also at the expo center.
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the president-elect's visit earlier today. >> this is donald trump's first visit to wisconsin since election day. and it comes just 24 hours after the state's historic recount was completed, officially certifying trump as the winner in this state. the governor tells us he will be talking about that recount, putting it in the spotlight, when he takes the stage here tonight. >> first and foremost i want to , thank everybody who was involved in the recount. i want to thank them for gettin was able to say we were completed in time for the electors to go forward. and then, my optimism, my hope as i've said since the election any number of times, is that with a new president, with a house and senate, with a majority of about two-thirds of all the states in the country, we now have republican governors and republican state legislative majorities, and now it's time for us to deliver. toya: also speaking here tonight, house speaker paul
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relationship with donald trump at times during the campaign. ryan and trump have been in regular contact since the election, and have appeared together at meetings on capitol hill. tonight, however will mark the , first time that paul ryan and donald trump will appear together at a large public event. patrick is standing by, still live, and the crowd is getting riled up there. patrick: the crowd is growing here. again, the doors opened around 4:00 this afternoon. again, s w the event begins around 7:00 tonight. we want to continue our coverage with sheldon dutes. he is live at mitchell international where he's , scheduled to arrive. sheldon, any word on his eta? sheldon: i would say a dozen or so marked vehicles from the milwaukee sheriff's department and police department are out there on the tarmac, keeping an
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we do want to show you some video of the president-elect leaving new york city about an hour ago. his plane took off from laguardia airport in new york around 4:00 our time. they are expected to arrive in milwaukee and head to that thank you tour from here. excitement has building for his arrival. jessica cerkoney is a trump tonight's rally. i caught up with her a couple of hours ago when she and her kids stopped at the airport. she was hoping to get an early glimpse of the president-elect before tonight's rally. >> driving by discovery world, and i saw a lot of sheriff's officers and secret service vehicles over here so i swung by , and i thought maybe we'd get to see donald trump's plane
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sheldon: unfortunately, jessica did not get to see the plane land. the sheriff's deputies cleared the parking lot that i interviewed her in. she moved out and they moved us across the street. right now, sheriff's deputies and other law enforcement agencies are keeping and i on the airport. traffic is still flowing easily outside the airport. supposed to head to west allis for that thank you rally after his arrival here. back to you. patrick: once he is on the ground and makes his way here traffic will be impacted. matt salemme picks up that part , of our coverage. he's live in news chopper 12. matt? >> like the president, the president-elect to gets a no fly zone that follows him.
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no-fly zone, and the president-elect gets a three mile ring. it is busy getting off there. if you do find closures throughout the evening, they could be temporary and the president-elect is passing through. busy exiting at 84th street at state fair park, but it looks decent, some no struggles getting there right now. if you find anything close, be patient as the presidentct patrick: again president-elect , donald trump is on his way to wisconsin right now. he's holding a rally as part of his thank you tour here at state fair park in west allis at the expo center. the event is scheduled to begin at 7:00. we will have coverage throughout the evening, including more coming up in a few minutes. toya: thank you. dangerous windchills, but this is serious.
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you have to take seriously. you can't leave your pet outside or stay out a long time before bundling up. in the meantime, no joke, 12 degrees, wind out of the west at eight miles per hour. an interesting look at our temperature map. there has been a communications outage across much of the country. we will blame it on the cold, so we are missing a lot of spots. the wind chills are nine degrees below zero in sheboygan. if you're heading out this evening, 10 degrees in milwaukee at 7:00, colder inland. when the chills at 9:00. some spots may go below zero tonight. it will get worse. when to watch out for more snow, coming up in weatherwatch 12. toya: thank you, mark. a vigil about to be underway in milwaukee at this to honor a hour 15-year-old girl gunned
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home at 35th and silver spring. as wisn 12 news' colleen henry reports, her family is asking for help to get her justice. >> she was the best, the best little sister, the best big sister. >> her family spent the day consoling each other and planning a memorial for a girl so young she couldn't yet drive. cracked glass, torn screen and curtains show where the gunfire penetrated the kitchen. the shooter was outside, the family inside, a bullet hit 15-year-old melanie johnson. >> they shot four times, and en dropped. several family members were there, including her 13-year-old sister twana. her last words was 'i'm trying.' , she was like stay with us. she was like 'i'm trying.' that's when she died. >> her family says melanie had no enemies. >> she was full of life. there wasn't a day that she could go without melanie making you smile, melanie making you laugh. she was a great babysitter. oh my god, i'm going to miss her so much.
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loss will be a wake up call for others. >> this one hits home. this is my little sister. i never expected to see my little sister on the news or put my little sister on a t-shirt. this can happen to anybody anywhere. please put the guns down. >> police say they don't know if johnson was targeted they continue their hunt for her killer. toya: meanwhile, the search continues for whoever killed another milwaukee girl in a za'layia jenkins died this past may. a stray bullet from a gunfight at 15th and meinecke went inside a home, striking the nine-year-old girl. a reward is still being offered to find who pulled the trigger. it is currently at $65,000. a shooting victim is rushed to the hospital after walking into a walk-in care clinic in wauwatosa. 'tosa police tell wisn 12 news officers were called to advanced health care on mayfair road at around 11:00 this morning. we're told the shooting happened near 83rd and medford in milwaukee about ten minutes away
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our cameras spotted police and shell casings on the scene. we're still working on learning exactly what happened. we are also learning about the victim in a fatal crash overnight on i-94 in kenosha -- in kenosha. according to the kenosha county sheriff's office, one car hit the median near highway 142 and spun out. then another car crashed into it. a woman in the first car was killed. authorities have identified her as 28-year-old maureen ohler from elmhurst, illinois. three people in the second car were also hurt, but they're expected to be ok. into your food. still ahead, the recall of millions of food processors. and what you should do if you , have one in your kitchen. >> and the trip of a lifetime for some marquette university students to a place few have been. toya: we are taking another live look inside state fair park expo center where people are waiting , for the arrival of president-elect donald trump. patrick will join us again live
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tonight, -- our big story tonight, a visit from president-elect donald trump to wisconsin. i'm here at state fair park in west allis where crowds are awaiting trump's arrival. it's part of his thank you tour. meantime, a major announcement in trump's transition to power. after weeks of meetings and speculation, donald trump has finally named his cabinet's most coveted position. trump has picked exxon mobil ceo rex tillerson to be his secretary of state. members of both parties have also raised concerns about tillerson's deep ties with russian president vladimir putin. trump tweeted that tillerson is , " of the truly great business here's vice president-elect mike pence on the move. >> we just couldn't be more grateful that someone of rex tillerson's proven leadership and accomplishment is willing to step forward to serve our nation as our next secretary of state. patrick: trump has also selected a one-time rival in the presidential race, former texas governor rick perry, to lead to the energy department. one meeting at trump tower has a lot of people talking tonight. rapper kanye west requested a
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after their brief meeting this morning, the pair posed for pictures in the lobby. neither west nor the president-elect shared what they talked about, but trump called west a good man and said they have been friends for a long time. back out here live tonight, you can see the crowd gathering behind me. they are listening to music as we speak, waiting for the president-elect to land here in southeast wisconsin and make his way to west allis. theyro we will continue to have coverage right here on 12 news. toya: thank you. developing tonight a major , recall of a popular kitchen appliance. the maker of cuisinart and the federal government recalling more than eight million food processors. the problem is with one of the blades. it can break apart and pieces of metal can end up in your food. the processors have four-riveted blades and a beige plastic center hub. there have been nearly 70 reports of injuries with consumers suffering cuts and
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complacent, even if they think they've had it for a long time. put it aside, check the model number, make sure that you don't have a recalled product, and if you do, please act on the recall. toya: the recall includes more than 20 models over the past 20 years. you can go to the website to see if your food processor is one of those being recalled. we posted that link on our half a billion dollars. it's the estimated cost of damage in the deadly wildfires that swept through tennessee. investigators say the fires that killed 14 people there. we're also learning the fires burned more than 17,000 acres. two juveniles are in custody accused of setting the fire. , right now, we want to take a look at what's coming up all new tonight at 6:00. joyce garbaciak is in the newsroom with a look ahead. joyce: new tonight on wisn 12 news at 6:00, finding a warm place to go during our frigid temperatures, the local church that's already had to turn
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plus, milwaukee finally has a plan to replace the old lead pipes in homes in the city. who will see relief first and who's picking up the tab. plus our live coverage of the , president-elect's visit to wisconsin continues. join us tonight for 12 news at 6:00. toya: thank you. now seems like the perfect time to escape to a tropical climate. it's where a group of marquette university students are headed soon, but as wisn 12 news hillary mintz explains, their trip is to a place where few have gone before. >> so, yeah, to see a lot of great things in cuba. >> and marquette associate history professor michael donahue would know. he's been to cuba four times. but for his fifth trip over winter break, he's taking some students with him -- with him. a chance to visit a place she's only read about up until now. >> it's too poll all those things i have learned into one big trip. >> mark atkins wrote a paper on
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american tourism in cuba. now he's ready to do the research first hand. >> have an expense that not many people have had the opportunity to do. >> they get to see it at the time of its opening, the reaction of people to the death of fidel castro, a huge figure in their society. >> forward to taking in the history, they are ready to leave behind the snow and cold and excited for that sunshine. toya: cold and snow for sure. busy time in the weather center. mark, first the cold, then more snow. mark: it is arctic air moving in. it will be top to take. let's get through it. it will get worse before it gets
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get more snow. two big weather stories cleared what is going on here? i don't the cold that turned our camera upside down. that is the full moon rising, but because the camera is upside down, the full moon is sinking. it's here at the bottom of your screen here. 12 degrees, windchills zero. sheboygan, things are looking correctly. it is cold, not too much wind. the wind chills are not ridiculous yet. they will get worse. temperatures down to cold as one below in rochester, three below -- and 12 in milwaukee. 20 below in rochester, 20 below zero in rhinelander. this is the craziness that can
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high. today, 15, which is closer to the average. let's talk about the future wind chills. this is the morning tomorrow morning, and everybody is below zero windshield wise. the wind picks up as the day goes on. -- windchill wise. the wind up except as the day goes on. thursday morning, we will have a wind chill issued during that time. the debtor blast working its way into dangerous conditions. don't stay outside for long. get back inside as much as possible, and don't forget about your pets. dress in layers for the next two days. then, it is the snow. more snow friday into saturday, good confidence that this will be happening.
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models come together, it is looking more likely that we will see six inches of snow friday and saturday, so be ready for that. the timing is friday afternoon, throughout saturday. the track is not set. we will make some tweaks, but be ready for travel to be impacted friday into saturday, specially saturday. friday early is ok, but friday night is troublesome. should be better on sunday. here is your week ahead. 14, here comes that's snow friday into saturday. high temperatures warming up, but the wind could be kicking in as well. it gets cold again, 12 on sunday, eight on monday, back below zero for the early parts of next week before we see a warm up in the middle of next week. toya: what constitutes a warm-up? mark: getting above freezing. toya: i will take it. thank you. it's a company that's known for its entertaining super bowl ads.
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toya: tonight's tuesday's child will remind us of how winter got off to such a mild start. kathy when you got together with
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wear several layers. kathy: that's right. we went on a hayride. instead of snow we hit the , swampy rain soaked field and had a great time. what you have to say, pay, for yourself? mackenzie is absolutely wild about animals. and in various w attention. it was so fun to watch her bubbly personality while we were at the cedarburg creek farm. mackenzie and her mom have quite a crew at home. >> i have one dog, one hamster and two cats. ,kathy: and here is some good news -- >> i am pretty excited. kathy: mackenzie is going to meet her volunteer big sister for the very first time very soon. she'll find out mackenzie is up for anything involving animals.
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think about being a zookeeper, and i've also been thinking about being an artist, but i don't know. kathy: as for a hayride after our waterlogged romp, it might take a little coaxing. but once we were back on the animal's turf mackenzie melted , once again. toya: you are like a pick whisperer. kathy: find out more about getting involved with big brothers big sisters of ozaukee county. you can call them at 262-377-0784. that was a nice start to winter. toya: it was. thank you. well for the first time in a , decade frito lay is sitting , out the super bowl. that means no ads for doritos, cheetos, fritos or sun chips. the company told abc news that
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year's super bowl did not fit with our marketing plans. here's a unique job opportunity for you if you know your emojis. a london firm is looking to hire what they call the world's first emoji translator. the company says it needs an emoji expert to de-code how the emojis translate across cultures
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patrick: we are live at state fair park in west allis. we are 90 minutes away from the event beginning. the crowd is gathering behind me. doors opened at 4:00 this afternoon. this is the fifth stop on trump's thank you tour, celebrating his win. the event is set to begin at 7:00. we will live stream it on the 12 news mobile app and on toya: thank you. you are going to talk about whether. i was trying to move past the weather. we have a special guest tonight
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troop 4 tonight, inside trump tower. the president-elect emerging from the elevators with kanye west. what the two then said. and it came just hours after mr. trump's choice for secretary of state. critics pouncing on rex tillerson's relationship with vladimir putin. breaking news tonight. what we've just learned, and what the judge just ordered in the case of the florida wife accused of plotting to kill her husband. police staging this scene, telling her her husband had been killed. the grandfather, 73 years old, unarmed, shot and killed by police. tonight, his family says, he had dementia. new surveillance right here tonight. the arctic blast moving in this evening. 100 million americans facing wind chills 10 to 20 below zero.


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